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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Question for CV captains: What commanders skills are using post v0.8.x WoWs? Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit
  2. Lord_Solidus

    CA/CL Commander AA skills

    Hello What are the "Best" Commander AA perks you can have on your ship? I only have 6 "free" Commander points left! (it is for my Zao Commander) Advance Fire Training Cost 4 points Basic Fire Training Cost 3 Points Manuel FIre Control for AA Armanent Cost 4 Points So what of them gives me the most effective AA defence?
  3. It would be more than useful and would I guess save many an expensive error if when we're redistributing captain skills that there was a "Review/Accept/Reset" function at the END of filling in ALL your skill points rather than the present system of confirming and cancelling at each skill assignation. Firstly, this would allow players the opportunity ingame to experiment with different builds before committing though I'm aware that there are many online test templates that people can use to decide between differing setups for each ship. However, secondly at present it is entirely possible to spend 475 doubloons on redistributing your captain skills and make a mistake and be left with the possibility of living with your mistake or paying up to another 475 doubloons to correct it. It's almost as if the system is setup to profit from players' mistakes, stupidity or accidents. PS. No I haven't made that mistake yet, but I'm extremely conscious of the possibility of doing it everytime I do a redistribution. EDIT: Sorry this was meant for the Suggestions Thread. Could some Mod please move it to there.
  4. I have taken Situation Awareness commander skill with all my ships, as I value knowing when I am spotted that much. This has made me wonder whether or not the skill is an obvious pick to the point that the spotting alert might as well be incorporated into the system and removed as captain skill. Such buildt-in alert would work in a manner that all ships would have Situation Awareness in practice, but the commander skill would no longer exist and you no longer would have to spend a point in it. In the first question of the poll, the first option is the current system, where you get the spotted alert when you have the commander skill and commander is not in retraining. In the second option, you always get the spotted alert and Situation Awareness doesn't exist as a commander skill. In third option you get the spotted alert when you have the command skill, regardless of whether the commander is in retraining or not. In the second question, I'd like it if those who don't always pick the skill would reply in this thread and explain when they aren't picking the skill and why.