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Found 1 result

  1. KapteinSabeltann

    Suggestion for improvement of matchmaker.

    Hi ppl. So currently there is a lot of concerns about balance in games, especially so in high tiers where BBs and DDs seem to rule. Although changes to CV's in the current patch might sort this a little. A recent change to the MM have been to match equal ship types if it can. Aka; if team A has a Fletcher then team B gets a fletcher too. I think this is a decent start in regards to improvoing matchmaking but there are still severe problems. Watching iChases last video about DD-intensive high-tier games illustrates such a scenario: : Now: I think the MM could be further improved by matching ships by ROLES, not just class or mirroring like it is now. For instance I never play my Cleveland anymore, it was maxed for AA but all the other nerfs to it made it no fun to play, and I hardly ever get matched against CS's in it. Therefore I just let it rot in my harbour - I actually LIKE playing support which is why I maxed it for AA in the first place. What I suggest is: define role-rules for MM. Ex: it a game has a lot of DDs (especially at high tier) then have the MM prioritize CVs for that game, even lower tier ones as their spotting becomes very important. If a game have CV's in it - try to add a AA support cruiser or two on the teams (this way the poor U.S. CL/CA's can be more useful), making game experience will be more consistently enjoyable. And so on and so forth. What do you guys think?