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Found 10 results

  1. ChickenCheeze23

    Colorado and New Mexico's citadel

    What is the deal with these ship's citadel? Is the armor that strong or is it just placed weirdly like the Cleveland's? I have only ever citadel'd these ships in a training room at about 2-3km range or by getting a really lucky hit with plunging fire. Not once have I been able to get them at close range in an actual game, not ONCE. Something is funky and I don't like it.
  2. zappori

    Colorado makes me wanna quit...

    I know you are going to say yadda yadda armor, but cmon. Slugging away at 21 knots with crappy range, and it's ugly as well. baaaaah.
  3. ReZgaaR

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    So I've nearly finnished my grind on the New Mexico and I've had a blast with it. I was getting really excited over advancing through the american BB ship line and getting a stronger version of the New Mexico at tier 7. But then I searched up some threads regarding the Colorado and in every thread people have ranted about what a horrible ship it is and will only bring you pain. So I've been thinking about buying gold and just free exp my way through the entire Colorado grind and just go straight from the New Mexico to the North Carolina in hopes of saving myself a lot of painful grinding, creds and valuable time, and before anybody asks if I can afford to free exp the colorado, my answer is yes. Although I'd have to gather the exp first tho on elite ships as I currently only have 25k exp to convert to free exp, but I was thinking I would just keep playing the New Mexico once it goes elite and gather exp with it to convert, and to play my Atago which I own. So Should I do it or not?
  4. DeleteCV

    Colorado - Slow But Dangerous

    A much requested ship on my channel, the Colorado is often overlooked and ignored, until you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of its broadsides. The ultimate USN brawler before moving on the North Carolina that features a completely different playstyle. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end. Since I happened to complete both the Nagato and Colorado lines without any large patches changing the meta substantially, I decided to post a comparison of my stats in both in random battles at . While I considered the Colorado and Nagato very equally matched during the more controlled gameplay of the last ranked season, it's clear that in the chaos of random battles the Nagato has a significant advantage and overall performs better. Well, in my opinion at least.
  5. Mordecai_ESL

    The U. S. N. Colorado

    I was watching some reviews of the old colorado (2 years ago). I want to know if the colorado with the buff of the HP, the buff of range of shoot, the buff of accuaricy and the buff of the armor, is now a god BB
  6. gekkehenkie50

    Colorado, RngIsh? Or just me?

    So I have 2 replays that, when looked at, show what happens to me in my Colorado: Either Citadels or none, no matter how I aim, one game is great, the other is garbage :S Broadside Atago? Nope :S Im wondering if this is normal, or extreme bad/good luck xD
  7. klemi007

    Colorado needs buff, BADLY

    Hello, Any plans to buff the Colorado? It makes no sense whatsoever that the tier 7 battleship has less hitpoints than the ship on tier 6. It is worse in virtualy every aspect than New Mexico. At least buff it's hitpoints by additional 15k. That would put it on same level as hitpoints of it's IJN counterpart.
  8. ReaperChief

    North Carolina newbs

    Why are most players that use the North Carolina so bad at playing? They always stay at the back of the map, they never take the initiative, nor do they cover other allies or they do the opposite and take the initiative too much and suicide themselves early in the game. I am in the Colorado and have decided to go the full 120k+ exp route, but I wish that I could strip several of them of their (probably free exp-ed) ships and use them myself..
  9. Le lieu de spawn des BB sur la map trident en ranked est juste catastrophique. Je joue les ranked en Colorado, c'est pas le meilleur navire pour ça mais bon c'est le seul t7 acceptable que j'ai. Le principal défaut du Colorado est sa lenteur, 22 noeuds avec un pavillon (que j'utilise toujours), ce qui fait que si il est esseulé, il aura beaucoup de mal à rejoindre sa flotte. C'est exactement ce qui se passe sur la carte Trident : un cuirassé spawn parfois tout seul, à quelques kilomètres de ses alliés. La flotte est par conséquent plus proche d'un point qu'un autre, et elle choisis d'aller vers ce point dans 90% des cas. Le colorado esseulé, surtout si il est un peu en retard sur la bataille (20-30 secondes à peine), devra courir après ses alliés, en espérant que les ennemis n'arrivent pas trop vite. Mais ce n'est pas suffisant, les ennemis le spot rapidement et ,voyant un BB lent et tout seul, va le focus pour le sortir rapidement. Ce dernier va montrer sa poupe à l'ennemi afin de prendre moins de dégâts et, même en full résistance, va prendre de gros dégâts et beaucoup de feux (en général 35000 en quelques minutes) et va claquer 2 heal. En 5 minutes. C'est à ce moment là qu'il ne va plus être spot durant quelques dizaines de secondes. Voyant ses alliés revenir, il se dit que la partie n'est pas finit et qu'il peux encore faire quelques dégâts, ridicules jusque là (max 15k). Mais, il sera très rapidement repéré et les ennemis si ils ne sont pas stupides, vont le focus, et en quelques secondes, il va être détruit. Et une étoile de perdue. Une partie chiante et inutile, qui arrive assez souvent, et dont les chances de survie sont très minces, à part si les ennemis se font rouler dessus par les alliés.
  10. I mean seriously, how can I play with this shitty horrible ship that reminds me of cruel nightmare??? well ok, stock warship is really crappy and I know that almost every ship in WOWS is bad if it's stock or partly upgraded. But things are way different with this floating crap colorado... even though it is fully upgraded, it would never be able to defeat New Mexico, Fuso, Nagato which are same or lower tier battleships. If I get caught into 9tier-top game session, all I can do is to be a sandbag to 'every'one... 20~40K damage is normal and usual, above 50K is when I am 'very' lucky while New Mexico is making at least 50~60K damages to enemy for routine... ok then lets discuss about its pros and cons (BASED ON UPGRADED COLORADO) pros: literally nothing. possibly turning speed but still crap because of snail-like cruising speed... (21Knts fully Upgraded) Some people say AA feature of Colorado is good, but never works on aircraft from tier 6~ 9 CVs cons: freakin low HP... <- even lower than tier 6 BB New Mexico (WTF?) you have to think that same tier BB Nagato has 60K+ HP...-_- Bad armor <- never protects itself from 14inch guns, worse than New Mex worst 16inch shells <- no penetrations at all, hardly hit citadels... even weaker than wyoming's 12inch guns sometimes Cancer-causing gun fire range ... no explanation needed...; Accuracy <- its 16in guns have no accuracy ( I got one hit when I fired all guns at once against Cleveland 10KM away from me, aimed accurately...) Speed <- no improvements from tier3 BB Size <- fat as hell, it absorbs all shells from enemy ships... Concealment.. still not enough -_- oh well basically only one thing better than Nagato but I have no experience that it actually worked and gave me advantage... Well I believe if someone just started WOWS and got into US BB tech tree for the first time ever, that person has a high possibility of quitting this game forever when he gets to play Colorado one day... Does anyone agree that this ship needs to be buffed????