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Found 22 results

  1. Mordecai_ESL

    The U. S. N. Colorado

    I was watching some reviews of the old colorado (2 years ago). I want to know if the colorado with the buff of the HP, the buff of range of shoot, the buff of accuaricy and the buff of the armor, is now a god BB
  2. MrPatas


    Dobrý den, mohu se zeptat, jestli se bude s Coloradem do budoucna něco dělat, protože na VII tier je to tak neskutečně papírové, děla nepřesná a na to, že mají 406 mm, tak celkem nepřesná, jako nevím, můj názor na tuto loď je jako Maus ve hře World of tanks... nutně potřebuje to Colorado Buff, protože se s tím nedá jezdit :-( neví někdo o nějakých změnách prosím ? New Mexico o jednu třídu nižší tier tedy VI je naprosto bombastické, na to jaké má staty jsem si s ním rozstřílel 2 Konga jak prdík, zásahů do citadely nepočítaně, ale s tím Coloradem se fakt hrát nedá (problém mezi klávesnicí a myší chápu, ale snad nejsem jediný kdo má takový problém ne?) :-)
  3. Rosettencasper

    Colorado ein Witz?

    Ergeht es nur mir so oder ist die Colorado wirklich so schlecht? Ich mein die HP ist naja etwas zu wenig und von den Kanonen brauch man gar nicht reden... entweder sie treffen nichts (was 90% der Schüsse sind) oder WENN sie treffen machen sie keinen Schaden. Bestes beispiel hatte ich eben: ich schieße auf eine Amagi (ca.10km) denke naja hat nur noch 3k HP die mach ich jetzt weg. Mir werden 4 Schüsse angezeigt das sie getroffen haben aber das Ding spielt immer noch findet Nemo. Das beste ist die Amagi hat nicht einen HP verloren was ihr die Möglichkeit gab weiterhin auf mich zu schießen... Natürlich trifft die Amagi und landet einen Zitadellen Treffer der mich meine 19k HP gekostet hat. Was denkt ihr über die Colorado?
  4. Tagchen, die aus der Colorado-Klasse stammende USS Maryland bekam kurz vor Ende des Krieges im Sommer 1945 nach einem Kamikaze-Treffer eine umfassende Modifikation ihrer Sekundär - und Flugabwehrbewaffnung. Das ganze würde dann so aussehen: Und so hat es wirklich ausgesehen: Was würde das für das Schiff an sich bedeuten? 1. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit bleibt bei 21 Knoten 2. Die Reichweite der Sekundärgeschütze wird auf Standardmäßige 6 KM erhöht - Im Vollausbau sind dann 9,1 KM Secondary Reichweite drin. Damit könnte man dann auch wirklich effektiv auf einem Dreadnought einen Secondary Build spielen. 3. Die Flak wird verstärkt. Das Ergebnis dieser Änderungen wäre eine Angleichung der Colorado an den Powercreep und ein schöner Übergang zur darauffolgenden North-Carolina Klasse auf T8. Außerdem hat die Colorado Klasse global 48,94% WR, hinkt also leicht hinterher, was einen Buff wie diesen rechtfertigen würde. Bin gespannt auf eure Meinungen! Gruß Ex
  5. Le lieu de spawn des BB sur la map trident en ranked est juste catastrophique. Je joue les ranked en Colorado, c'est pas le meilleur navire pour ça mais bon c'est le seul t7 acceptable que j'ai. Le principal défaut du Colorado est sa lenteur, 22 noeuds avec un pavillon (que j'utilise toujours), ce qui fait que si il est esseulé, il aura beaucoup de mal à rejoindre sa flotte. C'est exactement ce qui se passe sur la carte Trident : un cuirassé spawn parfois tout seul, à quelques kilomètres de ses alliés. La flotte est par conséquent plus proche d'un point qu'un autre, et elle choisis d'aller vers ce point dans 90% des cas. Le colorado esseulé, surtout si il est un peu en retard sur la bataille (20-30 secondes à peine), devra courir après ses alliés, en espérant que les ennemis n'arrivent pas trop vite. Mais ce n'est pas suffisant, les ennemis le spot rapidement et ,voyant un BB lent et tout seul, va le focus pour le sortir rapidement. Ce dernier va montrer sa poupe à l'ennemi afin de prendre moins de dégâts et, même en full résistance, va prendre de gros dégâts et beaucoup de feux (en général 35000 en quelques minutes) et va claquer 2 heal. En 5 minutes. C'est à ce moment là qu'il ne va plus être spot durant quelques dizaines de secondes. Voyant ses alliés revenir, il se dit que la partie n'est pas finit et qu'il peux encore faire quelques dégâts, ridicules jusque là (max 15k). Mais, il sera très rapidement repéré et les ennemis si ils ne sont pas stupides, vont le focus, et en quelques secondes, il va être détruit. Et une étoile de perdue. Une partie chiante et inutile, qui arrive assez souvent, et dont les chances de survie sont très minces, à part si les ennemis se font rouler dessus par les alliés.
  6. gekkehenkie50

    Colorado, RngIsh? Or just me?

    So I have 2 replays that, when looked at, show what happens to me in my Colorado: Either Citadels or none, no matter how I aim, one game is great, the other is garbage :S Broadside Atago? Nope :S Im wondering if this is normal, or extreme bad/good luck xD
  7. I_Love_CVs

    Colorado - Slow But Dangerous

    A much requested ship on my channel, the Colorado is often overlooked and ignored, until you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of its broadsides. The ultimate USN brawler before moving on the North Carolina that features a completely different playstyle. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end. Since I happened to complete both the Nagato and Colorado lines without any large patches changing the meta substantially, I decided to post a comparison of my stats in both in random battles at . While I considered the Colorado and Nagato very equally matched during the more controlled gameplay of the last ranked season, it's clear that in the chaos of random battles the Nagato has a significant advantage and overall performs better. Well, in my opinion at least.
  8. Gunerstile

    Colorado appreciation thread

    Disclaimer: This is not a troll post. After only a few games with C hull and an engine upgrade I started to love Colorado, to the limit that I decided not to buy upgraded Gun Fire Control System. I'm a fanboy of Japanese Imperial Navy in general and when I started this game last summer in open beta coming from WoT I knew I was here to stay. Naturally I immediately started the grind towards Yamato and I loved all the ships in that line so far (I only got to Amagi in the process), even the dreadful Kawachi, but that was due to the fact that Kawachi was my first ever BB and I was relatively new to the game so I did not feel the awful inaccuracy and armor of the ship but so....let me start talking about what this thread is about, the mighty Colorado. Somewhere in the middle of farming the Japanese BBs I thought to give it a go with American ones. And...I suffered with SC all the suffer that I missed while I was playing the Kawachi (due to my incompetence and general obscurity of the game while I was playing the Kawachi) because I learned what punish BB can pack meanwhile playing the Japanese ones, and my general knowledge of the game has improved. Story goes on to Wyoming, NY, and New Mex....not much to say about those. I liked the ships, they were different than Japanese and in a surrounding where there were only 8 lines to play (back in open beta there were only American and Japanese ships) it was something fresh to do in a game. I kinda stopped at New Mex because I thought that it was all that line had to offer and because I thought that it was the peak of conventional American battleship building (you know that NC and Iowa are "new designs" you can even read it on NC's description in-game), why? Well I read a lot of forum post at the time, and heard from people (and still the general consensus is that Colorado is very bad ship, probably the worst BB in the game) about the Colorado, how it was bad, inaccurate, out ranged and out gunned, slow, not armored enough, and on and on...so I didn't want to bother with it just to get to NC and Iowa (Montana really doesn't attract me, so I will probably never get it). So from all this text you can see how dreadful was I about playing the Colorado (grinding, farming, call it what ever you want, just to get the NC as soon as possible). And I bought it!!! Oh my god, the stories were true, but I was kinda reserved because I also know that stock stuff can be painful. I waited for all the upgrades to be mounted and to try and evaluate the ship then. I can tell you that B hull is almost as bad as the A stock hull. It gives you better AP shells yes, better rudder, better armor, and some AA, but it was still damn bad ship with the B hull. You get penetrated always and you are still slow as a slug. Engine upgrade pushes you to 21 kn. and note that this is one of only two real weaknesses of the Colorado (mounting a speed flag on a Colorado might not be such a bad idea, but to be honest I still didn't try it). The reason I am telling you all this about the B hull is because I've read somewhere or watched some YT video, about how to get over with Colorado as soon as possible and painless as possible, is that you should get the B hull and the things suddenly start to look better, well its not true. You need C hull for that, and not just that things will be little better, but ship will begin to shine. C hull gives you more armored citadels and insane AA. Armor wise its still not that good, you will get penetrated from the front (at least you wont be taking any citadels from the front) and that is the second real weakness of the ship, the armor. Now, remember that at the beginning of the post I told you that I didn't get the upgraded range module? Here is the explanation and my view of the Colorado and why he actually is the peak of American conventional BB designs (at least so far and in-game) Colorado Is a Brawler, which means he should fight other ships at closest range possible. Compared to Nagato, which is also a brawler, Colorado doesn't have good secondaries so do not relay on them as much as you can do that in Nagato. Preferred shooting range is 8-11 km. Going closer than 8 brings you to close to the potential torpedo attacks. Maximal (stock) range is 15.2 km but best advice regarding the Colorado I could give you is just forget about that 15 kms. I know that sometimes it can be hard to achieve that max range and even harder the optimal range but (use this as an advice for all your BBs not just Colorado) you mustn't be scared to close in, particularly when sailing in Colorado. Torpedoes, the main bane of BBs are easily avoided thanks to the Colorado's amazing rudder and tight turning circle. To further help your Torpedo avoiding skills, always change speed together with turning so DDs can never be sure where are you heading actually. And after all you are battleship and you are meant to take damage for your team. I just have a feeling that all the people that spoke ill about Colorado and created its reputation were actually just playing him wrong, here's why. My preferred and advised upgrades are following: Main Battery Modification I, AA Guns Modification II, Damage Control System I, and Steering Gears Modification I. The whole reason why you should avoid putting the Artillery Plotting Room Modification I is as I stated above. If you use Colorado to shoot from afar you wont hit anything and you will not to god at all. Colorado is simply "In your face" ship. Having to mention that, you have to be really careful where are you taking it. Have in mind what I've said earlier, Colorado is a slow ship so you have to be extra careful about the map situation awareness and you need to know whats in front; what are you gonna face. Because if you miss the main action on the map, you will miss the whole game. Ships speed will actually help you to see where the main battle will occur, because you will lag behind, so go right for it, not for map border, but have in mind, charging in to too many enemies will simply get you killed (as same as in any other BB). Having that kind of setup with minimal range, I strongly recommend you to mount Type 1 camouflage to maximally reduce your spotting range so you can get closer to the enemy without being detected, because most of your enemies can out range you, but be no discouraged. Sail towards your enemy, when you get in range start shooting and just wait until you get to your preferred shooting range, you will see how much more you can hit your target than shooting it from 15+ km. AA is one of the ships best features so you might wanna consider putting some AA skills on your captain. Me personally have Manual Fire Control but AFT might just be as good choice. You can really feel safe about the enemy air strikes. With my Colorado I was able to shoot down 37 planes in one battle with one t7 and one t6 CV. If you see enemy Hiryu, you can count that you will be able to shoot down one whole squadron and some planes of second squadron before he is able to drop, and plus some planes on their way home. I was never good at summing things up and writing the conclusions, but..The Colorado is the ship that shouldn't be shooting form further than 15 km because you will simply miss everything like a stormtrooper. You shouldn't be afraid of closing in the distance because, you are good at dodging torpedoes. You should spec the ship and the captain for max AA, because its the strongest feature of the ship, plan ahead, watch your step and you might be surprised how Colorado will surprise you.
  9. Welcome to the Colorado As many of you might already know, the tier 7 Colorado has a less than glamorous reputation. As a result of countless stressful hours and embarrassing defeats, I've compiled this guide so that those of you who are anticipating or just starting off in this ship don't make the same mistakes as I have. What Should You Upgrade? The stock Colorado is abysmal in nearly every way possible. It's lackluster top speed of 18.6 knots coupled with an awful rudder shift time will have you easily outpaced and outmaneuvered by a fully upgraded Wyoming. Trust me, this is the first aspect of the Colorado you will want to fix ASAP. Listed below are a few steps I suggest you follow the VERY MOMENT you buy your Colorado: STEP 1: Whatever you do, DON'T sell your New Mexico for credits! Your New Mexico is extremely valuable in the sense that you can use it as a "credit farm" for your Colorado. Moreover, the New Mexico is simply just a fantastic ship. STEP 2: Buy the "Steering Gears Modification 2" for 1,000,000 credits on your Colorado. This will drastically improve the maneuverability of the ship. It is well worth the cost and will save you lots of headaches from torpedo salvos and islands. STEP 3: DON'T waste your credits and exp on the "Mk7 mod. 2"! DO buy the "Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1". Let me show you why --> Mk7 mod. 2 = 9,000 exp + 700,000 credits for +10% max firing range -OR- Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1 = 0 exp + 500,000 credits for +16% max firing range So, "Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1" is clearly the *best* option here. You'll get 17.6 km of firing range without your spotter plane, which isn't bad at all. STEP 4: DON'T buy the Mk7 mod 2 for your gun fire control system. Ever. If you couple the Mk7 mod 2 with Artillary Plotting Room Modification 1, your max firing range will increase to 19.4 km (without spotter plane). HOWEVER, the dispersion at max range is awful, not to mention your chances of actually hitting a target are significantly reduced since you only have 8 guns total. Step 5: Do whatever you deem reasonable so that you obtain hulls B and C quickly. You might choose play in your New Mexico and convert its exp to free exp, which will allow you to to quickly upgrade hulls. I personally suggest that once you obtain hull B in the Colorado, that you use it as much as you can. Once you learn your strengths and weaknesses in the Colorado, you can gain consecutive victories without a problem. One more thing... Remember that a well upgraded captain will serve you well in any ship. Upgrade your captain according to your playstyle and what benefits your ship the most. Remember that the Colorado is a "brawler". That means you should get up close and personal with the enemy. It's the best way of increasing the probability that every one of your 406 mm shells hits your target. Don't enter a battle with bad morale just because you're playing the Colorado. We know this ship isn't the best, but you will manage to get past it!
  10. Dampfboot

    Colorado rate of fire

    Because of the T VII mission, I dusted off my Colorado. I noticed the 30s reload time, thought this was buffed to 26s? But maybe I remember this incorrectly.
  11. Ladies, gentlemen and officers of the RN (once ingame): I am Yuzral and the video below contains lessons on why strategic redeployment in a 21kn BB is bad, stopping firing on your target before it's actually dead can be bad, some minor torpedo "dodging", and yet another reminder that getting broadside on to a battleship is cause for, yes, a paddlin'. Enjoy:
  12. Nargoth73

    Colorado module choice

    First off, I am not sure if this topic should be in Ships - BB or here, but since this part is where I hang out the most I'll post it here. My Colorado and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I seem to do meh in it. Granted, i haven't played many games in her but compared to the New Mexico she's a bit of a letdown. My dillema: I have arty plotting room as the second module, and I am thinking of changing it for the AA-upgrade. My captain has ATF as the 4th skill and BFT as the 1st skill (amongst others) so AA-build will be quite viable. The only thing that stops me from doing this is the fact her range will drop to 15-ish km, which is not much. My question would be: would taking AA up to 79 be worth the drop in range? it would probably mean I will hit more shots (closer range = less dispersion) but I would also be more of a punching bag for those sniping BBs and cruisers. I would like to hear from people who are running an AA-build or the range build, and of course from other people who have tips and tricks.
  13. I mean seriously, how can I play with this shitty horrible ship that reminds me of cruel nightmare??? well ok, stock warship is really crappy and I know that almost every ship in WOWS is bad if it's stock or partly upgraded. But things are way different with this floating crap colorado... even though it is fully upgraded, it would never be able to defeat New Mexico, Fuso, Nagato which are same or lower tier battleships. If I get caught into 9tier-top game session, all I can do is to be a sandbag to 'every'one... 20~40K damage is normal and usual, above 50K is when I am 'very' lucky while New Mexico is making at least 50~60K damages to enemy for routine... ok then lets discuss about its pros and cons (BASED ON UPGRADED COLORADO) pros: literally nothing. possibly turning speed but still crap because of snail-like cruising speed... (21Knts fully Upgraded) Some people say AA feature of Colorado is good, but never works on aircraft from tier 6~ 9 CVs cons: freakin low HP... <- even lower than tier 6 BB New Mexico (WTF?) you have to think that same tier BB Nagato has 60K+ HP...-_- Bad armor <- never protects itself from 14inch guns, worse than New Mex worst 16inch shells <- no penetrations at all, hardly hit citadels... even weaker than wyoming's 12inch guns sometimes Cancer-causing gun fire range ... no explanation needed...; Accuracy <- its 16in guns have no accuracy ( I got one hit when I fired all guns at once against Cleveland 10KM away from me, aimed accurately...) Speed <- no improvements from tier3 BB Size <- fat as hell, it absorbs all shells from enemy ships... Concealment.. still not enough -_- oh well basically only one thing better than Nagato but I have no experience that it actually worked and gave me advantage... Well I believe if someone just started WOWS and got into US BB tech tree for the first time ever, that person has a high possibility of quitting this game forever when he gets to play Colorado one day... Does anyone agree that this ship needs to be buffed????
  14. Japanese Tier VII Battleship Nagato, compared to USS Colorado + Tips and Gameplay
  15. ReZgaaR

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    So I've nearly finnished my grind on the New Mexico and I've had a blast with it. I was getting really excited over advancing through the american BB ship line and getting a stronger version of the New Mexico at tier 7. But then I searched up some threads regarding the Colorado and in every thread people have ranted about what a horrible ship it is and will only bring you pain. So I've been thinking about buying gold and just free exp my way through the entire Colorado grind and just go straight from the New Mexico to the North Carolina in hopes of saving myself a lot of painful grinding, creds and valuable time, and before anybody asks if I can afford to free exp the colorado, my answer is yes. Although I'd have to gather the exp first tho on elite ships as I currently only have 25k exp to convert to free exp, but I was thinking I would just keep playing the New Mexico once it goes elite and gather exp with it to convert, and to play my Atago which I own. So Should I do it or not?
  16. ReaperChief

    North Carolina newbs

    Why are most players that use the North Carolina so bad at playing? They always stay at the back of the map, they never take the initiative, nor do they cover other allies or they do the opposite and take the initiative too much and suicide themselves early in the game. I am in the Colorado and have decided to go the full 120k+ exp route, but I wish that I could strip several of them of their (probably free exp-ed) ships and use them myself..
  17. ChickenCheeze23

    Colorado and New Mexico's citadel

    What is the deal with these ship's citadel? Is the armor that strong or is it just placed weirdly like the Cleveland's? I have only ever citadel'd these ships in a training room at about 2-3km range or by getting a really lucky hit with plunging fire. Not once have I been able to get them at close range in an actual game, not ONCE. Something is funky and I don't like it.
  18. klemi007

    Colorado needs buff, BADLY

    Hello, Any plans to buff the Colorado? It makes no sense whatsoever that the tier 7 battleship has less hitpoints than the ship on tier 6. It is worse in virtualy every aspect than New Mexico. At least buff it's hitpoints by additional 15k. That would put it on same level as hitpoints of it's IJN counterpart.
  19. Rombescu

    Colorado guns way too useless.

    This is getting ridiculous, something must be done on the Colorado , it is way too useless mostly because of the guns that do nothing anyway you would shoot them.I am really,REALLY trying to do something with it but grinding 120k xp with it for the north carolina, that is madness.
  20. I know you are going to say yadda yadda armor, but cmon. Slugging away at 21 knots with crappy range, and it's ugly as well. baaaaah.
  21. Ok so I unlocked the Colorado today! Yay! ... or so I thought. After my first few games I have to admit I was very frustrated. The ship seemed like a step down from the New Mexico, so I looked up the stats of the Colorado and its only rival at the moment, Nagato. And I think someone may have made a mistake ... Colorado - HP 50100 8x16" Guns - 16.7km range60 second 180 traverse time1.7 rounds per minute227 Dispersion (13.6 mpk)12200 per shot (97600 per salvo)165920 Max DPM 21 Knots640 turning circle19.4s rudder shift timeDetected at 16.7km (no window) --------------------------------------------- Nagato - 65000 HP 8x16" Guns - 20.5km range47.4 second 180 traverse time1.9 rounds per minute.231 Dispersion (11.2 mpk)12600 per shot (100800 per salvo)191520 Max DPM 25 Knots770m turning circle15.8 rudder shift time.Detected at 17.1km (3.4km window) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so the Nagato gets, greater range, accuracy (on average over the max distance), much more HP, more speed, more DPM, more damage per shot (and therefore salvo) and better turret traverse. While giving it the ability to fire while undetected in a 3.4km window. while the Colorado is detected as soon as it is within range to fire. In return the Colorado gets ... a better turning circle ... but dont get to excited captains because WG have instantly crippled your advantage in this area by giving it an awful rudder shift time (way worse than Nagato's) Forgive me fans of the Colorado (if there are any of you out there) but I cannot believe that slightly thicker armour is going to make up for all of this. But WAIT it actually gets worse when we look at another ship ... a tier 6 ship .. no not New Mexico ... Warspite. Warspite - 53800 Guns8x15" Guns - 16.3km Range72 second 180 traverse time2 Rounds per minute219m Dispersion (13.4 mpk)11400 Per shot (91200 per salvo)182400 Max DPM 24 Knots550m turning circle18.5s Rudder ShiftDetected at 14.2km (2.1km window) What is most frustrating to me is that the Colorado's stats more closely resemble those of a Tier 6 Premium than a Tech Tree ship of its own Tier. Warspite actually has the Colorado beat for its HP, turning circle, rudder shift time, stealth, speed, accuracy(slightly) and DPM, while losing out slightly for range, and per salvo damage potential. the only significant advantage is the turret traverse. Surely the Colorado is going to be significantly buffed before the game goes into OBT? Its clearly outmatched within its own tier (and even ships of Tier 6) not to mention having to play against ships of higher tiers. Please WG. Help this ship out, its awful ..
  22. Hallo zusammen, nach einigen Runden mit der Colorado sind mir ein paar Dinge aufgefallen und ich wollte mal nachhören ob evtl. andere ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht haben. Als Vergleich nehme ich einfach die New Mexico, die mich schon durch einige Runde begleitet hat. 1. Panzerung Die Colorado scheint eine Art Papier Panzerung zu besitzen. Mir kommt es bei jedem Treffer den ich erhalte so vor als wäre eine Panzerung nicht existent. In meinen letzten 3 Spielen habe ich jeweils von einem Gegner (Nagato/Colorado) 20k+ Treffer erhalten. Selbst ein Kreuzer T6-7 macht mit einer Salve oft 10k+ Schaden und ist deshalb ein mehr als ernstzunehmender Gegner. Eigentlich kommt es mir so vor als sei die Colorado gegenüber allen Projektilen mehr als anfällig, der erhaltene Schaden ist einfach zu hoch. Das komplette Deck der Colorado scheint auch noch mit einer Art Brandbeschleuniger ausgelegt zu sein.... Man fährt besser nur im Schatten da durch die Sonneneinstrahlung selbst schon das Brandrisiko steigt Vergleich mit der New Mexico: Entweder ist die Panzerung bei der Mexico übertrieben oder bei der Colorado einfach zu wenig. Die Mexico ist wesentlich stabiler und man kann mit ihr Problemlos das Feuer einiger Gegner auf sich ziehen um so evtl. einen taktischen Vorteil für das Team zu erhalten. Zitadellen Treffer sind eher selten die man erhält, dafür brennt sie aber andauernd. Mein Rekord lag bei 10x in Brand geraten in einem Gefecht. Einmal ist ein Flugzeug über mir abgeschossen wurden und ich stand dann plötzlich in Flammen.... 2. Präzision der Hauptgeschütze Unterhalb von 10km ist sie in Ordnung, alles was weiter weg ist dann eher ein Zufall. Ich dachte erst das es evtl. durch die Reichweiten Mod verursacht wird und hab diese dann gegen die Präzision/höhere Nachladezeit ausgetauscht. Aber gefühlt blieb der Effekt gleich, kaum vorhandene Präzision bei einer ziemlich übertriebenen Streung. Das hat zur Folge das meist nur 1-2 Projektile überhaupt triffen und bei der Chance das es Abprallt hat man dann oftmals mehrere Salven in Folge die 0-1000 Schaden anrichten. Vergleich mit der New Mexico: Zwar kaum Reichweite aber dafür Kanonen mit wumms. Man siehts bei der ersten Salve auf max. Reichweite das die Streuung bei weitem weniger ist. Desweiteren sind Zitadellentreffer mit ihr wesentlich öfters zu erreichen. Selbst an T7-8 Schiffen funktioniert das zuverlässig. 3. Flugabwehr Es ließt sich gut das die Colorado soviele Flugabwehrgeschütze hat, aber nützt reichlich wenig wenn die Schützen besoffen sind. So kommt es einem vor, die Flugzeuge des Gegners sind im Anflug und es bricht ein Inferno an Feuer aus, aber niemand trifft. Vergleich mit der New Mexico: Viel weniger Geschütze aber die Schützen sind alle motiviert und treffen die Gegner zuverlässig auf 4km. 4. Module Die Ausfallwahrscheinlichkeit ist gefühlt x-mal höher wie beim T6, die Hauptgeschütztürme scheinen ebenfalls nur mit Papier gepanzert zu sein. In den gespielten Gefechten hatte ich wesentlich öfters mit dem Problem zu kämpfen das ich nur noch 3 Geschütze zur Verfügung habe wie in allen Gefechten mit der Mexico. Und das wo ich mit der Mexico täglich die "Dreadnought" Fahne erhalte. 5. Sound Geschützsound? Wtf... Was ist das? Ich weiß ja nicht, aber irgendwie hören sie sich doch etwas gewöhnungsbedürtig an. Also bei der Mexico da rummst es schön und bei der Colorado ist es mehr so ein... ich kann es nichtmal beschreiben. 6. Beweglichkeit Für ein bissle größeres Schiff ist das schon in Ordnung. Man merkt deutlich den Unterschied zur Mexico, die Colorado ist schon wesentlich träger was ja auch so in Ordnung ist. Bei de Mexico ist es schon fast zuviel des guten, man tänzelt zwischen den Torpedos durch und gezielten Manövern kann man auch das Feuer von mehreren Gegner gut ausweichen, sofern man sie im Blick hat und drauf achtet. Ich weiß nicht ob die Colorado wirklich in T7 gehört, da das T6 BB doch in allen Punkten wesentlich überragender erscheint. Klar bei Moment 2 Spielbaren Fraktionen ist da noch schwer zu urteilen, aber wenn die zwei Schiffe ihre Plätze tauschen würden, wäre es Momentan meiner Meinung nach richtig. Das es geschichtlich nicht passt ist mir klar! Habt ihr da vielleicht ähnlich Erfahrungen gemacht?