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Found 6 results

  1. Okitank

    IJN standard grey camouflage

    Hey! There is something I wanted a lot on my japanese ships: A grey, neutral paint counting as a camouflage, as IJN almost never painted its warships. So my question is: why wouldn't you add a standard grey camouflage as an IJN premium camo? Being able to sortie your ship IJN grey, and still have the bonus of a camo? I hate to have to disable all camouflages by mods to enjoy my IJN ships, most of your job on the other navies paintings is awesome. Examples would be; - Yamato in Kure grey. - Hiryuu grey with hinomaru as a camo. -Cruisers and destroyers grey with a certain number of white stripes on the funnel, as the IRL distinction. Why? Because most of the IJN warship have never been painted, and especially not in the fantasy green you put on them. (Exceptions being the Nagato when she was disarmed, the Zuikaku whose camo is wrong in game and inverted with Hiryuu that never had a camouflage, the Myoko, and Taiho.). When IJN started painting its ships green, it was because of the ineluctable loss in fall 1944, so they were camouflaged at anchor, painted green to confuse US bombers that were now on range. Is it really good as a symbol to sail a ship that carries no hopes anymore? Well then, that's all for me. Happy new year, tho!
  2. thunder3oo

    ARP ships

    While I enjoyed the part of the game which has a purpose - by completing the missions for ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko (simple gameplay becomes boring after a while), I do not enjoy pink and high pitch voices. It seems that most of the time Wargaming is doing its job - is when is pushed from behind. I guess it's hard for WG to realize that most gamers are males, even more than that - many of them are +18. ... and I like to believe that even young, boys are boys and men are men, not sissy girls. Pink is a color for little kids or girls. More appropiate colors for male participants in this game who use ARP ships - could be blood red, royal blue, glowing blue, green or even white; all being colors that can be found abundantly in anime movies. But no, WG decided that pink should be the default color for ARP ships. Pink? W.T.F.? Really, now? So... we fought, we got the ships. Now what? I'm sure very few understand what is that high-pitched female voice saying... in japanese. Not only is an annoying kid voice, it's in japanese, too (a beautiful language... when is spoked by men, btw). Well, since WG put accent in one of its articles on hearing the sounds (torps, announcements, etc)... clearly we can't use them while they are in japanese. Most army people (in special smokers and guners) have hoarsed voices, not that... "I don't know what candy I want to eat next" voice. Speaking of army people, some anime characters (if i remember correctly) have hoarsed voices as well. Here's your inspiration, WG! Ok, WoW's is an arcade game, but... covering only a specific layer of players? Come on, Wargaming, you can do better than that. Put your people at work and hire some real men with real balls to get the voices done. How do you people say? "Action stations!"
  3. Commander_Cornflakes

    Make HSF camos great again?

    After rewatching Haifuri, I realized how far off the color scheme of the HSF camos ingame is, compared to the ships in the Anime. For comparison: Anime | ingame camo | no camo Can we please get the real dark grey color instead of no color with some stripes? This goes for HSF Musashi, Yamato and probably Graf Spee too, of course WG-Ping: @MrConway
  4. SN0W_WH1TE

    Color variation on perma camo?

    Why don't WG add color option on perma camo? I want my ships in black like pitch black. + Option to perma camo user with extra doubloons. fair enough? I will buy it. anyone else? lol
  5. Hello. As title says. Is there a way to change clan tag color and/or logo? Seems pretty obvious its possible, but I spent too much time already figuring that out to no effect. Tried ingame, tried outside the game, searching the forums yielded no effect, and so did google search. Anyone help pls? Thx in advance.
  6. haXik

    Some ideas!

    Hello captains! I am here, because i love this game and i have some good ideas. And sorry for my bad english . 1) If is the ship destroyed and is floating on shoal, the ship fall throughrt the textuers. I think will be better, when the ship stay stucked on the shoal. 2) I am missing here some option to make my ship skin. Some editor, change some colors and visual upgrades. Or at least make or upload clan logo and give it on body of my ship. What do you mean about this ideas? Please, give a comment. And again - sorry for my bad english Moved from the CZ/SK language section