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Found 2 results

  1. I suggest two important improvements. 1) All warships had in reality limited access to torpedoes on board, even destroyers. It is therefore absolutely out of reality when a destroyer (Longjiang) could send at least 26 torpedoes before game ended! An improvement will be to have a more realistic amount of torpedoes available (ex: 8-12). Reloading? Create a naval base for destroyers where they all start and have to return to for refilling. (Returning to a base for refilling torpedoes could also involve cruisers) Information: When reloading on board a ship happened, the time for reloading is told to be around 15 minutes. In a game 15 min is too long, so reload time on board must be adapted to the playing time for each battle, perhaps 1-2 minutes (?) 2) Collisions Collision between ships in real world is always a serious thing. In this game a collision between two enemy ships results in a destruction of both. That should also be the case for collision between allied ships!!! It is totally unrealistic that collisions between allied ships have no consequence at all !!!! There are so much bad (and wild) sailing in nearly every gameset. If collisions had consequences I guess we will see behavior-change! Collision with land could have two different results. Collision with a steep rock with deep water beneath would in reality demolish the ships construction, specially the bow. If hard enough also ship machinery could be damaged , - how much is dependent of the speed. Collision with more sandy or muddy shores would fasten the ship, depending on the speed. If only a light collision full revers could bring the ship free, else it would be necessary to get help from towboats (or as happened during WW2, other warships). Since towboat probably is little realistic in the game, nor is other warships, going on shore in many cases would result in permanent fastened and therefore vulnerable to destruction from enemy. Gunnar Graff PS: I have just experienced something peculiar. I had battleship S. Carolina, heavy and slow. Suddenly came a light cruiser up on my port side (left) and then turning right, crossing the battleship bow. Result collision! Nothing more happened except that I was punished for giving damage to allied. In reality the cruiser would have been given serious damage from the battleship, perhaps been sunk. If the captain survived, he would never be allowed to sail as captain any more. But that is reality. What about letting War of Warships be even more realistic than it is to day?
  2. 2ndaryBattleTank

    Collision warnings

    The following conversation was recorded on the bridge of HMS 2ndaryBattleTank during a game of WoWs: Officer 1: I say, the old man is really dishing it out to the enemy. Officer 2: Indeed, some bloody fine shooting. Officer 1: Fine shooting indeed. Say, do you see that island over there? Is it an island or just an islet? Officer 2: I'd say it's a rock formation with some rather interesting geological features from the early Jurassic period. Officer 1: That one. Do you consider it possible that it might damage the ship if we were to run into it? Officer 2: That would be a very real possibility, yes. Officer 1: It does rather look like we're headed straight towards it. Officer 2: No question. Officer 1: Agreed. Should we maybe inform the captain about this, seeing he is all focused on shooting the enemy and all that? Officer 2: That would be rather rude, wouldn't it? Lets wait until it is positively impossible for him to avoid running into it. Soon enough, I'd say. Officer 1: You are quite right of course. I mean what is the worst that could happen? Losing our ship on the rocks or, if by some miracle the captain could slow down enough, becoming a sitting duck for that battleship over there. Officer 2: Indeed, so no worries there. In any case doing such a thing would distract us from our duty of not telling the captain about that friendly destroyer we're about to ram broadside. Officer 1: Quite so. Quite so. So how are the wife and children these days....... Bottom line, in a game where ships are zipping around at 30+ knots in such a confined space and that forces you to spend much of your time in a perspective that severely restricts situational awareness, earlier indication of impending collisions with land and other ships should be given. Of course it is ultimately the duty of the captain to avoid running into things, but sometimes it gets a little hectic and some more help would be appreciated.