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Found 28 results

  1. Duke_1128

    What to buy with coal?

    Hey ! So I have been farming coal for a good few months, spending it on the odd consumable but now I'm thinking about buying something bigger. I have a few tier X ships and almost 2k games but enough about me. What do my fellow captains think I should buy for coal? I have not bought any of the coal ships and I already own the Georgia, but I am wary that the armory listings can change but I don't know if anything new is in the works for coal.
  2. Lord0

    Marceau oui ou non?

    Got the coal, should I get the ship? I've read and watched mixed reviews...
  3. Markos_Flytzanis

    Tech Tree SLAVA??

    Well i guess having those 3 ships coming up soon i guess the slava will be a tech tree ship and not a coal or even steel ship...i am asking because i have to save some coal for SLAVA and take later the THUNDERER which i already have collected all the required coal. Probably its too early to know but i had to ask...
  4. Markos_Flytzanis

    What STEEL ship should i Take???

    I have managed after 3 years of playing the game to collect the STEEL required to buy one of these 3 ships STALINGRAD, BOURGOGNE, or SHIKISHIMA, and i dont know which one to choose...i am a BB main but i play cruisers also...can somebody give me some suggestions?
  5. wot_2016_gunner

    PSA: Moskva for 244.000 coal

    Again from Flamu Moskva will be for 244k coal. Wasn't it the same price of Smolensk?
  6. Hi all, Analysis for number of "Special", "Research Bureau", "Steel", "Coal" and "Free XP" high tier ships on WoWs EU server... Source ("ProShips.ru") - they have the highest number of unique Player IDs per ship most likely because they count every possible battle type - some other sites only count "Random" battles... https://proships.ru/stat/eu/s/99999- Special: "Puerto Rico" = 14.476 "Benham" = 9.612 Research Bureau: "Ohio" = 4.112 "Colbert" = 2.535 Steel: "Bourgogne" = 3.488 "Somers" = 2.998 "Stalingrad" = 10.122 (was also reward for Ranked Clan Battles long time ago) "Neustrashimy" = 513 "Black" = 6.428 (was also reward for Ranked long time ago) Coal: "Thunderer" = 20.279 "Smolensk" = 42.023 "Salem" = 23.267 "Marceau" = 1.856 "Yoshino" = 20.630 "Georgia" = 26.836 "Jean Bart" = 41.238 Free XP: "Hayate" = 455 "Smaland" = 2.186 "Missouri" = 27.265 "Musashi" = 33.967 (was also available for Coal IIRC) "Kronshtadt" = 20.981 "Alaska" = 32.306 "Azuma" = 11.984 "Friesland" = 14.442 Did I , possibly, forget some ship (and different availability)? Discussion: I must say that I am absolutely astonished with the number of "Puerto Rico" ships the "Smolensk" numbers show that she was the most popular purchase of all time closely followed by "Jean Bart" the scarcity of "Research Points" show the rather low count for "Ohio" and "Colbert" and, similarly, for all other "Steel" ships no other numbers strike me as unusual except, possibly, really really low number for "Hayate" and "Neustrashimy" Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Added "Benham". Fixed info for "Stalingrad".
  7. Hi Leute! Ich habe neulich gehört, dass ab dem 31.3 die Smolensk nicht länger erhältlich sein wird. Das hat mich sehr geschockt, da ich das Ding schon immer interessant fande. Nun habe ich mir überlegt meine Kohle (aktuell 46.000) nicht in die Georgia sondern in die Smolensk zu stecken. Mit meinem Coupon müsste ich jetzt noch 136.000 Kohle beschaffen. 1. Lohnt sich das ? 2. Ist es überhaupt möglich? 3. Wenn ja, wie lange müsste ich täglich spielen? glg Indez
  8. I'm in a spending pickle. I will have enough coal at 26th december when the new coupon comes up to either get Thunderer, Georgia or the german captain GL. Now, I haven't bought the Thunderer before when I had the coal because I spent it on the russian captain, and I don't play tier X BB much. Simply not a BB man overall. But I do like an accurate gun. I hate the dispersion RNG of a lot of battleships, so Thunderer 'could' be fun for me i think? Georgia, I'm unsure, I love secondairy buidls, but something tells me thats a bit wasted on the Georgia. I don't meet many Georgia's built for secondairies. If its not a usable build, I'm not interested in her, but I like her speed and fast guns. But again, I'm not really a double B man. So possibly fun but again not sure. Then there is Gunter. i love special captains, but I read that his talents are rarely unlocked in battle, and not very usefull. I hate that. Especially at 175k. So even though I am leaning towards the german captain, I'd hate to have one that isn't usefull most of the time. Any suggestions or ideas about my options?
  9. thechopsm


    Could I please enquire as to why, when you work soooooooooooo hard to earn containers and select the item that you actually require i.e. money, consumables, resources for the armoury, etc, you nearly always get palmed off with stuff that you really DO NOT want (and DID NOT select) i.e. 1 of the item you wanted plus 3 flags and 3 camo? It really does make the idea of earning your 3 containers per day seem absolutely pointless, infuriating and the reward system a bit of a joke!!!!!! Also, and with this serious issue in mind, might it not be an idea to make steel and coal available for purchase? Grateful for your response to edited! Edit: Since we can't be sure that e-mail adress belongs to you, and it is forbidden to share peoples' e-mail address out in public according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) I removed the address.
  10. As we are nearing the new snowflake event I thought I would post a poll to see what people expect to receive from the event if they are able to play all the requisite battles My personal expectations based on current port population are 28 containers, 6875 steel and 73200 coal given that I am currently grinding my way through the Amalfi (I did not get it in the previous event) and I am also grinding my way through the coal requirement for the Thunderer and currently have approximately 46000 (even with the 25% discount token I will need 189000 which still leaves a shortfall of 70k coal to be acquired between now and the end of the snowflake event)
  11. Hi all, What are the rumors about next "Coal "and "FreeXP" ships? Any news? Leo "Apollo11"
  12. wot_2016_gunner

    MUSASHI, bring her back

    Disclaimer: I'm not starting this discussion just because I want the Musashi, it's something more than that. I'll try to be as logical as possible. So, since i registered, which is almost one year now, there has been only one thing that i'm still disappoints me (besides the Research Bureau): The Musashi removal "because of it's popularity". As support I'll link Notser's video about it, and i agree with everything he says, at the end of the topic. I don't think that the Musashi removal made sense from the start, because you don't remove a ship because it's popular; whith this way of thinking, then why are ships like Tirpitz, Sharnhorst, Massachusetts, and others, still available? I think they are quite popular, so why aren't they removed? (i'm just being ironic) Sure, the Musashi was really popular, as said by Notser, because she was a ship that players really felt powerfull in; and the only smart thing that WG did was to annouce the remouval a couple of months earlier (i wouldn't have had enought coal anyway). Seriously, I still don't think that the Musashi had any reason to be removed, that however, the other "removed" ships have, here they are: - Missouri: The only battleship with radar and a god level of credit earning; - Belfast: Has literally everything - HE, radar, smoke, hydro; - Imperator Nikolai I: A tiny bit OP for her Tier; - Kamikaze R: It still has a broken concealment; But the Musashi, as Yuro said, is an handicapped version instead of the other way around, because she has colse to zero AA, the guns have 0.3 sigma less than Yamato, i literally think that the popularity was an awful reason for removing her. Also, with the CV Rework now fully Implemented, the popularity will decrease. I don't think that she's OP, as I was able to singlehandedly sunk a Musashi from almost full HP (it was like 90%) to 0 with a... Gneisenau, i didn't ever had to ram him, I just knew where to shoot (the cheeks), I went to basically point blank range and i threw everything i had to her and killed her (4 citadelles and three torp hits). It's also true that Georgia took (very honorably) her place, not that Georgia is anywhere bad, she's a really good sihp, but she isn't the Musashi. Also, if they would bring back Musashi, adjusting the price to 228.000 coal, the same price of Georgia and Jean Bart, players will have acutally more variety to choose from: You want a fast battleship with small but fast firing guns ==> Jean Bart You want a fast battleship with few but hard hitting guns, good secondaries and good AA ==> Georgia You want a not too slow ship, with the best guns in the game and great accuracy ==> Musashi In the end, I, as Notser, have a feeling that she's not going to be available any more, but it's worth to try to bring her back. Please, WG, bring her back
  13. Which one of the two battleships would you buy for coal, and why?
  14. BattleshipGunner

    Coal ships - armory

    Should I save my coal for a tier IX ship or the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya or the Aigle?
  15. Hallo Gemeinde, ich bräuchte Euren Rat (Stand 14. April 2019). Mein Kohlebunker ist gefüllt, und ich könnte jetzt die Salem kaufen. Da ich aber bereits die Des Moines habe, bin ich nicht sicher, ob sich die Anschaffung lohnt. Als "filthy casual" sind meine Kohleeinkommen natürlich überschaubar, so dass es eine Weile dauern kann, bis ich wieder so viel zusammen habe. Daher bitte ich um Eure Meinung: Sparen und auf andere Schiffe warten? Und welche? Oder zugreifen?
  16. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    I've got around 225k in coal, so am thinking about which coal ship to pick up next, I got the Musashi on Xmas day (thanks to a super container with 15k coal inside), so I don't have an active coupon I have got to the Lyon on French BB line, while it's a definite keeper I don't really fancy any of the higher tier ships in the line. I've recently been playing some of the American cruisers, mainly in operations to grind modules/commanders, on the Pensacola/Helena atm and more likely to pursue higher tier US cruisers than French bb's I guess some other considerations are; Which is most likely to be removed from Arsenal first? Perhaps I should wait for the next coupon, which is worth 57-60k coal at these prices Should I wait to see what other coal ships, if any, are announced, pretty sure I heard a YouTuber mention one but can't remember what it was.
  17. Zulufaksgiven

    coal for steel exchange

    Anybody knows how to exchange cal for steel in Arsenal, so I can get the flint??
  18. Hi all, What is your estimate for earning of "Steel" & "Coal" in upcoming "Snowflakes" event? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0712-holidays/ If my calculations are correct I hope/think I will get: 2.500 Steel 30.000 Coal Leo "Apollo11"
  19. Hi all, Big Poll - economy status - Games/Premium/Doubloons/Credits/FreeXP/Coal/Steel With all recent talk about more generous WoWs economy I wanted to check things out... BTW, I do believe that some "old hands" have many thing in abundance but also I thin that many many players are still in deficit for lost of things (I know it from 1st hand because even in big Clan we have playerse with lowish assets that have to think twice before buying anything)! My data: For how long are you playing WoWs? 3+ years (stared in Open BETA) How many "Random" battles have you played? 6.848 Do you currently have "Premium" (and if "Yes" how many day left)? Yes (181 days left) How much Doubloons you have? more than 30.000 (got them all with 30% and 50% OFF - saving for another "Premium" year) How much Credits you have? more than 200.000.000 How much FreeXP you have? 1.300.000 How much Coal you have? 80.000 (I regularly spend them on certain signal flags I use during combat) How much Steel you have? 1.600 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. On suggestion from fellow "Forumite" I now used option to "hide" who voted for which option... so the vote is anonymous... sorry for overlooking that at the start...
  20. FukushuNL

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Been saving up free XP as long as I play and when coal became a thing, saved that too. Now I'm only 1000s away from the 750k fxp and can buy the Musashi with coal and the coupon. Now apart from the discussion which ship is best in the fxp and coal department, my ships of choice are the Musashi, Jean Bart and Bourgogne. but although I can virtually buy the Musashi either way, where the jean Bart and Bourgogne will land in the premium places is still a big mystery. So as long as info about how to buy the 2 French BBs still is unavailable, I can't get Yamato's sister. But that's something I have to live with and not the point of this thread. Well, not much is, though :) I was just curious where you think the two Frenchies will land. I think Bourgogne in the arsenal for as much as Salem, or more. And I guess Jean Bart will probably be the next fxp ship. Also, looking forward to both BBs as to what either will play like in the final build.
  21. Everyone and their uncles are up and about with fun and engaging discussions about Salem and Krohnshtadt and Alaska and a bunch of other ships that are available for free xp or coal. While I do not in any way begrudge anyone their new cruisers and battleships, I for one would really like to see some new destroyers made available for coal or free xp. Since I am not really good enough to reliably pull my weight in higher tiers, I would be most interested in new destroyer designs at middle tiers or below, but I would by no means say no to - for instance - a nice little tier IX destroyer for the usual 750 000 free exp. And if WG would make a couple of tier X destroyers available for the requisite amount of coal, I wouldn't mind that either. Now I'm completely with those of you who think that progress up the tiers should be taken at a measured pace. I am not looking for this as a way to skip the tiers. But since there are a bunch of ships coming out for coal and free xp already, I can't help but notice that none of these - so far - are destroyers. Why is that? Wouldn't it be fun to have some nice destroyer designs to spend coal and free xp on, as well? And if so, what tiers, nationalities and special gimmicks are we looking for? For once, I'm not going to be the first to vote on my own poll. Instead, I'll wait to see what you all think about this!
  22. ABED1984

    Converting Steel to Coal

    Can someone tell me where's the "Convert Steel to Coal" button in the game? Can't seem to find it.
  23. does anyone know when are the new reward/freemium ships coming out? i dont see purpose in playing any competitive modes without clear incentive and also i have over 1mil free xp waiting for next free xp ship. will there be any steel only ships in near future? when is ETA on next free xp ship? IIRC next ships should be jean bart and alaska. i saw jean bart is in testing and all i could see from alaska is stat preview.
  24. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Are there ways to boost your Coal intake?

    Got my eyes on the Salem but I am a bit of still even with the discounts and coupons. Is there a way to boost your Coal intake exept for the most apparent ones like: Finishing all events, challenges, daily combat missions and of course always choosing More resources containers. You cant trade loyalty tokens or any other stuff for coal, right? Cant sell any ships or other stuf for coal?