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Found 15 results

  1. SD-7 (S.H.A.D.O.W. 7th Pacific Fleet "The Espada") is searching for you! Do you like to play World of Warships? Do you like to play World of Warships with others? Do you like to play World of Warships with a fun but mature group? Then SD-7 is looking for you! SD-7 is all about fun in the game; we do not enforce any join requirements, however we do have the policy that if one goes offline for more than 30 days he/she has to inform the flagstaff beforehand so we won't exclude you after we're full and making space for more active folks. Our primary focusses: * PvE Operations with tactics. * Divisions in Co-Op, Random & Ranked Sprint Battles. * Helping new, starting players get around the game much easier. * Providing a fun-only clan with active mates and no stat-walls to meet. * Last but definitly not least: FUN! Our secondary focus: * As soon as we have enough mates that are willing to participate in Clan Battles within SD-7, we will set up an "internal team" comprised of the players that want to play Clan Battles. Participating does not require any stats, but does require you to join our Discord server, understand basic English common sense, and certain activity will be expected from you. The players that are not interested in participating in our team won't have to do anything, and can simply ignore this and play on within SD-7. If you're interested, contact founder RADM "Sirion_" (me), or commanding officer RDML "GaCommanderGice" for more intel if you require so. Otherwise, simply apply for membership in-game. We'll accept anyone as long as we've got free space! Cheers! "Remain sane, follow the vane." ~ Sirion
  2. The Grey Wolves are now recruiting. We are a small, english speaking clan looking for more active members who enjoy the game. We only play for fun and are not very competetive. Anyone who wishes to join are welcome. What we want to do is play some Scenario battles, help eachother grind to the top tiers and generally just have fun playing the game. If you wish to join just send a request or type a reply with your ingame name and we will invite you :)
  3. Hi all, As a Co-Op main player who specced virtually all of my 117 ships with some form of AA, I've just spent the last hour removing every single aspect of additional AA from all of those 117 ships and 100+ captains as there are no longer any AI CV's allowed in Co-Op, making any form of additional AA worthless. After de-speccing every ship I made 56m credits from selling both the AA Mod 1 & 2 modules and a few "increased health to AA/Sec Mounts" ones, for the ships which no longer need them (still kept on secondary ships though like Massa/Tirp etc). I also regained 7-11 captain points per captain from removing BFT/AFT/Man AA etc which opens up better build options for me too. Have any other Co-Op main players also done the same now AI CV's are extinct from Co-Op or am I being far too short-sighted?
  4. Nur für Co-Op-Divisionsspiele, Spaß und Clanprofite... bevorzugt Achsenmächte; aber alles kann, nix muss! Anfragen am besten direkt im Spiel stellen! Gruß und viel Spaß, ob dabei oder auch nicht...
  5. Sirion_

    [IDEA] Carrier-focused scenario's

    Greetings, folks. I had this idea in mind for a while now, which would include a Scenario / Operation meant to be added to the weekly Ops that rotate including Killer Whale, Narai, etc. Basically what this idea of mine includes: * A tier VIII & IX Carrier-oriented operation which allows all nations, and all ship types/classes with tier VIII and IX. * Battle of Midway-styled operation, from Japanese point of view (So a fully offensive scenario where the player team will attack an island and has to fight heavy resistance). * Up to three carriers per player team. * Some allied AI ships, including at least one CV, which will aid in the player team's attack, and also help with immersion. Objectives could be: * [MAIN] Support the landing ships that have to reach the island with a certain amount of infantry still alive. * [MAIN] Destroy the Aerodrome(s) on the island. * [SECONDARY] Destroy enemy aircraft carriers in the vicinity. * [SECONDARY] Destroy particular enemy ships that are pushing certain positions and flanks of your fleet. * [SECONDARY] Destroy a certain number of fortresses and bunkers in the vicinity of the island. Key Strategies could be: * Carriers have to support and cover the team in pushing up the defences and holding off air raids from the island's Aerodromes and aircraft carriers. * Aerodromes and AA emplacements (Forts maybe?) have to be destroyed as quick as possible for best allied CV efficiency. * Battleship- and Heavy Cruiser-players should focus on fighting on-shore emplacements while the Destroyer- and Light Cruiser players should focus on fighting enemy ship hordes. AFTER CARRIER REWORK (???) The mission can generally stay the same, however since the CV rework isn't allowing you to play fighters for the time being, it might be a good tweak to remove some of the enemy CVs from my original idea. Yet what kinds of inspiration this gives me: More aerodromes, on-shore installations, and (moving) AI ground targets (i.e. tanks, trucks, convoys) for use with the new attack-role aircraft (aircraft with rockets). (And maybe even player-controlled aerodromes? Can work as static CV-gameplay, however for this to work the player-aerodrome(s) have to be on the defensive, otherwise it'd be a bit unrealistic unless you want to have B-25s, B-17s and B-24s to be player-controlled, which aren't even modelled in the game, unless we talk about the Japanese G4M's that participate in Operation Cherry Blossom as torpedo-bombers..) I'm very sure there's at least something we could work on? I've always wanted to see a more carrier-oriented scenario as in, where it's oriented about carrier-players. Also, because this scenario should include the higher tiers (VIII and IX) it should avoid a lot of problems with new CV players that don't know how the game works with CV meta. Nothing against new CV players though, but the Training Room and Co-Ops can be used to learn how to play CVs. I just love to see carrier-tactics and communication between CV players, which can't be achieved in the current state of the game since you can only have a division with one CV (which I understand due to balance. I wouldn't want a Random Battle with CV Divisions against me...). So I thought to lay my idea in front of the community, so I could get some feedback, and see what you guys think about such an Operation. Cheers, and let 'em have it! FIRE! ~ Sirion.
  6. Captain_KriegWurst

    CO-OP: Bots Vs Torps (A theory).

    Apparently there have been recent changes to the way Bots react to torps in Co-Op mode. They seem to slip past your torps like leaves on the wind. However, I play Co-op mode for the first battle of every session (I take the Southern Dragon out for a spin to see if my Internet connection is going to let me play or just teleport me round the map for 5 mind before DCing) and I think I've noticed something. They only dodge the torps aimed at them. Like most half decent players, whenever possible I launch multipurpose torps that have a chance of hitting more than one ship. Recently it seems to be that the ship I have targeted changes course, but my secondary target just blunders into them. So my suggestion is that people target their chosen ship as usual but before launching torps switch target with the X key and then launch the torps at the original target. I'll be trying this out myself over the next week or so, but I'd be interested to hear if it works out for others as well.
  7. Kauvana

    Battle queue - nasty surprise

    Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  8. I've been playing co-op more lately and find sometimes it can be a drag while sailing away to kill the enemy CV at the end, and simply by how easy it is to win in general. I started musing about how in scenarios we can fight like 30 enemies, and how it's rather odd that co-op battles are 8v8 instead of the 12v12 we see in randoms. It's also not too uncommon to head somewhere and only encounter one bot you kill quickly and then have nothing else to do because everyone else is too far away (which also leads to having to head to the middle of the map every time, meaning fighting in the same areas on maps if you want a decent number of opponents, which is also boring). Leaving the player side at 8 and buffing the bot side to the full 12 would help make co-ops more engaging and slightly closer to challenging. Maybe, for the sake of new players, the additional bots should be restricted to tier 5+ battles.
  9. So, i was in que for co-op battles in my tier III st. luis. When i came into a match, i looked in the teams section at the loading screen, and saw that the matchup was "kinda" unfair: both teams: 2 tier III 3 tier IV 2 tier V 2 tier VI so, i almost ragequitted, but decided to fight turned out that i'd better not played it: allied tier 6 battleship shot me in the back (tunnelvision (duh)) allied tier 5 battleship rammed me for absolutely no reason came around a corner only to find out that there was an enemy tier 6 battleship and a phoenix, so i got torpedoed 3048 HP left shot into bits by the secondary fire from the battleship i hope wargaming implements a better matchmaking system in the co-op battles, to ensure a better gameplay, especially for newcomers who can't do random battles (note: sorry for potential bad English; i am not a English speaking person (yet))
  10. hakkietakkie

    Massive matchmaking bug for co-op

    I was in a division of 2 ships (Amagi and Atago) in co-op, and the loading time is supposed to be capped at 30 seconds. But instead, we waited for 10 minutes, were unable to leave the qeue, and had to close the client. Please look into this WG, and fix it.
  11. Chernobill27


    Co-op is useless unless you are a destroyer or an aircraft carrier.Co-op is just a torpedo spam.its not helpfull at all.either increase the number of enemies or completely remove it.
  12. koobas_henri

    having fun in co-op

  13. Viele haben bemerkt, dass der ingame - chat ziemlich toxisch geworden ist, und manche meinen, das allgemeine Niveau des Teamplays in Zufallsgefechte habe schwer gelitten. Als Konsequenz lassen Spieler oft ihren Frust an Mitspielern aus, die sie für "schlecht" halten. Klar, jeder hat mal nen schlechten Tag, aber manchmal wundert man sich, z.B. in tier IX Gefechten, wenn Leute manchmal wirklich völlig planfrei agieren. Im letzten battle z.B. gab es wieder einen haufen geflame nach der Art: "Wie kann man ein tier VIII-Schiff haben und immer noch so blöd sein??" Dann bemerkte ein Spieler, er habe letztens einen Teamkameraden gehabt in tier IX mit 15k Co-op, aber nur 100 PvP-Gefechten... Das gab mir zu denken. Co-op sind so eine Art Spielwiese, und die Bots agieren nunmal nicht ganz so, und nicht so flexibel wie Menschen. D.h., man kann Coop schneller trainieren, und richtig gut werden (aka "farmen"), aber die praktische Erfahrung hilft einem in PvP eben nur wenig. Das führt zu Missverständnissen und Frust auf beiden Seiten. Ich finde es toll, dass es Coop battle gibt, nicht jeder spielt gern gegen nur gegen andere Spieler (definitiv stressiger), man kann Schiffe und Ausrüstung testen, eingeschränkt auch taktische moves, und ein bisschen geld machen. Problematisch finde ich, wenn man dort seinen Account leveln kann, und sich dann vom Matchmaker in hight-tier battles matchen lässt, denen man taktisch nicht gewachsen ist, was zu praktisch uneven matchmaking, und weniger tollem teamplay führt. Ich weiss jetzt nicht, wie verbreitet das Phänomen ist, aber hier ist mein Vorschlag: Coop-battles bleiben, aber: Nur credits werden auf das allgemeine Profil übertragen, XP aus Coop bleibt dort und steht dem PvP- Profil NICHT zur Verfügung, können nicht benutzt werden, um im techtree für die PvP-karriere voranzuschreiten, und zählen nicht zum levelaufstieg des PvP-profils.... Folge: Um in PvP hight-tier battles zu spielen, ist man gezwungen, die Schiffe in battles gegen andere Spieler freizuspielen, und somit die entsprechende praktische Erfahrung zu sammeln. Wenn man feststellt, dass ist nichts für einen, kann man immer noch in Coop weitermachen, und dort die Schiffe fahren. In PvP dagegen würde das matchmaking viel eher Spieler mit ungefähr ausgeglichenem Erfahrungsstand zusammenwerfen, die es gewohnt sind, gegen andere Menschen zu spielen, wo viele Gewinnstrategien aus dem Bots-clubbing einfach nicht so funktionieren. Was meint ihr?
  14. snowpatrol

    KI in Scenarien und Co-Ops

    Hallo Leute, mal ne subjektive Frage über die total subjektive Empfindung… Kommt es mir nur vor, oder wurde was an der KI (Bots) von den Gegnern in den Szenarien und Co-Op Gefechten etwas verändert? Gefühlsmäßig spielen die jetzt besser, als 2/3 der Spieler in Random… Die Treffen immer(fast), weichen brav allen Torps aus, und zünden dich mit der ersten Salve an. Also heute 6x „Die letzte Grenze“ gespielt, 0 wins. Sagt mir, das ich Paranoia habe. Greetzzz...
  15. If you want to deal with bad players/noobs efficiency there is easy way without any punishment!!! (which is unfair for me). So most noobs plays random battles not co-op due low amount of XP which it get in co-op. Because everyone want to have high level ships which is icons of naval history and this is reason why ALL players play random battles. Without icons it game game will be much less popular! I suggest this make TWO research trees for ships ONE for co-op mode vs PC boots and few difficult levels in it and SECOND tree for random battles mode. In every mode payers will get same amount of XP so you eliminate reason way bad players play random battles. On this way bad players will be happy with co-op because it also can get Iowas/Bismarcks/Yamatos but in co-op and good players will be happy with cleaner random battles. Everyone will be happy on this way! Expect will be premium ships which will become unlocked on both trees and Missouri. Also game devs should made better in game tutorials how to do better aims! Cheers PS I am bad player too!