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Found 4 results

  1. AhnKahet

    New clouds

    What do you guys think about new sky/clouds? Looks like Mordor! That is not the only map where i encountered this Edit #1: Those black barely readable letters say: ''not found''.
  2. anonym_EYoEWAlKdxFB

    weather in gameplay

    I want ask programmers of the game put weather in gameplay. This will make the game more attractive (my opinion). AND put a chart ONLY sea. The most Battles at sea has being in, generally, open water. Admiral will "land" a captain, who put a battleship in straits, the next day... you say Typhoon in some games. you know what typhoon is? have u ever be in any kind of ship with 9 Beaufort?? (not 12...) U can't see at 8knots and ship is rocking so much that u can't sit in a chair. Call it tropic rain. Is more appropriate. Calm sea with short visibility. U can put, in future update, fog as well. There are many kinds of fog and u can reduce visibility as u want! Even to some meters!!! Fog is with calm see so nothing change with aiming. U can add waves and reduce accuracy accordingly. Or night! (That will demand new graphics!!) It put some salt in our life... I know something of programming and understand the difficulty (my PC is so old that I play with minimum graphics). But I am on reality on gameplay :D Manos of Sparta
  3. Hello, First some questions which I have been wondering about: 1. When planes fly over islands does their altitude increase ? I am pretty sure the answer is yes for high mountains. 2. What effect(s) does this have ? 3. Will the planes fly slower when climbing ? Will this make them more interceptable ? 4. Will they automatically fly down ? Will they then fly faster and become less interceptable ? Will their bombs and torpedoes move faster ? 5. Will they be more easily or less easily spotted when they are high up ? Could be altitude dependent... 6. If higher speed when descending will ship AA work less or better on these faster planes ? Now for some suggestions: 1. Plane altitude could become a game mechanic like in world of warplanes, perhaps the two games could even be melted into one super game . 2. Plane icons on the main map could get a different color depending on their altitude: Red = very low Orange = medium Green = high Light blue = very high, still below clouds. White = Within clouds (dark edge around icon to keep it visible). Blue = Above clouds 3. Players would need a way to set the altitude of planes. Perhaps select it and then hold left mouse button to drag/influence altitude setting. 4. Fighters could benefit from attacking from high altitude. 5. Bombers could fly to high altitude to try and avoid flak. 6. Moving clouds could be added to the game to make it more difficult for carrier players, give them more hiding options for planes and such, perhaps even hide carrier under low clouds. 7. Climbing/Descending could affect airplanes speed. I kinda like this idea. Hopefully it will make the game not too complex, but still fun to play and might give it an extra oompfh. Update: I also searched for altitude on the forum, there seems to be a lot of interest into this ! For me there is no hurry with this feature (specially the melting of two games), though the clouds could be nice to have earlier... Might be nice if this idea was implemented for 2017 or so, hopefully by that time I will have a new computer so it can handle more =D Bye, Skybuck. P.S.: Thanks for answering any of my questions ! ;)
  4. Hey all, Quick question. Is there a way to remove/disable the clouds (sky) animation? I ask this because i am normally playing WoWs on a desktop pc that has enough power to play the game on max. settings, but because this pc is getting new component upgrades, i am playing WoWs on a less powerful laptop... I already set everything on the lowest setting possible, but i still keep getting huge fps drops. I know that there was a mod for WoT where players could disable the clouds for a big fps boost, but i still have not found a similar mod for WoWs. I tried to rename the skybox folders in the WoWs folder, but that resulted in an unplayable dark game. Since the clouds are "animated", i am wondering what fps increase it would give if the clouds would no longer be animated and/or removed. WoWs has the option to set the Sky and Clouds Quality to off, but that does not seem to do anything/not much. So my question is, is there a way to remove/disable the clouds animation? I guess if this would be possible, a lot of players with low spec. computers/laptops would see an increase in fps. Thanks in advance for the replies/answers. Greetings, MaxxyNL