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Found 17 results

  1. GunGriffonII

    Client VS Steam VS "Neuer Client"...

    Ich spiele WOWS seit einem Jahr über den "Standard-Client/Launcher". Vor kurzem habe ich aber gesehen, dass WOWS auch auf Steam zu finden ist. Hat jemand eine Ahnung ob es Unterschiede gibt (Performance etc.) und wie es mit den bereits freigeschaltenen Achievements aussieht? Werden diese wenn ich mit dem selben Account aber nun über Steam auch direkt "übernommen", oder müsste ich diese erst wieder erlangen damit sie auf Steam registriert werden? Was hat es eigendlich mit dem neuen Clienten auf sich? Man liest nicht besonders viel gutes... Wird dieser den Standardclient ablösen? Welchen Launcher benutzt ihr?
  2. "Errore di connessione al server. La versione di gioco attualmente installata è più vecchia del server. Aggiorna il client." Questa è la scritta che mi perseguita da un po' di tempo quando avvio il gioco. Premetto che il gioco è aggiornato ed il PC pure. Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie in anticipo.
  3. ragnorakishere

    Login from launch screen

    I last logged into WOWs on 19/06/18 since then when I attempt to login to the game the launch screen just hangs. My brother can login to his account from the same computer without any issues. I can login to WOT without any problem. I have opened 4 tickets and no one seems to read the previous tickets. I have explained that I have never downloaded the client for NA server. I only have the EU. I can login to my account online and also to world of tanks. I have as requested changed my PW 3 times now and still i cannot login. If it was a problem with the firewall why is it allowing my brother to login to his account but won't allow me? Any suggestions that might help would be appreciated
  4. Moin, der Update-Checker in version 2.0.10 des Mac Clients scheint ein Plazebo zu sein. Während 2.0.10 weiterhin brav vermeldet, daß diese Version aktuell ist, haben Codeweavers die Version 2.0.12 veröffentlicht, die für das neue Patch 0.6.9 dringend benötigt wird. Ohne die neue Version stürzt das Spiel nach dem Anmeldebildschirm ab. Mac Client : https://worldofwarships.eu/en/game/download/?platform=mac Es ist nicht nötig, das ganze Spiel neu herunterzuladen!
  5. Captain_Aiyarree

    WoWs Linux Client

    Hi, ich hab jetzt gut ein Jahr nicht mehr WoWs gespielt. Damals habe ich meinen Rechner auf Linux umgestellt... hatte die Faxen dicke... Na jedenfalls nachdem inzwischen ja viele neue Spiele auch für Linux erscheinen, wollte ich mal Fragen wie da so die Aussichten sind. Nachdem WoWs ja Grafisch nicht so aufwendig ist, sollte ein Port ja nicht weiter kompliziert sein... Und nein - mit wine schlage ich mich nicht herum. Ich bin inzwischen zu verwöhnt von ”Ein-Knopf-Lösungen”. Da verzichte ich lieber zugunsten von... aktuellen Spielen... mit nativer unterstützung. Viele Grüße
  6. Gennaro_Daniele

    Aggiornamento Client

    Buongiorno, chiedo un'info. Oggi accedo per giocare e mi compare un messaggio che dice che la mia versione è troppo vecchia e devo aggiornare il client.... La mia versione attuale è 0. 7. 0. 1 Dove e come faccio per aggiornare questo client e poter continuare a giocare? Grazie per una risposta.
  7. i just received the news when im logging in to the game that there is a new version of available to update since im a new comer i have no idea how to update the client else than downloading the whole thing over again. Is there anyway to update the WOWs client to version without downloading the whole thing?
  8. last_ship_64

    Fehlermeldung Mac OS X

    Hallo Zusammen, ich weiß jetzt nicht ob ich in die richtige poste, aber seit dem neuen Update habe ich folgende Fehlermeldung. Kann mir jedmand helfen bzw. wird das an die Programierier weitergeleitet? Freundliche Grüße Alex
  9. GoT_PcDealer

    Full game direct link

    World of Tanks has the option (in different flavours), where's the WoWs option? The Help doesn't help: How to Install and Uninstall the World of Warships client.
  10. lesh1nar

    5.11 client backup

    hey guys does anyone have a 5.11 client backed up somewhere and is willing to upload/torrent it ? had it backed up, to record some replays, but my backup drive decided it was time to meet its maker.. thx
  11. KingOfTheScreen

    Backround updates are available?

    I am Thinking whether the auto update feature currently available in the client updates the game in the backround or does it open the client when it does this. I am asking this coz i don't want the client opening up now and then when there is an update, and i cant wait all week for an update to be released to see how it would work. Also i would like to know what the two features are in the client update settings; first one "enable automatic updating" downloads the update and installs it when it is available and the second "enable download of updates" download the updates early and installs it when it releases officially....so what is the difference between the two? and all this happens in the backround, unknown by the user or does it open the client as an application in the taskbar? Thank you for your time.
  12. This is to mention a possible BUG (?) with the new Patch and the client. This may need a hot-fix minipatch, as I know its not just me. I know others are having these issues or see team mates (and probably report them); notably in ranked but also sometimes randoms and especially the first game with a new ship. Please let WG know, as it may not be the players fault when they do not connect at launch. Obviously this is crucial in ranked especially. Please speak up instead of just reporting any player who obviously clearly didnt load in. For many games now, the new patch game client does finish the queing and loading but then DOES NOT complete the load in, the circle just keeps spinning, while you can even hear the game going on. Many times I am failing to load in to the game from the in game client load-in screen even atfter the quieing and game has been loaded, and you hear the battle start, but you don't get into the game, the circle just keeps spinning. (Other times times the client sudddenly freezes mid game or just after the start; with unusual lag spikes.) Also I noticed This happens mostly to destroyers and at higher tiers, and often in ranked. At least 1-2 players fail to connect into the game. I have noticed some other players with the same issue; when I do get in a game; there is often a dd that seems to also only connect / load in late or never. Especially in Ranked mode. I did not have this issue b4 the patch; and nothing has changed my side. When this happens...: I always try to re-boot the client and get back into the game, but either have the same problem, the game loads, then the circle keeps spinning or else the reboot takes to long and the game is over... so then I get the new discipline punishment. Because of new game client load in bugs / issues. I have been banned and turned pink, for the client not letting me in the game. This is VERY frustrating. (I completely support the nes game discipline rules; but I think you should have made provision for context and reasons. CHeck the player's record.. surely an easy algorithm? Can you not pick up when the client fails to load in a player(s) or freezes, and that the player tried to re-connect?? Being "disciplined" for something that is NOT your fault , but a game issue or other player (such as a ship sailing into torps launched 8km away and visible for that long, even if you warn them). BTW : SUGGESTION: Please add Teamwork and assist/encourage team building and improved comms; command notifications & hot keys such as "LAUNCHING TORPS", "DEPLOYING HYDRO / RADAR NOW", or "SETTING SMOKE SCREEN" or "Launching Plane"" etc and a target designating flashing bulls eye on a grid on the minimap (just like in WOT for spgs ) for planned target zone for torps or bombs or even smoke and hydro. (there may be other better wording for different classes. ( as opposed to asking for a smoke screen). FYI I have never purposefully quit a game ever in wows or wot, ( I usually watch the to the end , even if I am sunk...) . Sometimes REAL LIFE actually does happen such as the doorbell rings or an important phone call, but even then I always try finish the game first!
  13. Hey, Ich habe ein Problem beim Starten des Clients, aber erst seit gestern und nicht seit dem neusten Patch( (fehlermeldung sollte angehängt sein) Ich bedanke mich schon jetzt für Hilfe und Tipps
  14. Rico_878


    ciao tutti, successo mai a voi?
  15. Spatzenauge


    Wie bzw. wo aktualisiere ich meinen Clienten? Kann mir jemand helfen?
  16. Hi! I would like to share the solution for a problem that me and many others (as I could see) have encountered before, with not being able to close the client after finishing with playing. Description of my problem Whenever I wanted to close the client by clicking Escape and than clicking Yes, or clicking X in top right corner, after I would logout from the server, client wouldn´t close, but rather it would just "freeze". I could open Task Manager, but I couldn´t bring it to the front with Alt+Tab or through Windows key or any other method I have tried. This problem was happening on my old computer, but it is happening now on both 2 brand new computers with high specs. All other games are closing without any issues except WOWS. Solution (solution worked on Windows 10 64bit, without any mods installed on a clean system, meaning clean from potentially harmful programs) Solution that is preventing client to "freeze" after closing is that I have to open client with Safe Mode (click on that little arrow next to Play button on client). Few other solutions I have received from Support were to reinstall the game and clean the cache. Hope this helps to someone, as I saw there were mostly no solutions to this problem.
  17. My Question is, does anybody know where the Issue comes from (and ofc how to fix it) if the Process or Client.exe (worldofwarships.exe) reaches 2 Gigabytes of Ram Usage. The Game starts lagging and my FPS drops to the Floor, if i restart the Game (because a Client usually needs about 1,5 GB) all runs fine, its just if i breach the Barrier of 2 Gigabytes. Before you ask me now, my CPU,GPU or RAM on my System shouldnt be no Issue. Its just horrible, because sometimes it causes a Stopping of the Game / Client itself or the Game Freezes, kicks me to the Login Screen or even Desktop... but how i can solve it or fix this?