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Found 38 results

  1. Da ja viele Spieler ab Tier VIII so langsam in Geldnöte geraten, wollte ich einmal diesen Thread zum Vergleichen eröffnen. Wichtig ist dabei, dass es nicht darum geht, hier Screenshots oder Werte der besten Runden zu veröffentlichen. Mich würde einfach interessieren, welche Schiffe ihr nutzt, um Geld zu sammeln. Ebenso wichtig wäre eine ungefähre Angabe der Credits die ihr an Gewinn (nicht insgesamt) einfahrt. Dabei bitte von einem ungefähren Schnitt/Durchschnitt ausgehen, nicht eure besten oder schlechtesten Runden heranziehen. Wenn ihr gerade unsicher seid, dann bitte erst Schiff und Summe posten, nachdem ihr nochmal ein paar Runden mit dem jeweiligen Schiffchen gedreht habt. Aktuell nutze ich meistens meine Murmansk zum Geld verdienen, mit Premium Account und komme da durchschnittlich auf rund 200.000 Credits pro Match heraus. Kann mal deutlich mehr sein, mal etwas weniger, aber im Schnitt dürften in etwa 200.000 Credits an Gewinn pro Runde übrig bleiben. Wie gesagt, wäre schön wenn sich möglichst viele Leute beteiligen, mit verschiedenen Schiffen, egal ob IJN oder US oder Premium Schiff. Sicherlich dürfte es einige interessieren, wie sich die Cleveland, Omaha, Kongo, Atlanta, Atago und Konsorten schlagen.
  2. Major_Damage225

    Cleveland premium cammo

    So i've been wondering this for a while now, and i think it's time to ask @MrConway @Tuccyand co. I know im buggin you but still, a litle info here. During the 2017 new year event we had a chance to earn a premium cammo for various ships the cleveland being one of them, now during the USS Cruiser split that cammo got removed from sayd ship, but is not present in either of the new T6 cruisers, nore is it avalable for the new T8 Cleveland, so my question here is ''where did you guys at wg hide it huh'' and is it ever getting reimplemented to either T6 ship or back to Cleveland. Am awating info on the subject.
  3. Hi guys, Been playing Killer Whale as it's back in rotation using Graf Spee and Dunkerque. Although I've been getting good results it's not really been fun. I miss the old Cleveland :-( So, which if any of the current Tier 6 ships come close to approximating playing Operations with the Cleveland? The characteristics I'm looking for are: 1) "dakka dakka" i.e. good rate of fire 2) A certain amount of "tankiness" i.e. can take a hit without melting 3) Decent AA would be nice but not vital I realise the Cleve was a beast but something must come close. NB: I would consider a premium Cheers!
  4. Butterdoll


    Well, after Cleveland goes to t8, the new replacement will be Dallas. I've seen some videos about Dallas, How it fairs in the AA department? what are the main differences to the Cleveland? thank you.
  5. barratheon


    Die Cleveland ich glaube viele stimmen mit meiner Meinung überein das die Cleveland eines der "geilsten" Schiffe überhaupt ist. Ich jedenfalls liebe dieses Ding. Um so mehr beschleicht mich ein Unbehagen über den kommenden US-Kreuzer Split welcher aus diesem tollen Schiff ein T8 Schiff machen wird. Zwar wird es eine Art Kompensation geben, aber wenn diese Kompensation dann voraussichtlich "Pensacola" heißt dann weiß glaube ich auch jeder das es absolut keine solche ist, eher ein schwacher Trost. Das die Cleveland runderneuert wird um im T8 mithalten zu können (was sie jetzt eigentlich auch schon kann) ist natürlich schön. Bevor jetzt auf mich eingedroschen wird, das soll keine Kritik werden hier, mehr ein Vorschlag. Na klar freue ich mich auch über die T8 Cleveland und das ich quasi diese wohl geschenkt bekomme (wird gemunkelt, weil es früher auch so war..), ich freue mich genau so über die neuen Kreuzer auch wenn sicherlich jemand gleich um die Ecke kommt und mir sagt das ich "schlecht" in Kreuzern bin (oder generell in allem), womit Er Recht hätte - also sparen wir uns das doch... Was ich vermissen werde ist dieses Schiff auf dieser Stufe! Ein T6 Schiff mit sehr starker AA, mit schnell feuernden Geschützen, mit genau diesem "Bogen" und und und - wäre es nicht toll wenn es genau dieses oder ein zumindest gleichwertiges Schiff auf Stufe 6 gäbe? Als Premium vielleicht? Liebes WG denkt doch darüber mal nach - das wäre mal ein guter Grund die Geldbörse zu zücken und sich dieses Schiff zu kaufen, mit freuden. Und noch etwas, wenn ich schon eine Pensacola habe, bekomme ich dann den neuen 7er in den Hafen? Wie sieht es mit den XP auf dem Schiff aus, wie sieht es mit den XP auf der (dann 8er) Cleveland aus?
  6. Just reinstalled WoWs after PC died and was looking forward to playing Cleveland at T8. Prior to the release of the patch i been playing her a lot to accumulate free XP to get the next ship when its released and to buy the modules back. Well its all gone
  7. Depuis que je suis passer aux tourelle B du cleveland je me sent grandement handicaper par leurs malus en vitesse de rotation qui les rendes moins rapide que la rotation du navire... J'ai finit par revenir aux tourelles stock. Le bonus de dps vos t'il vraiment le coup d’apprendre à ce servir des tourelles plus lente et bénéficier de leur gain de dps ou la majorité des joueurs on, comme moi, préférer rester sur la première version?
  8. So my Cleveland moved to T8 and along with it my premium camo wich i bought with doubloons. Now i have a ship at T8 with a useless camo because i already had a ship with premium camo namely the Atago. So wy am i not offered the option to exchange that camo for doubloons or a premium camo for the T6 ship so my tree is balanced once more and i can play premium camo's along the tiers. If i would have known the Cleveland would end up at T8 i never would have bought that camo for it. So wy dont i have the fair option to exchange, sell it back for doubloons, but instead i am stuck with it at a for me useless ship at wrong tier? Just to be complete My replacement T6 ship the pensacola does not came with a premium camo. https://pasteboard.co/HnSXQGW.png
  9. ClappingLollies

    The "new" Cleveland

    So i've been testing the "new" Cleveland? I write "new" because in my opinion its the same old T6 but now with radar. I know WG did some other tweaks to it. But its basically the same T6 ship we all loved. There is one big difference though. You fight T10's. All the time. So in essence you have a pretty strong T6 fighting T10's. This is not new and all T8's suffers from this. Although most can do pretty well. The playstyle is the same old. Sit behind an island and spam. Hunt down a DD. Blablabla So what the Cleveland is "good" at now, is the same it was good at in T6. Infact the old would perform almost exactly the same as the new does now. So nothing changed except the radar. (Basically) Some players have said "oh but you can do alot of dmg with fires and HE spamming". The Cleveland could do that before. Infact almost every cruiser can do that. You can spam down a GKF and farm 150k if the guy is a complete idiot. But if he has some brains he will just rush you down and kill you with a salvo or two and you can't do anything about it. The Cleveland has no threat factor at all. I know this, because i've done it many times already. See a Cleveland spamming from behind an island? Just rush him. He can't do anything to you. You can sail full broadside around the island with all the guns (420) blazing without fear of taking any heavy dmg back. So in my opinion its to weak for a T8 in its current state. If its staying like this, why would i pick it over the Baltimore, Chappy, Kutuzov, Edinburgh, Mogami or Charles Martel? I see no reason. We are going to end up with a pretty port slot holder then. I will atleast. Shame. What do you guys think? Do you think its fine as it is now? Or does it still need some tweaking?
  10. Ryouzanpakku

    How to play "new" Cleveland

    1) park behind the island 2) politely ask opponents to not maneuver much 3) write "thank you" letter to WG for creating such a fun and universal ship
  11. hi, so i had before the new update a fully upgraded Cleveland and a Pensicola. now after the update my Cleaveland is back to stock, why is this i had him fully upgraded. oke i got the New Orleans fully upgraded for free but i prefered to get this ship stock over my Cleveland.
  12. '''''''''''''''''''Notice all this information about the in ship is still Test Server, it may change in future '''''''''''''''''' Recently i has been check out on test server and testing the new USN CA line. and i notice that Cleveland is now Tier 8, so i take a look at the ship and see what change. so you can get 9 km radar and hydro now which awesome if you love play cruiser, not really if you like DD. also 15 km range gun. looking good so far right? but remember you in t8. best of your luck is facing t6 but i would say that is properly only 10% chance (could be exaggeration but i would say it feel like being in top tier is very rare for me, unless i'm play t7 ship). most likely you would be in t9 and t10 game. even when it in T6 is still struggling, HE and AP is quite balance in t6, the fire chance is not too small or not too big, AP only able to citadel other cruiser from 7-6km and below(no chance if they angling). shell take forever to land in long range. well armour for it tier, i admin the AA a bit stupid. but really it feel like Nagato, it have clear weakness and clear strong aspect. But when it in T8 it will be struggle train... armour will be like Pensacola, except now you have sh*t gun which take some effort to start fire and HE damage is joke. you also need to be in 15km range to be able to deal damage but because the shell travel so lazy it would take so long before it can hit the target. furthermore you only have 30k and something HP. consider your armour and how close you have to be... most of BB would easily have easy time citadel you. also you don't have heal and escape tool plan like Belfast or Fiji. The AA would be balance, it wouldn't instantly delete planes when active Defensive AA, with full AA build it would take sometime to actually shoot plane down (T7+) in the current state, the ship is not ready for T8
  13. From The dev Blog. I havent made any comparison, but noticed it will be able to slot radar. The range seems crap, reload too. What do you guys think? ST, American cruiser Columbia, tier VIII (ex-Cleveland, moved two tiers up, the stats were corrected accordingly) Hit points – 30600. Plating - 16 mm. Armor belt – 127 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 4%. Main battery - 4x3 152 mm. Firing range – 13.3 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2200. Chance to cause fire – 12%. Maximum AP shell damage - 3200. Reload time - 10 s. 180 degree turn time - 22.5 s. Maximum dispersion - 125 m. HE initial velocity - 812 m/s. AP initial velocity - 762 m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. Maximum speed - 32.5 kt. Turning circle radius - 660 m. Rudder shift time – 9.3 s. Surface detectability – 13.3 km. Air detectability – 8.1 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 6.7 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Defensive AA Fire/Hydroacoustic Search Slot 3 - Catapult Fighter/Surveillance Radar Data All stats are listed with stock modules, without crew and upgrade modifiers. From
  14. A few days ago I opened a supercontainer which contained 50k free xp. I thought that the best way to spend this xp may be to get the tier 6 Cleveland as it is getting an upgrade to tier 8 so I heard. Im just wondering, when it gets upgraded will I get the whole line before it or will I just be given the Pepsicola? Ty for your time
  15. Just out of curiosity... how do you feel about Cleveland shell arcs. Since it is being reworked for T8 perhaps this is the time to lay this out. Personally I love them and would hate to see them changed.
  16. Pagster123

    US Cruiser Line Split Question

    Okay so I just researched the Cleveland before she's moved up to T8 in the US cruiser line split. I'm just wondering, when the Cleveland is moved to T8, will I get a T8 Cleveland? Or just a T6 Pensacola and have to research the Cleveland again? Happy sailing, Pagster123
  17. CLEVELAND AA POWERHOUSE As it's confirmed that Cleveland will be moving to T8, I was wondering how its AA capabilities will be affected. The ship will be going against ex-Baltimore at tier 8 whose AA is whole other level. Cleveland is smaller in size, armament and displacement. She lacks couple of Bofors and about half of Oerlikons found on Baltimore but because she's smaller you can't really add more AA guns on her deck. You can't "well, actually can..." also manually set DPM to extreme levels because that wouldn't make much sense game wise, good example of that is Atago's AA that lacks any double or triple mounts and for its tier is nothing special. Oerlikon AA guns They create minority of Cleveland's AA, with only 47dps they're nothing special. They don't benefit from Def. AA but can do something if bombers get close enough. 4 of them are also placed on weird spots that most probably were used as mounts for 40mm double Bofors before moving Cleveland to T6 before closed beta. In Game Cleveland 1943+ These spots will most likely be again mounted with Bofors guns and that brings number of Oerlikons to 9 which is nothing really spectacular in terms of close AA defense. Cleveland pales in comparison to Baltimore's close range AA. They might be adjusted with some double mounts but that still wouldn't cut it. 40mm Bofors AA guns Current top configuration of Cleveland adds 6 x 2 40mm Bofors to your arsenal. They manage to pop out 68dps which is nothing really amazing but this can be boosted to 204dps for limited amount of time by Def. AA. They definitely come in handy. Problem is that they're only double mounts while Cleveland actually hosted 4 x 4, 6 x 2 40mm Bofors during war. They were present before closed Beta, then removed after moving Cleveland to T6, shame. 127 mm/38 Mk 32 AA guns These guns are main AA power on Cleveland, they pop out 91dps that can be again temporarily boosted to 273dps with help of Def. AA. They can be also utilized as secondary batteries, they won't scare away destroyers or cruisers but they can be helpful with low HP targets as their caliber is big enough to reasonably pen cruisers and destroyers commonly found in T6 Matchmaking. Cleveland has the same amount of these batteries as Baltimore so she's even in this factor, they pop out same damage and have same range. Really usable and buffing these guns with captain skills is recommended. Conclusion Even if moved to T8, retrofitted to suit T8 Matchmaking, Cleveland will be still lagging behind Baltimore due to lower number of AA guns in total. She loses half of her AA power in close AA range, and about 1/3 of her mid range AA if she'll end up retrofitted. Long range is same, which is good and I can give her thumb of approval for this. What might change this factor would be giving her US Destroyer style Def. AA with 4x damage output. But I feel that would be a bit too much and honestly CV players already have hard life in this game, especially if bottom tier in match. link for quick comparison of Cleveland and Baltimore HERE please keep in mind that dps numbers might differ Tell me your opinion, do you think she needs buff in AA power? Would you leave her AA as it is and just buff her other specs?
  18. Hello everyone! The newspost for the weekly mission "Battle of Kolombangara" went up a little while ago. But now i am confused as to what exactly the final reward will be. In the July event calendar, it says "What's in store: Cruiser chaos and the chance to earn a Cleveland with a 12 skill point commander!" But now in the newspost it says "Final Reward: 12-skill-point US Commander for the Tier VI Cruiser Cleveland" So what is correct?
  19. Hello lads! While goofing around in the tech-tree I also checked some premium vessels. I took a look on the Belfast and found something weird. I found out that the Belfast got some seriously op Bofors AA guns. Not in terms of Balance but the Bofors themselves. She doesn't sound like much of an AA boat on the first look. She got 6x2 40mm Bofors & 4x2 102mm with an AA rating of 55. That really surprised me because she got 2 points more than her US Counterpart Cleveland who actually has more AA. Cleveland has besides the 40mm also some 20mm guns + more & higher caliber dual-purpose guns. So I checked the Damage of the British Bofors & found out that they do astonishing 140 damage! That doesn't sound too special I know but the US Bofors only do 68 damage & are also 6x2 40mm. So that's basically more than twice as much as the US ones. In this very moment I got the incredible (boring for you) idea to compare all the Bofors just to find out which are the best! The Bofors guns in the game: Name Nation Caliber Mount AA Range AA Damage AA Damage (if 1x2) Ship examples Bofors Mk1 US 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Omaha, Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Flint, Bogue, Midway, Montana, Benson, Fletscher, Gearing,.. Bofors Mk1 SU 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Murmansk Bofors Mk1 PA 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Lo Yang Bofors Mk2 US 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Saipan, Indianapolis, Ranger, Essex, Midway, Lexington, Colorado,.. Bofors Mk3 US 40mm 1x1 3,5km ~7,5 ~15 New Mexiko Bofors Mk II UK 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 Leander, Fiji Bofors Mk V UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~13 ~13 Fiji, Neptune Bofors Mk V RP50 UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~23 ~23 Belfast Bofors Mk VI UK 40mm 1x6 3,5km ~29 ~10 Edinburgh Bofors "Chi" Type 98 JPN 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Taiho, Ibuki, Zao, Hakuryu Bofors wz. 36 PL 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Blyskawica 50 wz. 34/36 Bofors PL 120mm 1x1/1x2 - - - Blyskawica As you can see the 1x6 Bofors Mk VI does the most damage per mount but the 1x2 Bofors Mk RP50 does more damage than all other Bofors mounts in the game when in 1x2 mount which makes them the best Bofors & one of the best AA guns in the whole game! So in conclusion the British know how to make some incredible good AA. If they would have send the blueprints to the US, they would have probably not lost a single ship in combat against Japanese aviation. Well whatever craphappens & I know it's only a game. When we compare these ~23 Damage "Wunderwaffen" (almost as lethal as the two Atom bombs) they're way better than the crappy German Flakzwilling 30 which only do ~3(!) Damage (Almost 8x better) & the not so crappy German LM/42 which do about ~10 Damage (More than 2x the Damage). They're almost as good as the 76,2mm AA from the Des Moines which do about ~28 Damage per Mount (& have almost double the caliber). & They're actually almost doing the same Damage as the 152mm AA from the Minotaur which do about ~24 Damage per Mount (& are more than 3x the caliber). But now the best part: If we would these British OP Bofors on the Montana instead of the peasant US ones in Dual Mounts we would get staggering 920 Damage from the 40mm alone!! You get the point that these Belfast AA guns are nothing to be laughed about.
  20. VedranSeaWolf359

    Make CL Cleveland Premium version

    Hello Mates, I think that would be nice if WoW devs made Premium version of Cleveland cruiser, it not need to get big buff over basic version only maybe better shell hang time or access to repair consumable. Ship looks as mini Iowa/Missouri so she would be great as premium CL
  21. Ferdinand_98

    Cleveland tips

    Hi guys, recently, I bought the Cleveland CL. What's the best way to use her? How should I tune her?
  22. I'm an old Cleveland sea dog captain. It is the ulter support ship and god i love it, through all the nerfs and that jazz. Been playing the ship since Open it has become apart of my whole playing style. It eats Planes (Skill 71 AA at tier 6, all upgrades and skills), smashes DD on escort duties and turns any BB into a burning wreck. If you can learn to counter the shortish range and the god arwful arch it is a monster. After playing it for so long, i don't even think about the drawbacks as you completely adapt, firing well ahead of the target and still hitting it. AP at under 8 km against another tier 6 cruiser nearly always get a cit, i always used to HE spam until i opened my eyes with AP and wow was i impressed. Alas, I am now searching for another ship that might not be the same, but kinda plays the same way. When the German cruiser line came out i grinded to the Hipper. Its an all right ship don't get me wrong but its a cruiser sniper IMHO. Yes it can do AP damage against BBs but its like....Trying to be a BB? It needs range to snipe with those AP guns. If i wanted to sit at the back and camp/snipe i would chose my BBs (hate camping). You end up in a slogging match with a BB and we know who normally wins that one. Its all right but its not my kind of playsyle. Its more of a lone wolf than a team player IMHO. So i sold it to help with my other lines. Also a seasoned CV captain (Lex and Tahio). I have my favourite ship in the the flowing tiers but 'im trying to find a good tier 8 cruiser: Tier 4 = Izyaslav (gun ship and the only DD i play) I suck at DDs, even after hunting them for so long :-) Tier 5 = Kongensberg (Good Ap that isn't afraid to get suck in with good torps) Tier 6 = Mighty Cleveland Tier 7 = Nagato (fav BB, close and personal) Tier 8 = Lexington but looking for a good Cruiser (title) Tier 9 = Tahio So chaps, what do you think? Which cruisers would you recommend at tier 8, keeping with my play style? Even tier 7 if you could be so kind? Thanks
  23. Cleveland AA-guns are insane I go with my torpedo squad on him and he kill my 4 of 6 airplanes and radius of AA-guns fire is crazy 5+ km, and WHAT DAMAGE I CAN MY MAKE??? 2-3 attacks like this and I don't have anymore airplanes. American line of Aircraft carrier need buff, they are horrible damage makers. For example tier V Bogue american aircraft carrier useless in 70% battle's with terrible mix of airplanes :/ I must say I rather play with tier IV Langley then with tier V Bogue. How I can defend ageist ships like Cleveland? Nerf Cleveland or buff airplanes HP pull. Cleveland really need nerf AA-guns.
  24. Kenliero

    Kenliero Cruiser Guides & Stats: