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Found 14 results

  1. Ahoy.... we are the Beer Belly Master Mindz [BBMM][BBMMx] gaming community , don't let the name fool you, we play to win and we are listed in the top 25 most active clans on the EU server. In general we are a laid back community, we don't stress and don't want any drama. We just want to have fun with our Fighting Friends and enjoy comradery, joke and game but rest assured we play to win. Typically we play in the evenings and use Discord to communicate, download free at Discord.com. The link to our voice server is https://discord.gg/CGARmFh . If you are interested in having fun and hanging out with an awesome crowd you are in luck, there are multiple ways to join, submit a post in this thread, send me a PM, ask to join our Discord/Facebook group or even better just apply in game. All you have to do is look up Beer Belly Master Mindz in the clan search. We are a mid size, thriving, active gaming community. We try our best to process everything within 24hrs. The Clan's Primary Language is English however we have members from the Netherlands, Spain, U.K., France, Sweden other countries as well and even a few Americans living in Germany. We are a multi-gaming clan and have an active Wargaming Community which stretches across all the major titles, World of Warplanes (80+), World of Tanks (95+) and of course World of Warships (2 clans) as well as other game titles where we team up and play. Feel free to join in; our divisions and our clan battles are awesome! We are a social clan so please have a headset so you can join us in the Discord voice server. As a casually competitive clan we're proud of our achievements. Clan Achievements Tied for 12th most active clan in Europe x1 Storm League Clan Battle Medal x4 Gale League Clan Battles Medal x4 Squall League Clan Battles Medal x2 Clan Brawl Top 100 Medal x7 Clan Brawl Top 1000 Medal King of the Sea IX participant Ship Storm Top 64 BBMM Requirements: [Clan Battles] 48.5% Win Rate 800 Battles Mic / Discord / English Casually Active, minimum play once a week 1 Tier X ship (prefer Cruiser or a Destroyer), with 15-19 point captain and appropriate legendary mods where applicable. Clan Battles (Focused) Activity Requirements BBMMx Requirements: [Casual] 48.5% Win Rate 500 Battles Mic / Discord / English Casually Active, minimum play once a week Division, Scenario, CoOp and Tournament (Focused) Benefits of membership and our Naval base perks, read below. World of Warships BEER BELLY MASTER MINDZ [BBMM] 50 member slots Status: RECRUITING BEER BELLY MASTER MINDZ EXTENDED [BBMMx] 45 member slots Status: RECRUITING Two active wows Clans in one community, tons of people to game with. Use of the Clan Naval base which allows all of the perks listed above and we are currently working on obtaining more expensive perks, so come join us. BBMM Community Member give-a-ways, contest's and holiday gifts. Monthly Calendar of with schedule of events and activities Members have voting rights on clan subjects, perks as well as activities. Growing Discord voice server with over 350+ users as well as achievements, ranks, leader-board and commitment rewards. Teamplay in divisions, Clan Battles (3-4 days a week) and tournament battles. Ability to join other game titles with friends as our gaming community covers multiple games which all have their own dedicated BBMM clans. Support across all skill levels. ( Prefer players with tier 10 ships, but open to speaking with anyone about membership) for any of our games. BBMM clans established in all of the major wargamer games - World of Tanks (95+), World of Warplanes (75+) as well as WoWS (45+) same discord, the same people and the same leadership. and....... World of Tanks and World of Warplanes fans we have something for you too! In game clan bonus's, clan XP and Credit Boosters activated regularly. A team to game with in Clan, Platoon / Flight, Team and Training battles. Weekly, Tuesday night WoWP social 2100-2300 CET and Friday night WoT Social 2100-2300 CET. Access to our all our social media platforms Steam, Discord, Reddit, Facebook group, Alienware Arena etc. Access our closed Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/beerbellymastermindz/ Discord https://discord.gg/CGARmFh Play on our ESL / Tournament Teams Your Alias listed on the official World of Tanks BBMM page as a member. Visible BBMM logo on all your tanks, garage and hanger or port. We play WoWs but we also play Scum, WoWP, WoT, Rust, Call of Duty, Hero's and Generals, Iron Sight, PUBG and many other games, feel free to join us and have some fun! We're a multi-gaming society. Clan Rank as you gain tenure with the clan you will progress in rank from Recruit→Private→Junior Officer→Field Officer→Executive Don't wait, Apply today! We look forward to seeing you on the High Seas, Battlefield and in the Sky! , Rich aka Timewarp76CommanderBBMM
  2. Die German Warriors of Justice (GWOJ) suchen weitere Spieler Zu uns: Gegründet im Jahr 2009, entstand GWOJ und ist seit 2016/2017 in WOWS beheimatet. Wir sind ein reiner CW-Clan ausgerichtet auf Ausbildung und Weiterbildung von jedem Schiffstypen mit Fokus auf CW im Ligasystem Taifun. Wir sind ein reiner deutschsprachiger Clan mit kurzen Weg zu der Clanleitung. Unser Grundprinzip besteht aus Spielspaß und gemeinsame Erfolge gerade zu jeder Clan-Season und King of the Seas. Wir die GWOJ sind ein Teil einer Clan-Community zwischen Oh Boy & GWOJ/GW0J. Zum einem besteht Oh Boy aus Hurrikan erfahrenen Spielern, die GWOJ aus Taifun erfahrenen Spielern und die GW0J als CW Ausbildungs-Clan. In der letzten Season hat GWOJ Platz 55 in Europa erreicht in der Taifun-Liga. Wenn Du Spaß an WOWS hast, einen Clan suchst, in den Du dich einbringen willst, der aber auch Clangefechte fährt. Durch unsere große Community, sind immer Spieler für Divi und Übungsgefechte da. Wir sind ebenfalls auch auf Twitch aktiv! Aus spielerischer Sicht solltest du folgendes mitbringen: German Warriors of Justice - Taifun Clan Min. 2500 Gefechte Min. 4 TX Schiffe Aktivität auch außerhalb der CW-Zeiten CW-Erfahrung Du solltest vernünftige Stats haben (PR ca. 1500) German Warriors of Justice - Community Clan (Sturm/Orkan Liga) Min. 1000 Gefechte Aktivität auch außerhalb der CW-Zeiten Keine CW-Erfahrung notwendig Wille etwas dazu zu lernen sollte vorhanden sein! Du solltest vernünftige Stats haben (PR ca. 1000) *Unsere Anforderungen sind nicht in Stein gemeißelt, also verhandelbar. Interesse? Discord: https://discord.gg/nf78nvx Teamspeak = PW: eistee oder melde dich im Forum/Ingame bei Leader/Gründer = shakerswc Leiter Clanbattles = aiku2201 Anwerber = Darklight_HD Es sollte der Wille vorhanden sein, sich an Clanaktivitäten und Clangefechten zu beteiligen, zumindest soweit dies möglich ist. In diesem Sinne, lasst die Schiffe aus dem Hafen fahren! Grüße, shakerswc/Sascha CLAN-LEADER
  3. What is [OLEUM]? [OLEUM] is a clan where the joy of playing is in the foreground. However, it is also our goal to successfully participate in clan battles and for this we need some more active players who seriously want to participate while having fun. What are the requirements to join us? Have Discord installed and have a headset/microphone Have at least two competetive tier X ships for clan battles 50% winrate overall 1200 average xp per battle Be online more than 2 times a week And last but not least: be kind and team oriented :) If some of your stats are worse but others are better than required you can compensate them so do not hesitate to write us, we are looking forward to your message :) What can [OLEUM] offer you? Access to all our clan bonuses (e.g. less repair costs, more experience per battle, more coal and less research costs for ships) Lot of fun Clan battles Nice and chilly atmosphere Interested in joining us? Cool, much appreciate it. Just contact me USSARLEIGHBURKE ingame or send an application which will be evaluated by our officers. Hope to see you soon, have fun :D
  4. Hallo Kapitäne, nach über 2 sehr erfolgreichen Jahren der Zusammenarbeit von [SPVO] und [GEMA] haben wir im September 2019 die Gründung unseres neuen gemeinsamen EU Clans [CARMA] "Carry Me Again" beschlossen, um mit diesem gemeinsamen Projekt eine neue und nicht minder erfolgreiche Geschichte zu schreiben. Unsere Erste gemeinsame CW Season (Season 7 "Crash Zone Alpha") ohne vorherige Eingewöhnungszeit beendeten wir in der Taifun Liga Gruppe 1 EU Platz 36. Neben Spaß, einer gesunden Portion schwarzem Humor und dem unbedingtem Willen mehr aus unseren Schiffen herauszuquetschen als sie eigentlich wert sind, liegt unser Focus auf dem kompetitiven Zusammenspiel in Clangefechten und anderen ähnlichen Formaten. Unsere Angebote: - komplett ausgebauten Hafen - claneigener Discordserver - Teilnahme an diversen Events - aktive Teilnahme an Clangefechten - freiwillige Trainingseinheiten - Reallife geht bei uns vor Wir suchen: - Motivierte bzw. zielstrebige Spieler - Headset und Discord vorhanden - +18 Jahre - +50% winrate - min. 1000 Gefechte - min. 1× T10 Schiffe (ohne CV) alles in allem Spieler mit CW Erfahrung die bereit sind sich zu verbessern :-) King of the Sea Erfahrung ist genauso willkommen. Discord: https://discord.gg/MvA6CQD Sollte man sich nicht sicher sein, ob man alle Kriterien erfüllt oder ob es passen könnte, fragt einfach mal bei uns auf unserem Discord nach, denn Ausnahmen können immer gemacht werden. Da wir sowohl ein leistungsorientiertes als auch ein Feierabend CW Team haben könnte für jeden was dabei sein ;-) Ansprechpartner: Mc_Roth Ichkannwas
  5. Captain_Shanky

    The Wet Crew now recruiting

    Greetings! The Wet Crew is a newly formed guild on the EU server that is now recruiting experienced players to form a core group for Clan Battles, Operations, or Division play. High level experience in competitive modes is not necessarily required, however players should have a general understanding of game mechanics, ship roles, complimentary teamwork, and also be determined to put in the required time and effort to improve as players and benefit the clan. To apply, please meet the following requirements: - Be adult - over the age of 18. - Don't create drama or insult other members. - Have full command over written and spoken English - Minimum 50% win rate - Have at least one (1) Tier X ship - Have experience in Clan Battles (or be willing to take direction) The clan will be oriented towards semi-serious players who play for enjoyment primarily, but also are driven to win. For full disclosure, the clan is newly formed, and any interested players would be coming in with the opportunity to build something from the ground up and make solid friends with a small core group, which hopefully expands as we find more players that fit our play style. In short, if you're looking for a clan to have fun, help each other, and play some Clan Battle to do as well as we can, The Wet Crew would love to add you to our ranks. To apply, please reply to this message with your wownumbers profile and we'll be in touch. Happy Hunting! Captain_Shanky
  6. Die Starfleet ist eine aktive Flotte mit Spielern aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern. Demnächst bauen wir auf 50 Member aus und um ehrlich zu sein, will ich mir das gebagger ingame diesmal ersparen: :) Daher dieser Forumsaufruf. Wir vereinen ambitionierte mit versierten Spielern, um alle Facetten von WoWs gemeinsam und erfolgreich zu erleben. Körperlich sind die Meisten über 30 Jahre und kommen zu rund 80% aus Deutschland. In Divisionen und random sprechen wir natürlich deutsch. Englisch wird in der Regel nur zu Wettkämpfen gesprochen. Abends sind in der durchschnittlich 1-3 Divisionen unterwegs und viele Einzelspieler. Ich als Leader bin darauf bedacht, die Flotte aktiv zu halten. Das heißt, ich und mein Stab achten darauf, dass wir keine "Accoundleichen" in der Flotte haben. Wir stellen eigentlich nur drei Bedingungen: - nur ein "Weekendwarrior" zu sein, ist uns nicht genug (da wir regelmäßig an competetives, clanbattles etc. teilnehmen) - deine Stats müssen in der Nähe des Flottendurchschnitts liegen aber gerne auch übertreffen - in erster Linie solltest du geistige Reife mitbringen Habe ich dein Interesse geweckt oder möchten Du uns unterstützen? Besuch uns auf unserem discord https://discord.gg/vmf9X4H Unsere WoWs-numbersseite : https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500140970,SFT-StarFleeT/
  7. Hello everyone, The Clan [BYOB] Bring your Own Booze is looking for new memebers, who are willing to take part in the upcoming Clan Battles Season. You: - Are at least +18. - Speak english - Have at least 1 TX CA - Have a good number of battles ( about 1500 or more) - Have an above average WR, +53% - [Really Important] Want to play clan battles - Use TS3 or Discord We are an open clan and mostly play for fun. We almost all the time at least one division running and like to communicate with each other. When it comes to Clan battles, we have our position in the Typhoon league (Last season due to 8v8 Format we couldn't play much). We don't expect you to always be there and there is nothing such training or so. The Stats of the clan are to be found on this link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500144161,BYOB-Bring-your-own-Booze/ If you think you'd fit and you like to join us, please feel free to send me message (here or ingame, it dose not matter) or please leave a comment. To all of you have a happy Clan Battle Season 8. ParaLyser69
  8. Subcommander_M1K3

    [IVD] In Venatus Domus is recruiting

    Greetings captains, We are In Venatus Domus, a group of people on the EU server who like to enjoy themselves with playing world of warships and other games. We are part of a community (In venatus domus, who not only play WOWS but also other games) that is accesible for everybody who loves to play games! Wat can we offer you? - Experienced players (4+ years in WOWS) - A learning experience - A fun, active and brotherhood experience - An active clan with people who like to play with one another - A clan base with all ship and captain upgrades, 2 coal and 1 steel upgrade What do we ask? - A working mic and willing to use it in discord - Participation in division play - Growing mindset We have a few stat requirements (which are debatable as long as you are willing to learn and have fun). - Win Rate: 48% - Personal Rating: 900 - minimum amount of battles: 500 We will also play a few rounds with you before you join the clan to see if you are a fit for our clan. Yes, we also have a few rules - No discord usage is a kick - No division play is a kick - Toxic game play and drama are a kick (off course all will be reviewed by the clan) If you are interested follow this Discord link (https://discord.gg/YXDjRPP) to join the community and clan! Hope to see you soon captains! Greetings, The In Venatus Domus leadership
  9. Salve a tutti comandanti, apre il reclutamento [-VIS-], clan dedito al competitivo e non solo, i requisiti richiesti per poterci entrare sono: - uso obbligatorio del Discord; - voglia di migliorare le proprie abilità; - attitudine al gioco di squadra; - numericamente vengono richiesti almeno 1000 partite e una base di PR (Personal Rating) di 1350 (dati wowsnumbers); - il possesso di almeno una nave Tier X. Detto ciò, precisiamo che ogni richiesta verrà valutata singolarmente, sta per iniziare il periodo di allenamenti con clan italiani ed esteri per prepararsi al meglio per i prossimi eventi in programma sul gioco (Clan Battles, KOTS etc), quindi se hai voglia di approcciarti al mondo del competitivo non esitare a contattarci. Il clan è nato da poco circa 3 mesi ma siamo già secondi in Italia e TOP 60 server EU(fonte wowsnumbers), oltre che top32 nella scorsa edizione del KOTSVIII. Per qualsiasi informazione contattare reclutatori/vicecomandanti: - MettewG4T; - Stefano95; - fede_scar; - JuniorSuiTubi. Il clan fa parte della community VIS che comprende, attualmente, i clan (per ordine alfabetico): - [-MIB-] Mad Italian Boys; - [BIG] Bastards Inside Gamers; - [HALON] Bromofluorocarburi. BUON GAME A TUTTI Comandanti!
  10. You like to rule the sea? Join us! You like to play clanbattles and you have no crew to do so? Join us! You like to get gud? Join us! You like to have some decent m8s for random divisions? Join us! You like to benefit from clanbase bonuses? Join us! You like to expand your Discord server list? Join us! As for now all new recruits will be inspected and drilled individualy. Safe sailings and may always be a hand's width of water under your keel. PM me
  11. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have 1 spots available in our 50 member clan, looking for active players with an interest in Clan Battles but also active players looking to progress to Tier X ships with some clan help. We are a mixed bunch of UK, Scandinavian, German, Swiss, Irish, French and other EU countries plus a US based player who plays on EU time. Very easy going, no minimum requirements of oil needed or minimum frag rates etc. We have discord we use for random div, clans and general text chat. Naval Base Perks if you join: +5% Steel +7% Coal -12% Post Battle Costs -14% to all ship tier Research Costs +20% Free XP on all ship tier levels +4% XP on all ship tier levels +10% to Commander XP We have 1 spots free in max size of 50. Message me in game or put in a request on here and i will get in touch.
  12. Hey gentles Iam looking for a german/english speaking Clan to participating in Clan Battle’s The Clan should be in Hurrican or Taifun League :) my Stats are linked here: https://wows-numbers.com/player/509601017,Schinken200g/ My T10 Ships are : Preffered ( + ) : CA: - Worcester ( ++ ) - DesMoines ( ++ ) - Salem - Minotaur ( + ) - Henry ( + ) - Zao BB: - Yamato ( ++ ) - Republique ( + ) - Montana - Conqueror - Kremlin ( + ) I dont Play DD‘s in this CV Meta actually, dont have much fun with that. :) Questions and anythingelse pls PM or Comment here. Have a Great day and good luck on the seas :) Schinken200g
  13. Tuccy

    Clan Battles Matchday

    Captains! It's time to prepare for fierce naval clashes in the forthcoming Season 2 of Clan Battles called "Islands of Ice"! The standard rules remain unchanged, but we couldn't avoid adding some minor changes. Read on to learn more and don't miss our league progression infographic below. Season 2 Clan Battles Starts 10 February Ends 16 April Clan Battles Prime Time is slightly longer this season, starting at 18:30 CET (UTC+1) and ending at 22:30 CET (UTC+1) every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. For more details check our Portal!
  14. Tuccy

    Clan Battle Matchday

    Season 3 of Clan Battles is coming. Fight, win, and earn Steel to spend in the Arsenal!