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Found 67 results

  1. Bonjour, Le clan cthulhu recrute, Toute le monde peut postuler, on demande juste d'avoir un ration victoires / défaite de minimum 50%. Vous pouvez me contacter sur le forum ou postuler pour le clan dans le jeu. Bonne continuation !
  2. FILO is looking for YOU!

    FILO needs YOU! It's time for us to expand once more, and that means it is time for you to join us. We finally were able to set up a Clan Battle Team, thanks to our last recruitment event. Having tasted blood, we want to expand our roster this season and have a few empty spots to fill. As we are looking to expand our competitive and Clan Battle Teams, we are unfortunately not accepting super early beginners this time around. But don't worry, your time will surely come. What we are looking for: Players with the intent to play team based. Be that Operations or Clan Battle Games. We enjoy a good round of messing around in the Training Room. Doing our own scenarios or just inventing funny new game-modes. We want you to be on Teamspeak and thus you need to speak english. Ideally you have at least 1 Tier X ship ready, but a Tier 8 ship to start working towards Tier X would be sufficient. Activity-wise you don't have to be online every day of the week. But we are looking for people who are around to take part in Clan Events and Division up. What we offer you in return: We are a big community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We have alot of Streamers in our Community, and some experienced Players to learn from. We consist of people from all around the globe and are a welcoming bunch. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us in-game. Our Recruiters are always happy to answer your questions and will be by your side for the recruitment process. Our Website: https://www.firstinlastout.eu/ SyntaxError Achatius PhillerTheBiller Sjjoosten Sincerely yours, Phil
  3. Hey all, after three, rather successful seasons I decided leaving KKTM and looking for another clan. I would be playing dds exclusively in competitive and am looking for a clan that reaches high level typhoon or hurricane consistently. My stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/500353925,dCK_Ad_Hominem/? Please notify me by tagging me if you are interested.
  4. CB Season Three; some points.

    So now that the season is over I wanted to put my thoughts about it here, as well as the thoughts of what seems to be most of my clan, just some pointers on good and bad sides to it all. - First of all, the points system, it seems to make very little sense, almost feeling like there's some RNG involved with it at times, for example, winning against a clan one group below you and getting say...18 points. Then you win against a clan in the same group as you....and get the exact same number of points. The only reason I'm aware of for this is.... - Bravo teams. A great idea in theory, but I'm sorry to say, implemented absolutely horribly. All this has actually achieved this season is Hurricane/Typhoon clans taking out Bravo squad with their alpha players and absolutely curb stomping those in the leagues below them in order to prevent advancement; there are however solutions to this. + Give Bravo teams their own set of leagues, separate from the alphas, the Clan's overall rank only uses the alpha team's rank. + Have clans designate Bravo and Alpha players at the start of the season, every two weeks a clan can move up to say...ten members from one team to another. + Abolish it completely if there is no way to stop people taking advantage of it. Not preferable, but I would rather not have a feature than have a crooked and unbalanced feature. - The matchmaker, as far as I am aware, a clan's ranking in the MM is counted as being a group or two higher than they actually are this season, what this has led to is a large number of clans continuously fighting clans that are reasonably better than them, and has made life even easier for the top clans who can't be matched against higher clans...because they don't exist, instead not even fighting each other much, and mostly clubbing less skilled clans. (Correct me if I''m wrong here, I don't really understand about the whole ELO stuff, this is just what I've been led to believe.) - Ship types. Releasing the Worcester within a week before CB's was game breaking for balance, as it's use in such an environment, or even the regular environment, was relatively unknown and as such very difficult to counter, especially as the ship in a competitive meta is very, very powerful. Honestly it felt like a cash grab to make people buy doubloons specifically so they could free xp to it to use it in CB's. Not cool. On a similar note, imposing a limit on multiple ships of the same class might be something to look into, a team running 6 Moskvas, Worcesters or anything similar seems to have caused quite a few balancing problems this season, and if the Stalingrad is available next season, that will only lead to more problems. - Maps, a little more variety would be nice, and I would especially love to see Ocean in the lineup, it would be interesting to see how people adapt to a map with zero islands, when the current lineup is incredibly island heavy. On the island note as well, some maps give blatant advantages to the team that spawns on one side as well, for example the North spawn on Hotspot makes getting the C cap a much easier job, as the islands they have are closer to their spawn and provide much better cover. I think that's about everything I have to say, though of course as ever feel free to add points if there's anything else anyone feels I haven't covered or have forgotten about. These are just my thoughts and those of my clans, I don't even expect everyone to agree with this.
  5. [PN4VY] Potato Navy [OPEN] About ourselves PN4VY is the sister clan of PNAVY with high caliber players who wish to prove themselves on competitive level. Pnavy and many of our members are highly experienced as we have participated in many competitive tournaments such as Odem Mortis cup, King of the sea 1,King of the Sea 2 , King of the Sea 3 ,League of the sea and many more to come in the future.If you are looking to enjoy your time playing the game at the same time playing clan battles with us do not hesitate to apply and we will contact you.We also finished on the top of the Typhoon League one in the clan battles.Feel free to join our discord and say hi!. https://discord.gg/65ftfQq Requirements Must have 55% Win rate in random battles. Must have at least one T10 ship for competitive battles and clan battles Must be willing to play competitive games against other clans in tournaments Must have discord to communicate and must use it actively Must have a working Microphone Must be able to speak English What we can offer? We, no doubt under dogs as compared to other renowned clans but with your help we can improve Chance to play competitive games against other clans Chance to learn and improve your mistakes to get better at your game Able to receive clan port abilities Able to get rewards for next clan battles missions Able to play in clan wars and future competitive events We offer clan wars rewards for every single members in our clan.We have played with 4 teams last season just to allow people to get their rewards Get the fancy Hurricane League tag on your battles!
  6. Alfa i Bravo

    W CW są zadania przypisane do poszczególnych lig. Jak wygląda zaliczanie zadań w przypadku, kiedy drużyna Alfa jest w lidze złotej, a Bravo w lidze brązowej? Grając w zespole Bravo będę miał zaliczane zadania tylko "brązowe", czy może też "złote" (bo taki jest aktualny ranking całego klanu)?
  7. Love the game, been playing since beta. Looking for an english speaking clan that plays clan wars, but is primarily casual division play. Gets boring playing by myself.
  8. [SSAM] It Must Be Jelly is recruiting!

    [SSAM] It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don’t Sink Is recruiting…. Our background is a group of EVE Wormholers that formed up to play competitive ships. The last season of Clan Wars was our first, we finished in Group 1 of Storm League with 2 players in Rentals with a 57% WR. We are made up of a mix of Northern European players, including from UK, Poland, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden. Due to our small size we could not get the numbers to run every session. Our aim is to change this so we can push on and establish ourselves in the Typhoon League. A Battle from Last Season: Why should you join us? Because we are Jelly currently running in Storm League Group 1 pushing on for Typhoon We run weekly 7v7 Clan battle training vs other clans, because we think this is the most fun you can have in this game. We are very organised, and know how to win. It is a great little community we are proud of. What are we looking for? People we get on with and listen to advice and commands, WR is not everything but listening and learning to improve is! Ability to use Teamspeak with a working microphone. This is a must, our play relies upon good communication. Ideally one or two T10 ships, preferably a cruiser. We are willing to consider rentals at this time. Contact Stanton_Warrior if this floats your boat! Come and join our public channel in Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/ssam-warships/shared_invite/enQtNDAyMjAxODgxMTQxLTE5YmI0ZDc4MjBkMzhhNWIwNjA0MmJmY2U3OGMxYThhZmU1ZDE1MmFmYzM1MDE0ZjczMGE5OTFhODlhMjJiMWE Or Discord: https://discord.gg/uRjsPM
  9. NMA Are Recruiting.

    NMA is recruiting! Who are we? NMA is a clan that was founded by Sycoreking 4 years ago on World of Tanks that later moved on to World of Warships. We are a international clan with members from all over the world and from all walks of life, from ex-military to mechanics. We are bunch of sarcastic bastards that like to have a laugh while sailing our virtual battleships. We also partake in clan battles and wish to be competetive on a level that is enjoyable for our members as well as teaming up for random battles. What are we looking for? Active and social clan members that are at least 18 years old and around 49% winrate. The stat requirements are not strict, if you prove yourself to be an addition to the clan, in ways of being social or whatnot, we will take you in anyway. We are looking for people that are at least close to a tier 10 ship to partake in clan battles. Since we are international clan we are looking for English speaking members. We are looking for members that have a working microphone and Discord. What we do We hang out on discord most of the time, playing warships, sharing memes and having fun. We also attend clan wars and are trying to be competitive. We have a dedicated leadership team that is willing to help members become better players and to deal with and answer any question that may come up regarding the clan or World of Warships. We also stream our games if there is something worth streaming, for example our Saturday Drunk Sailing.We are currently in storm league in this season of clan battles. Some numbers https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500139899,NMA-New-Model-Army/ Interested? If you are interested in joining us then all you need to do is to apply via the clan tab at the top of your in-game interface and we will invite you to our Discord where you will get to meet the gang and receive further instructions and information. We hope to hear from you soon! Happy hunting and safe sailing! P.S Dasha is dashing
  10. Clan wars - Season 3

    When does Season 3 of clan wars actually begin? Is it immediately after Ranked battles 6 ends (4 June 2018)? We're trying to get organised...
  11. Nulli Secundus is looking for active players of all tiers and abilities to establish a core of good fun and competitive sailing. We participate in team divisions but also encourage solo play as part of a wider community and partake in clan battle seasons whenever possible. To this end we're looking for commanders and recruiters on top of all those who are just casual or social players looking for stress free gaming as part of a helpful clan. Hope to see a few of you soon. Aeonyr.
  12. Hello Captain! COSTS is a crew of mature gamers from all over Europe looking for like minded players. We have 30+ members from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and many other countries. We’re mainly active in WoWs but other games are played from time to time. Our primary objectives are having fun and being social while sailing with each other. Winning is also important, but certainly not doable in every battle due to the usual game flaws, real life(™) issues, our own incompetence and/or the occasional drink on a Friday/Saturday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a relatively new player - it’s your attitude and personality that matters most. In addition to that, if you want to become a member of COSTS, you must: have a basic understanding of the game (we might help you improve) have a sense of humour join on TeamSpeak during “peak” hours, and be able to communicate in English be a teamplayer with good manners and respect towards friends and foes reached an age where you’re considered to be an adult - whatever that is... a strong desire to participate in various tournaments (and Clan Wars in particular). Questions ? Send a Private Message to Maxram68, Whistlersmom, _MrPig_ or Miesian. Still not scared? Go ahead and fill out an application in game.
  13. Nick: sirgan987 Bitwy: 1,145+ Preferowany typ okrętu: CL/CA/DD/BB. Preferowane Tiery: VI - X. Ulubiony Okręt: Neptun. Link do strony ze statystykami: https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/501593992,sirgan987/?type=all TS/Discord/Mumble: Dostosuję się, przez wiele lat używałem TS, ostatnio przeżuciłem się na Discord, Mumbla też kilka razu zdarzyło mi się używać. Aktywność? gdy gram zawsze jestem na komunikatorze. O Sobie: Jeżeli kogoś to obchodzi to mam na imię Sebastian i 24 lata. z WG jestem prawię od początku WoTa, w ciągu tych kilku lat gry brałem udział w w licznych CW, ESL i innych eventach, Jednak po tym jak klan się rozpadł, przerzuciłem się na statki. Aktualnie z X tierów mam tylko Yamato, poza nim najwyższe tiery które posiadam to Neptun, Pensacola i Mahan. Jako że jestem raczej graczem który lubi rywalizować znudziło mnie siedzenie w klanach 4fun gdzie nic się nie dzieje a aktywność jest mała, a gdy już się na discordzie pojawi te 4 osoby, to męczą niskie tiery. Ja mam większe ambicje więc chciałbym dołączyć do poważnego i aktywnego klanu, w którym nie będę miał problemu znaleźć plutonik na VIII czy X tiery i przy okazji pod szlifować swoje umiejętności.
  14. Full Metal Poi! - Yuudachi kawai desu~! Discord: FMP About us: We are a casual clan that has arisen from the depths of the seas a year ago, founded by Ichikun98. It was a stick up of people met in battles as well as those who got sucked in by Ichis awesomeness on in-game chat channel "Battle results and discussion" and joined him on his adventure. Up till now it had its best and worst moments. Now we are freshly after redesigning of the clans core, so that people can integrate more and enjoy the game together to the fullest. Our clans objective is to get better at the game as well as develop new tactics that can be implemented into the randoms and clan wars. Due to the nature of our clan, that has a weeb connection due to name. We also possess quite a lot of human resources called weebs at our disposal and facilities keeping them in tip-top condition. What FMP offers: # +54% WR , 36/50 members # A friendly community consisting of members from all over the world # Clan benefits from facilities # Mates to division with. Requirements: Being casual clan means we are not going to watch over your WR that much (At least keep it above 50%). The only general number on your profile we care is if you have over 1k battles in randoms. You need to have at least 1 T10 ship with good stats respectable to the ship type. Also we need to pump out that oil from the containers to donate to our American friends so that they wont invade us (One container a day, keeps US army away). One of other requirements is using discord as voice communicator as well as text one, to keep up to date with clan matters. ( Discord ) Also due to being open to the world, being in the clan requires you to use mostly english and understand it. What to do once on discord? Hit up the Chief (Ichi) or one of the Admirals (Bonta3000, Cr4zy, Tjntin, Panzer_FTW) to evaluate your application. Spread the poi! To the non-poilievers! Heres a small treat.
  15. ANV is recruiting

    ANV (Acta Non Verba – Actions Not Words) Importantly - Do YOU want to play clan wars next round ?? ANV Is composed of sensible and lunatic players some purple players, and players all across the skill range, not to mention some that are just plain insane. We participate in clan wars, Scenarios and other general in-game silliness, generally a good bunch of players male and female who are fond of having a laugh and mostly of the ‘more mature’ variety although you often wouldn’t think so when you listen to the shenanigans in chat. Inclusion in TS is a pre-requisite but not ALL the time you are in game, we appreciate that sometimes one just needs to fly solo. Simply drop in to TS at *london2.teamspeak.net:17632* and say hello, we have no formal joining process, simply turn up and introduce yourself and we will take it from there. There are currently no compulsory training times or hard set rules and none of this ‘’you must turn up then and for x amount of time’’ casual is the name of the game. We would prefer you to have one tier 10 ship, failing that be on tier 7/8 and actively working towards greater tiers. In return we offer on inclusion into the clan, rewards and clan bonuses and perks as follows. · -10% to servicing costs of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers · -10% to the cost of researched ships of tiers V,VI,VII and VIII · +3% XP Battle bonuses on German, British, Pan-Asian, Japanese, American, USSR and French · Casual Division games · Participation in Scenarios and resulting mission completion rewards · An active clan that plays games across multiple disciplines and games. · Friendly matches with other clans out of Clan Wars season. TS Channel - london2.teamspeak.net:17632 Face book page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1380417492037289/ Clan web site - http://anv-clan.co.uk YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bqQdeB9qqDphaQDxaNr6g/videos One of our members youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSLddGK81TLDGc24jTBVMQ Our Grand Negis (Commander) goes by the name of Doomsday2 while we have 2 assistant commanders Nephilim and myself Guns_Donovan.
  16. Hallo Käpitäne, wie unser Name schon sagt, wollen wir besonders schon etwas betagten Spielern eine Heimat geben. Im Vordergrund steht der Spaß. Auf Vorschriften verzichten wir weitgehend. TS sollte aber vorhanden sein und auch benutzt werden. Bewerbt euch einfach über die Clansuche im Spiel.
  17. We're looking for a few solid players that can help with Clan Battles. We've got a decent team that trains well with good teamplay and coms. We're finding it harder to field a full team some days. We're close to entering Typhoon league. You must have a microphone and good English. Not looking for solo players. It's about having a good team. We're also in King of the Sea and League of the Seas.
  18. [WF] WARSONG FURY Après une longue participation sur le jeu World of Warships, le clan WARSONG FURY a décidé de s'intéresser aux contenus de haut niveau. Il souhaite pour cela se perfectionner, s'entrainer et améliorer l'esprit collectif. - Nous cherchons à cet effet des passionnés de World of Warships (des joueurs actifs) ! - Nous demandons une présence de 2 soirs dans la semaine sur le jeu ; une participation le dimanche est vivement conseillée car nous souhaitons consacrer ce soir-là aux clan wars. - DISCORD obligatoire : https://discord.gg/ggdxdFv Nous recherchons des joueurs avec le quota suivant - 1000 parties jouées et être en possession d'un Tiers 10 (ou proche de débloquer le Tiers 10). - Notre clan est composé de joueurs d'expérience ayant une bonne connaissance du jeu, nous disposons également d'un port construit a 70%. - Nous demandons un âge minimum de 18 ans.
  19. Dear Wows I have a suggestion for an ingame clan calendar, with officers making events for clan wars/operation of the week/ranked games/ect... this would greatly improve the quality of time for many players how might plan their gametime more effiencent. i would love a simalr system to the guild calendar known from world of warcraft. kind regards from denmark!
  20. What is XTREM? XTREM is a clan that aims for a high standard amongst the players with a chill atmosphere. We are a clan that plays clan battle with determination to win almost every game while having fun. We are now looking for more players that want to play clan battle and having fun on the way. We are also looking for more field commanders! The clans requirments are: Atleast 2 competitive tier 10 ships Have Discord installed and a microphone be nice:) 60k avg dmg per battle 55% winrate overall 1500 avg xp per battle 1-2 times a week(the more active, the better) Be as active as you can, IRL is still number 1 Smart players that are able to read the battle What do we offer? Chill atmosphere platoons with good players Enjoy all the bonuses from the clan Clan battle with 2 teams having loads of fun Interested? Contact me johan5678 or any of our deputy commanders or recruiters ingame or just send an application that will be evaluated by our officers. You can also use the comment section below and we will contact you ingame:) GLHF
  21. 1701 Fleet Recruiting Discord Using, Active, 55%+ Players & TX Owners Only. We Have ALL Port Perks Available & Offer Clan Battles. A Little About 1701: 1701 has around 50 active members both male and female, from all over the world with the majority coming from the United Kingdom and United States. If you want to become part of a close group of friends who enjoy the world of online gaming then look no further then 1701. With over 15 years of history, 1701 shares both the experience and skill of being a well maintained and fair play zone. 1701 offer the following services free to all members: 1) Discord Server details - https://discord.gg/Cs5CCtc & My user ID is Graeme#5835 2) Website & Email. 1701 play a large variety of games online which include the following: 1) World Of Warships - EU Server. 2) World Of Tanks - EU Server. 3) Star Wars Battlefront. 4) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Jedi Covenant Server. 5) Battlefield Collection. 6) Call Of Duty Collection. 7) Company of Heroes Collection. 8) America's Army 4: Proving Grounds. 1701 Plan on expanding into the following when released: 1) Knights Of The Old Republic 3. If you are interested in joining 1701, then feel free to jump on Discord and meet people. Our only joining requirements are that you have a working Mic, are willing to use Discord with the rest of your new friends and treat people with the same level of kindness, respect and regard that you would expect.
  22. Sziasztok az [UFP] klán aktiv embereket keres klán csatára. Van discord csatornánk és facebook csoportunk. Gyakran szakaszozunk és vannak nyeremény játékok a klánon belül . Aki szeretne csatlakozni írjon itt komentbe vagy pm személyes üzenetbe nekem! Elvárás: legyél aktiv, legyen legalább 1 t10-es hajod, és napi aktivitás !
  23. Clan Wars and Missions

    First of all, it's good to have Clan Wars back and the longer prime time is nice as well as the French BB and Aigle missions not to forget all the other stuff that's going on. However much fun the Clan Wars are, they are a significant time and effort investment for the participants, probably most if not all of the time many can spare for gaming. Yet, precious few missions are doable in clan wars. Even the "play together" -themed Valentine's day mission can't be done in CW. Damage, fires, torp hits or any other combat related tasks are probably much harder to do in CW compared to randoms or especially operations and coop. XP and credit earnings are good if your clan wins a lot, but you get quite a lot of the goodies in randoms as well if you're playing with good division mates so I don't see a prohibitively massive advantage for CW there either. It would be nice if CW was taken more into account whenever a season is on, especially in time limited campaigns like the Aigle where the completion window for certain tasks is low. The same of course applies to ranked, but I think the situation with ranked is already much better at this point.
  24. Einladung zum Testspiel

    Herzlich willkommen! Wir sind ein polnischer Clan. In der letzten Saison der Clanschlachten erreichten wir mühelos die Taifun-Liga. Wir suchen Clans, die bereit sind, ca. 1,5 Stunden Training zu absolvieren. Wir möchten mit den Mannschaften spielen, die auch in der Taifun-Liga gespielt haben. Das erwartete Trainingsformat ist 7vs7, entsprechend den Clankämpfen. Bei Interesse nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns. Gruß aus Frankfurt Jakob
  25. HF_30 (The Dirty Thirty) EU -INTRO------ Started by a group of retired guys playing WOT, our comunity has gradually shifted to WOWS. We are now a group of over 40 players in the clan directly, or are regular members of our discord. The clan comprises of age group of 19-66 and we are now looking to expand our ranks! -WHAT WE OFFER------ We can offer vasta mount of experience with computers and various games. Help with setting up streaming or recording for any type of gaming. Competitive gameplay with CW and potentially tournaments in the future. A very active group of members, making div gameplay easy to find. Guidance and advice on lines, ships or tactics. -REQUIREMENTS------ Over the age of 18 Discord Headset to listen Over 2k games in WOWS, with at least a t10 ship, 55% wr Good English Able to take sh*it tones banter Play at least a few times a week, and stay in contact with a clan member so that long periods of inactivity will be known about. For any questions or concerns please contact our main recruiter on the forum @VeryHonarbrah - and if no replies within a day or 2 contact @Skycat79 for further inquires.