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Found 40 results

  1. Hello and welcome to our Comfy clan! Spots open 43/45 About our Clan: COMFY is an international community of anime-enthusiast World of Warships players that takes its theme from the Yuru Camp anime. The clan was established after the 4th clan battle season and consists mostly of veteran players from various clans with experience since the first clan battle season. We also take part in the Kings of the Sea tournament. With an emphasis on fun and a comfy lifestyle, we still take an organised approach to competitive clan activities. We regularly play clan wars and in our debut clan war season together we achieved a Typhoon league rating and now we seek more members! Our Requirements: · At least 50% win rate and 2 tier X ships. · Basic understanding of English because we communicate in this language. · Being active in game. · Love for anime <3 · We appreciate players who are polite and open minded. If you are a new or experienced player who enjoys anime and would like a community that is simple to enjoy but offers all the benefits of a competitive clan then COMFY may be the place for you. What We Offer: · Friendly atmosphere and lots of fun. · Members who actively division with each other. · An organised and competitive team (more clan battle details below!). · Friendly and active clan leadership. · Knowledgeable members who can help you learn. · Anime discussions - lots of it :3 · Plethora or different channels on our discord. From hobbies like air soft to video games and music. · Training battles with top clans between clan battle seasons. · Clan events and much, much more. Clan Battles with COMFY: · We fully schedule clan battles seasons and endeavour to help all our members take part and earn rewards where possible. · You must be willing to join us in voice chat to participate. A microphone is not necessary, but preferred. How to Apply: Contact @ImperialAdmiral, FallenDreamz, CodeChatBannedPhantom or our Commanders KuroPon and @Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu either via forum message or via discord; · ImperialAdmiral#7688 (Deputy ImperialAdmiral) - forum, discord · Kuro#9150 (Commander KuroPon) - discord · Benser#0844 (Deputy Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu) - forum, discord · Niqht#6740 (Recruiter FallenDreamz) - discord · CodePhantom#0525 (Recruiter CodeChatBannedPhantom) - discord Mystery, fun and adventure awaits! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNLtEnCLRpY
  2. Hello all, [SM0KE] are looking to recruit some new members, particularly with a view to consistently taking part in Clan Battles; you don't need to be an amazing player, but it would be nice if you're keen. English is the primary language spoken by the clan, although we do have quite a few German speakers too; geographically, we currently have members across three continents, but we do play according to the EU clock. We're a pretty friendly clan, and mainly communicate via Discord (you'll do a *lot* better if you have it too), both during and outside the game. We don't have an extensive manifesto, but do tend to follow the teachings of Bill & Ted i.e. "be excellent to each other"! Our base is mostly complete, so you'll get some reasonably worthwhile economic bonuses too. We'd best suit nice people in the beginner to mid-fifties percent WR range (we aren't stats snobs), especially those happy to learn and/or teach, according to abilities. If you're looking to improve, we're not a bad place to be; if you don't care at all about getting better, then probably look at a 'pure bonuses' clan rather than [SM0KE]. As mentioned, we try and take part in the various forms of Clans, so it would be nice if you have at least one T8, so as to unlock rentals (although at least one 'proper' ship of the relevant tier would be better - currently T10). If this sounds like you, please drop me a DM, and we can go from there...
  3. Greetings, TIW are selectively recruiting for our clan battles team. Requirements are few as we believe that fitting into the team and having the right attitude is paramount to being in our clan and trumps unicum stats. In short you could be the best player on EU but if you're a [edited] we are not interested ;) We do not have any strict attendance rule or enforce anything upon our members other than treat everyone respectfully. That said we do need you to be active (daily preferred) and able to attend most clan battle sessions. We also need someone who is going to actively participate in social activities and divisions using discord as we do not encourage "lurking" in the clan. We have built a community through hard work and it has resulted in alot of us spending time getting together in real life. Last year we had a clan meeting in London visiting HMS Belfast and attending the WOWS London event. This year we plan to head to Finland! We are looking for the following: Highly skilled DD mains - Ideally you would have Gearing/YY/Z/Shima. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must. Highly skilled Cruiser mains - Ideally you would have Zao/Henri IV/Moskva/DM/Stalin and know how to play them all to a high standard. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must. What can we offer you? A fun and relaxed clan in which to enjoy world of warships Clan battles in all leagues farming Steel. No strict training regimes/attendance registers The chance to play alongside recognised streamers and content creators A friendly social group who actively engage in Divisions in game and real life meets outside the game. A casual spin on competitive game modes (clan battles/Ranked/sprint) Clan base bonuses to all in game economics Adult banter and camaraderie What we are not looking for.... Attitude problems - (since the clans inception we have only ever forceably removed one person) Children Snowflakes People with no mics People who do not want to be inclusive in our social side Flooding If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please check out our clan https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500155578,T-I-W-Thames-Ironworks/ and contact either: Aufklarer_UK Themightypostman Para_handy
  4. Rising Tides [-RT-] are recruiting for high level, competitive players, where activity is a must. We are interested in players with an aptitude for competitive gameplay & with a desire to improve on their existing play. -RT- and -KT- are part of the same community. We share a discord and teamspeak. Furthermore we experienced a fun time in the last few years in which we even met up in Prague in 2017. REQUIREMENTS: 55% solo win ratio At least 1900 pr (exceptions can be made where significant improvement has been seen recently) At least 3 out of the following tier 10 ships in port, with proficiency in same: DDs- Grozovoi, Z-52, Gearing, Somers, Kleber Cruisers- Stalingrad, Mosvka, Des Moines, Zao, Henri IV, Salem, Minotaur BBs- Kremlin, Republique, Yamato Clan Battles Activity of at least 2 nights per week (exceptions will be made, provided sufficient notice is given) Clan Battle experience, at least to Typhoon league level, those who do not meet this requirement will be tested on a case by case basis. (training will be provided where necessary) -RT- currently run 2 teams; Alpha Team: with the goal of strong results in Hurricane league (High level game-play with a focus on results) Bravo team: Intention of getting into Hurricane league, with the room for learning and teaching, The long term goal of all Bravo players should be to get into Alpha, or to get to a level where the FC's of Alpha, would feel comfortable having them there. IMPORTANT: As -RT- is a clan which focuses on team-play, flame or rage is not tolerated. All recruits will be subject to a training & integration phase, where one to one training will be available. Please contact one of the following players in game: _Keepo_ Lord_Schoggi DeleRT_ AtotheK101 Magilou or feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/fgf8YxX
  5. Hello there, Clan Cain is looking for people to join. Want a free captain respecc and some very rare Signals? Maybe even some steel to get one of those sexy steel ships? Join now! Your benefits upon joining Clan Cain: -5% Post Battle repair for tiers I-X -10% Research cost for tiers I-X +2% XP per battle for tiers I-X +10% Free XP ber battle for tiers I-X +6% Commander XP per battle +5% Coal per drop Additionally, once we played our first Clan battle you get a free captain respecc and rare signals, and maybe some steel. General requirements: time and willingness to play clan battles!!! Requirements: Ideal requirements: you are a unicum player with experience who is willing to carry and farm steel free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome Miniumum requirements: you're in the 45% - 55% WR range free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome Absolute minimum requirements: you can press the W key at least once and are able, without any input from others, to occasionally click the left mouse button alternatively, rolling your head over the keyboard works too free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome pro‘s: apart from the benefits mentioned above, you get free captain respeccs, rare signals and steel you can play clan battles! divisions with like minded people being part of what could potentially become the worst competitive clan ever! con‘s: you have to play clan battles!!! you might end up playing with people you‘d normally report after a battle... being part of what could possibly become the worst competitive clan ever... Pls, post in this thread if you have interrest and be patient, as i'm not on every day! See ya!
  6. Hi captains, I'm a bit dismayed : the missions for clan battles victories are gone from the game before the last session due to be played tonight. Does anyone know if the victories of tonigh's session will still be counted towards mission goals? Also, does anyone know who the geniuses that make the reward missions end a day prior to that event's finish line are? Not that I just needed one more victory for a big reward................ At all. #salt
  7. About the clan community: We are a laid back clan community inspired by the naval organisation from the 2016 anime Haifuri/High School Fleet. Even though we are inspired by an anime, we welcome members of the community who don't mind or care about anime as long as you aren't bothered by it. If you are looking for a clan that does Clan Battles or you just want to division, then you are at the right place. We would love if you want to play Clan Battles with us. Our friendly clan community expands outside the game as well, often playing other games with each other and having a few anime-related side activities that you can join. Our community consist of 3 clans at the moment: The main clan: [BLUMR] Blue Mermaids The more competitive side of the community, we play clan battles since the first season. Season 1: Typhoon Season 2: Typhoon Season 3: Storm 1 Season 4: Typhoon 1 Season 5: Typhoon 3 Season 6: Typhoon 3 The second clan: [HAIFU] -Haifuri- Yokosuka Marine High School For those who aren't too much into competitive, but want to be in the community. In terms of clan structure we offer: [BLUMR] [HAIFU] Rules | Requirements for [BLUMR] Rules | Requirements for [HAIFU] What should I do if I'm interested? Join our Discord server and talk to us there! After getting access, a bot will inform you of the rules. Make sure to read them! Discord invite link Otherwise, send a message to our staff in the forum or in game: [BLUMR] Staff [HAIFU] Staff Member Status: [BLUMR]: 49/50 [RECRUITING] [HAIFU]: 34/50 [RECRUITING] Always have fun, good luck and fair seas!
  8. We are a new clan but from experienced casual players. We don't use voice chat programs, but we have discord (not mandatory) just for chat and to be in touch (clan chat in game is plain bad, as messages disappearing after awhile). We are seeking for naval/clan battle players, while getting post benefits. You can check our stats in wows-numbers.com and if yours are close to ours, you are eligible to join :) Even If you are not close enough, just message me in game and we will see, as every case differs And don't forget that NIKE, the goddess of VICTORY, strength, and speed, is on our side
  9. Hello captains! Allow me to introduce our clan. Are you tired of people insisting on bringing secondary build Grosser Kurfursts to your CBs? Want to actually earn steel with others who are interested in building up steel instead of mucking about with "special tactics"? Want to discuss numbers with people who actually know the numbers that aren't found in port? If you answered yes to these, we have already established a couple of things in common! SOG is a no-BS tight-knit, strong, active community of hardy individuals who spend plenty of time together shooting people in the face, then using their sinking ships as extra-thicc torpedo bulges. And when we feel the urge for some steel, we do that competitively. We push the limits of our play as much as possible and have a great laugh while doing so. If you want a competitive clan with proper ambitions and a leadership that **owns up to its responsibilities**, our doors are open to you. All you need now is to get to know us. You can find us at our Discord in http://sonsofglory.club . What do we want from you? - 1500 battles minimum overall, in randoms - Familiarity with multiple T10 ships - WR 52% minimum, PR 1330 minimum - Active participation in Discord What do we offer in return? - Competitive face shooting with a yummy side dish of citadel soup. - Distribution of prize earnings from treasury for assistance in completion of a clan battles season. If you participated, and we earned coal and steel as a result of that participation, a large part of that reward will be set aside for distribution, and you will get a share proportional to your own participation. - Nearly fully built naval base, with XP, FXP, coal, and other benefits galore. - The possibility of 1-to-1 consultation with people familiar with ships that you may be struggling with. Some of them are even ship monks and gurus that have spent eons in the Ship Temple meditating. - An SOG-exclusive academy where we uncover things that are hidden from port view, so you can master new lines from the outset like a goddamn Jedi. If this sounds good to you, and you too would like to be part of our Ship Jedi Order within Sons of Glory, come and get to know us! We might just rub off on you the right way. Our core members are highly valued individuals and we make the best effort to keep everyone's morale high. We can't wait to include more people in this! See you in our Discord!
  10. CKBK (Cheeeki Breeeki) recruiting open Requirements: -Winrate 55% minimum -A couple of T10 ships -Humour (good, bad, dad) -Discord and Teamspeak We are a bunch of people from different countries in Europe, America and Africa. Trying to keep raging to a minimum when playing both randoms and clan battles. Nobody likes to lose, but raging hard usually doesnt help. Send me a PM if you interested or just want more info.
  11. UNOVI 2.0, Electric boogaloo. We consist mostly of former AONO players, along with talented individuals who came from various different clans. About us We have a relatively casual culture, with no strict requirements or protocols. Nonetheless, we are made up of various highly skilled players who play to win. We used to be regular top 10 finishers of the past clan battle seasons. With the return of the clan, we're changing our recruitment progress and standards , but look to upkeep our relaxing, yet active and competent atmosphere inside the clan. We do not usually participate in other competitive events, but members are always free to consult other clan members, if they want to try and assemble their own lineups. What we are looking for Good players. While we don’t have any real bars which one would need to cross, we do look for players with at least around great stats or better (58% WR and 1900PR, these are just guidelines not the rule). What we are more interested in is your real capability and ability to improve as a player. Some interest in clan battles and divisions play. So you should have some T10 ships you are good at. Previous CB experience is not necessarily required. We take good care of new players and provide fairly detailed shotcalling. People who can communicate and provide timely feedback. We're not looking for players who start dying or keep playing something that doesn't work for them without telling us. People who can take criticism. We dish out and we take, and it can feel harsh even though we try to keep it objective and constructive. Good personality. We are no angels either, but members got to know limits. We're not looking for toxicity, personal attacks, or drama. We are perfectly fine with players who cannot attend regularly. We are much more interested in your personal quality, than how much time you can spend with the game. But of course you should be somewhat interested in playing with us when you can. Recruitment Process If we see some promise from your application or stats, we will invite you to our Discord and play divisions with you at suitable time (we play mainly on evenings EU). It will help you to take initiative to play with other members yourself. After a couple days we should have enough opinions from members to make a choice. There is no hard and fast process, we just see whether we can play well with you and like you personally. If things go well, we will invite you and see whether we can deal with you in clan battles as well. Organisation Organisation and voice chat via Discord. You should have a decent microphone and stable connection. We organise our clan battles with a signup in Discord for each play day. We try to announce the final lineups as early as possible, to let you know if you're needed. If you signed up we just expect you to be ready on time. As long as you let us know, you can try to sign up even if you can't play the whole session. If something suddenly comes that prevents you from participating, try to let us know beforehand as soon as possible. People who really want to play clan battles usually can. If you're up to par you don't have to be afraid about getting sidelined or missing out on missions. You can join, even if clan battles aren't your primary interest, but you should at least be able to help out every now and then. For now we only organise one clan battle team at a time, but members are always free to organise another one on their own. Who to Contact? Clan leader, Xx_Schnubbi_xX (Discord: Schnubbi#5069) FoolsPryro (Me), either here or in Discord (FoolsPryro#9229) “Second best ohio player EU™”,Mr_Hesus (Discord: Mr. Jesus™#2630). At your own risk tho, he big bully. Or any other recruiters who are on the list. You can also message ingame, but Discord is prefered over ingame, as ingame messages can vanish sometimes.  If you message us we're going to take a brief look and lead you on from there.
  12. Armed Potatoes is a growing international clan on the EU server with high ambitions and aspirations. Our goal is to form a steadily improving clan that has the potential to challenge the established elite clans all whilst maintaining a 'casual-competitive' environment. Essentially, we are a group of above average casual players that aim to excel in Clan Battles and have a lot of fun in a great community along the way. Therefore, we currently seek competent players that meet or exceed the clan average in order to expand the clan roster and make a push for Hurricane league this season or next. Whilst we do hope to have you onboard soon we have a few requests of you! Our requirements are as follows: • Minimum PR of 1550 • Minimum win rate of 55% • Conversational English • Discord and working microphone • A sense of humour • A willingness to learn, improve and be a team player! What we can offer you: • We offer a friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Training and CB attendance isn't compulsory. We understand that real life comes first. We will always remain a group of above average casual players seeking to excel in competitive. • Good laughs and great banter! • Training and feedback • Divisions most evenings • A spot in our potato family and Clan Battles! • A multinational clan roster, including contingents from across Europe and Asia! How to join: • Join our Discord server and introduce yourself • Contact one of our recruiters • Apply directly through the in-game clan browser Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/tW3Bj3R Each applicant will be assessed on a case by case basis so if you meet the PR requirement but don't meet the required win rate and are interested then please don't hesitate to contact one of our recruiters. We look forward to hearing from you! Action Stations Potatoes!
  13. B.N.I recruitment is open again. We are looking for Dutch speaking players who want to fill up our ranks, and who are looking for a Clan with members that love to play together. The 3 rules we have are very simple and clear. You have to be 18+ of age. You have to be on our TS while gaming. You have to respect our Clan-Members as well as other players. B.N.I. (Batteries not Included) is a Dutch speaking Clan, that plays several games together, but mainly World of Warships, and we have Dutch and Belgian players among our members. We are a semi-casual Clan, that is casual in the Random Game-Mode, but more competitive during Clan Battles. For the rest you can see us as a bunch of friends playing together, while having fun. Are you a player that can abide by the 3 stated rules above, and you are looking for a Dutch speaking Clan, and want to join us with Clan Battles ? You don't have to be skilled. Even starting players are welcome to join us, as we can help you improve your skill. Is this all looking good to you, and you want to join our Clan ? Then reply to this post, or send one of our Members a in-game message. Hope to see you soon, Evergreen.
  14. Greetings captains, We are In Venatus Domus (In the gamer house), a group of people who like to enjoy themselves with playing world of warships and other games. We are part of a community (In venatus domus, who not only play WOWS but also other games) that is accesible for everybody who loves to play games! Wat can we offer you? - Experienced players (4+ years in WOWS) - A learning experience - A fun, active and brotherhood experience - An active clan with people who like to play with one another - A clan base with all ship and captain upgrades, 2 coal and 1 steel upgrade What do we ask? - A working mic and willing to use it in discord - A growing mind (willing to learn and adapt to new tactics) - Participation in division play We have a few stat requirements (which are debatable as long as you are willing to learn and have fun ): - Win Rate: 48% - Personal Rating: 900 - minimum amount of battles: 500 We will also play a few rounds with you before you join the clan to see if you are a fit for our clan. Yes, we also have a few rules - No discord usage is a kick - No division play is a kick - Toxic game play and drama are a kick (off course all will be reviewed by the clan) If you are interested follow this Discord link to join the community and clan! Hope to see you soon captains! Greetings, The In Venatus Domus leadership
  15. 1701 Fleet recruiting english speaking, active Captains. We have all port structures and can offer a great community with activities like Clan Battles, divisions for random and operations and most important of all....... FUN! 1701 is an inclusive gaming community with 100+ great people playing a wide range of games. We are first and foremost focused on WOWS however and are building a team of (at least) semi competitive players for Clan Battles. Therefore, we expect future captains to have an interest in Clan Battles and other clan activities. We don’t have requirements for specific online times, nor do we expect people to be there every night for CB, but we are not interested in lone wolfs. To join 1701 we expect that you: - Have at least 1500 battles - Have at least 1 tier 10 ship in port - Have at least a 50% win rate with a decent PR (We use wows-numbers for this, exceptions can be made on an individual basis) - Don’t have hidden stats - Speak English - Use Discord and want to come in and talk to fellow members - Can take constructive criticism And most important of all that you are a great person and an active player :-D All applicants will be required to meet up with a recruiter BEFORE joining the clan. Please don’t contact us in game, where many messages get lost but go to our Discord server: https://discord.gg/E3R9mE And contact one of our recruitment officers below Dave (Batara72) Ducky (Steel_Duck_1) xoxDESTROxox Darren (DirgeZA)
  16. cpt_sparrow_jack

    (TIPC) casual clan recruiting members

    Hi all! We are an active CASUAL CLAN(not a community) with No voice chats No timetables. We mostly play solo benefit from oil clan bonuses (some members enjoy playing divisions too) Currently we are participating in NAVAL BATTLES If enough players in game we will have some Clan Battles for some extra steel CLAN BONUSES +10% cpt xp per battle +4% ship xp per battle +25% free xp per battle -15% post battle service costs -14% cost of researchable ships +7% coal +5% steel Requirements to be an active player have 55%+ Win Rate minimum battles 1000 have some tier 10 ships of your choice IF YOU ARE INTERESTED SEND ME PM IN THE GAME OR REQUEST TO THE CLAN CHEERS!
  17. Chewy89a

    Ulysses [FR77]

    Welcome all, Ulysses are looking to recruit new members to develop the team and hopefully participate in Clan Battles more regularly. We are all a fun bunch, we don't expect people to be the best aslong as you play as a team and follow the plan in battle. We div up for randoms and have fun trying new startegies or just doing our own thing. In other words just have fun with randoms. We only have a few rules which are: MUST have Discord and Mic for Voice Chat! English Speaking as majority of team only speak english. But we are from various parts of the world. Good sense of humour, you will need it. Must own and Play Tier X Ships. Rentals are to must of a handicap. Willing to joing in with Clan Battles. (We don't expect you to be online everyday or available for every clan battle, we have lives to live at the end of the day). So there you have it, minimal rules, low expectations as we are not looking to be the next [TTT] or [OMNI]. Drop me a message if you would like to join using any of the following: Ingame: Chewy89a Discord: chewy89 (probably the best way to message me) Forum: Chewy89a Or Search the clan in game and request an invite. we are active, almost always someone on considering we are still small. we have been a team for a long time but avoiding the long story, 9 of us split from an old inactive team to create our own. Naval base is still being developed but it getting there and will grow quicker with more active members. See you all in Battle
  18. [MUMMY] We're MUMMY but you keep calling us daddy. Here at MUMMY, we're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and clan battles. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG, teammates, and newly released belenced ships. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, VW diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, Zulus, and a very loud Italian cat. We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events such as clan battles, but in the end we're all here to have fun and have a laugh, Friday night drunk click-ins are a great example. What's the plan? MUMMY plays clan battles every season with enough success to earn some nice rewards to spend on over-powered premiums. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon in previous seasons we are aiming for a similar or higher level again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we also sometimes dabble with competitions such as Shipstorm when enough members are interested. We organize semi-regular training sessions with other clans to practice team-play, crap-talk, and tactics outside of competitive events. Additionally, we have plenty of opportunities for those who would like to pursue a leading role in tactics or field commanding! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum stet pedder or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with some experience and decent stats (Some ships count stronger than others). Are active on a weekly basis and want to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and edgy jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike @van_fanel94 on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a creatively named division channel or post in the text channels. Shoot a message to any @Commanders or @Recruiter if you're interested in becoming a full member. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, @JJWhite
  19. Greetings Captains, Task Force 333 is looking for enthusiastic and competitive players. I initially set up the clan for my discord community who had many players who all like to get together and have fun. But now we are looking into expanding and further recruitment & expanding our fleet together. Between us we over 10000+ hours in game, plus experience of playing together in other games such as Arma 3, where communication between us and working together is paramount, we do have varying skillsets with a range of different ships, and our fleets are always expanding and growing. Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/4t83TTk Requirements for joining and what we have to offer in TF333; - All of the minimum requirements of WoWs requirements (200+ battles, Level 15) - English Speaking - Have a basic understanding of the game mechanics (if you don't, that's fine, we do have a few new players in the community, and we will help you to expand your understanding and potentially history of the ships you are using) - A minimum of a Tier VI ship - A discord for regular updates, and become a part of a larger community! - A good understanding of teamplay and working together as a team - A fun and relaxed clan in which to enjoy world of warships - Clan battles in all leagues farming Steel. - No strict training regimes/attendance registers - A casual spin on competitive game modes (clan battles/Ranked/sprint) - Clan base bonuses to all in game economics - Adult banter and camaraderie Discord Disclaimer: Once you've joined please let yourself known to the admins, moderators or recruiters, as we do have a anti-troll/anti-spam system in place, if you do have any further questions jump onto the discord and message me directly Discord is free to download and use, we like to use it to keep in touch with the community and see what our players are getting up to in both the EU and NA servers. History of Task Force 333: Task Force 333 was based off a TF, that took part in operations during the Falkland War. There is little information pertaining to this TF and its base of operations during this time.If you feel like this is the Clan for you, enlist today and become a part of something bigger!
  20. [AAO] Against All Odds Recruiting "Against All Odds" is always looking for active, skilled, and teamplay oriented players. See the section "Current recruitment" below to check recruitment status. About us: The first team of AAO was formed during the first team battle season as team Aim Assist. We have made many good additions of players and excel in tournaments and clan battle play. We are a clan focused on the absolute endgame content which is CB and competitive tournaments. To achieve this we streamline and specialize quite a lot, we only play one class each when it comes to competitive, this helps with the training and the learning curve, so expect to pick one class and stick with it for the duration. Currently we are focusing 100% on clan battles and we are going hard for the top spot. What we can offer you: Membership with a top EU clan in World of Warships. Regular scrimmage against other clans, very high participation in tournaments and a top tier clan battles team. Regular divisions with top tier players - get to know people, improve your mechanics knowledge and teamplay synergy. We will teach you how to play and excel with your class of ship in a competitive environment. Clan battle rewards practically guaranteed if you are good enough to play with us. Top performance in all major events (First place in the 3rd MDIV League, First place inTeambattles (Aim Assist), second place in KotS IX, second place in Crowning of the Winter King, second and third place in Operation Pedastal, fourth place in OMCC (as KKTMint), fourth/third place in KotS2, RO8 in KotS3. We are a regular occupant of the Hurricane League with a notable achievement of the 4th placed team in Clanbattles 1. Consistently reaching Hurricane in the past seasons of CB and participating in all tournaments. Requirements: We are an International community therefore you need to be fluent in English to apply. You have to use TeamSpeak3 and have a decent microphone. You should be an active player and you need to have excellent game knowledge and good aiming skills to join our clan. Have at least 1500 PvP battles with stats that mirror our clan average WR and PR. This is not set in stone and we will take a deeper look into what matters the most - your competitive ships and tiers as well as your recent performance. Proficiency with at least three T10 ships, your stats in your "main" class must be excellent or above. Be able to attend at least 75% of our training's, clan battles, and commit the time required to participate in competitive matches. Able to attend 2 out of 4 Clanbattle days to play with us per week. How to apply: Reply here or send a personal message to get in touch with us. If you have any questions you can post them in this thread or drop a PM. We will invite you to our TeamSpeak for a quick chat if you meet the requirements. Stay with us for a while, participate in trainings and we will figure out if you are a good fit. Current recruitment: OPEN! Looking for: Exceptionally good players in all classes. Forum and in-game contact: Tobiassho Tobiassho#0166 on discord
  21. Peace_Of_Cake

    MIRAI Rebirthed!

    MIRAI | The Future of Warships MIRAI is an active, well connected, and experienced clan from all around Europe. We are an English-speaking community that has been sailing on the seas for over one year already and we have recently been searching for new members to further up our game. We offer: An open and active community Active CW play Rewards for activity Clan activities To enter our clan we do not require any specific stat numbers. We believe that everybody can be a hidden gem so do not hesitate to jump in. The only requirement we are putting up is to have at least 3 Tier X ships that are ready for Clan War. Community-wise we want you to speak English, have a mic (you won't be allowed to play Clan War without) and be mature. As for our recruitment procedure, we will have you go through a probation period of 3 weeks after an initial interview. During it, you will be able to participate in anything the clan has to offer (be wary that the recruitment process can be ended prematurely, may it be for the good or the bad). If you want to contact us please use/download Discord and join our server: https://discord.gg/g2YBQgK
  22. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! ( And everyone else that might be reading this post - we know you out there CIA ) We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and are looking for some new faces within our VV community. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and ranked 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles. For any further stats regarding the clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500168391,VV-Valour-and-Victory/ As i am honestly not somebody who checks the forums a lot, Best way to get in contact with us is looking us up ingame and sending us a message there, Or feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/dchQc9p NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining Valour and Victory , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  23. Who are we? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auspiciously contrasting the clan name, which most would refer to as “a group of organized Hebrew activists from Monty Pythons Life of Brian. Who set out on a mission to; urinate in town aqueducts; give false directions; and kill babies”, we ‘aspire’ to do quite the opposite with our community. Together, we are a group of capable players, willing to improve our abilities and capabilities, as well as helping each others improve as players and also as individuals. Thriving off of good teamwork, an established system of regulations in order to make sure players are happy and helpful, a team of great players who are willing to participate using their voices and in-game skills, we are a clan that have their bars set high for the future. It may be good to note that we do care greatly for a friendly and humorous atmosphere and are hoping to acquire players of fairly good skill, who would like to participate in our great community of shippers. We are currently opening recruitment again to make it easier for us to get 8 players for clan wars more reliably. As it is we only get a team of 8 together about half of the days, and the other days we are sitting with only 6 or 7 of us ready to go. What is expected of our members? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Regular engagement with other players on our discord server - Motivation to join in with the community and participate in general clan activities and clan battles - A fair sense of humor is appreciated - Being fairly decent at warships, and being able to keep at least a positive win rate - A good knowledge of the English language What can we offer? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - A strong emphasis on Divisions, having fun and promoting a friendly, banter aided community - A bunch of active, wonderful players, willing to share their expertise and help one another improve to be the best they can - Clan battles during seasons - A clan base with only a couple of upgrades missing - And of course, one of the strangest yet fantastic names for a clan
  24. Noroblade

    [OCTO] recruitment

    Greetings Captains, We are OCTO, an EU based can. Currently, we are trying find competitive players to join us. We are looking for players that: - Have played over 2500 battles - Have a winrate above 52% (Exceptions can be made) - Be active on discord (at least 3 days a week) - That have a competitive mindset/drive - Speak English (of course) and have a mic/headset - Have at least 3 tier X ships - are 19+ years old For questions and stuff, you can contact me or any other officer/recruiter (Noroblade, Ultra_Bacon, Bad_Moon, Salbogus, Zen71_sniper, McNeto, ), ingame or via this discord! Feel free to ask any questions :) Our discord is: https://discord.gg/wkAhgZz We hope to seen you soon!
  25. A brand spanking new clan to WOWS based around Teamplay, Community and Interaction. We are looking for dedicated players who want to contribute to the building of a great fun clan. Of course we would love to be competitive so if you got it , bring it! We want to compete with the best that WoWs has to offer and can only do it by bringing in the best. Help shape us, grow with us and help to cement a great future by coming aboard. Minimum requirements as follows;- A T8 selection of ships and above. (Must have T10 for Clan Battles). Regularly play and come on Comms. A great attitude towards teamplay. Thats it, we look forward to sailing with you and crushing all those who stand in our way! SYTHE | Teamplaying Community