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Found 103 results

  1. Welcome to the Recruitment Thread for Solaire Invictus - known by the moniker [TORCH] Our Main Aims: - Friendly tight knit community with a dictatorship with an open diplomatic forum style setup. - Chilled atmosphere and jolly co-operation! - Regular CB sessions, at minimum 3 session per week. - Inter clan lottery, prizes ranging from flags to ships, and containers! General Guidelines: - English-speaking, Access to Discord. - PR of 1200* (>1500 Battles) - Having at least one Tier 8 Ship would be beneficial to get enjoyment from divisions. - Having a Tier 10 Cruiser for Clan Battles will mean some immediate exposure! We recruit on a trial and case-by-case basis, however general rule of thumb is your stats are 2000PR and 60% WR if you have a decent first impression and positive character. Therefore we usually use an extended trial initiation (7 days) - At the end of this period you are forwarded an invite to the clan. If you're interested please contact Myself on the forum here - or on our discord here: https://discord.gg/YajtxgH So to summarise us, please watch the below introductory video to explain what we're about. Disclaimer - This video was included for purely entertainment purposes and has no explanatory content to the nature of the clan in question, viewer discretion is advised, as the audio track of the song in said contetn above will likely get stuck in your head and drive you up the f***ing wall.
  2. Good morning all, This is a first for me so I will keep it short a sweet. We are looking for some new clan members that would like to actively take part in clan battles. The clan currently has a majority of the port upgraded with more to come, we hope to keep up our rapid fill out of this. Anyone that would like to join us is more than welcome!
  3. Teekesselchen

    [UNOVI] recruiting skilled Players

    UNOVI is a brand-new clan formed by the former core players of AONO. About us We have a relatively casual culture with no strict requirements or protocols Nonetheless we are made up of highly skilled players who play to win We were regular top 10 finishers of the past clan battle seasons With the new clan, we're looking to improve things even further: tighter recruitment and even better clan battle results We do not usually participate in other competitive events, but members are always free to assemble their own lineups We are looking for Good players. We do not have any exact limitations, but unicum ratings (60% WR, 2100 PR) should serve as a guideline. Solo vs division, per ship performance, and trends are of course taken into account. Some interest in clan battles. So you should have some T10 ships you are good at. Clan battle experience is not required. We take good care of new players and provide fairly detailled shotcalling. People who can communicate and provide timely feedback. We're not looking for players who start dying or keep playing something that doesn't work for them without telling us. People who can take criticism. We dish out and we take, and it can feel harsh even though we try to keep it objective. Good personality. We are no angels either, but members got to know limits. We're not looking for toxicity, personal attacks, or drama. We are perfectly fine with players who cannot attend regularly. We are much more interested in your personal quality than how much time you can spend for WoWs. But of course you should be somewhat interested in playing with us when you can. Recruitment Process If we see some promise from your application or stats, we will invite you to our Discord and play some division with you. It will help you to take initiative to play with other members yourself. After a couple days we should have enough opinions from members to make a choice. There is no hard and fast process, we just see whether we can play well with you and like you personally. If things go well, we will invite you and see whether we can deal with you in clan battles as well. Organisation and notes Organisation and voice chat via Discord. You should have a decent microphone. We organise our clan battles with a signup in Discord for each play day. We try to announce the final lineups early to let you know if you're needed. If you signed up we just expect you to be ready on time. As long as you let us know, you can try to sign up even if you can't play the whole session. People who really want to play clan battles usually can. If you're up to par you don't have to be afraid about getting sidelined or missing out on missions. You can join even if clan battles aren't your primary interest, but you should at least be able to help out every now and then. For now we only organise one clan battle team at a time, but members are always free to organise another one on their own. Contact Teekesselchen (me) (Discord: Teekesselchen#3254) Xx_Schnubbi_xX (Discord: Schnubbi#5069) or anyone else who's on the list. If you message us we're going to take a brief look and lead you from there.
  4. Dear captains, The Agency is on the hunt for great captains for Clan Battles and possibly other tournaments, we need someone with very good individual skills, good understanding of game mechanics and the ability of being a team player. Requirements: Before you apply, please ensure you meet the minimum criteria: - You are fluent in English. - You are 16 years of age or older. - You have the Ability to get along with our odd mix of players. - You have to use Discord and have a decent working mic. - Experience in competitive isn't that important but it will be taken into consideration (individual Stats will have a bigger impact). 55% wr overall and 60k avrg dmg, 60% wr and over 75k avrg dmg on your main class - Finally you need to be present for CBs sessions at least 2 times a week. if you are interested you can reply to this post PM me on the forum or in-game or through Discord @OM40#2543. join our server :) https://discord.gg/99hFqDC Good luck and have fun, OM40
  5. About the clan: We are a laid back clan inspired by the naval organisation from the 2016 anime Haifuri/High School Fleet. Even though we are inspired by an anime, we welcome members of the community who don't mind or care about anime as long as you don't be a poopyhead about it. If you are looking for a clan that does Clan Battles and other funny stuff with trainingrooms, then you are at the right place. We would love if you want to play Clan Battles with us. We offer you a community of fellow anime fans who like to play this game or maybe even other games together. In terms of clan structure we offer: [BLUMR] [HAIFU] Our Community consist of 3 clans at the moment: The main clan [BLUMR] We play Clanbattles every season Season 1: Typhoon Season 2: Typhoon Season 3: Storm 1 The second clan [HAIFU] Looking for active clanwar participants We started clanwar with season 3 and reached Storm 3 The third clan [BMSRT] For people who are new to the game and who need a guiding hand Rules | Requirements for BLUMR & HAIFU Rules | Requirements for BMSRT: What should I do if I'm interested? The fastest way would be to join our Discordserver and talk to us there Invitelink: Discord Invite For the main clan message BLUMR Members ingame or send a message to: For the subsidiary clan message HAIFU Members ingame or send a message to: For the training clan message BMSRT Members ingame or send a message to: Member Status: BLUMR: 47/50 [RECRUITING] HAIFU: 47/50 [RECRUITING] BMSRT: 9/30 [RECRUITING] Always have fun, good luck and fair seas
  6. [Situation typical; all fked up] Hello there~ We are a chill clan looking for new people to play clan wars, divisions and hang out with us! What we offer: A discord server filled with active people Ability to div up every time you play Ability to play in clan wars Chill atmosphere What we need: Stats that are close/above clan average [ Clan Stats ] (PR >1300 / Win Rate 53%) English on a decent level (obvs) Mic/Discord Desire to play with others and improve To go into more detail; we are looking for people to play clan wars or just hang and play in divisions. Currently we have a stable roster of 7 people + around 8 who come and go. We decided to run a friendly rivalry and depending on how skilled you are in any aspect of the game, you'll have priority to join the first team to climb to typhoon and beyond. As you can tell from our numbers we have both clan war divs running from time to time, so we can all play and try to get missions done. Aside from clan wars, we usually have divs running most of the time. Most of our players enjoy playing together, so if you want some casual fun, we also have that~ Here's our discord server: https://discord.gg/KPFj4AJ anyone are welcome to join! You don't have to be a clan member to come and hang out, maybe play a few games. How to apply: The best way would be to join our discord where you will be given a recruit role. We usually like to play/talk to everyone before we make decisions. The whole process usually takes 3-4 days.
  7. [MUMMY] MUMMY, never heard of them If your hair is turning gray, or leaving you all together, you might have heard about MUMMY's presence in the WoT competitive scene, but for the rest here's a short introduction. We're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and competitive. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG and teammates. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, autobahn diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, and a topless streamer [40M] (#Rexit). We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events, but in the end we're all here to have fun. All in all we're a very active community with daily activity and weekly events. Our goals MUMMY is a relatively new clan that is fighting it's way into the competitive scene. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon or Hurricane leagues in previous seasons we are aiming for the sub-top again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we're also getting into competitions such as Kings of the Seas in the near future. To achieve this we organize weekly training sessions, both internal and versus other clans. This growth also has opportunities for new members who are interested in creating tactics or leading a team! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum "stet pedder" or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with decent experience (100+ T10 games) and stats (>55% winrate in certain T10 ships). Are active on a weekly basis and wants to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike VF on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a division channel or post in the text channels. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, JJWhite
  8. Hello fellow captains! As title says i am looking for competitve clan participating, or planning to participate in clan battles and tournaments, where i can further develop my skills as a player. Competitve edge, and relaxed atmosphere are what i am looking for in my future team the most. Toxicity is a big no for me, since i know how much damage even one toxic person can do to a group of people. I was about to write a bunch of other things here as well, but i respect your time, so ill just say most important things. Im a cruiser main, and this is the prefered role for the competitive for me, got almost all of them besides Moskva. Also i have exp of 2 clan battles seasons when my clan was playing high Storm/low Typhoon ratings, and we finished Top16 in last KoTS. My stats are here If anyone is interested i am open for further discussion. GL, and take care everyone
  9. Graeme17O1

    1701's Purge Is Complete.

    1701 is proud to announce various openings due to a purge of inactive and trouble causing Captains. If you are the type of person that complains yet does nothing about the issue dont read any further. You are not welcome. If you are a drama queen then dont read any further. You are not welcome. 1701 Fleet Recruiting English Speaking, Discord Using, Active & TX Owning Captains. We Have MOST Port Perks Available & Offer Clan Battles, Divisions, Ops and most important of all....... FUN. 1701 has around 50 active members both male and female, from all over the world with the majority coming from the United Kingdom and United States. If you want to become part of a close group of friends who enjoy the world of online gaming then look no further then 1701. With over 15 years of history, 1701 shares both the experience and skill of being a well maintained and fair play zone. 1701 offer the following services free to all members: 1) Discord Server details - https://discord.gg/Cs5CCtc & My user ID is Graeme#5835 2) Website & Email. 1701 play a large variety of games online which include the following: 1) World Of Warships - EU Server. 2) World Of Tanks - EU Server. 3) Star Wars Battlefront. 4) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Jedi Covenant Server. 5) Battlefield Collection. 6) Call Of Duty Collection. 7) Company of Heroes Collection. 8) America's Army 4: Proving Grounds. 1701 Plan on expanding into the following when released: 1) Knights Of The Old Republic 3. If you are interested in joining 1701, then feel free to jump on Discord and meet people. Our only joining requirements are that you have a working Mic, are willing to use Discord with the rest of your new friends and treat people with the same level of kindness, respect and regard that you would expect. https://discord-server.com/333528396799803393 www.1701gaming.com
  10. Greetings Captains, We are OCTO, an EU based can. Currently, we are trying find competitive players to join our clan. We are looking for players that: - Have played over 2500 battles - Have a winrate above 52% (Exceptions can be made) - Be active on discord (at least 3 days a week) - That have a competitive mindset/drive - Speak English (of course) and have a mic/headset - Have at least 3 tier X ships - are 19+ years old We also have a sister clan, [OCTOC], that shares the same discord server in case you are looking for a more casual environment For questions and stuff, you can contact me or any other officer/recruiter (Noroblade, Ultra_Bacon, Bad_Moon, Salbogus, Zen71_sniper, McNeto, ), ingame or via this discord! Feel free to ask any questions :) Our discord is: https://discord.gg/wkAhgZz We hope to seen you soon!
  11. Elite Naval Forces Clan - World of Warships European Server Elite Naval Forces is an International clan having members from all over the globe - We talk English so knowing English is a requirement We don't talk much about ourselves but you can visit us at the link shown above and know by yourself We do not care about how much skill you have because skill can be given by practice We are more concerned about good manners because we cannot give you that Clan Main Rules New Members Guide Clan Event System Clan Teamspeak Server Clan Discord Server Note: Accessing our website requires registration, and the registration process is free Note: Registration takes less than 30 seconds using a valid E-mail Feel free to contact any of the members of the ENF high command team mentioned below @NightHawkish - Commander @BeardedWolf - Deputy Commander @MajorDrawback - Deputy Commander @shizume - Recruiter @49rTbirdEU - Recruiter @Matteth12 - Recruiter @lancsofpain - Recruiter @ScubaTyke - Recruiter @Kukosalix - Recruiter ENF Clan Base is 73% Established These are the bonuses earned once becoming a member of ENF clan Research Center → (+3% XP earned per battles for every ship from those specified nations) England, USSR, USA, France, Germany, Japan and Pan Asia Dockyard → (-10% to battle post services costs for those specified classes) Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers Shipyard → (-10% to the cost of ships purchase from those specified tiers) Tier 5, Tier 6, Tier 7 and Tier 8 Ships Coal Port → (Amazing increase to coal received per container) Steel Port → (Amazing increase to steel received per each container) Rostral Column → (This monument symbolizes the success of ENF clan) ENF HeadQuarters → (The main buildings for ENF high command & control the size of clan members - Currently 31/50) How to join the [-ENF-] Elite Naval Forces clan? Register an account on the ENF official website Click on the "Application" tab at the website top menu and post your application Applications usually processed within 24 hours maximum time. Working Microphone and the ability to use voice communication is mandatory Don't worry about your skills since we will help you maintain those skills through practice. We are not a complicated clan but we are a bunch of mature players who prefer honor, respect, and commitment. We understand that everybody has a life so we have a very interesting vacation modes You can always read more about us and check our guides for newcomers at our website Good Luck and Thank you for choosing ENF clan Best Regards,
  12. Greetings, TIW are selectively recruiting for our clan battles team. Requirements are few as we believe that fitting into the team and having the right attitude is paramount to being in our clan and trumps unicum stats. In short you could be the best player on EU but if you're a [edited] we are not interested ;) We do not have any strict attendance rule or enforce anything upon our members other than treat everyone respectfully. That said we do need you to be active (daily preferred) and able to attend most clan battle sessions. We also need someone who is going to actively participate in social activities and divisions using discord as we do not encourage "lurking" in the clan. We have built a community through hard work and it has resulted in alot of us spending time getting together in real life. This year we had a clan meeting in London visiting HMS Belfast and attending the WOWS london event. Next year we plan to head to Finland! We are looking for the following: 1x Highly skilled DD main - Ideally you would have Gearing/YY/Z/Shima. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must. 2x Highly skilled Cruiser mains - Ideally you would have Zao/Hindy/Moskva/DM/Stalin and know how to play them all to a high standard. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must. What can we offer you? A fun and relaxed clan in which to enjoy world of warships Clan battles in all leagues farming Steel. No strict training regimes/attendance registers The chance to play alongside recognised streamers and content creators A friendly social group who actively engage in Divisions in game and real life meets outside the game. A casual spin on competitive game modes (clan battles/Ranked/sprint) Clan base bonuses to all in game economics Adult banter and camaraderie What we are not looking for.... Attitude problems - (since the clans inception we have only ever forceably removed one person) Children Snowflakes People with no mics People who do not want to be inclusive in our social side People who want to participate in competitive wows at the highest level (eg KOTS) Flooding If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please check out our clan https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500155578,T-I-W-Thames-Ironworks/ and contact either: Aufklarer_UK Makk Themightypostman Para_handy TheSailingRobin
  13. RNSF (Royal Navy Surface Fleet) We now have the capacity for new members!!! (After culling in-active members) LOOKING FOR PLAYERS WHO WANT TO HELP US PROGRESS IN CLAN WAR'S We are a WOWS clan, made up of primarily English players, & expats but as long as you speak fairly good English, and can take our sense of humour you are welcome (GMT+/-3 time zone is a must) we are shall we say more senior in years. We have assembled a clan of like-minded mature members, who are committed to having a good time, who do not need micromanaging. You will gravitate to players with the same disposition if you are: ⦁ Over 26 (exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years) ⦁ Not thin skinned (profanity is commonplace) ⦁ A casual player (but not too casual) ⦁ Have a good range of ship tiers & types 7 -10 especially ⦁ Have at least 1500 games under your belt (exceptions made for committed players) ⦁ Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get ⦁ Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with an eye to competitive play This isn't a clan for you if: ⦁ You require a safe place (if someone calls you a ---- then look inward) ⦁ You are a ship professor i.e players waiting to go into battle while you reel off stats ⦁ You spend more than 20s camo/flagging your ship for battle ⦁ Your mic leaves a lot to be desired i.e others can hear everything that is happening in your household We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings clan battles are encouraged but not a prerequisite we operate Twitch chat the in-game banter is adult themed so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother. We have a good mix, some play for fun others can get serious we play tiers 4 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get. TWITCH DESKTOP CHAT CLIENT IS A MUST LOOK UP RNSF IN SHIPS CLAN FINDER
  14. Moribundus_ML

    [FISHR] Fishermen Recruiting

    [FISHR] Fishermen Recruiting Who we are: - Chill people of various nationalities, adults playing on the EU server; some of us know each other in real life but generally met in the clan - Around 6000 games played on average among the active players with 52% - 63% win rate - Clan is currently in Storm I, playing clan battles most nights - For detailed stats, please check: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500156944,FISHR-Fishermen What we can offer: - Some friendly folks to form division with for randoms - Very developed naval base with most of the bonuses active (391k oil earned in total) - Opportunity to participate in clan battles - Active Discord channel with some native speakers, people willing to talk and plenty of code sharing - No drama, no raging (some trolling though), no mandatory participation in anything Who we are looking for: - Players with at least 1 Tier X ship owned with a well-trained captain, ideally willing to participate in Clan Battles - While some degree of competence and experience is wanted (ideally 50%+ win rate, at least 1000 games played), the willingness to improve and discipline in sticking to the team's strategy are much more important - Discord at least for listening and English sufficient to understand what the plan is - Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome (and also will be given to you); pointing fingers, blaming others and raging are not - Good attitude and sense of humor triumph over stats any day How to apply: - Send a request in game and ideally reach out through Discord to Moribundus_ML#4636 or maapoo#2916 - Any questions can be answered in this this thread
  15. Blasting Old Seadogs is a casual and fun clan for good natured captains. We enjoy competing in clan battles and are looking to recruit players who are fairly active and keen to participate. We also have slots available for progressing players. We use discord. We are ideally looking for players who can help the team fight for a position in the storm league at clan battles. We take a casual approach to clan battles, we rotate between available players on the day so everybody gets involved. We don't expect everybody to turn up to every clan battle session, but we do expect a reasonable amount of activity so the clan can maintain a constant flow of clan battles. We may play as either alpha or bravo teams depending on how the team available is performing. On occasions, we have fielded two teams. We do not play the blame game when battles are not going very well. The most important thing is to have fun! Outside of clan battle sessions, people are free to play as they desire. We are not an elite clan, we do not have mandatory training sessions or expect hardcore preparation for clan battles. All we expect is a reasonable amount of activity and clan battle enthusiasm! We understand there are times when real life issues take priority over gaming. Just let us know! Good luck, have a blast!
  16. [AAO] Against All Odds Now recruiting! "Against All Odds" is always looking for active, skilled, and teamplay oriented players (aged 20+). See the section "Current recruitment" below to check recruitment status. About us: Formed during the first team battle season as team Aim Assist our core crew has stayed together and played together ever since. We have made many good additions of players, but that same core still remain, and we still excel in tournaments and clan battle play. We are not a clan for leveling ships with, we are a clan focused on the absolute endgame content which is CB and competitive tournaments. To achieve this we streamline and specialize quite a lot, we only play one class each when it comes to competitive, this helps with the training and learning curve, so expect to pick one class and stick with it for the duration. Currently we are focusing 100% on clan battles, where we are in Typhoon I, and we are going hard for the top spot. Our goals in World of Warships are: Maintaining a streamlined playerbase of skilled and active players. Teamplay! We are heavily focused on the 9v9 competitive scene, as well as clan battles and tournaments. Competing for the top spots in tournaments and clan battles. We want to play this game on a very high competitive level where we strive to be the best. Keep things relaxed and fun while completing all of the above. What we can offer you: Membership with a small top EU clan in World of Warships. Regular scrimmage against other clans, very high participation in tournaments and a top tier clan battles team. Regular divisions with top tier players - get to know people, improve your mechanics and teamplay synergy. Efficient and focused training up to 3 times a week. - Learn to play competitive and clan battles in scrimmages. We will teach you how to play and excel with your class of ship in a competitive environment. Clan battle rewards practically guaranteed if you are good enough to play with us. Top performance in all major events (First place in the 3rd MDIV League, First place inTeambattles (Aim Assist), second place in Crowning of the Winter King, second and third place in Operation Pedastal, fourth place in OMCC (as KKTMint), fourth/third place in KotS2, RO8 in KotS3 and we finished Clanbattles 1 as 4th placed team. Requirements: You need to be fluent in English to apply. You have to use TeamSpeak3 and have a decent microphone. You are expected to use TeamSpeak3 more or less every time you log on World of Warships. You should be an active player and you need to have excellent game knowledge and good aiming skills to join our clan. Have at least 3500 PvP battles with an average winrate of 60%. Proficiency with at least three T10 ships, your stats in your "main" class must be excellent or above. Be able to attend at least 80% of our training's, clan battles, and commit the time required to participate in competitive matches. Able to attend 2 out of 4 Clanbattle days to play with us per week. How to apply: Reply here or send a personal message to get in touch with us. If you have any questions you can post them in this thread or drop a PM. We will invite you to our TeamSpeak for a quick chat if you meet the requirements. Stay with us for a while, participate in trainings, and we will figure out if you are a good fit. Current recruitment: OPEN! Looking for: Exceptionally good players in all classes. Forum and in-game contact: Domin1c, Tobiassho We look forward to hearing from you.
  17. Facta Non Verba [-FNV-] clan is looking for players for Randoms and Clan Battles. We are an international clan of people from all over Europe. Looking for guys who love the game, want to be in a company of fun and like minded people, players who like to learn and improve, people who are willing to fill our ranks and climb the leagues of Clan Battles. Our requirements are simple and ideally you: Speak English (that is the only non-negotiable requirement). Own a mic and use Discord for communications. Own at least 2 tier X ships. Have win rate of over 55% and PR of over 1500. Play the game and be active in general (at least 4 days a week). Enjoy playing in divisions. Be prepared for training and learning. Be mature and able to take criticism, please do not conflate criticism with blame (if mistakes are pointed out its for the purposes of learning and improving and not blaming someone) Be available for CB at least 2 out of 4 Clan Battle days. Be not thin skinned and possess a sense of humor =] (banter, dirty jokes and profanity are commonplace) Note - Exceptions could be made for players who show promise and potential of meeting the requirements within a reasonable amount of time. To join, simply find us in game and apply to the clan! For any questions or additional info please contact one of the following users with their in-game nicknames or their discord tags - Rikimaru2510 (discord tag: Rikimaru2510#2053 ) - MrPhous (discord tag: Callis#3712 ) Hope to see you soon, captains!
  18. Why are we stars? The name gives us the ability to act like we finally accomplished something. Which none of us did. unfortunately. *It actually refers to our veteran battlefield community, just like the esports tag. We're semi-competitve in terms of clan battles, but not KOTS competitive What kind of exclusive stuff do we offer? Our group consists of beta veterans, experienced players and some new guys. One of our goals is to keep improving both individually and as a team. We are a casual/semi competitive clan overall and we are eager to dash it out in clan battles on a regular basis and progress through the leagues. A friendly and welcoming and mature environment ingame and on discord. With some banter and jokes between games, but focus during battles. Our community plays a variety of other games, mainly battlefield V besides wows. Altough most captains prefer to stay on the seas, some of us casually pick up a gun now and then. Bragging rights when stealing a clanmates kill. Our requirements Our main requirement is that you enjoy to actively play together with fellow members. We're a small group, so it's important that you fit in, have fun, are able to endure banter and occasionally rage when you get hit by random torps. Stats don't matter that much to us, but we would prefer that you have atleast 50% WR and one or more tier VIII - X ships. You are 18+. You are fluent in English. You are willing to participate in divisions/operations/clan battles. You want to use discord when playing together with other clan members. And finally there is no pressure to play randoms or clan battles on certain days/times. Just jump in a game with clanmates whenever you want. Actively particpitaing in clan battles is highly appreciated. Interested in becoming a star? Please leave a message below, PM me on the forum or contact one of deputy commanders/recuiters ingame. You're also welcome to join our discord to contact a warships player there!
  19. HMS_BlackPud

    [SBS] Looking for Clan Members

    We have a great clan with a number of multi cultural backgrounds including British, Swedish, Swiss, Dutch and Cuban/Spanish members and are looking for players with at least 1 tier 8 (non premium ship) for clan battles. We have also put in place a system where we have an Alpha team (We call this team Vanguard), the members of this team have already been picked (pre - clan battle season) but they can call on a player from the Bravo team (We call this team Dreadnought) should they be short of players. We are looking for Dreadnought team players. Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and apply in game or alternatively contact HMS_BlackPud or HMS_Edinburgh. Cheers Pud
  20. Hi there I am looking for a clan that is serious about clan battles and can have fun in divisions uses Discord or ts3 communicates in English and has mature players that are over 18 years old. The clan I am looking for is around my win rate has finished in typhoon or storm league (if your a new clan but have good set up feel free to message me). As you can see I have not found the right clan yet but i hope to have trial to give each other a chance see if we are both good fits. Thanks very much for reading this
  21. DonyBo1

    SWPBC Now recruiting

    So if you are just looking to have great fun and enjoyment then we are the Community to be in. We run a Fun SWPBC Navy Battle Community every evening of the week, and weekends , as well as participating in events such as Clan Matches/Team Training/Random Divisions/Operational Battles/ Competitions with great prizes (Doubloons, Ships, Premium loads more), We recreate mock battles that took place in the second world war. From time to time we also organise training sessions and play skirmish battles against each other on the training server and other teams or clans maybe invited to join us for a battle. Sea Wolves Of The Pacific is a mature and friendly community, many of who have been playing together since the start of the game, and though we take our gameplay seriously, we do so without losing sight of having good fun and good fun is what its all about being happy with the guys who play with us as a team, and are willing to take an active part regularly in the community. We also give you the opportunity for promotion in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific. Sea Wolves of the Pacific will offer you a promotion if you show cooperation in the team and you are both active and online regularly,when in Battle or in Training and showing your skill and commitment within the Sea Wolves Of The Pacific Navy Battle Community. The Key promotion Factors are: 1/Performing well in Battle and showing your skill. 2/carrying out an order when given one in battle by the Fleet Commander or a Senior Officer. 3/using team speak 4/using the forum 5/Taking part in Training and Team Meetings. 6/Showing interest in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific Community 7/Meeting other members getting to know them 8/Able to be online regularly 9/Be polite to all senior officers and other team members at all times If you are able to do the above you are well on the way for a Promotion in the ranks of Sea Wolves Of The Pacific Community. What We Are Looking For: Sea Wolves Of The Pacific is a Navy Battle Community built around organisation, cooperation and teamwork. As such, we are unique and look for players and friends who are both active and online regularly and like to take part in having fun with in our SWPBC. Your ability to fulfill the requirements on our home page and work well within Sea Wolves Of The Pacific Navy Battle Community is extremely important taking part in our Community, and the SWPBC clan side. We always make new members welcome whether they are from the UK or from around the world, any one is welcome to join us and take part in Sea Wolves Of The Pacific. You should be 18 or over to join us. To join us fill out this form : https://www.seawolvesofthepacific.co.uk/contact/ and register for the forum or you can join us in our teamspeak : Password is Thailand64146
  22. Facta Non Verba [-FNV-] clan is looking for players for Randoms and Clan Battles. We are an international clan of people from all over Europe. Looking for guys who love the game, want to be in a company of fun and like minded people, players who like to learn and improve, people who are willing to fill our ranks and climb the leagues of Clan Battles. Our requirements are simple and ideally you: Speak English (that is the only non-negotiable requirement). Own a mic and use Discord for communications. Own at least 2 tier X ships. Have win rate of over 55% and PR of over 1500. Play the game and be active in general (at least 4 days a week). Enjoy playing in divisions. Be prepared for training and learning. Be mature and able to take criticism, please do not conflate criticism with blame (if mistakes are pointed out its for the purposes of learning and improving and not blaming someone) Be available for CB at least 2 out of 4 Clan Battle days. Be not thin skinned and possess a sense of humor =] (banter, dirty jokes and profanity are commonplace) Note - Exceptions could be made for players who show promise and potential of meeting the requirements within a reasonable amount of time. To join, simply find us in game and apply to the clan! For any questions or additional info please contact one of the following users with their in-game nicknames or their discord tags - Rikimaru2510 (discord tag: Rikimaru2510#2053 ) - MrPhous (discord tag: Callis#3712 ) - Poi_Yuudachi_Poi (discord tag: Sheryl Nome"Diamond Crevasse"#6556 ) Hope to see you soon, captains!
  23. We are looking for players who want to play clan battles. Everyone is welcome :)
  24. Est 2017 - Stats updated 26th November 2018 Hello and welcome to -RDE- About us RDE is a Uk based competitive yet casual clan with members from many parts of the world and our ages range from 35-65+ For many of us gaming is a way to chill after work and to escape the real world and for some of us to put on our headphones and pretend not to hear the wife or even the tiny munchkins running around amok around the living room. Most of us have full time jobs, wife's, girlfriends, kids, life commitments so we understand life comes first and not everybody has the time to commit to a hardcore clan with strict activity yet want to play hard at the weekend or during special events/clan wars. We are a balanced clan of solo and competitive members and we are looking for new members to join us. What RDE can offer you That fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are part of a mature and friendly competitive clan No strict requirements or clan commitments. Just play whenever you have the spare time The chance to play in clan battles and get all the bonuses it offers from flags to dubloons and more Hassle free clan that does not require you to log into discord each time you log into the game Our chat lobby is active and topics can be random especially at the weekends. We have all of the buildings ie -10% service discount on all ship type - 10% to the cost tier 5-8 boats +25% extra free XP - +7% extra coal per container - +8% Xp for commander Friendly players who have the time to help new players with tips or questions about the game they may have Play solo should you wish. We do not require you to join a chat channel every time you log into this game. Friendly discord channel Requirements needed to join us. Able to communicate in English or broken English Age 21+ Discord is required for clan battles only (no mic needed ) Be fairly active and help us farm oil by collecting at least 50 oil a week or a total of 200 a month. Each container comes with 10 oil which makes this a very achievable target The most important requirement : You will be presenting a very friendly clan. You must be of a mature manner and respect all players friend or foe. (Too much salt is unhealthy for you. Us oldies all know this ;-) Tier 8+ boats ( this will be dropped to T5 after the clan season has finished ) Please note - Due to limited spaces and the clans popularity. We have limited slots left and we can only accept players wishing to participate in the up coming clan battles at this moment in time. Please send an in game application to -RDE- for us to accept you Send requests to -RDE- "The Red Eye Reavers" Page updated: November 26th 2018
  25. Armorin

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the timing of clan battle seasons are being badly timed? Season 3 took place over the summer and with the world cup in the middle. Many people where on vacation, so some clans found it difficult to get 7 players together. This season, season 4, is taking place over Christmas. A lot of people are going to be sampling glorious Russian Vodka in the party run up to Christmas, and then spend time arguing with the family. I can see it being difficult to get 7 players together again. At least with ranked battles, clans don't need to get teams together, and can play whenever they have the time. So perhaps clan battle seasons could be timed slightly better?