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Found 212 results

  1. Please check out the last post for up to date information on joining [DAVY]
  2. 1701 are looking for new English speaking members to join our ranks. To join one of the oldest Fleets in WOWS with some of the best guys around you simply have to be all of the following: - English Speaking. - Discord Using (https://discord.gg/KS4Fkgd). - Team Player. - Have a personal rating of over 1300. - Have a good sense of humour. - Be able to take constructive criticism. - Take part in Naval Battles during the weekends. - Take part in Clan Battles during seasons. We also offer King Of The Sea tournaments to the right person/persons. If you tick all our boxes and we yours then you are looking at the Fleet for you! Feel free to drop by our discord and drop us a line in 'General Chat' and one of our Admin/Mods will get back to you. Thanks all and remember, STAY SAFE!
  3. -MNA- Modelling a New Army Are Recruiting! We are an international clan on the EU server with a healthy active player base and we are reaching out for likeminded individuals. Our group originally split off from a bigger clan to create a place, where the personal growth of individual members is the number one priority. That and also drinking beer and shooting the big boom boom at other boats. We are looking for people that: - Are over 18 years old. - Speak english and use discord. - Are willing to grow into better player, reflect on their mistakes and take constructive criticism to improve their game. Newcomers are welcome. We do clan wars whenever they are available to get that sweet, sweet steel. If you are interested, drop me a DM and we can sort out an invitation to our discord. Happy hunting!
  4. Evergreen

    B.N.I. is recruiting again.

    B.N.I. (Batteries not Included) is from origin a Dutch speaking Clan, that plays several games together, but mainly World of Warships, and we have Dutch and Belgian players among our members. We are a semi-casual Clan, that is casual in the Random Game-Mode, but more competitive during Clan Battles. For the rest you can see us as a bunch of friends playing together, while having fun. Simple said, if you are looking for a Clan to play Random Battles just for fun, or are you looking for a more competitive Clan to play Clan Battles you are always welcome. We have only 3 simple rules. 1. You have to be 18+ of age. 2. You have to be on TS while gaming. 3 Respect you Clan Members aswell other players. Are you a player that can abide by the 3 stated rules above, and you are looking for a Clan, and want to join us with Clan Battles ? You don't have to be skilled. Even starting players are welcome to join us, as we can help you improve your skill. Is this all looking good to you, and you want to join our Clan ? Then reply to this post, or send one of our Members a in-game message. Hope to see you soon.
  5. Are you perhaps one of those people who loves sodium chloride? Is playing alone makes you salty? Do you have a decent sense of humor? WELL THEN, LOOK NO FURTHER [THESO ]THE SALTY ONES has you covered THESO is a multinational community based around Clan battles and having fun. While participating in said Clan Battles isn’t mandatory, it is encouraged. If you’re a like minded individual consider joining us.  What do we offer? · Competitive clan battle sessions · Trainings and divisions · Friendly competitions · Private talks with WG shills · High quality memes · And more… Requirements: · Can speak/understand English · Must use Discord · Have around PR around the clan’s average <---- Click · Have tier 10 meta ships or the ability to acquire them on a short notice For more information, contact @Excavatus either on the forum on in the game.  Note: Any application submitted will be considered on an individual basis. How you perform and fit in during your trial time with us may hold more weight than purely your in-game stats
  6. We're an English speaking community of experienced players who always play to win. Eager to learn from our mistakes, our goal is to form a steadily improving clan that has the potential to challenge the established elite clans all whilst maintaining a 'casual-competitive' environment. Essentially, we are a group of above average casual players that aim to excel in Clan Battles and have a lot of fun in a great community along the way. Therefore, we currently seek competent players that meet or exceed the clan average in order to expand the clan roster and make a push for Hurricane league this season or next. Whilst we do hope to have you onboard soon we have a few requests of you! Our requirements are as follows: • Minimum PR of 1800 • Minimum win rate of 58% • Conversational English • Discord and working microphone • A sense of humour • A willingness to learn, improve and be a team player! What we can offer you: • We offer a friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Training and CB attendance isn't compulsory. We understand that real life comes first. We will always remain a group of above average casual players seeking to excel in competitive. • Good laughs and great banter! • Live music from our very own clan bard on some nights. https://soundcloud.com/user-162144475/father-and-son-jazz-cover • Training and feedback • Divisions most evenings • A spot in our potato family and Clan Battles! • A multinational clan roster, including contingents from across Europe and Asia! How to join: • Join our Discord server and introduce yourself • Contact one of our recruiters • Apply directly through the in-game clan browser Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/BkYJGdu Each applicant will be assessed on a case by case basis so if you meet the PR requirement but don't meet the required win rate and are interested then please don't hesitate to contact one of our recruiters. We look forward to hearing from you! Action Stations Potatoes!
  7. We are BATES, the Bateleurs - international clan founded in 2019 with the focus on Clan Battles . We offer: Laid back and friendly environment Ambitious and successful clan members Participation to Clan Battles season (we line up both Alpha and Bravo) What we expect: Stats WR 53% + and a PR 1400 + (if you are close to that, feel free to chat with us) Good manners and positive attitude At least a couple of competitive T10 ships Participation to Clan Battles Discord (https://discord.gg/mppUDED) A proper english If you are interested - feel free to contact one of our recruiters, ingame, forum PM or discord. Recruiters: SamPulley, Firo77, Aetius85
  8. Server : EU Timezone : GMT We are a group of friendly and active players who are in need of new recruits to strengthen our position. We have a goal to make Typhoon league consistently and are hoping to recruit players who share this goal. Discord is essential for clan battles, however a microphone is preferred but not essential. We offer a semi-competitive environment where winning is important it isn't everything. We like to compete and while we are active in clan battles we like to keep a relaxed atmosphere. Divisions with clan mates is usually available every night if that interests you! Requirements : 1) Have stats similar or better than the clan average (~54%wr) 2) Have access to at least one meta TX cruiser (If you intend on playing clan battles) 3) Not easily offended - We like to joke! Clan Stats : https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500196378,NMA-No_Mangoes_Allowed If you meet the requirements and are interested please join our discord. https://discord.gg/ubMW48Z If you are close to the requirements, do join our discord and maybe an exception could be made if you’re showing signs of improvement! For any further questions don’t hesitate to message me directly!
  9. The clan DROP is recruiting! Server: EU Timezone: CEST "Just a DROP in the Ocean" is a community clan, with members from all over Europe. Everyone is welcome ! We are a group of semi-casual players seeking to actively improve upon our skill and playstyles. We are actively pushing towards participating in clan battles, and are active in divisions daily. We have a combination of solo players and group players and are seeking to expand our group player count by a substantial amount. We have most base unlocks at stage 4 or 5 of their 5 or 6 total unlocks. So this is what we offer: A group of semi-casual players of varying age groups and careers in a chat full of banter and fun times A community oriented group who want to make friends and win Our requirements: Be an active player (weekend warriors are perfectly fine) Be active in discord (Mic is not required but highly recommended) Have a basic understanding of English as it is our main language. Comfortable with tier 10 matchmaking (we dip down to t8 for credit farming and sometimes dip down lower to div with lower members/friends) At least one t10 cruiser and/or destroyer (for clan battles, or t8 and be comfortable with how to rent a t10 cruiser/destroyer) Be comfortable with criticism as well as giving criticism (aka be progression minded) These requirements may change without notice. If you are interested, message via discord ( Xxerex#0868 ) , pm ( xxerex ) or send an application in game. The recruitment process goes like this: 1. You can contact me in game chat or directly send an application in game 2. You will play a battle with a recruiter or admiral 3. If you fulfill the requirements, you will get added to the in-game clan, We look forward to see you! Welcome to DROP ...
  10. Noroblade

    [OCTO] recruitment

    Greetings Captains, We are OCTO, an EU based can. Currently, we are trying find competitive players to join us. A relaxed group of people in this group, but when Clan battles come round we try to step it up! The Clan base is complete with all the perks unlocked. We are looking for players that: - Have played over 2500 battles - Have a win-rate at or above 54% (Exceptions can be made). PR above 1250 - Be active on discord (at least 3 days a week) - That have a competitive mindset/drive - Speak English (of course) and have a mic/headset - Have at least 3 tier X ships - are 19+ years old For questions and stuff, you can contact any officer/recruiter (Ultra_Bacon, Bad_Moon, Salbogus, Zen71_sniper, McNeto, ), ingame or via this discord! Feel free to ask any questions :) Our discord is: https://discord.gg/nKgdwkS We hope to seen you soon!
  11. If you are an active player and you are looking for an active Clan... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we are looking for and what are we asking from you? To be active, like to play with us, and want to be a competitive player We focus on the person, not on your stats (but you need to have some experience, some T10 ships in port, and some battle until now) You will be evaluated before u join us, (meaning u need to spend some time with us, play few games, talk with us on Discord, not just us we need to know you and like u, also you need to know us first) We ask for respect (we offer the same, here we don't tolerate offending and personal attack) Usually, we are looking for mature players, what they act like that, and they want the same thing us (a place to play and have fun, not deal with childless behavior) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who we are, what we do, and what [-NH-] New Horizons offer? We are an international Clan (as u can see in the above banner) The clan was founded in 1st November 2019, from the first moment, and every CW we reach Storm League, but last CW Season we finish in Typhoon (with tier 10 class) Our naval port upgrade is almost full (97% done) We understand the value of communication, voice chat, divisions, and training (Discord is mandatory) We are a very active clan, we play every day: clan wars, count downs, divisions and above all friendly matches with other clans (our last CW Season we had 589 matches, almost every day we play with 2 division) We have friendly people here (we like to come on Discord even we don't play because we enjoy talking to each other) We have a Democratic system here, we vote, we choose together the most important things (even our Combat Officers was chosen by our the members) We organize, make and host "YOU vs. ME - Tournament" (more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/) We are part of a big community, we have in our server more than 28 other Clans (representative Ambassadors, Commander and Deputy Officers) We play with them in this tournament, we have friendly and funny matches with them (meaning we have a lot of activity and funny moments here) All the Tournament matches games are playing between Clan Battle Seasons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of this, join us today! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to talk with us, join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/R6vdH2Z In this way, you will know each other, and you can decide more easily what do you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Kapitans! [FFS] Hans, Where's Your Papiren? is recruiting ! ! ! Firstly: our discord is open to everyone! You do not need to be a member to play with us, so click the button now. DO EET !! DO EEET NOW https://discord.gg/keuA252 About us: We are an active community of EU World of Warships players who found our division mates from predominantly Twitch streams (you know who ). We actively engage in clan battles each season and we are looking to get enough players to consistently have a division playing. We usually division every night with players spread across the world so finding a division is usually easy. From try-harding to doing utterly stupid crap we do it all. If you wish to join the clan please make sure this is known in the clan discord #clan-applications channel. We operate on a probation system in order for you to get used to our speshulness and see if you fit in and for us to see if you are up to the standards. Joining Requirements: 1. Owning and using a mic is compulsory 2. You should speak English good enough to make yourself understandable 3. No flaming or raging or disrespectful behaviour in in-game chat. Keep that for the Discord 4. A decent experienced player, or proving to be growing and willing to listen to teammates in order to grow 5. Make a post about your wish to join in #clan-applications, and send us a request in-game What we offer: 1. A lot of speshuuul people and the speshuuulness that goes along with it 2. An active community that plays evenings throughout work week and during the whole day in weekends 3. A relatively high up clan base and participation in clan battles. Several experienced CB players, but also some newer ones. Looking to increase the numbers of players we can bring and gain more experience
  13. WHO? WHO DID YOU SAY? We are a relatively, with our main focuses set on having a friendly and competitive environment, as well as having fun playing the game with our members! Our goal is to have consistent results in competitive play (clan battles) and develop an environment where even those more casual among us can find fun! (division plays, fun events) WHAT WE OFFER Positive environment. We don’t like salt. We want to enjoy the game with mates, not listen to complaining. Competitiveness. We like being competitive when it comes to Clan Battles and community made tournaments. Activity. With active use of Discord, you will always have a chance to find div mates. Knowledge. We all start somewhere. We can offer advice on ships you want to unlock as well as CB strats. OUR REQUIREMENTS (mandatory) Active in-game and active on Discord. We might be a bit lenient on the activity ingame from the start, but we want to have active members in the clan. (mandatory) 18+ age restriction. We are a mature bunch that like to joke around and be respectful to each other. (mandatory) Ability to communicate in English. We are international, we all have to understand each other. (mandatory) Microphone. A working one. Tier 7 ships. We all know that grinding can be difficult, but it's much easier with a group of others. (if joining for CBs) Experience. Storm level experience is preferred. Our goal is to be consistent with results and reach Hurricane. To join us, simply enter our Discord here https://discord.gg/e7Dsbzd
  14. Who are we: 39 members from all over the world, but playing EU Average win rate 54.76% at time of writing. The clan has been around a long time, but in the last year or so expanded rapidly. We have a bunch of benefits including 10% extra coal (find us in game for full benefits list) Just finishing our first Clan Battle season and are currently in Typhoon (with mostly tech tree non-premium ships). What we are looking for: 50+% win rate players (individuals or groups) Active, friendly, and speak English Has a mic/discord for communications A T10 for competitive play. Message me on here, in game, or in discord (dinoskool#9811) if you are interested. Happy sailing! [RUMR]dinoskool
  15. Vbcracing

    A-O-N All Or Nothing

    Who are we? A-O-N is a growing, semi competitive clan composed of experienced players across all classes that strive create an enjoyable and competitive environment. We aim to provide our players enjoyable environment for divisions gameplay, and we strive to climb the CW ladder up to typhoon and hurricane. What we offer: - Standard clan bonuses - A chance to play in a competitive environment (clan wars) - A place to hang out and play in divisions Our requirements: Be active and available for clan wars training and battles, at least 2 out of 4 days during clan wars seasons. - Have the willingness to improve your gameplay and accept criticism. - The ability to follow orders and co-ordinate with a team. - At least one tier X ship, the more the better. - Win rate of 55% and 1.3k PR and at least 1k games (Individual cases will be considered separately) - Mic and discord How to join? You can send request to the clan directly in the game or contact our clan Leader or some of our Deputy Commanders: Vbcracing Polish destroyer Alexfari ADMIRAL_KUTUZOV Via forum message to me for the more cassual player we also have our sister clan [TOXIC]
  16. Who are we? We are an international community who have been around for almost 3 years now. Our first clan [-TFD-] is fully upgraded and we recently created a second clan [-TFD2]. The reason for a second clan is that we wanted to expand our amazing community and make it more accessible. We have a lot of experienced players who share a lot of knowledge of the game and will help you get better. Our community is very active and fun. Discord is our main portal of game discussions and voice communications, so it mandatory to join our Discord server. We also have some great and well-known Content Creators. Check out this video made by one of our members: [-TFD-] (clan 1) This clan is fully upgraded and is playing clan battles on a nice level (Previous season we reached Typhoon league). The clan is always almost full, but it never hurts to contact one of the recruiters/commanders. As we are always looking for new members to help us improve. [-TFD-] Clan requirements (which are debatable as long as you are willing to learn and have fun): - At least have a Winrate of 55% - A minimum of 2500 battles - At least 3x T10 ships [-TFD2] (clan 2) This clan is new and still needs to be upgraded. Our main focus of upgrading goes to: Credits, XP, Commander XP and Free XP. We follow the path of succes of our clan 1. We would like to start playing Clan battles as soon as possible. Also for this clan there is still a lot of room for new Leadership. [-TFD2] Clan requirements (which are debatable as long as you are willing to learn and have fun): - At least have a Winrate of 50% - A minimum of 1000 battles - At least 1x T8 ship Clan Rules Both clans have the same rules: - Respect your fellow Clanmember - Use English as our main Language - A max in-activetime of 30 days without notice - Discord is mandatory Want to join? If you are interested in joining, feel free to join our Discord and contact one of the Commanders or Recruiters. They might ask you to link your stats and play a few battles with them. Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/UF4NXyf Good luck and Fair Seas, Captains!
  17. Edited 17/05/20 Looking for an active well organised clan? ideally you would be able to full fill our minimum requirements ... Are an active WoWs player ... Can be on discord and join in the banter ... Can play as part of a team ... Are willing to share experience and learn new ones ... We are a very active clan with members from all over Europe. Our captains enjoy playing in Divisions in every mode and also enjoy helping members grind ships to suitable tiers for the next battle! How to Apply: Join our Discord server and join the Application room, you will get a message telling you to DM our recruiters who will sort you out. Add in game contacts or message : Shockwave_67, Jayceedee or FoxQuetzal and let us know you want to join up. Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/AUk6zZe [Staff are usually on from 18.30gmt] PLEASE NOTE : We do have an age limit for members ~ Minimum 18yrs old (don't pretend to be 18 or over if your not, squeaky voices give it away!!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Members feedback: Quote: "After mixed experiences in previous clans, i decided to join HANDS. I'm very positively blown away on how calm and professional this clan is handled and how nice the atmosphere is. Real thought is put into clan battle organisation, training new players up to the clan standard, and rotating people in and out making sure everyone earns his steel and advances in the leagues. I'm very much enjoying clan battle sessions, i learn something in every battle. There is just enough of a debriefing to analyse and correct all the mistakes which were made so we don't repeat them, but never any time wasted for drama or fuss about it. I'm really happy i found this clan among the many clans out there, and i would greatly encourage anyone who is looking for a nice positive atmosphere and real cohesive teamwork in clan battles to join up. Honestly we could make do with 1 or 2 more members to fill the teams on some evenings, and that member could be you!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for taking the time to read and we look forward to hearing from you!
  18. Welcome to [UKGB] ABOUT US UKGB are a competitive clan who play Clan Battles. We are a drama free group of players from the UK and Europe that enjoy getting the most out of the game, striving to better ourselves, while having fun doing it. We will be planning to have training nights during the out of season of clan battles. Our members group up for sync drops, randoms, ranked battles, operations. Our peak playing time is typically between 6pm and 10pm GMT WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Have a win rate 50% or more WR (including your T10 ships) Minimum 1000 random battles played (exceptions made for good players) Maturity Active players Turn up for CLAN BATTLES Discord communication is a must Join team divisions a REASONABLE amount BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP As a member, you'll enjoy many perks and opportunities All bonuses and rewards of the Naval Base Opportunities to participate in Clan Battles earn steel, Naval Battles, Operations, and more If you are interested in joining message either myself, the guys below in game or pop into the discord channel where someone will greet you Trebor_Tanker Lordcrafty Scouseruk https://discord.gg/BsfsAvV Thanks for having a look
  19. Rising Tides [-RT-] is an experienced clan with a long track record in all competitive modes within WOWS. In recent times, we've changed our approach to help stop burnout & to still have fun in the game, while achieving strong results competitively. Our membership is made up of men & women ranging in age from mid twenties to early fourties, from all across Europe, We are recruiting for experienced competitive players, where a decent level of activity is expected. What we offer: -friendly, relaxed & mature athmosphere, in both competitive & randoms -ambitious goals for the clan to achieve the best results possible on any given occasion -opportunity to compete in all competitive modes -weekly community games nights (Hearts of Iron 4, or other multi-player games) REQUIREMENTS: 55% solo win ratio At least 1900 pr At least 3 tier 10 ships in port We are interested in players with an aptitude & track record for competitive gameplay at Tyhpoon/Hurricane level (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis) Please contact one of the following players in game: _Keepo_ Lord_Schoggi DeleRT_ AtotheK101 or feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/fgf8YxX
  20. Hello Captains, Grab a beer and listen up! Are you living on the EU server but playing alone? Do you want to play with fun like-minded people? Do you want to see what the hype is about being in a clan? If you answer yes to any or none of these then keep reading! [ZUUL] Do NOT open the fridge is looking for fresh meat to grind! We have very few requirements/rules Family Comes First! No Minimum time online requirement! Willing and able to use a mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes we are a bit old schooled, if you need help setting TS up just let us know). We also have a Discord! That you are free to join and have a chat and a few games with us. https://discord.gg/YtryFf5 A basic understanding of the game (if you don't know anything we probably do so just ask). 25 years age requirement. Subject to review depending on the feeling for the individual, based on maturity etc.. A Bit about us We are one big family, we all look out for each other through thick and thin, if you need help or someone to talk to we are here. We currently have 25+ active members who play a multitude of games not just the world of warships so if one day you want to play something different feel free we might join you. Most of our members have been playing through Alpha and Beta and continue to play now with thousands of hours and games under our belts. We are very teamwork orientated and are nearly always playing in divisions. We often run inter-clan tournaments with prizes for the winners. We participate in clan battles and are always looking for new competitive players to join us in them. If you're interested in joining us please contact any of the following either in-game or on the forums. : [ZUUL]Jake_a_Saurus (Clan Recruiter) [ZUUL]InfinteViruse(Jr Clan Recruiter) [ZUUL]Longbow__ (Clan Commander) [ZUUL]_Paranoid_Monkey_ (Deputy Commander) You can also send a join request to our clan in-game, clan tag [ZULL], and clan name, (Do NOT open the fridge). Then come and join us for a few games. See you in Game Captains! Discord: https://discord.gg/YtryFf5
  21. WGP2L is revitalized as the recruiting clan for the hurricane clan WGP2W (Forum-Posting: https://bre.is/d9ESv3nY). Apart from being a home for WGP2W-players who have retired from the try hard CB-team, P2L will welcome new recruits in our community. Our international clan is welcoming solid players with few preconditions: Be an active player Use discord and be able to communicate in English Show constant willingness to improve A solo win rate of 54 % or higher. Exceptions might be made to this rule. Several T10 ships with decend stats. This game isn’t rocket science, and we are well aware that with a helping hand anyone actually willing to improve can do so fairly fast. Thus, fresh recruits will get the opportunity to improve in divisions with volunteer veterans and, given enough players, will get the opportunity to participate in biweekly clan battle trainings to evaluate and sharpen their skills in the competitive field. In the Clan Battle season recruits will get the chance to play clan battles in P2L with the realistic goal to reach Storm league, or in best case low typhoon. (This is already achieved) Those among the recruits who actually want to improve will get a serious shot for the teams in P2W once they have improved far enough, which should be possible in one to three clan battle seasons. While we are willing to give fresh players a chance and want to help them improve, WGP2L/W is still a competitive clan. This means we expect fresh recruits to actually show the willingness to improve. We expect them to listen, to ask and to learn. We expect their performance to show that they are getting better. After each clan battle season we will examine the performance to judge the current status of the player. A select few will get a chance to compete for slots in the try hard WGP2W teams whereas others will be welcome to help improve the WGP2L team to become a solid typhoon team for farming rewards each season. How to join: Join our Discord https://discord.gg/4ugfMTh and contact me ( Inclutus ) there. What we offer: A chance to train with Unicums and Super-Unicums to improve drastically. A chance to get a shot at a competitive Hurricane team in the future. A big international community from three continents which enjoys playing other games together as well A maxed out clan base Mother Clan: https://bre.is/d9ESv3nY WGP2W on WoWs-Numbers: https://bre.is/YSZq7hF9 WGP2L on WoWs-Numbers: https://bre.is/AxeTZ9rB
  22. Zwei Peanuts are recruiting! We are international casual clan that has some open spaces to fill (kek). We are looking for sociable, friendly and 'mature' people. We don't have specific requirements, just general ones - be able to understand/speak engleush, 18+ years old, and if you want to play CBs - have a microphone + Discord. CBs are not mandatory - you can play solo, in divisions and if you would like to play CBs - that's only a bonus. Your stats doesn't have to be great, but we would like you to know what are you doing (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). We value good and open humor (despite the fact that we have a lot of germans in the clan), so be prepared for some strange conversations. Only one rule: no toxicity, as we already have more than enough of those types. :) If interested - send PM :)
  23. [TANG0] LOOKING FOR NEW RECRUITS Ahoy captains! [TANG0] is a multinational English-speaking clan full of people with competitive ambitions. Most of our members are from UK and Germany but we also have people from other countries all over Europe. During the previous CB season, we managed to get to Hurricane last season. Our main goal is to stay at this level of competitive play. And as there is always a room for improvement, we welcome fresh blood among our ranks. What do we expect from possible candidates? - Your stats should be around the clan average. However, we do not dwell on those numbers 100% and there is always room for discussion. - Experience in the game (e.g. having no T10 ship might be an issue) - Competitive nature and willingness to improve, - Discord with functional mic/speaker - Sufficient level of English so you are able to communicate with others (and you are not afraid of it) - Nice personality and decent behavior What we offer: - Basically fully upgraded clan base with the most important buildings (coal and steel port included) - Active player base competing in both clan battles and KOTS - Friendly environment for relaxed randoms in a div - Opportunity to be at the start of a new clan, step up and be a force to be reckoned with - Non-game-related chat with people with the same disabilities Feel free to join our discord and have a chat: https://discord.gg/SqZhY7r
  24. It's true! Jump Drive Appreciation Society [NOG8S] is, in fact, recruiting! If you've played EVE Online before, the name may ring a bell. We're a smallish group originally from that game, but the corp died there and became a community stretching over multiple games. I'll hasten to add it's not a multigaming clan or some such though. We just play games together and boats happens to be one where we coalesce. Anyway, boats. The clan brawls piqued our interests and we've had exactly one night where all of our nerds could collectively be online at the same time with the right ships to play proper clan battles. As such, we're looking for cool dudes, dudettes and anything in between to play competitive boats with. What we offer you: The usual oil-based discounts and income boosts, Naval Battles, divisioning, the works. People to play boats and laugh with. Other games too if you ask nicely. This isn't limited to EU folks, as we also have people from North- and South America. I can't recall if we have anyone from other continents though. A chance to play in clan battles. We're sort of new to this as well so don't feel like you shouldn't apply just because you've never tried it before. You can't get experience in something if you don't try it, after all. What we ask of applicants: Have at least 50% winrate over all PVP matches. Have at least one T10 ship in your port. Preferably with some games under your belt with her. Have a working microphone, speak passable English, have Discord, and have some semblance of comms discipline (this means "leaving your microphone open all the time will get you sarcastic comments, so please use push-to-talk or a sensible voice activation level"). Be available in principle during at least one of the four weekly slots of CB. We play on the EU server in the EU timezones. Holidays, occasional schedule hiccups and other disruptions are acceptable, we just ask that you can actually do what we want you to do every once in a while. Be cool. Don't give love a bad name. Other things to take into consideration There is no activity requirement beyond being willing to play CB every so often. Even if one night doesn't work because we lack the manpower, your effort is appreciated. If the clan ends up full, I'll look to expand the base. Failing that, I'll start at the bottom of the activity list and work my way up. We don't aspire to be the top clan there ever was. Instead, we just want to do a little better each time. Don't expect clan training sessions from the get-go, those may or may not follow later. Recruitment process Join up on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/bgfafYv (note, due to the way our roles are set up, you may not be able to talk immediately. I'll do my best to fix that when I see you join). Poke one of our recruiters (Recruiter and up from the list). After ticking the boxes (the list under "What we ask of applicants"), they'll let you know to apply. From there, welcome to NOG8S! New folk typically make it just fine through the recruitment process. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and I'll be happy to respond to them.
  25. Bienvenue dans la [MNF] - Marine Nationale Française ! Garde-à-vous ! Présentez, armes ! « Honneur , Patrie , Valeur , Discipline » La [MNF] est un Clan Français, créer de zéro, depuis les débuts des Clans sur le jeu World Of Warships, et n’a cessé d’évoluer depuis maintenant bientôt plus de 3ans, historiquement le Clan est parvenu à se hisser 5ème au classement Batailles de Clans France Saison 2018/2019, sans pour autant avoir eu de prétentions compétitives, nous maintenons le cap et continuons notre progression, nous avons également des joueurs à l'aise dans plusieurs salons dédié à leur tranquillité. La [MNF] possède toutes les améliorations bonus des constructions base navale, en sachant que nous privilégions toujours la présence des joueurs plutôt que la quantité. Nous possédons un Discord personnel et exclusif pour échanger par tchat vocal, avec beaucoup de salons textuels, d'informations et astuces accessibles pour tous les membres du Clan : https://discord.gg/q3CGzzJ Nous faisons également partie de l'ICFR - Inter-Clans composé de Clans FR, pour faire des parties d'entraînements mais aussi pour des matchs amicaux et autres événements. Batailles de Clans : Objectif : TYPHON , nous recrutons des joueurs motivés et régulièrement présents, pour objectif principal « la participation aux Batailles de Clans », et se classer en Typhon, depuis 3 ans nous atteignons chaque saison la Ligue Tempête Groupe 1 sans trop de difficultés, notamment cette dernière saison ou nous avons atteint la Ligue Tempête en seulement 1 semaine ! Nous sommes tous en route pour atteindre la ligue Typhon, nous recherchons donc à renforcer notre effectif pour les CW, et à court terme de créer une deuxième équipe performante sous le Tag BRAVO ! Autres événements en jeu : Le Clan [MNF] participe également avec ferveur aux KOTS qui nous l'espérons deviendra une compétition supplémentaire ou nous pourront représenter notre pays, la France, encore assez peu représentée. Critères de recrutement : * Être majeur * Un minimum de batailles jouées à son actif ( ~ 1000 batailles jouées minimum d'une manière générale ) * Posséder un ou plusieurs navires Tier X ( hors navires Premium ) * Posséder un Micro / Casque pour le tchat vocal sur Discord OBLIGATOIRE Les critères sont donnés à titre indicatif, les candidatures sont étudiées individuellement et nous ne sommes pas fermés sur les « chiffres » ! Toutes vos statistiques personnelles sont visibles sur http://www.wows-numbers.com Absences : Une toute nouvelle organisation voit le jour, bien évidemment les absences de longue durée sont à signaler dans le salon dédié à cet effet. Candidatures : Pour nous rejoindre c'est très simple, vous pouvez postuler directement en Jeu dans la section "Recherche de Clan" et entrer [MNF] ou bien envoyer un message directement sur le forum :) Vous serez recontacté rapidement. À vos postes !