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Found 29 results

  1. Hommer

    Serbian Warriors [SRW]

     Serbian Warriors clan invites all interested players to join us. You can contact us in the game via private messages The conditions for entry into the clan: 1. Active player. 2. Discord is necessary 3. Ship tier 10 Discord adress: https://discord.gg/Um53Pjc Welcome... Klan ,,Serbian Warriors'' poziva sve zainteresovane igrace koji ispunjavaju nase uslove i koji zele da uzmu aktivnog ucesca u klanskim bitkama da nam se prikljuce... Mozete nas kontaktirati u igri putem privatnih poruka Uslovi za ulazak u klan: 1.Da je igrac aktivan / neaktivni STOP! 2.Da ima Discord i da ga koristi / Obavezno 3.Da ima bar jedan brod tier 10 sa svim potrebnim modulima i kapetanom Discord adresa: https://discord.gg/Um53Pjc Dobro dosli...
  2. Hi We are looking for recruits looking to play clan wars. Either Alpha (Hurricane league) or Bravo (Typhoon league). Requirements: -60% winrate -mic and communication skills -team player deluxe 2000 We do not have fun in this clan at all. Everybody is super serious, and joking is not allowed. Or was it the other way around...crap. Cant remember.
  3. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    [OPPS] The Opposition UK-based casual but enthusiastic clan looking for members to have a go at clan battles, earn oil in weekly naval battles, and play in divisions. We have mostly been playing solo with the main team event being weekly naval battles, which have brought in a lot of oil and naval base improvements! We've also played in divisions when people are online together and in the mood, particuarly with new players to show them the ropes. It would be fair to say we are not super competitive gamers, but we do enjoy the game and there is someone online at some point pretty much every day. Current voice chat has been via Steam, but we might look into alternatives if needs be. At this point we are pretty much open to anyone who plays regularly, though preference is for players with at least one tier 8 boat (patch 0.8.6 clan battles are at tier 8) and an interest in playing (winning!) clan battles with voice chat. Current bonuses from the clan base: -10 % post-battle service -12 % cost of tech tree ships +2 % XP per battle +15 % free XP per battle +6 % comander XP per battle +5 % coal Just click join clan on the website or in game! https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/500164869
  4. Company Gamer's [CG] Company gamers is one of the longer standing clans with international members whose primary language is English. We are actively engaged in clan wars, count downs, divisions and above all a friendly social atmosphere. We have our own TS and Discord servers. Focus on the person not your stats! we're here to have fun, but its no fun loosing so we do take our clan battles seriously and expect decent gameplay. If clan battles are not your thing, that's OK many of our members prefer divisions and count downs. Ideally we are looking for active players with multiple tier X ships and currently achieving 50% win rate We ask members to use and be on TS when in game. Encourage use of discord - mainly for the notifications etc. Be prepared for plenty of banter! If you think you may be interested, pop on our TS server here leave a reply on this thread, message me, Thulsk, tant520, redcap375 or any other clan member for more information.
  5. Hello people. [PTS] Pirates the old clan coming back, and we looking for a good players. what are we offer you: maximum clan size - 50 5% credit discount on all ships 10% discount on ship service +2% XP per battle +10% free XP per battle +6% commander XP per battle +10% coal received fun games and active clan what are we looking for: we are looking for active people, people who are willing to take part in the clan and promote it. nice people who created a good and fun atmosphere for the game. requirements: *Be able to communicate effectively in English. *Have discord installed. *At least 52%+ winrate (WoWsNumbers stats) *At least 1300+ PR (WoWsNumbers stats) Discord server: https://discord.gg/Zqch8P
  6. I'm looking for a clan which offers skirmishes and scenario playing on a regular basis. Clan battles would also be good.
  7. Un immense MERCI à Nighttology, Samechoko et RoseDeSang pour leur aide sur le tableur Google Sheets! Bonsoir à vous les matelots ! Ce topic est destiné à regrouper les récapitulatifs que j'ai déjà réalisés concernant les batailles de clan passées, ainsi que de la saison de bataille de clans en cours. Le principe est simple : je regroupe différents clans français participant aux batailles de clan en terme de Win Rate, classement en ligue, nombre de batailles et plus longue série de victoire (win streak) afin que l'on puisse facilement les comparer ! Tout le monde peut participer, pour cela au mieux envoyez-moi un MP ou bien postez dans le topic ! J'essaierais de mettre à jour le classement tous les lundis. EN PROJET : feuille Google Sheets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TJ3B7qlT5sJHzoHGXd69uKxiHNJG1O6c1lf0A-o4EbU/edit?usp=sharing Un lien consultable (et seulement consultable !) à tout moment peut être utile, notamment de par le fait que cela m'évite d'éditer mes messages sur le forum à chaque fois, mais cela va prendre un petit peu de temps. MEGA NOUVEAUTÉ : →Classement à la fois des équipes Alpha ET Bravo ! Tous vos conseils et astuces pour améliorer la page sont les bienvenus ! Classement de la saison de bataille de clans saison 5 "Terre de Feu" actuellement terminée : (ça fait un peu penser à Halo vous trouvez pas ?) NOUVEAU : →Ajout du clan -KWX- ! Résurrection du concept de "force de ligue" graphiquement, plus un clan est placé en bas à droite, plus il est parvenu à se classer haut avec peu de batailles. D'en bas à droite à en haut à gauche nous avons : -WIP-, RAIN, SHEN, RDB, UFR, SPAM-, OCG-R, ORCA, FRAC, SURI4, FURYS, RF, ECCHI, UTW, FLAN, RISE, LTB, -KWX-, MNF1, ACNAF, 7CIE, OCG, YEKO, FNFL, TAO, MCP, C0R, EMFR, VTR, 9- et FRF. Selon ces critères -WIP- est donc le clan qui a pu se hisser le plus haut avec le plus petit nombre de parties, SHEN celui qui a pu se maintenir le plus haut avec le plus de parties. On peut désormais savoir qui est le farmeur ultime des CB grâce à ce graphique qui prend le cumul des 2 équipes : Grosse remontada des SHEN, FRF ne se sont pas arrêté non plus, contrairement aux ECCHI... Je déclare donc SHEN plus gros farmeur des batailles de clan saison 5, et aussi FRF plus gros farmeurs des batailles de clan saison 5 avec une seule team ! Classement Alpha Classement Bravo Classement Général Archives saison 4 : Archives saisons d'avant : Met un poce blo si tu as lu jusqu'ici !
  8. MIRAI The Future of Warships wants YOU! We are a clan where members enjoy watching animes and playing together, we take part in Clan Battles and other tournaments with the determination to win while having fun! What we offer Diverse community from all around Europe Activity in clan wars (Typhoon league) Excellent teams and a decent player base Motivated staff Improvement as a team player Rewards for members with good performance Special events, tournaments Requirements Winrate in excess of 54% overall and 56% recent At least 1300 overall and 1500 recent Personal Rating for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Statistics visible Having a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Battles is required Having a basic knowledge of the English language is a must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable playing and are a valid choice for T8 and T10 clan battles Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry, we got senpais to help you with this) If you are interested please contact: @Fogas21 @Peace_Of_Cake @Yuudachi_BestGirl or any of our recruiters on the discord server Click Discord chan to get an invite to the server https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy
  9. Hello fellow captains. As clearly visible on the screen it looks like there will be a clan battle session tomorrow, but I can't find any official announcement anywhere on the site or on the forum. Can someone clarify if it's real or not?
  10. Hello Commanders, We are currently looking to expand our clan and would like to hear from you if the following terms apply: - You are over the age of 18+ - Have at least 1 Tier 10 - Have more than 1000 Random Battles (or close to) - You are active on World of Warships - Have TeamSpeak - Are looking to take part in Clan Battles - Have a good sense of Humour - English Speaking Only We currently have a small clan base size where most of our members are from within the UK but we do also have members within the EU from various countries. If you love to play World of Warships and want to have a good bit of fun and up for a laugh then please get in touch, We would love to hear from you!
  11. Being in a Clan is all about Clan Battles. We run 2 teams where Alpha is highly competitive and Bravo is more relaxed. We're looking for 2 competitive active players to join Alpha. There's a lot of good players in clan's that are not active or the power tripping clans who have multiple clans with similar names who don't get the full attention. We like having a set squad and ships as it builds teamwork and improves consistency. We have weekly training matches against other clans whilst out of season. We are missing those 2 players to push for Hurrican League. Give me a shout
  12. MIRAI Future fleet of world of warships wants you! Your only future is with us! We, the Mira future fleet, are fun bunch to hang with and talk about waifus. We are MIRAI no senkan, Future Fleet in World of Warships! Don’t be shy, join this anime based fun community and spice up the competition. Although we make fun while playing, our plan is to show other clans that their future is certain doom when facing us. What we offer: Fun anime based community Regular training battles Active in clan wars World class players (in motivation level) Help with improving yourself as a standalone- and team-player Staff is nice and understanding Members are easy come along with We reward members that performs in game Special events, tournaments We play lot of different games Hentai…. it’s for research and reward purpose…. Requirements and notification: Winrate 54% overall and 56% recent. PersonalRating 1300 overall, 1.500 recent for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Stats visible Have a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Wars battles is a must Have a basic knowledge of the English language is must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable in and are a valid choice for clan battles in T8 and T10 Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry we got senpais to help you with this) This is an anime based gaming community, if you dislike anime or can't deal with it, this clan won’t be suitable for you. Be open minded. Our community is growing steadily and some may have different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. is not tolerated. Don’t try your luck… it won’t go well… that is not blood from one that tried it, oh no…. Activity! Thanks to the limited clansize we are forced to keep track of the members activity so they don't take up spots for people in queue, with the exception of holidays, just let the clan staff members know about long leaves no details are needed to tell unless you want. We hope to see you soon in The Future! Our link to discord server. https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy Discord is easy to get and really handy to have, here is the link to get one. https://discordapp.com/
  13. Javenge

    [M_OB] Men OverBoard

    [M_OB] Men OverBoard Men OverBoard is a UK Based Family Founded Semi-Competitive / Casual Clan of active English speaking Players from over Europe that have a common interest of enjoying the game but also to play some what serious when it comes to the clan battles ( when pushing leagues ) Due to the progression of the clan recently we have been able to maintain two active full teams Alpha and Bravo, with substitute players that are in the clan battle discord waiting room being able to rotate after each battle so that everyone gets a chance. Discord Link :- https://discord.gg/aEXXjrK Unlike other clans we do not have a broad clan structure such as fancy websites / recruitment posts etc, what we do have is quality players that communicate and offer help and advice to all players, experienced or not there's always chance to improve. We currently only have the following rules; CLAN BATTLE RULES: #1 Thursday and Sunday - Alpha team priority clan battle nights. #2 Wednesday and Saturday - Bravo team priority clan battle nights. #3 Only members with their own T-10 ship will be considered for Alpha team clan battles. #4 Members without their own T-10 must play in Bravo team clan battles. #5 Members must sign onto Discord when playing on clan battle days. #6 Members who do not participate in clan battles regularly will be removed from the clan. If you would like the opportunity to wear the [M_OB] Tag, be part of clan battles, division up with players feel free to either send a request to join or PM me and i can get a request sent out to you. I am active throughout the day via discord so that's another form to contact me Javenge#2479 I hope to get a chance to speak to you and to division up and get some good quality games in. Thanks for taking the time to read through this thread and I hope many of you decide to give us a go. [M_OB] Javenge
  14. Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) is back and looking for salty seadogs to join the crew, it has been quiet for a while, but now back fully active and looking for active players. Force H Naval Base has buildings that give our players bonuses for their Captains XP and Ships XP from their games, that will improve more as time goes on, and will soon be fiving bonuses to coal for each clan member, as well as making buying your ships that you unlock in the tech tree cheaper to buy. You don't have to be superman, just need to have some or most of the following traits:- 1. Be active and playing regularly. 2. Be English speaking, as i have set up a discord chat server, to help in battles, and to generally have fun together. 3. Looking to team up with other clan mates, and when we have enough players, participate in clan battles, as well as other events as and when the are held. 4. Knowing which end of the ship is the front, is an advantage, but not a deal breaker lol. 5. Knowing what those things that go bang are for is also a plus, but again not a huge deal breaker. 6. Age is unimportant, just be ready to have fun and sink some enemy ships. If you would like to join a very small clan that is looking to expand, and help it to grow. You will get all of the benefits and rewards from being in a clan, and the more success we have, the more and bigger the rewards become. So if that appeals to you, then leave your details below and I will be happy to invite you to join Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) Give us a try, you know it makes sense. General_Montgomerie1966 (Base commander)
  15. Njord is looking for a couple of clan battle players We are mainly Swedish but got other Europeans in clan, so we speak English. We are using our own Ventrilo server, and got a Facebook group where we do signups for CB and share informations and tactics. We play mainly Sundays and Wednesday (Thursdays sometimes) 18.30-21.30 GMT. Most of us are in the above 30 with families and your probably the same to fit in well, but any mature player is welcome. We don´t demand that you have ventrilo installed, we can help with that, but you need a microfon and atleast have T8 ships. Contact us here, in game.
  16. Good day Commanders!! I'm a new Deputy in ROEL and i want to come forward with improvements. To be short: I'm looking for (we - ROEL) Romanian players, active ones on WoWs and Team Speak 3, also i'm searching for competitive ones with expectations from them to grow and improve and from the clan to help them conquer the 7Seas and having a good time with our Commanders. Requirements(minimum): - Main Ship: (DD/BB/CC/CV) Avg DMG: 60k-70k, PR 1400, 50% win rate - General: Avg DMG: 50k-60k, PR 1300, 50% win rate - 1 Tier X ship or 2-3 competitive Tier VIII ships. - active and more or less competitive - strong personality + humour and sociable - 25+ age (we can have exceptions) - Playing WoWs means being on Team Speak 3 with the others from the clan Don't hesitate to contact me even if you don't have all the minimum Requirements. You can find me on WoWs as Yo_MaPrey or on Whatsapp: +40721094726 (anytime) o7!!! Give them a heart break! :) Yo_MaPrey <<<<< Salut Comandanti! Sunt un Deputy nou in clanul ROEL si odata cu mine vin si reforme. In ultima vreme ROEL se afla intr-o usoara scadere de forma de aceea urmeaza o curatenie de sarbatori. Prin acest topic doresc sa imi exprim interesul asupra jucatorilor cu caracter competitiv si care au asteptari mari(de la ei si de la clanul din care vor sa faca parte). Dorim jucatori activi si care vor sa se simta bine alaturi de comunitate. Consider ca trebuie sa existe 2 tipuri de criterii si anume: 1) Statisticile jucatorului: - Main Ship (DD/BB/CC/CV) Avg DMG: cel putin 60k-70k cu un PR de cel putin 1400 si cel putin 50% win rate - Statistici generale: PR 1300(de vazut la recrutare) , Avg. DMG cel putin 50k - 60k cu 50% win rate minim - cel putin un Tier X, posibil sa accept si VIII (ramane de vazut). *Nota: daca cumva nu va incadrati in minimul cerut, NU ezitati, luati legatura cu mine. Consider ca sunt jucatori buni si foarte buni care nu au cerintele mentionate anterior. Atata timp cat sunt dispusi sa se perfectioneze si sa isi imbunatateasca jocul, sunt deschis la o discutie. 2) Caracterul jucatorului: - Competitiv - Cu cei 7 ani de-acasa - sociabil - varsta minima ramane la hotararea colegilor dupa impresie :) *NOTA: TOTI CEI CE DORESC SA FACA PARTE DIN CLAN TREBUIE SA INTRE PE Team Speak 3 (nu suntem absurzi sa obligam pe cineva sa fie prezent tot timpul, dar cel putin cand este pe WoWs sa se afle si pe TS) - CRITERIU FOARTE IMPORTANT!!!!!! Pentru mai multe informatii va stau la dispozitie. Ma gasiti la: pe WoWs: Yo_MaPrey, pe Whatsapp: +40721094726 (oricand) Fir Intins la Kraken! :) Zi buna va doresc!
  17. Hello fellow captains, [KOTS]KNIGHTS OF THE SEA is a small clan that is looking to add active players to build the foundation of what we hope to be an ever improving clan. Our members are from all over the world. We want to go higher in clan battles and competitive play in the future but enjoying the game is most important to us.. We enjoy playing in divisions each day with other clan members and try to have as much fun as we can. For example, getting tired of all the HE spam....no problem, its time to roll out a conqueror, zao, hindenburg HE division and watch the world burn...tired of passive high tier play...no problem lets get 2 Kurfurst and a gearing division to let us get as close as we can before saying HELLO to the enemy radar cruisers as we create as much havoc as we can before we die. I always die first....lol. BTW, all the uptight chat a-holes tolling us we are noobs and idiots makes it much more enjoyable. This is the core of [KOTS]. We want average or great players who want to be a part of a tight-knit group with a place to call their own and always have a place at the table. we believe in structure and guidelines for participation and communication. At the same time our clan leadership seeks for every member to feel involved and that they have a voice that will be heard. If you are interested in joining message clan recruiter lewstherin03 in game for more info or search us on in game clan search.also im pretty sure you can message me in my profile on here.
  18. Bonjour a tous, Pour échanger au sujet de cette nouvelle saison de bataille de clan, l'autre post ayant été fermé. Pour les statistiques des clans FR, allez voir ci dessous SVP : ICI L'ancien post, pour éviter de se répéter et faire les mêmes travers: ICI Bonne saison a tous et a toutes.
  19. [RIXEN] EVOLUTION REVOLUTION Our clan is recruiting active players that are interested in participating in clan battles.We are looking for people that will be active in our discord server and take part in team activities. we have recently overhauled the member base to weed out the inactive players and those not interested in competitive play. we are left with a small number of good people that enjoy playing together and want to build a competitive clan. we are hoping to boost our player base so that we may have the best opportunity to roster at least one team to take part in clan battles every day it is available. Average players are welcome as well as highly skilled players. Just be willing to be a part of a team and willing to take part in clan activities. Minimum Requirements 45% Win Rate 3 Tier 10 Ships Join our Discord Server be an active in our discord server Respond to all messages in a timely fashion Good Attitude If being an important and valued part of a clan that is serious about competitive team play while having fun at the same time [RIXEN] EVOLUTION REVOLUTION is the clan for you. If you are interested in joining our clan find us in the clan sesarch in the game, leave your game name below, or message our clan manager lewstherin03 in game.
  20. Gremorian

    Clan battles test season grey'ed out

    Why the Clan battles are grey'ed out in game? As The test season got extended to October 29 till November 04, there should be a select-able times for today and tomorrow available. Now Asia should open in 3 hours and CIS in 6½. Just getting worried a bit.
  21. We're looking for a few solid players that can help with Clan Battles. We've got a decent team that trains well with good teamplay and coms. We're finding it harder to field a full team some days. We're close to entering Typhoon league. You must have a microphone and good English. Not looking for solo players. It's about having a good team. We're also in King of the Sea and League of the Seas.
  22. The Federation of Noobs are looking for players who would like to join the Clan Battle Team. The Clan is on lvl 6 and 25 people strong. Yet, we are looking for Individuals who have an Interest to Clan Battle. We are very flexible regarding communication - TS, Discord or InGame voice chat - which one to use as a primary for Team Battle will be concluded when the team is together. More Info About the Clan: - The age group is 18+ - Average is 30 - We speak English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese - Play Tier 1 to Tier 10 - Very International - we have Germans, French, Chinese, English, Romanians, Polish, Finnish and many more interesting individuals from around the world - Average Victories from Random Battles 46.88% from 1 153 Battles - Team Average - The main objectives of the clan (apart in Clan Battles) is to help newcomers to get more familiar with the game, while having a good team environment. - We have contacts with other clans to which we play Battles with to strength our battle knowledge and make even more comarades! Let me know if you have any questions or interests. - open to have in Game messages too :) May the Gods of the Sea be with you!
  23. ZulJil

    LF Clan-Wars Clan

    Zu Euch: - im Gale League ranking mithalten können - vorzugsweise Team Erfahrung - Pünktlichkeit - Zuverlässigkeit - möglichst Ü18 Zu mir: - ausgiebig Spielpraxis und Team Erfahrung (Kreuzer) - Langjährige e-Sport Erfahrung - Tägliche Online-/ Trainingszeiten zwischen 18:00 Uhr und 24:00 Uhr (nach Absprache früher) - sehr erfolgs-/ leistungsorientiert - Spielerfahrung in internationalen Teams - ausgeprägtes taktisches Verständnis - Schiffe: Des Moines, Zao, Hindenburg (möglich) Falls es noch weiter fragen gibt, würde ich diese gerne im TS / discord / in game beantworten. IGN: ZulJil
  24. Hallo zusammen, Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem casual gamer Clan. Reiner Fun Gamer, Spiele meist am Wochenende, Zeit ist bei Berufstätigen immer knapp ;-). Würde gerne auch an Clan Battles teilnehmen. Spaß steht im Vordergrund, kindisches Verhalten und Leute Idioten nennen, die mal einen Fehler machen ist für mich unakzeptabel. Es ist ein Spiel und sol Spaß machen! Ich Spiele primär Zerstörer und Kreuzer (Japan VI, USA VII, Germany VIII, France VI). Sprachen Englisch udn Deutsch Wäre cool Feedback und/oder Einladungen zu bekommen. :-) Viele Grüße Euer Throtter Hi all, I'm looking for a casual gamer clan. Just playing for fun. Wokring people have Limited time ;-), so mainly playing on weekends (CET). Interested in clan battles. Main purpose is fun, no childish behaviour or people that call anyone an idot that makes a mistake. It's a game! I mainly play destroyers and cruisers (Japan VI, USA VII, Germany VIII, France VI). Languages German and English. Would be happy to get feedback and invitations :-) Kind reards Throtter
  25. I am currently looking for a clan to play lots of clan battles with. I have CB experience and am looking to improve my gameplay. I expect a similar attitude and skill. https://wows-numbers.com/player/510708905,Golgaphail/? I will be active most evenings and would like to play lots of Clan battles! Discord as a voice com is a plus ;)