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Found 25 results

  1. Haatra

    Duca degli Abruzzi

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiovém křižníku Duca degli Abruzzi (Itálie, tier VII). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  2. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I have returned once more to propose a ship for the consideration of the public and of course, wargaming. Jeanne d'Arc Right now that ship is the French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc, a schoolship of the Marine Nationale between 1930 and 1964. History In game In light of her moderate characteristics, I am going to propose a few "game-mechanic-based" improvements. First off, characteristics: Survivability Armament: Anti Air Maneuverability: Concealment: So here we are. A somewhat slow, fragile, gun and AA-based cruiser that outdoes the Duguay in terms of gunnery and AA, but falls behind in speed (even with a boost) and hitting power, not having any torps at all. I hope you like this proposal, feel free to discuss/suggest. Here are a couple of pics of her https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Jeanne_d'Arc_(ship,_1930) Cheers PS: I was planning on writing up Suffren and Colbert this evening, but it's 0400 already, so you'll have to wait a little for those two (both destined for T7) Sources: world-war.co.uk navypedia netmarine.net navweaps.com
  3. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o křižníku Huanghe (Pan-Asia, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  4. wilkatis_LV

    BBs that outspot cruisers

    Obviously BBs outspotting cruisers isn't anything new (as evidenced by the fact that NC has that same 11.8km detection as Conq), decided to make a list of all BBs which outspot cruisers that they can meet in their games, I mean - how many there could be, right? 39. That's how many All the comparisons are at max concealment or those ships, so with camo (if applicable), with concealment expert skill, as well as concealment module (if applicable)
  5. It was only a matter of time before Lert would write an article about one of the two Dutch cruisers that fought and were lost in the Battle of the Java Sea. Again all credits go to him, I merely copy-paste it with his permission to the EU forum. ------------------------- With the recent announcement of a pan-european nation in the game, I thought it time to introduce another candidate for inclusion. This time, the Java class of Light cruisers. Java herself, in 1921 In the early 1910s, the Dutch navy recognized a need to construct several new, up to date, light cruisers to patrol the Pacific ocean, near what was then the Dutch Indies. To this end, the Java class was designed by Germaniawerft in Kiel, Germany, to a design mandate that specified a ship potent enough to take on and out class the then recent Japanese Chikuma class. Three ships of a powerful, modern design were ordered. The first two ships designed and laid down in the Netherlands, a third and slightly larger version - to be named Celebes - was canceled before being laid down. Materials gathered for the construction of Celebes were later used in the construction of de Ruyter. However, though modern and powerful when they were designed, there were several delays that pushed back their commissioning, and by the time the two ships of the Java class that were completed entered service they were outdated. These ships were: HNLMS Java, laid down May 1916, commissioned May 1925, sunk February 1942 HNLMS Sumatra, laid down July 1916, commissioned May 1926, scuttled June 1944 After completion, Java herself sailed from the Netherlands to the Dutch Indies and arrived at Tanjung Priok on December 7th, 1925. She spent most of the years up to WWII patrolling the region, appearing at fleet events and fulfilling general PR functions. She appeared at fleet days in Surabaya, Tanjung Priok and Singapore. In 1937, during the Spanish civil war she undertook convoy escort duties in the straight of Gibraltar. In 1938 she collided with the Admiralenclass destroyer Piet Hein and underwent repairs in Surabaya. During WWII she performed escort duties in conjunction with British forces. She took part in the battle of Badung Strait which she survived unscathed, but during the Battle of the Java Sea she was hit by a torpedo from Nachi that blew off her stern, cut off her electrics and caused major flooding and damage. Fifteen minutes after the torpedo struck she sank, with 512 out of 526 crew not surviving the sinking. Sumatra meanwhile deployed to Shanghai to attend to the rising tensions between Nationalists and Communists, in 1927. A landing party of 140 men from the ship took up position in Shanghai's business quarter. Afterwards, Sumatra returned to Surabaya in the Dutch East Indies on 12 May 1927. During an unspecified event one of her turbines was damaged, and she spent some time in Surabaya undergoing a refit and repair before returning to duty in 1930. However, a fire in a boiler room during post-refit trials saw her return to Surabaya for further repairs. Later refits saw her four 75mm AA guns replaced by six 40mm ones. She spent the rest of the pre-war years accompanying Java on various PR duties, until sailing for the Netherlands in 1939, just before the war broke out. It was during WWII that Sumatra met her fate, though she survived longer than her ill-fated sister did. At the outbreak of war she sailed to England along with other remnants of the Dutch fleet still in national waters. There she was outfitted with a degaussing cable to help protect her against magnetic mines. She spent the early years of the war waiting for an extensive refit that never materialized, and in 1942 sailed for Ceylon, being capable of only 15 knots. Later in that same year she made her way back to Portsmouth where she was laid up. Problems with her propulsion prevented her from fulfilling front line duties. In 1944 Sumatra was scuttled off the coast of Normandy, and her 150mm guns were used to replace old, worn guns on Flores class gunboats. HNLMS Sumatra sunk as block ship. So what would these ships look like in game? For purposes of this thread I will treat them like tier 3 light cruisers. Tonnage: 8087 tons full load. This gives us 24.900 hit points rounded. A sizable chunk for tier 3, putting her ahead of most of her competition apart from St Louis, who still has just shy of 5.000 hit points on her. Armor: Though this image shows the armor profile, it lacks the thickness values. For those, we look to Wikipedia, which gives us the following numbers: 75mm belt 25 to 50mm deck 125mm conning tower 100mm shields Where I assume 'shields' means gun shields, for her main armament. Some values are not mentioned, like any upper belt, or the values of her turtleback armor. However, if we look at the design for de Ruyter, we find values of 13mm for the weather deck and 30mm for the turtleback. I find these values completely reasonable for use in Java. Finally, as a tier 3 light cruiser, she would have 6mm fore- and aft end plating. This is a very soft armor profile, typical of the tier. Her turtleback would give her a small measure of longevity against cruiser AP, but with an above water citadel she would not be very survivable. Only at close-ish range and against cruiser level AP would her armor profile give her a small measure of resilience. For the rest, fairly typical of the type and tier. Main armament: 10x Bofors 150mm /50 These are nominally the same guns as found on de Ruyter. However, they use an older mount and are listed with a slightly lower rate of fire of 5rpm, for a 12 second reload. Plus, despite the fact that 10x 150mm sounds pretty potent, the layout of the guns - two superfiring afore, two superfiring aft, six in wing mounts, three a side - means that she could only bring 7 to bear to a broadside. If we take de Ruyter's values for damage and fire chance and account for the general build of the ship, including the height of the main fire director, we get the following values: 12s reload 22.5s traverse time 900 mps muzzle velocity 2200 HE dmg, 12% fire chance 3100 AP dmg 12.5km range 119m dispersion 77.000 broadside HE DPM 108.500 broadside AP DPM These are low DPM numbers for tier 3 light cruisers, barely keeping pace with those found on Tenryu, which has torpedoes to supplement her gunnery. However, if we think back to de Ruyter, I gave her improved autobounce angles and a shorter fuse time to increase the effectiveness of her gunnery, based on the fact that she carried British made shells. I believe that it wouldn't be out of place to implement the same values here. After all, they use essentially the same gun, with the same shells. As far as I know, Java and Sumatra also used British made 150mm shells during the second world war. 5ms fuse time (compared to 33ms on normal cruiser AP) 60 ~ 75 degree ricochet angles before normalization (compared to 45 ~ 60 on normal cruiser AP) This I believe would give her AP a nudge in efficiency, allowing Java to make herself count despite a relatively low DPM. Auxilliary armament: 8x Bofors 40mm for 61 dps at 3.5km 8x .50 M2 MG for 30 dps at 1.2km Java received 8x Bofors 40mm during her service, Sumatra 6x. As far as I can tell, both ships carried eight Browning .50. This is a very decent AA suite for tier 3, mostly owing to the ships being in service during WWII while tiered to fight WWI ships. Maneuverability: 31 knots These ships managed 31 knots out of their triple shaft, 73.000 shp drive train. Being larger and considerably heavier than, say, Tenryu class cruisers, I would give them more sluggish agility than their Japanese tier-mates: 580m turn radius 56s rudder shift Concealment: A fairly large cruiser for her tier, this would show in her concealment. 9.5km by sea 5.4km by air Consumables: Standard tier 3 cruiser Damage Control Party. Nothing else really needed. The historical ship carried planes, but as far as I know, no steam catapult was carried. Instead the planes were lifted overboard and took off from the water. I don't think a plane consumable is needed at the tier, so I wouldn't give Java one. Upgrade slots: Tier 3 standard, two slots, the 125k and 250k options. Play style: She would play like a fast, flexible light cruiser with broadside alpha rather than DPM. Every other cruiser at tier would fire faster than her, and she'd be lagging a bit in DPM causing her to lose any direct slugging match with a same tiered cruiser, thus relying on range and mobility to keep enemy fire off of her. She'd be an opportunist, staying at range and raining down shells on otherwise pre-occupied targets. Conversely she can close in and stay angled, making her turtleback armor and improved AP performance count against same tier, same type ships. Her consumables wouldn't give her an edge in any engagement. For the most part she'd offer a very straight-forward play style. Elephant in the room: I find it funny that in the 20 years between Java's design being finalized and de Ruyter being built, we went from an 8000-ish ton, 30-odd knot, soft, light cruiser with 7x 150mm broadside to a .... 8000-ish ton, 30-odd knot, soft, light cruiser with a 7x 150mm broadside. Realistically if you massage Java's reload to, say, 9 seconds, she'd make a better fit at tier 4 than de Ruyter would, and be more era appropriate, to boot. This really goes to show what a bad design de Ruyter really is, when a ship 20 years her senior is, in most respects, also her equal. And that's with a ship that was considered outdated when she was commissioned, like Java was. So in short: Pros: More competitive design for her era than her more famous counterpart de Ruyter Heavy broadside Fast Has the pedigree / tragic history Good AA Lots of information available on her design Turtleback armor Cons: Very low tier Not very flexible in terms of armaments Fairly standard, offers nothing novel Limited use as captain training ship, both due to tier and to nationality What would she cost, if implemented at tier 3? Peanuts. About $10 for the bare ship with port slot. Hell, make her a reward ship. What camouflage would she wear? Best I can find out, this is what she wore when sunk in 1942: (click for exceedingly, obnoxiously hyoog version) This camo would have the standard bonuses: -3% detectability by sea +4% dispersion incoming fire -10% post-battle service cost +50% XP In closing: Thank you for reading this, thanks to @LittleWhiteMouse for helping me nail down the format for these threads and some details for Java, @Fr05ty for helping me nail down statistics and @Snowyskies for helping me find design schematics. Sources used: ------------------------- Maybe not the most interesting ship because of her tier, but it's one of the better known Dutch ships. Besides, she saw action and that's something we don't always see with new releases.
  6. Aragathor

    TVI American Light Cruiser - Dallas

    So, the preview stats for the Cleveland replacement Dallas have been posted: Before I go forward with my thoughts let's get something out of my head, something that has followed me since the name for the ship was chosen: Looking at both cruisers I can see that the guns remained the same, with Dallas having only 2 less with 2x2 2x3 turrets. I thought the ship would have 4x2 like in the study plans that were done on the Omaha. The range is better than on the Cleveland, but the RoF is much worse. In fact it has a reload only 1s better than the 203mm Aoba, with only 1 gun more than the much faster firing Budyonny/La Galissonniere. The AA of Dallas is 50/68/46 for short/medium/long range compared with Cleveland's 46/27/90. This means that the Dallas will have a better short and medium AA bubble, and a significantly weaker long range bubble. So going for an AA build will require AFT ASAP. The secondaries are much weaker on the Dallas with only 2x2 127mm turrets, compared to this Cleveland had 6x2 127mm. Although it might be even worse as the preview stats don't have a secondaries entry for the Dallas. So either way, good bye troll secondary build. Dallas has also much worse HP and armor, but let's not forget that the Cleveland was phenomenal in this case. Maneuverability is better on the Dallas, but only slightly so. The concealment is much better with 11,9km compared to the Cleveland's 13,3. Consumables worry me, as the Dallas has no access to hydro. Is it an oversight or is it deliberate? I don't know, but it's strange as both Omaha at T5 and current Cleveland have Hydro. With these stats, assuming they will not be changed, the Dallas will become a stealthy light cruiser, with decent AA and the ability to dish out some decent damage into both DDs and BBs. It won't dominate the tier like the Cleveland did. But that's good, as it will give good ships like the Aoba and Budyonny a chance to shine.
  7. DutchDelightsNL

    WarGaming!Let's get personal

    WARGAMING! World of WarShips it is time to get personal. Dear people at WarGaming(WG), World of WarShips(WoWS) and Community, my name is DutchDelightsNL and I love to play WoWS, even worse I spend a lot of time playing this game. So now I have grown fat, did not exercise enough, spend my time either playing the game, thinking about the game or research the game and it's ship on various social media. Before all of this happened I played World of Tanks, also a great WarGaming product, where I learned a lot about tanks and history( I still sometimes play) But being a former NAVY man myself I always had more interest in a Game like WoWS, I love the ships, not all of them of course, the History and especially Ships like the TEXAS and Warspite both ships have a lot of history. So on track again I played WoT and tried some WoWp(mehh) and love WoWS because I liked World of Tanks, but in a while, it felt that there were too many people cheating, and well server lag on my age really ruins a MMO-Game bad. So WarShips gave me some more time to position and have not had the feeling that people were cheating in the game. Still, I play on different servers, and it sometimes feels that EU falls behind in missions and rewards, ok so be it enough drama. But coming from WOT they have a system of personal missions that in my own opinion would do this game some good. Because it is always nice to get a premium but what do you get for just one-day premium, with the mission goals starting on Friday ends on Sunday, which leaves you with 24 hours premium on Monday's!? Nahh no good, so I was thinking what would it be like to have a system that does not need much development(because you have such a system in WOT) where you could do missions and with the reward(let us, for example, say 4 hours premium X3 or X6) we can use them when we like, and maybe some missions for DD, BB, Cruiser and CV and then reward you with a ship like Shinonome or something. So for each class, you get different assignments(missions tasks), that would maybe help to the flood off battleships in the game? Further more it would also be nice for an easier way to contact players from your team or enemy team, maybe have the players in some sort of link so that besides reporting or complimenting them you can send them a message or see their profile in WoWS, maybe even a system to make it more easier to get in touch with players in the game maybe some kind of symbol in game where you see (in port) that someone has sent you a message? That is what I wanted to share, thank you for listening DutchDelightsNL
  8. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o křižníku Chengan (Pan-Asia, tier I). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  9. Part 1 Part 2 Today we will be looking at the post WWI light cruisers. Since there is more information available about the actually build cruisers this article will be a little more detailed than the previous posts. I hope you don't mind. After losing the first world war Germany was bound by the Versailles treaty. The production of new ships was strictly limited as well as the composition of the fleet. The Reichsmarine (German Navy 1921-1935) was allowed six cruisers with a limitation of 6000 tons displacement. Ships were only to be replaced after 15-20 years, depending on class. No development of armament technology was allowed. Emden: After founding the Navy in 1921 it was soon decided that a training ship was needed to teach seamanship. The design was inspired by the Cöln class (1914) but never intended to participate in combat. The armament should have consisted of 4x2x150mm but the Allied military commission denied permission to develop the dual turrets. Therefore Emden was fitted with 8x1x150mm guns (2 at the bow, 4 midships and 2 aft), surplus from the first world war and 2x2x503mm torpedo tubes(4x2 was intended). After four years the ship was completed in 1925 and went on various cruises around the world. In 1933 the coal fired boilers were replaced with oil fired ones. Speed remained at 29 knots. Additionally 4x2 533mm torpedo tubes replaced the two old launchers. AA consisted of 2 88mm guns, a third was added in 1934. Between 1938 and 1945 a total of 9x37mm and 6x20mm anti-air guns were installed. A refit featuring 4 of the 150mm dual turret from the Zerstörer 1936A was never realized. Picture In WoWs: Basically a Phoenix or a Kuma. Little to none armor, okayish guns and a couple torpedoes. Not bad, but nothing to get excited about. The gun upgrade could be included to increase your broadside punch. Königsberg (K-Class): Germany's first combat cruisers after the great war. Designed to bring a serious punch to the battle and good speed in mind armor protection was sacrificed as well as stability (one ship nearly broke apart in a typhoon). Engine power was rated 65000 shp (shaft horsepower) but was exceeded to 68000 shp in trials giving 32,5 knots (32 with regular power). The intended role of the K class was scouting for a main fleet so two of the three turrets (3x3x150mm) (this time the allies allowed development of a new turret design) were aft in a superfiring position to cover a possible retreat. The special feature of the Königsberg class was the placement of the rear turrets. Placed 2m offset from the center line all guns could fire to the front, above the superstructure. This was not often done because the blast could cause damage to said superstructure. The turrets could traverse with 6-8 degrees/second. That gives a 180 degree traverse time of 22-30 seconds. The guns could be reloaded in 7.5 seconds resulting in a rate of fire of 8 rpm. Additional armament consisted of 4x3 torpedo tubes (503, 533 since 1940) and 2x1x88mm DP (3x2 later). In the 1930s the ships were modified to carry 3 Scout planes and 8x37mm as well as 8x20mm were added. Armor was light. The armored deck had a thickness of 20-40mm, the belt was 50mm, the conning tower 100mm thick. Later additional 10-14 mm of belt and 16mm deck armor were added. Schematic Picture In WoWs: A solid T5. Good firepower and mobility. The AA is mediocre at best. Although you have DP batteries and could therefore get the increase AA firepower skill, most of your AA will still be short ranged. The ship would be to fragile for T6. Also the design is quite unique and I am looking forward to see it in-game. Leipzig-Class: After reviewing the Königsberg-Class a improved version was designed, keeping the same main battery. Two ships were ordered, the Leipzig and the Nürnberg although the Nürnberg was modified heavily and is considered a separate class by some. 177/181m long with a beam of 16,3m the ships displaced 8100/9040 metric tons. The rear turrets were positioned back at the center-line. Improvements to the engine and armor were made. Especially the Nürnberg received a new armor alloy (Wotan Hart). To sum it up, most of the armor was increased by 10-20mm. Both ships had seaplanes and 4x3 torpedo tubes (Leipzig first had 503mm, later on both ships had 533mm tubes). Leipzig had 2x1x88mm as initial AA which was later improved to 6x1x88mm, 8x37mm and 14x20mm. Nürnberg was initially fitted with 4x2x88mm 4x2x37mm and 8x20mm. This was later improved by 2x4x20mm, a new version of the 37mm guns (doubling rate of fire) and a plan to mount the 40mm Bofors guns. Between 1941 and 43 new radar as well as radar warning gear were installed. Capable of a speed of 32 knots these ships were described as exceptionally maneuverable due to a balanced rudder and a special gear to support the rudder. Leipzig: ONI Information Picture Nürnberg: ONI Information Picture In WoWs: An improvement over the Königsberg-Class. While the primary firepower doesn’t improve, the secondaries become better as well as the AA. Armor and maneuverability are increased and therefore it is a suitable T-6. 20m shorter than the Cleveland and 5 than the Aoba these ships would be the smallest T6 so far. That gives them better stealth and maneuverability compared to other T6 ships. So far they seem to have the potential to be a perfectly balanced mid tier ship. The Leipzig would be the basic hull while the Nürnberg would be the upgrade (maybe with a basic and a 1945 version) M-class: After 1933 a naval re-equipment program was considered. Several suggestions were made and in 1939 Hitler ordered the Z-Plan to be realized, which emphasized a focus on commerce raiding. One part of this plan was the M class cruisers with 6 ships. Inspired by the British Southampton and the French La Galissonnière cruiser classes the M-class should have been 183m long and with 17m beam was calculated to displace 8500 tons. Speed was 35,5 knots. The 8 150mm main guns were to be placed in 4 dual turrets (2 at the bow, two at the stern). 2x4 torpedo tubes were to be fitted as well as 2x2x88mm DP guns, 8x37mm and 4-8x20mm. An improved version of the M class was the Q class which featured more crew space, improved AA (1x2 88mm and better fire control) and 0,5 knots more speed. Schematic Credit for finding this In WoWs: Most of the new features of this class don’t give you anything in WoWs. More range for example. I see this as a sidegrade to the Leipzig class. A little less firepower but faster. Eight 5.9 inch simply won't do the trick at T7. Spähkreuzer 1938/40: Based upon the Zerstörer 1938A this was a supposed recon ship (Spähkreuzer literally means scout/recon/watching cruiser) as part of Plan Z. 22 ships were planned, which would have been a hybrid between destroyers and light cruisers capable of 35,5 knots. The initial design was supposed to be 152m long and have a 14,8m beam. Displacement should have been 5713 tons. Armament should have consisted of 3x2x150mm, 1 at the bow, 2 at the stern together with a dual 88mm Flak. 2 quintuple 533mm torpedoes were mounted amidships (like at the Fletcher class). 8x37 and 8x20mm was the intended AA. After the first combat experience various changes were made resulting in the Spähkreuzer 40. 10m longer and 1,2m wider, displacing 7500 tons and 0,7 knots faster (36,2 knots). Armor was improved from 10 mm to 20-25 mm at the deck and from 18 mm to 20-25 mm at the belt and additional 2 88 mm guns were added. Spähkreuzer 38 Spähkreuzer 40 In WoWs: These ships would be lacking identity. Too weak to be cruisers in adequate tiers and too big to be destroyers. These ships would be destroyer hunters and capable of hurting other cruisers (although not as good as dedicated cruisers). They could be used to connect the cruiser and destroyer trees but starting at cruisers, otherwise you would go from T8-9 destroyers to T5 cruisers. Since you can either choose historical progression or gameplay wise logical progression you see where we end up. I have to admit that these ships would be tough to balance properly. Splitting the 38 and the 40 would seem logical because the difference would be too large to be a hull upgrade. The tech tree for cruisers will be included in the next post (CAs) which will be out in the next days.
  10. Maskofs

    Looking for clan

    Hello , My name ingame is Maskofs if you need a player ,im ready just tell me :D Best regards Maskofs.
  11. Ici vous pouvez parler du Worcester, poster vos meilleurs résultats , faire vos retours , donner votre ressenti , vous insultez sur les différents builds ou éléments à mettre en place dessus... Je referais un truc propre un peu dans l'esprit de cet excellent sujet: En attendant voici déjà l'excellent guide fait par @OhMyDoge sur son nouveau bébé adoré ^^ J'invites ceux qui sont intéressés par ce navire à consulter la présentation/tuto avant de partir faire n''importe quoi avec (pensez à vos compagnons d'armes) Je mettrais de nouveau en place un classement un peu débile si çà vous intéresse en attendant voilà déjà quelques éléments pour se faire une idée de la bête: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAY3FZb_d-ZGVJmviCia5mw Le classement !!!! Notice_Me_Senpoi [UTW] - The first - 266K, Kraken -11 citas
  12. Hi Leute, ich wusste jetzt nicht so wirklich ob in Gameplay oder hier her, da hab ich es vorsichtshalber hier rein geschrieben xD hmm.....ich hab mir heute nachmittag mal gedanken über den commonwealth baum gemacht. ich fand ihn damals ja irgendwie gut und logisch als es nur die cls der royal navy, bzw nur die premium schiffe gab. doch dann hab ich mir so gedacht...moment das werden ja alles nur copy past schiffe sein. da kam mir der gedanke auf, dass ich das gar nicht will und mag. klar es gab sie im RL (australien, Kanada, neuseeeland usw.) aber braucht es wirklich nochmal eventuell fast identische bäume die genauso sind wiedie des RN Baums? (falls wg den baum überhaupt komplett macht). für n paar premiums okay, aber mich macht der gedanke daran gerade irgendwie nicht glücklich, dass sie haargenau die gleichen schiffe nochmal in spiel bringen könnten. vlt denkt ihr ja da anders drüber ;) (mir ist es eingefallen, als ich gehört habe, dass es ne copy past cossack getestet wird mit 075. Die HMCS Haida) https://www.mmowg.net/world-of-warships-new-canadian-ship-hmcs-haida-tier-vii-dd/
  13. Hallo Colianer & noch nicht Colianer (Colianer ist nicht meine Idee gewesen, sondern wurde durch meine Zuschauer so bestimmt. Der Arme Streamer hatte leider keine andere möglichkeit als sich dem Druck der Massen zu beugen.) ⚓Euch erwarten knackige spannende Gefechte in WORLD OF WARSHIPS mit teamdienlichem Gameplay und dem Fokus auf SIEG (85%+ Winrate)⚓ ⚓Ranked Saison Gameplay mit Pro Saison mehreren RANK 1 Speedruns⚓ ⚓Tunierstreams wie King of the Sea o.a⚓ ⚓Funstreams (Übungsraum/Eventgames u.a)⚓ ⚓Sowie andere Games aus allen Genres (Neuerscheinungen sowie alte Klassiker)⚓ ⚓Guides & Gameplayvideos auf Youtube⚓ Mein Name ist Nico, und streame seit Ende 2017 mit einer immer größer werdenden Community Videos, Streams & Blogs (Hier noch einmal vielen lieben dank an euch für eure Unterstützung seit Start meines Streamkanals) ''Warum und wie streamst du?'' Mein Ziel ist es, meinen Zuschauern zu zeigen wie viel Spass man an diesem Spiel haben kann, durch zielgerichtete & teamplay fokusierte Spielweise, mit jeder Schiffsklasse und dabei das maximale aus den gewählten Schiffen herauszuholen. Ihr werdet mich selten Ragen sehen, dafür bin ich zumeist zu sehr darauf konzentriert keine unnötigen Fehler zu machen. Ich würde mich freuen euch alsbald auf meinem Kanal begrüßen zu dürfen. Euer Colia o7 KLICK AUF DIE BANNER
  14. Flukeyluke

    Missons and there effect on gameplay

    So does anyone else think missons have a strong negitive effect on the in game attitude of players? last game i hade a iowa charge into 3 DDs saying he wants to throw his ship away to get a *few* dd kills towards his maya misson. a few games i had an atlanta rage quit at the start off the battle because there were no cvs for him to shoot planes down from had cruisers yolo other cruisers to progress there misson by one Have had a new mexico only fire at other ships if he was sure he could Kill steal them. he literally watched a fuso get slowly killed by 3 cruisers and only fired when the fuso got to 6k hp to ensure he got the kill Battleships useing He instead of ap for the fire mission had my entire team chase one DD while our base was captured by a carrier that they were ignoiring so all in all the missons causes more afk players when the macthmaker dosent give them what they want, more deliberate kill stealing, people throwing there ships away more than normal just to get a single kill towards there misson and battleships fireing HE to cause fires instead of Ap for max damage. Has anyone else noticed people doing stuff they wouldent normallly do if they wernt after there missons?
  15. Oderisson

    Polecana linia krążowników

    Chciałbym prosić doświadczonych graczy o pomoc w wyborze lini krązowników. Jestem względnie doświadczony w pancernikach i chciałbym spróbować nowej klasy. Interesuje mnie oczywiście w perspektywach tier X i właśnie ku temu będę zmierzał. Szukam nacji która polegała by w dużej mierze na szybkości i manewrowaniu, jednocześnie zachowując w miarę przyzwoity pancerz. Ilość consumabli, radar itp raczej nieistotne, szukam czegoś co byłoby w miarę ciekawym ciężkim krążownikiem. Nie interesują mnie stacze dymne, czyli minotaur na pewno odpada. Myślałem już wstępnie i do głowy przychodzą mi linia francuska, która z przyśpieszeniem i nowym consumablem wygląda fajnie, albo alternatywnie japońska, z trollarmor Zao. Nie będe ukrywał że to są linie które (z tego co widzę przez celowni, bo doświadczenia w prowadzeniu nie mam) raczej nie kleją sie do wysp bo właśnie taki styl gry mi kompletnie nie leży. No i Moskwa która generalnie wrzuca zwykle wsteczny na samym początku gry.
  16. I am currently looking for a clan to play lots of clan battles with. I have CB experience and am looking to improve my gameplay. I expect a similar attitude and skill. https://wows-numbers.com/player/510708905,Golgaphail/? I will be active most evenings and would like to play lots of Clan battles! Discord as a voice com is a plus ;)
  17. captain_lef

    change in battleship

    i'll get right to the point. i tried every class in the game, i suck in carriers, i get too aggressive in DDs and i get bored in BBs. CA-CLs though, it just clicked, daka daka, maneuverability and in higher tiers heal, what more could you ask? well, only one thing, since camping is the new trend (i cant say META because its not effective at all), i have one proposal: leave cruisers as they are (see no direct buff) since once you master the class you can be influential, but increase the dispersion (vertical and horizontal) of BBs in ranges over 16 Kms. bellow 16Kms, tighten the grouping of the shells to current standards. i believe that this will allow cruisers to be in shooting distance and possibly drive BB captains closer to the fight. some lucky shots will happen, but fewer, and the battles will be more engaging
  18. Bootack_of_Mar_Mar

    Admiral Hipper Det problem

    So... is it just me or is there a sweet spot for the Hipper, where you will get increased chance of detonation. 'Cause it seems as if RN BB HE constantly detonates me. Had 5 games the past 3 - 4 days with me Hipper, 2 of them were detonations from higher tier RN BBs.
  19. Tak a je to tu: Edit: Přibyl Cleveland, ale vizuálně přibyly jen nějaké ty Boforsy.. Celkem koukám, že v Boforsech zůstalo jen u dvojčat (teď už ale 12 pozic místo 6), čekal jsem nějakou divočinu ve stylu Vicksburg s 28 kouskama.. Pár reakcí z mé strany: Cleveland na T8 a Worcester na T10 se dal očekávat, stejně jako Pensacola na T6 (očekávejte nerf výzbroje a detekce). Ostatní změny linie těžkých křižníků IMO úplně zbytečné - NO a Balti o tier níž, papírová T9 s 12 děly (!) a torpédy (!!!).. aneb proč to dělat jednoduše, když to jde dělat složitě.. Stačilo uvolněnou T7 vyplnit Northamptonem, alternativně T7 NO, T8 Wichita. S Baltimorem nehýbat. T6 Dallas zní zajímavě, tady bych tu papírovku snad i odpustil - čekám něco ve stylu super-Omaha s 4×2 ABXY uspořádáním věží, alternativně varianta Pensacoly s 152mm děly, i když se to dalo řešit i bez papíru (Oakland/Juneau, bez radaru, bez smoke, bez torpéd, obyč defAA) T7 Helena - proč ne Brooklyn, přeci jen byl dřív, bylo jich 7 a rozdíly jsou víceméně pouze kosmetické (AA, sekundárky)? T8 Cleveland - očekávám historickou kadenci s 6s nabíjením.. T9 Seattle - OK, co bude tohle? Super-Cleveland s 5s reloadem? Worcester bez 1 věže? Osobně bych dal Helenu sem se stejnými parametry děl jako T8 Cleveland s tím, že T7 Brooklyn by měl současnou Clevelandí výzbroj TL/DR rozdělení USN křižníků - CL část větve nevypadá zle, ale u CA jsou úplně zbytečně posunuté 2 lodě o tier níž s doplněním řekněme že zvláštní T9. EDIT: kdy tahle změna asi spadne? Když se dělily IJN DD a RU/VMF DD, tak bylo podobné info tak 3 měsíce před změnou, ne?
  20. GhostRiderMax123

    Ship Numbers

    Hi all Out of interest what are peoples view's on ship numbers in game. i.e. do you think 5 BB's, 5 DD's and 2 cruisers per team is acceptable? My own opinion is that this kind of MM seems unbalanced........ What do you all think?
  21. Haatra

    De Grasse

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiovém křížníku De Grasse (Francie, tier VI). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  22. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, in diesem Thread soll es sich um die Taktiken drehen, die RPM-schwache Schiffe wie Schlachtschiffe oder schwere Kreuzer gegen schnelle Schiffe mit hoher Feuerrate anwenden können. Angesichts der rasanten Feuergeschwindigkeit etwa der russischen (etwa Grozovoi, Khabarovsk) oder japanischen Kanonenboote (etwa Kitakaze, Harugumo), aber auch bestimmter leichter Kreuzer, fragen sich bestimmt einige Kapitäne, welches die beste Kontertaktik in langsam feuernden Kampfschiffen ist. Dieser Thread soll als Brainstorming und Erfahrungsaustausch dienen. Ziel ist es, weniger erfahrenen Spielern Ideen an die Hand zu geben, um ihnen die Furcht vor RPM-starken Schiffen zu nehmen und das Teamplay zu stärken. Ausgangssituation: Kampfschiffe mit niedriger Feuerrate sehen sich schnell bewegenden, eingenebelten oder verdeckt stehenden leichten Einheiten mit hoher Feuerrate entgegen. Der Spieler will sein Schiff möglichst optimal zu Wirkung bringen und teamdienlich spielen. Eine Flucht an den Kartenrand oder den Verzicht auf Unterstützung seines Teams kommt für ihn nicht in Frage. Er stellt sich die Frage, wie er am besten vorgeht. Fragestellungen könnten sein: - Wie gleiche ich die niedrige Feuerrate meiner Geschütze / meine unterlegene Geschwindigkeit aus? - Welche Skills sollte ich verbauen, um im Jagdrevier RPM-starker Schiffe gut gerüstet zu sein? - Welche Taktiken fahre ich einzeln / zu zweit / in der Gruppe um solchen Gegnern das Leben schwer zu machen? - Laufe ich besser ab oder fahre ich auf die Bedrohung zu? Wie richte ich mein Schiff aus? Ich freue mich auf Eure Erfahrungen und Ideen. Besonders freue ich mich auch auf die Einlassungen der erfahrenen Gunboat-Spieler: Was macht Euch das Leben schwer und lässt Euch einen Angriff eher abbrechen als ihn durchzufechten?
  23. Butterdoll

    i'm so in love right now

    Kuma what an awesomestacular ship. the best ship up until now. what I've been missing. stock ship, didn't allocated any captain's points yet, I think 0 modules. the first ship I don't feel the need to do anything. I cap, I kill, I attack, I defend, I switch flanks, I... I don't know. OMG!!! the only thing I didn't do yet with it, flying. yet. the best ship I have hands down. and it's only tier IV (rolling eyes) (sigh)
  24. MortenTardo

    Balance of the classes(High tier)

    So today i figured i would try out the good old Gearing again since it has been a while since i played it. Now, Since i started playing this game in 2015 the "rock, paper, scissors" logic was always supposed to be a thing. BB's counter CL/CA's, CL/CA's counter DD's and so forth. But after playing a good few games today, i found myself being the target of EVERY other class. In one of the games today i was alone at C cap, and rest of the team was lemming to A ofc. The only other ship at C was an enemy GKF. So i thought this would be nice. I could kill him and get the cap. My first torp set missed. I guess that was thanks to the hydro. Second set i got one hit for 7k dmg. The third set i get 3 hits for around 20k dmg. Then i get spotted by one of the fighter planes for a few seconds and he does me in for 15k dmg. (Gearing has around 19k HP and no heal btw). It got me thinking. I was not hunting this lonely BB that was way out of position, but he was hunting me. All i could do was start kiting away, but by that time most of my team was dead and it was game over. The point is. As a DD now, you are not part of the rock, paper, scissor logic. You are just a mobile smoke, capping and spotting machine for the team that spitts out some torps that most likely is going to miss. And if you hit something, it's most likely another DD sitting in smoke. infact most of the kills and dmg from today was on other DDs, or an unlucky cruiser sailing into my torps. You are not a counter to BB's, you are a semi counter to other DD's. That means CV's counter you(Kinda), BB's counter you, cruisers counter you and other DD's counter you. Anyone else get this feeling or is it just me? Also Git gud comments are much appreciated.
  25. A while ago I copied a proposal by Lert on the NA forum. He made a proposal for HNLMS De Ruyter as well, arguably the most (in)famous Dutch ship that would be suitable for the timeframe of WoWs, and so I copied it here as well. So again, credits go to Lert since he did all the work and I merely copy-paste it to EU. ------------------------- Ok, some real talk. Although I would love for an actual Dutch nation to be in the game, chances of that happening are slim. Especially a cruiser line, which we just plain can't fill without resorting to a lot of theoretical designs, never-builts. This limits us to either a cameo or two in a pan-european cruiser tree, or a few premium ships. In this thread I would hope to present my argument for inclusion of the famous unique light cruiser de Ruyter as tier 4 premium, though with minimal tweaks she could just as easily work as a tier 4 in a pan-european cruiser tree. So without further ado, HNLMS de Ruyter In the 1930s the Dutch government saw the need for a new cruiser to supplement the aging Java class cruisers operating around Indonesia, which was at the time a Dutch colony. The theory was that with three cruisers operating in the area, we could guarantee two at sea, even if a third was in for repairs or service. However, the Netherlands was suffering a great depression at the time, and a very strong pacifistic movement further complicated matters. As such, one heavily restricted 'flotilla leader' was planned and finally authorized. The designers were held back by lack of funds as well as political pressure, and the resulting ship was under-powered, under-armored and under-gunned, due to extreme cost-saving measures and pacifist pressure. She was laid down at Wilton-Fijenoord dockyards at Schiedam on September 16th, 1933 and commissioned on October 3rd, 1936. She served the war in the Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia, in fruitless attempts to thwart Japanese invasion. Invariably finding herself outmatched, she still fought for what she was worth, showing Dutch fighting spirit. She fought in the battle of the Bali Sea, where an air attack damaged her, but she survived. She also survived the battle of Badung Strait, and entered the battle of Java Sea as flagship, under Admiral Karel Doorman's command. It was here she found her demise. She was hit by a Long Lance torpedo from the Myoukou class Hagurowhich caused a fire and a flooding, and shorted out her electrical systems. Due to the lack of electricity, damage control efforts were severely hampered and the crew was unable to stop the fire and the flooding. De Ruyter sank the next morning at 2:30 AM, with the loss of 345 men out of 435 crew, including Admiral Doorman and Captain Lacomblé. Luitenant ter Zee Eugène Lacomblé. Schout-bij-Nacht Karel Willem Frederik Marie Doorman. Her wreck was discovered in December 2002 and declared a war grave. However, in 2016 it was discovered that illegal salvage had led to the complete disappearance of de Ruyter, along with the wreck of the light cruiser Java and much of the Admiralen class destroyer Kortenaer. But how would she work in game? Tonnage: 7822 ton full load. This would give us 24400 hit points. This puts us slightly ahead of Phoenix, with her 24000 hit points and slightly behind Svietlana with her 24600 hit points. Nothing remarkable here, just a tier appropriate chunk of hit points. Armor: De Ruyter would be very soft indeed. Boasting only a 50mm armor belt with 13mm weather deck, 6mm splinter deck and 30mm citadel deck, with a 30mm bulkhead between the outer hull and the machinery space. The turrets also had 30mm of armor. This armor profile wouldn't stop anything substantial, and with an above water citadel she'd be very prone to instant deletions from battleships, cruisers and defecating seagulls. Main armament: De Ruyter saying 'hello'. 7x 150mm /50 Mk 9 & 10. These are Bofors designed guns built under license at Wilton-Fijenoord. The ship carried seven of these guns in four turrets, two twins superfiring aft and a single superfiring a twin, afore. Single mount superfiring a twin. These guns aren't in the game yet but we have most of the data about their performance, and what we don't have we can estimate by looking at similar mounts on ships that are in the game. To start with these were fairly slow firing guns, with a cited rate of fire of between 5 and 6 rounds per minute. If we go by best case scenario we get a 10 second reload cycle per barrel. They fired a 46kg projectile at 900 meters per second. Unfortunately I don't have any data on the bursting charge carried by these shells, but if we look at very similar guns firing very similar weight shells, like those on Phoenix, we can make an educated guess about what damage and fire chance these shells would very likely get. I would give de Ruyter the following numbers: 10s reload 30s traverse time 900 mps muzzle velocity 2200 HE dmg, 12% fire chance 3100 AP dmg 16.6k range 149m dispersion This gives us a broadside DPM of 130k with AP, compared to 132.8k on Phoenix. A bit lower, but still competitive. But will 130k DPM be enough? Phoenix is faster, better armored (yes, really) and as we will discuss later, more stealthy too. Plus, she has torpedoes. In fact, most if not all of the tier 4 cruisers have torpedoes, and competitive DPM. Except de Ruyter, which does not have torpedoes. So, no, I don't think 130k DPM with nothing else going for it will be sufficient. But how to buff de Ruyter's damage output without straying from historical gun performance? One option would be to buff her reload. I'm not a fan of this. I'd like to stick to the historical numbers as much as I can. Another option would be to buff her shells. Maybe inflated AP damage, like the Germans? Hmmm. Maybe. Or what about enhanced AP dynamics, like the British? If we look at the Navweaps page for these guns, it states that "Surviving ships were supplied with British-built munitions during World War II". Maybe we're on to something here. I think it would be perfectly reasonable to say that if the ship used British ammunition, though 150mm instead of Royal Navy 152mm, it would still come from the same factories and design philosophy, to give de Ruyter's AP shells the improved ricochet angles and shorter fuse time of British cruiser AP. 5ms fuse time (compared to 33ms on normal cruiser AP) 60 ~ 75 degree ricochet angles before normalization (compared to 45 ~ 60 on normal cruiser AP) This I think would make her unremarkable DPM easier to apply, while still giving her a fall back shell with normal performing HE. What de Ruyter lacks in armor, speed or concealment she makes up for in ease-of-use of her main guns. Auxiliary armament: 10x 40mm Bofors Carrying 5 dual Bofors mounts, de Ruyter sports a very impressive AA suite for her tier at 117 dpm at 3.5km. Of course this AA suite is mostly useful for self defense and though it leaves room for buffing with captain skills, this would require a fairly hefty investment of captain points. Another problem is that all five dual Bofors nests are clumped together, making them vulnerable to a single HE impact. Maneuverability: Top speed: 32 knots. Not bad for a tier 4 cruiser, towards the faster side, but definitely nothing impressive either. The other cruisers at this tier are all close to this speed as well, except for outliers like Karlsruhe which manages only 27.5 knots. As for her agility, she's a fairly standard light cruiser, comparable in size to the others. As such I would give her middling agility as well. Let's say a 610 meter turning radius with base 6.1 second rudder shift. Concealment: De Ruyter has a very tall and prominent mast, which is both a boon and a hindrance. It helps give her very good gun range for her tier, but also makes her very visible. For concealment I would give her: 15.4km by sea 8km by air Consumables: Standard T4 cruiser. Damage Control Party, Hydro Acoustic Search. For added flavor we'll add Defensive Fire. Finally, de Ruyter carried provisions for a scout plane, so we'll give her one of those as well. No option for a fighter; between five Bofors nests and DFAA she doesn't need the additional AA DPS. Upgrade slots: Standard Tier 4, two slots, up to the 250k credit option. Play style: She wants to stay at the rear, where her bad concealment and worse armor are less of an issue. Modern fire control and a tall mast give her the range to reach out and touch someone. A potent AA suite, the DFAA consumable and Hydro give her the tools to function as fleet escort and support ship, and the combination of HE for at range and enhanced AP for close by helps her to damage at any range. She'll play like a the love child of Phoenix and Danae, being a squishy support cruiser with tools to help her do her job for the team. It's only her lack of torpedoes and mediocre ballistics that makes her stand out from the pack, but the enhanced AP helps off-set those drawbacks. Elephant in the room: I know many people want her at T5, but she simply doesn't have the legs, armor or DPM to be competitive at that high a tier. Omaha for example is faster, more heavily armored (yes, really), has more barrels to a broadside, faster reload and torpedoes. In fact, I was appalled to do the numbers on de Ruyter's guns and realized that, lacking torpedoes, I had to do something to enhance her gunnery to make her competitive at tier 4. Enhanced British AP is my choice, based purely on a throwaway line on the navweaps page about her weapons. De Ruyter under construction So, in short: Pros: Historical pedigree Powerful AA suite Plane Lots of design blueprints available (see gahetna link in sources) uhm ... Fast ... ish? Cons: AA is all mid range Bofors nests all clustered together Softer than a wet newspaper Uninspiring design, underpowered for her vintage Low tier (Limited public interest, low return on investment for modeling a whole new ship) Dutch nation not in game / limited captain training appeal What would she cost, if implemented at T4? $13 USD, for the ship and the slot. What camouflage would she wear? Best I can find out, this is what she was wearing when she was sunk: The camouflage would have the normal T4 premium camouflage bonuses: -3% detectability by sea +4% dispersion of incoming shells -10% cost of post-battle service +50% to XP At the end of this thread, de Ruyter waves goodbye as she sails away. In closing: Though I think it very likely that we'll eventually see her in the game, I'd rather they pick any other of a large selection of Dutch ships. While I fully acknowledge de Ruyter's place in history, she's just not a very interesting ship to me, design wise. A squishy, highly visible light cruiser with middling DPM, seen it before. Plus, I think she looks a bit clumsy with that straight bow and gigantic, prominent tower. That said, I won't complain if / when we do get her and I'd be first in line to buy her. I want to thank @LittleWhiteMouse for helping me nail down some of the intricacies of this proposal, @snowyskies for his help in finding detailed plans, and @fr05ty for his help with formulas and crunching numbers. ..... Odd, their @ mentions don't want to work for some reason. Sources used: @Pigeon_of_War ------------------------- End quote. Again, not my idea, but an idea by NA user Lert, who gave me permission to post it here. Like with the Witte de With proposal I'm all in for this idea. This might be a less unique ship compared to the destroyer, but she might be easier to balance. On top of that, she's a well-known ship that was built in real life ánd saw action, and that is something that can't be said from a lot of recent additions to the game.