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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys My name is Roman, also known as "romohoma" or simply Homa. I belong to the LAIR clan.(CIS) It is also broadcast on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/romohoma Launching a New Category called "Citadel" Do what The essence of the category? This is more of a mix of fan and skill content Everyone throw your best one-shot phenomenon, or as the common people say "Everstrike" in the form of replays, or very high damage with volley and how best to get the issue The frequency of such videos: 1-2 times a week, because even installation for 3 minutes takes a very long time I need feedback to improve the video from the European community
  2. Hello all, I would like to start a discusion about a topic that has been bothering me more and more as of late, class vulnerability. Coming from a WoT background, the one thing I really enjoyed in wows from the get go was the ability to instantly delete an opponent, provided you played well and/or he made a mistake. Initially this held true for all classes in the game, though cruisers were mostly dpm focused even back then. The situation we find ourselves in now though differs widely. With the introduction of german bbs we saw the first ships that were not vulnerable to broadside citadels. I was very sceptic when they were introduced, but their overall armor scheme and miserable fire protection and dispersion meant they would pay a price for this. Fast forward and we have ships like the Republic which is not only a speed demon with 8 fast reloading and hard penetrating rifles, but which on top has one of the weirdest armor schemes, along with Kronstadt, in the game. The fact that even Yamato shells will deal pitiful damage most of the time just baffles me. It turned this game into the thing that drove me away from WoT: predictable HP trading in which dpm is everything. With underwater citadels, turtlebacks, and French cruiser spaced armor (so great when your two full AP salvoes against a Charles Martel yield no citadels from 6km on a flat broadside) we are seeing a rush towards invincibility to deletions. Well unless you have a king potato that eats all torps thrown his way. In all honesty: Please reverse this design decision. It is what drives this game to be so focused on bbs, greatly limits the rewards for skilled play and flat out ruins the game in a lot of ways. Heavy cruisers used to be able to citadel pretty much any bb at close range. Today it is pretty much only the yamato suffering from this. Why does one class have to be this immune to deletions while every other one is not? I would like to know what the rest of the forum and @MrConway think about this.
  3. Dear Wargaming team, dear developers, I would like to highlight a problem with a common, very fundamental key concept in World of Warships' gameplay. Most players are aware that it is very bad idea to show your broadside towards the enemy, as chances are considerably higher to receive a citadel hit or at least severe damage. The concept was well known to naval strategists as the tactic "Crossing the T". The issue is that in reality things worked just the other way around. Ships showing their broadside were able to use all their guns, wereas ships heading towards the "upper" line of the T were only able to make use of their forward guns. The ships firing broadsides were able to concentrate their fire on the leading enemy ship. Range finding in general was much more likely to be a problem than dispersion of the guns (especially for ships of WW2 era). Ships heading towards the "upper" line of the T were also hindered by the vessels in front of them as well as smoke. Of course we all are aware that World of Warships does not aim to be simulation, however, I still deem this key concept rather unfortunate to the whole gameplay as such. Many people did not know much about naval warfare of these times before playing the game. It is a pity that presumably most of them have gotten it wrong now and are unaware of how things really worked. Maybe you see a chance of changing this, making the gameplay a little bit more realistic and still exciting. All other readers I would like to kindly avoid flooding this topic here with likes or dislikes. My intention is simply to bring this issue to Wargaming's notice, not to start a discussion about it and to probably getting a reply sharing their thoughts about it. Happy new year to all!
  4. Literaly ships such North carolina, Tirpitz, bismark, sharorst(tier7 german BB premium) and such similaritys, instent having their citadels under the water, why not moving it upwards? Such similaritys of the cruisers that has most of their Citadels abit up water, thus why of the reasons they get citadel so often, ofc their lack of armor does not help agains higher calibers guns naturaly. Though i dont understand why this BBs that i mention above got their citadels underwater. So yeah instent nerfing the bow armor that you WG try to do so, why dont raise their citadels up instent? Realy i dont understand why in this game this boats needs have their citadels underwater, for myself it does not seem logic. Now if the cruisers had their Citadels underwater that would be another story. Also montana, yamato or iowa got their citadels well balanced diferently and comparing to tiers 8 BBs. What are your opinion about this guys? Also why does this kind of ships special the tiers8 has their citadels like this? P.s- Though i know when enemy does a hard turn and shows the red hull then u can citadel but rare are the cases.
  5. Source at 19:00 minutes. I knew that we should shot close to the waterline, though never knew shoting trough the water aiming for the boat red zone hull, works was well . So in a way i learned something in this video, though now i wonder, does it works for every ship? Or rly just Yamato due his High penetration values? For example if i on Tirpitz and find Amagi or a NC or even cruisers, with their broadside to me, around 10km or 15km and if i manage shoting directly to the water (with probably what Waterline means i think), will it citadels? I usely never aim for the water but right at "line" of water and enemy hull. Thank you.
  6. cro_pwr

    Des Moines citadel area

    ok, we all know high tier cruisers are squishy and, gets citadeled easy etc etc etc... but what genius put Des Moines citadel THERE??? i can understand that you can get lucky/unlucky citadel from god knows where, but the amount of times I've got citadeled by being hit there is just wtf... and no, the shell did not hit me under my turret and then proceeded into my ammo stack, but simply by getting hit in your @ss you get citadeled regulary...
  7. CAPT_Taste

    Fuso Armor Review - Some Surprises

    I really like playing the Fuso and I wanted to know the best and worst places to shoot the Fuso. I knew under the smoke stacks were good for citadels but I was surprised to see that underneath the turrets was not always an optimal shot choice. I put together a video which highlights the Fuso's armor and the best places to shoot the Fuso at closer ranges (line drive shots). I tested things out in a training room and some of the results surprised me. Anyways here is the link to the video if you all are interested in seeing what I found out. I will be checking the YouTube page off and on so leave me some comments on the channel so I can see what you guys and gals think. Or if you have any ideas for better tests to run. I know that results may differ with plunging shots and that is 1 alternative that I think I can test out. Testing plunging shots is harder though because of the battleship's RNG with it's shells.
  8. Warspite - tips for dealing with enemy BBs that are of the same or higher tier? I am currently having fun with my Warspite at the moment but I am finding that the Grand Old Lady can be a bit fragile when I'm dealing with enemy BBs such as the New Mexico, Fuso, Colorado, Nagato, and the Tirpitz (I rarely see Amagis and North Carolinas). I understand that as a premium ship, the Warspite should be less effective than equal tiered BBs, and obviously it should be much less effective vs. higher tiered BBs. Nevertheless, I often encounter such BBs and I am wondering if anyone can offer advice on how to best deal with (or to survive) these encounters. I try to target enemy cruisers first if they're in range as they're easier to sink but there are times when I have to go toe-to-toe with these BBs. I use the damage repair ability to the best of my ability (4 charges with captain skill) and I armour-angle but i'd rather take less damage if possible. Fuso Normally I try to close the distance to avoid plunging fire and keep my armour angled. I find that I can deal citadels/penetrations fairly well when the Fuso is broadside on to me, aiming for waterline near funnels and rear turrets. Nevertheless, I still take a hefty amount of damage from the Fuso whilst maneuvering to close the distance. New Mexico Again I try to close the distance to avoid plunging fire and keep my armour angled but I vary rarely achieve citadels against this ship. I try to aim for the waterline near the front turrets as I haven't had much success with waterline near funnels and rear turrets. More accurately I try to close the distance to 6km for my secondaries to take effect but the closer i get to the New Mexico, the higher the chance that I won't be able to keep my armour angled without colliding with it or I'll eventually exposing my broadside (which is pretty easy to citadel/penetrate) by turning away. Ideally I would have the New Mexico following closely behind me at an angle but it's difficult to achieve that position without exposing my broadside at close quarters at least once. Colorado, Nagato With these ships I still try to close the distance and angle but their larger calibre guns take their toll. For some reason i've found it easier to citadel these ships compared to the New Mexico but it's a struggle to survive an encounter with them and still be functional enough to continue the battle afterwards. The range of the secondaries of the Nagato can be equal to the Warspite so I tend to hang back between 6km and 11km. Tirpitz My first tactic is to try and run away/evade Tirpitzes as their plunging fire is deadly to my Warspite, whilst their armour and torps are most effective at close range. If I need to engage them to help my team then I'll try to dodge as many shots as possible whilst making myself a nuisance for the Tirpitz and throwing the Warspite around and only firing off a few return shots to try to survive for as long as possible. I really don't know what the best way to deal with the Tirpitz. Any advice from fellow Warspite owners?
  9. pun_za_kette

    AP vs HE

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share my experience in the matter of ammo used. At least on american Cruisers, this is what I found: On average (over the course of like 40-50 Battles) I did twice the damage with AP than I did with HE (including fires!) while only hitting half as many, resulting in an average damage of four-times the HE damage when hitting with AP per hit. So all this whining about HE being OP and the fires being too stronk... Nah! AP works fine! You just need to hit the citadels. Yesterday I had a really good start in my Omaha, hitting 31 shots and having 11 citadel penetrations amongst those... So learning to aim really pays off! But you have to start shooting AP in order to learn where the citadels are greetz, pun
  10. I know that 3.1.4 patch made some changes to nerf the angling and stuff... but did anyone else notice that currently BB AP shells tend to citadel cruisers no matter the angle or armor they are hitting? I played 3.1.4 patch and it wasnt as bad as it is now... Lately in Mogami ive been citadel hit by fuso, warspite, new york etc at extreme angles and even from the straight front... 20° hits for massive dmg, hits from front (warspite hit my bow for 24k hp and killed me... same with other BBs)... it seems like yolo torp runs in IJN CAs have gotten much worse, as everyone just shoots front and deals massive dmg to you! Even in myoko i managed to citadel Pensacola from the front shooting right at his bow... didnt even see his side, he was going right at me... Hits like these: | | /\ |\ or even worse angles regularly result in citadel hits! Or some strange things are happening... as every game i continue to shoot broadside then turn towards/away from BBs to be as angled as possible... and they just continue to deal massive dmg with every hit no matter what... That used to be almost impossible and what made yolo torp runs possible... now you dont even get in reasonable range to launch them before you die... Seems like another ninja change before OBT, like module crits... or its supposed to be that way and make IJN cruiser so much worse now?