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Found 42 results

  1. Hello In the last 3 days I have somehow managed to citadel German BBs from relatively close range in a Donskoi.. Can anyone explain how this was possible since: A) Donskoi has flat arcs, so no plunging fire (also FdG was relatively close range) B) Donskoi AP has the pen to do that?
  2. Is there any way to determine if you have been citadelled or if it was just a non citadel, heavy damage?
  3. Hello fellow captains. I have this strange conundrum that happened to me twice already in this update. While happily bow-tanking stupid bots in co-op I have been citadelled TWICE by ships that had no way of penetrating my bow, once by Roma and once by QE(!). In the case of ROMA the angle was literally straight 0 degrees, with QE, slightly less. Sadly, I only have the most recent replay with QE citadelling me at the very end of the battle. Anyone else experienced this? Maybe there is something wrong with seam alignment between armor plates? Such bugs used to be frequent in WoT with holes in armor creating 0 armor zones... 20190415_214719_PASB012-North-Carolina-1945_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay PS in the QE situation I was at a slight angle so this may be legit citadel after all, I am unable to watch the replay myself, but as i pointed out earlier, with Roma it was straight bow-on and bots always aim at waterline center of mass, never at superstructure. EDIT mystery solved few posts below 🙂
  4. Well, it may be me, but I have noticed that when you are turning away/into, or more specifically, if you are sailing towards the target then turn away, or sailing away from the target and then turn in, you are actually far more likely to get citideled, compared when you are just sailing full broadside on, or even just continuing on the course. I have experienced this on the receiving and and on the giving end, ships that are well known for being hard to citadel have a higher chance of getting citadels because of that. My reasoning behind this is that if someone shoots at you in a turn, you are far less able to evade it cause your rudder is being used for turning of course, while you need to make minor course adjustments if you are not really doing much. Another reason is how the aim assist works, it attempts to compensate for the ship’s direction, therefore a random shell can fly off and hit the citadel. to sum it up, if you have to turn , wait until the enemy has fired before attempting to do so. An the further away the enmy is, the more likely you are able to get away with it. Likewise vs it, shooting a ship at the start of the turn is not a good idea, it’s better to wait till they are fully committed to it.
  5. hey captains, I wondered if it was possible to insert a big visual explosion effect when citadel is hit. imagene to hit a citadel in 22km range and see a big explosion on board after the impact. "bullseye!!!"
  6. Venom7000

    HE vs AP

    This is most likely the most frequent topic for any newcomer to ask. I am currently sailing with my Chester and for the first time I get to have a dilemma between HE or AP. Thing is if I use 100% HE during a match I tend to do a lot better kill and total damage vise then when I try to use AP (even situationally). I get that AP is only effective when: You are closer than 10 km, enemy broad side on and not shooting at a destroyer. Problem is that 90% of my shots shatter, 9% over-penetrate and maybe 1% does any real damage. The thing is that even with that damage I do as much as with HE. Except AP is less reliable. Am I missing something here? P.s- I statistically did more citadel hits with my HE than with AP.
  7. cro_pwr

    Conqueror citadel

    There's been what, 4-5 days since WG removed the unintentional bug that made Mongqueror easier to citadel. So, after that happened, I was eagerly awaiting for a new video from @wilkatis_LV to show us where to aim to reliably citadel him, as he did once in a past, but still didn't see one. Now, it really saddens me, because I'm always happy to learn something new from him, especially when it comes to Conqueror, or overall balance of the game. Sadly, Mods removed the parts of his posts where he called us r3tards etc, but context of his posts is still quite obvious I dare to say. Anyway, wilkatis, feel free to post another vid, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would enjoy seeing another one.
  8. Oderisson

    Republique armor weakness

    Does anyone knows if recent armor penetration change fixed republique problem of getting citadelled by cruisers at extreme ranges?
  9. What a stupid design! Underwater citadel = impossible to hit at ANY distance from ANY ship. Oh, sure someone got that one LUCKY hit, but it's LUCKY and nothing more!!!!!!!1 It's NOT reliable!!! Conquerors can sail flat broadside to everyone and NOT EVEN GIVE 2 EDIT ABOUT IT bcuz they will be NEVER PUNISHED!!!! FIX THIS EDIT ALREADY!!111!!!! How often have you seen posts like that? I have to say, I've seen far more of them than there should ever have existed. What's most mind blowing is that a lot (if not most) of people posting that seem to actually be quite a bit more skilled than your average potato. And yet - something that I see as so obvious - it has slipped right past them. So here you go fingers crossed it's the last example you will ever need for it Hopefully writing this for the last time - just learn where to aim. It's obvious, it's easy, and it's reliable. If my tier 8 BBs can do it, surely your 9s and 10s should have no problems. And for those who still didn't get it - yes, everything above the line was sarcasm.
  10. Theristiri

    Z-52 x10 Citadel to Minotaur

  11. Having tried German, US, USSR and IJN cruiser lines I have come to a conclusion that IJN is the most enjoyable line to play, mostly because of the armored decks the t5-t7 have. On the other cruisers a BB shell will autopenetrate you anywhere apart from belt armor. USSR cruisers have soft decks but at least they have 50mm of citadel deck armor which helps to prevent citadels when angled but you still eat full penetrations. On german t5-6 CLs the citadel deck is 20mm meaning every BB shell that touches the citadel, autopenetrates. My proposal: Give all cruisers same tier BB-class armor amidships on the sides and deck (or at least deck only), t4-5 19mm, t6-7 25mm, t8+ 32mm while retaining weak (overmatchable) bow/stern. This way you will still get deleted if you derp broadside but become a much harder target when angled. Maybe it will turn cruisers into unstoppable flamethrowers of doom, maybe not but I think it's at least an idea worth some testing seeing the sorry state the low tier cruiser gameplay is in?
  12. PhantomSailor

    Iowa Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Iowa.These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes.But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 152mm to 25mm & 16mm (Splits to multiple sections) Citadel Athward FRONT - Changed from 287mm & 216mm to 216mm (One section) BACK - Changed from 287mm & 16mm to 16mm (One section) Citadel Armorbelt Changed from 307mm & 297mm & 163mm to 297mm & 163mm PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  13. PhantomSailor

    Montana Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Montana. These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes. But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 150mm to 19mm ​Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead Changed from 45mm to 110mm​ PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  14. This is not a whine post. I'm just curious as I didn't expect this to happen. (Target player name blurred). Granted, I was playing Izumo, but I didn't expect to pen a Yamato and citadel it from the front like this. First image you see my salvo about to hit. There are 3 shells in particular. Two of them near the center of the aim (just above and below the center point). They fall just short of the bow and will miss. The 3rd shell is visible near the outer circle at about 1 o'clock. Now look at the second image as the salvo hits. Actually, only one shell hits. As it hits, I believe it strikes the deck, pens the 57mm deck armor, continues to the citadel deck armor which is 200mm and pens that as well, causing a citadel hit. That seems the most likely. Is this normal or did I find a "magical range" as I guess AP shells also lose a lot of penetration with distance but you need plunging fire. I mean is there a "sweet spot" range you need to be at to be able to pull this off?
  15. arczer25

    Hood citadel

    just noticed, Hood citadel seems to be to low, its either citadel height or ship sitting to deep in the water. here are armor schemes: according to that waterline is at 1/3 of inclined deck, in game citadel deck is exactly at waterline in mean time Nagato with waterline starting in middle of inclined deck there is difference
  16. MrWastee

    top 3 citas

    lo there. what have been ur most hilarious cita hits yet? for me it goes: 3. myself on GK, sending another GK to the bottom with a cita on ca. 12km (1st cita i had on GK ever lol; also only 1 cita yet on bismarck) 2. on scharnhorst against an iowa on closerange.... i managed to pump an ap grenade up his nose/bow.... cita 1. fuso, on two brothers.... shot a salvo right after matchstart into enemy cap (B in that case) and landed a blind cita on a cruiser on like 20km ... #milliondollarshot so, how about yours?
  17. Surmaaja

    Cruiser gameplay videos

    What does it take to elevate your cruiser gameplay onto the next level? Post your cruiser moments and let's find out together what did you do wrong. What were your mistakes and how you should've played to turn your premature death into match where you carry your team. My episode 1 was analyzed already here http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/67024-something-needs-to-be-done-about-bbs/page__st__180__pid__1445391#entry1445391 Now it's time for Episode 2. Episode where I embrace the death, pinned down behind an island. Eventually trying to deny the kill from a Bayern but getting destroyed by her anyways . It's a bit longer than the first one since I wanted to include the previous events which lead me into my salty grave.
  18. gekkehenkie50

    Colorado, RngIsh? Or just me?

    So I have 2 replays that, when looked at, show what happens to me in my Colorado: Either Citadels or none, no matter how I aim, one game is great, the other is garbage :S Broadside Atago? Nope :S Im wondering if this is normal, or extreme bad/good luck xD
  19. El2aZeR

    About the Iowa/Montana

    Browsing the American Forums, I've stumbled upon this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/99212-confirmed-iowamontana-citadel-modeling-error/ For those of you too lazy to click that, it basically shows that the citadel model on both the Iowa and the Montana include a splinter deck which (obviously) should not be a part of it. This makes the citadel on both ships extend far above the waterline and is one of the reasons why they're so vulnerable compared to their contemporaries. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would make them similar to the North Carolina and therefore much harder to hit at closer ranges. The official answer was: First of all, according to people in the thread (and I have no reason to believe they are lying) both Iowa and Montana are the only battleships in the game whose citadels are modeled to include the splinter deck (apparently the Yamato as well, but that is arguable). And I believe it is widely accepted that the Montana at least is the worst performing T10 battleship, being outclassed by both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in almost every category. Publicly available data supports this, showing that the Montana comes in dead last by a good amo in every relevant category across almost every server (a common trend for USN ships). The Russian server stands out as an anomaly, on which it on average sports slightly better damage and survival rates than the Yamato during the last two weeks. (I'm basing this off of warships.today, as wows-numbers is currently down, but I believe other stat sites will draw a similar picture) Of course, there are also things that will never be reflected in stats. Assuming a similar skill level, I think everyone will agree with me that a Yamato or a G.Kurfürst will usually win a fight against a Monty barring any divine intervention from RNGesus. The Montana simply doesn't have enough strengths to make up for it, most of her former ones taken away by the G.Kurfürst when it was introduced. Even some of the things it has going for it can be argued upon (for example Yamato is arguably better at weathering air strikes thanks to its absurd TDS value, as neither will be capable of wiping out a significant portion of T10 planes before they drop their payloads). This raises several questions: If being the most underperforming ship in its bracket is not enough to warrant a buff, what is? Sure, Monty deletes cruisers real good, but so do both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in addition to not being comparatively useless at everything else. And Monty is the most vulnerable to cruiser AP shells out of the 3. Does this perhaps mean that the game is only balanced based on statistics available on the Russian server? I've read otherwise, but WG employees are apparently no stranger to lying to the community as evidenced above. Is WG happy with the current state of US ships? If so, doesn't this validate everyone crying about "anti-US bias"? Including other facts like STS plating not being considered as armor (for those that don't know, that's 114mm of armor missing on the turret faceplate for the Montana alone), it'd be rather difficult to argue against that. It may just be that WG is waiting on how much the recent armor buff will affect the statistics before making further changes. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would of course be a rather big survivability buff to the Iowa and the Montana, but the reasons given do seem rather questionable to say the least. Thoughts? PS: Well, this sure turned into a wall of text. It's my first post here, too *sigh*.
  20. dasCKD

    Atago citadel buff

    The Atago is a ship that is well know for her fragility. Now that I had some games in her however, I found that she seems to be able to bounce BB shells at around the frequency of most other cruisers (minus the Germans obviously). Has she had her armor buffed in any patches leading up to this one? I'm just wondering because she doesn't seem particularly fragile to me.
  21. I was challenged to make a youtube video to keep a new subscriber (I do care this much about them) so I jumped in one of my favorite ships and recorded it live. It was my first live commentary so be gentle :3 I appreciate any constructive critisim. Greetings from Hungary! Ps.: I am a real captain btw
  22. Hi everyone. I want to get some information about something that happened to me yesterday.I was sailing with my Yamato on Shattering map near A cap.We were winning but our team on C collapsed(Because we went for A-B plan) so even if were winning we were nearly flanked from behind.So i turned back to fight.I was heavily out-numbered(Me vs Montana, Roon, Fletcher, New Orleans) so it was obvious that i will be going down so i want to take some down with me.First i sinked Fletcher, then aimed for New Orleans(has 12k hp) which was just 6 km away from me.Player showed me ships broadside with showing me underbelt i aimed at there.Scored 3 hits out of 6(3 of them went into water, i aimed really close to waterline).I obviously hit citadel area, New Orleans should have been sunk, but no, all of them were overpen with 4k damage.Just after that i got killed by Montana.That's the end. And my question is the one you see on topic: Is it possible to overpen citadels?
  23. Greenh0rn

    Tirpitz changes

    Hi First of i have to start that i have the ship from day1 and i have nearly 900 games with it, i can say that almost half of the games i played in the game. I got used the "1160" demages and burning like haystack, but the ship had something that was quite awsome: ARMOUR. I really liked that it was hard to citadel and bunced shots. Whit the new "improved" armour the ship was stripped from that also, i am getting citadel pens all day long doesn't matter wich range it's comes from. I got used to a fighting style under the ~900 battle and now everything is changed and Tirpitz is now feel like if it's made out of cartboard. Just a quick calculation 320+293.63 (110mm at 22 degree)=613mm of armour (this is just simple calculation and doesent count any normalisation and things like that) this means iowas 16"/50 (40.6 cm) Mark 7 would be able to pen it only about 11km This is my first ever post on the forums and this shoul indicate how really pissed i am right now. And sorry for my crap "English" it's not my native languange as you might guessed it
  24. lup3s

    Armor on cruisers.

    Hi, Since 0.5.5 was released I have the feeling it's harder to hit the citadel on a cruiser sailing broadside to you and easier to hit the citadel on a cruiser sailing angled or straight to you. I've had multiple times (with and against me) where a cruiser got devastated by a battleship, even though it was sailing perfectly angled or straight away from that battleship. On the other hand, I've had multiple times (again, with and against me), where a cruiser was sailing broadside to a battleship, and none of the hits were a citadel hit. Since that last update, I've got more Devastating Strikes (with my battleship) on cruisers not sailing broadside than on cruisers sailing broadside to me. Is it just me (and bad luck RNG) or did something really change to how citadel hits (especially on cruisers) are calculated? Now I'd sometimes prefer to shoot at cruisers that are sailing angled or straight towards (/away from) me, than at cruisers broadside to me; as I have the feeling the chance of getting a citadel hit on the former one is bigger. I also have the feeling you've got more chance scoring citadel hits on a cruiser sailing 15 km from you than on one sailing 4 km from you.. Really weird.
  25. Hello, is there a way or a mod to disable the high pitch sound and heartbeat after receiving a citadel hit? It really pisses me off. I know it is there for an effect and maybe even to increase the difficulty (by not hearing what is happening around), but I really hate it and I thing the majority of players do.