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Found 2 results

  1. Hello boys and girls of WoWs, As you all know, soon... very soon... Christmas will be upon us. I have been activated. The time has finally come for me to send the list to the old man, so that we can begin preparations. But Mirage, you infuriatingly handsome, tall drink of water, you, what are you on about? Why, the Community Christmas List(CCL), of course! You see, as number one, most prestigious employee of the month of July 1990, and 666th helper to Santa himself, and as his representative in WoWs, I have been charged with a very important duty. That is, to find out just what you s want for Christmas this year. As most of you have been...... Somewhat well behaved... Santa, in his eternal generosity and wisdom, has seen fit to grant the players of WoWs a single wish. To be brought to him for consideration. To that end, I have taken the liberty of creating a poll to decide upon the best wish to send. The wishes that make up the options were generated based on intensive, round-the-clock monitoring of the playerbase psyche, conducted covertly and non-intrusively by our field teams. Rest assured, we have our finger on the pulse of public opinion. Christmas magic is strong, friends, especially at this time of year. When amplified through the innocent wishes of those truly pure of heart, any wish can come true. So come together, and choose the wish you would most like me to pass on. Now with the added convenience of anonymity! Don't tarry! The window is open only until Christmas eve. I will close it at midnight, sharp! And Remember, You can only choose one. Lots of Christmassy love, Mirage 1 - Santa, please undo CV REEEEwork! You're our only hope! 2 - Actually, Santa, please just remove CV altogether. 3 - Santa, please stop WG from implementing Subs! 4 - Santa, please stop the IFHE REEEwork! 5 - Please ban Mirage from this forum 6 - Santa, Remove SmOlENsk. Now. 7 - Please remove KrEmliN. 8 - Santa, RuShAn BiAs, Santa! Make it go away! 9 - Santa, fix MM! Just do... SOMETHING! 10 - I wish for better teammates. PLEASE. 11 - NO MORE HE SPAM 12 - Santa, delete the game from existence so I can get my life back. 13 - Yama with 30sec turret traverse base plox 14 - World Peace 15 - Other(Please specify) DISCLAIMER: Though we guarantee the winning wish will be heard by SANTA, SANTA is not under obligation to grant such a wish. Granting of wishes remains entirely at the discretion of SANTA.
  2. YES - THE BROTHERHOOD OF BEARDS IS BACK!!!! For the 2nd Year running now, we are doing our epic Christmas Party Stream!!! This year, we are going for longer though!! We have some epic Streamers taking part, Christmas gifts aplenty, and of course, the chilled fun streams that BOBS has become known for :) The schedule is here Check it out and we look forward to welcoming you to the party!!! Start DATE - 20/12/2019 at 9pm GMT time (Please adapt for your local time)