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Found 12 results

  1. Moin Moin! Mir ist die letzten Tage aufgefallen, das im COOP "Skipper" unterwegs sind, die folgendes Profil haben: - vor kurzem angemeldet - NUR CooP - unmöglich viele Gefechte in so kurzer Zeit - komischer Spielstil (selbst für Anfänger) So etwas geht nur mit BOTS!! In 14 Tagen mehr als 1600 Gefechte, das sind 120+ am Tag. Bei 10 Min je Gefecht macht das 20h netto Spielzeit, JEDEN Tag! Also haben wir hier jetzt auch die Botseuche. Übrigens alle aus dem gleichen Clan... ^^ Siehe beigefügte Bildschirmfotos. (Orginale sind auf Anfrage einsehbar) Bitte schaut euch eure Gefechtsberichte und Stats an. Meldet Auffälligkeiten an WG! Ich glaube niemand hier will asiatische Verhältnisse. Auf dem dortigen Server sind Geisterspiele mittlerweile normal!! Und im Übrigen bin ich der Meinung, der MM sollte (skillbasiert) überarbeitet werden!! Danke für eure Hilfe! Pepe_LePew
  2. Hello! There are accounts that went botting in Sprint thanks to the "no star loss" system, they are still doing it in Randoms to farm the Puerto Rico event... and the tickets to WG pointing these 24hrs/300+games/100%yolo guns blazing/day accounts are getting ignored. The "[edited]" answer is "automatic detection system will catch him"... but it didn't for the past 3 weeks already... maybe it needs more time or time passes differently in Russia. I bet it the botting radiation on the servers also shows only 3.6 Roentgen on their dosimeters, still, "not great, not terrible", as the great Dyatlov used to say... no need to panic, the "automatic system" will fix everything! In case you want to tell me how many neurons does it take to see the guy chosen as proof (2 replays of the bot doing his thing were added), here are its robotic stats: *edit* Apparently not obvious enough for WeeGee...
  3. kPlusPlus_2018


    Many bad players use "some" botters aid. In one shut at you destroy 50%. Please take some list for this diamonds man that will be blocked, and play normal. Thx
  4. rimmer_the

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    WG WOWS team does not take a single measure against proven cheaters. Other game companies are able to ban some cheaters, bot WG WOWS team not one. Why is that ? Really disencourages from playing Random/Ranked. So much effort put into a unwanted Game Center and barely watched Aleena videos about what flag is the most used, or mediocre music videos None in diminishing one of the actual biggest problems in the game:cheating.
  5. Chaps Genuine question here and a true story. Q. Is there a hack or whatever that disconnects/messes with players in a clan battle? Sleeping Giant Map Clan battle yesterday against a well know clan but believed to be their second team (*****2). Situation Held the closest cap and blitzed into the A cap (the one surrounded by the low islands). Two of our ships (1 hindy and 1 Des) were in the middle waiting for 3 Des to come steaming in though the far side. We knew that any ships that come steaming in would get a wall of torps (our DD was also loitering around the mouth of the cap). A Mexican stand off ensued which we were in no rush to entertain as we were winning on points and held 2 caps. Time was ticking for the other team.....So they made a move, all three of them. Then it happened. At the exact moment they moved from behind the island, both our Hindy and Des players piped up on the radio that they had been disconnected!!!! By the time both players has got back into the game (quite quick) one was dead and the other half. Lucky enough the remaining Hindy player (good lad) quickly threw some torps in point blank and took out 2 of their ships. The last one got nailed by our Conq over the island. Now is this just a freak disconnect? Could have happened at any time but i mean this felt like it was timed to the max. Facts 1) Only those 2 players were disconnect . Our gearing, Conq and Mosk was left alone. 2) The front Des didn't fire a single shot for ages. Even though it radar our DD? That was the front Des with the rest behind and obstructed. What was he doing in that time? (Could be anything but just saying) Back down to earth I don't believe in some of the things people say about hack this and hack that. I would be naive if i said it doesn't happen in any game but i cant remember it ever happening before to me personally. But this happened in such a bazaar way that its smells really fishy chaps. We won the game so if it was then Ho Ho. We made various comments to them about just how fishy it was and even though the team seemed to have English words in there names (the majority) they didn't type one single word back when typing in English. Chaps. Has this ever happened to anyone/team before? I don't know much about hacks and such but I would imagine it would be quite hard to pull off? I mean disconnecting 2 individual people from the game at the same time? I'm still down with the Commodore 64 kids so i don't know that much about such things. Only to have fun the correct way and not cheating. Please can we pipe up if this happens to any of your chaps during Clan battles please. I know I know (tin foil hat time), but i had to bring it up as it was down right weird. Cheers,
  6. I became aware about some suspicious actions in plain battle. I like this game, it's free, I understand, but: 1. Too many stealth ships in unlimited time spoils the battle. No one to battle with, or ship is suddenly appearing and destroys your ship... 2. Game was playing OK, but after latest updates has rendering issues. Freezing frames, lags in ship movement, terrain or water vanishing... 3. In battle, this is an issue that makes me nuts: I destroy a ship (under my firing range and under my shells) - no reward; I buy an component, they make me pay again... 4. But most of it is that the game, when my team is on the verge to win, suddenly ends!!!! With no real basis in the battle to finish!!! In my opinion, bots from/in game, ruled by WOW, try to overrule/posses the game, to make us to pay. OK. it's understandable, it's a game TO BE PAID FOR, a new concept, of course. But don't stick your hand on my wallet, thus forcing me to pay. BTW, even if I was willing to pay now I'll pass over because the game itself it is unreliable and has issues. If you want proof, i will externally record and post online every battle I think as suspicious.
  7. Hi people. If there is one thing about the way people in this game cooperate that drives me nuts, it is the deliberate kill-whoring that seems to be present in all but the very low tiers of play. Some examples: 1. Players stop firing at the ship they are engaged with, to attempt to kill another low-health enemy ship - resulting in their death or loss of HP. 2. Players delay their barrage until the enemy ship is at low health, then unleash a full barage to sieze the kill. 3. Players disengage in a 2 v 1 fight and use cover until their teammate is dead, then swoop in to kill the damaged enemy. 4. Players See an easy fight with many of our team vs a couple of the enemy and turn around, abandoning their teammates. I cannot fully condemn this behaviour, because it is encouraged, in the most part, by game mechanics demanding kills for missions and achievements. I would appreciate if wargaming gently mnoved the focus of the game away from kills and more towards damage done. Even if they just awarded the "kill" to the player who has most damaged the target, it would be an improvement over the current situation. * Disclaimer - I understand that this is a team game, I understand that it belongs to wargaming so they can do whatever the hell they want and I understand that 99% of the replies I get to this post will be hostile. All I want is that people think about it a little - we are all wasting our time competing for an arbitrary game mechanic that rewards scumbags rather than tactical players! Fair skies and calm seas, comrades.
  8. I experienced a game (recorded and will be sent to Youtube) where an enemy ship (that should have been destroyed by one, single shot) took 20 (TWENTY!) direct arty hits - without any damage whatsoever. This, proves that MM decides the game outcome BEFORE YOU EVEN START PLAYING. Completely dishonest game model - as I have frequently stated. This means (as frequently stated) that this (and all other game types) are fixed - it is NOT a game of skill - it is predefined. This is the only way that the owners can maintain interest of abysmal players - by 'leveling' game play. If you are a good player, you will be 'levelled' down to poor player status. You may as well just run some graphical imagery, firing shells at pretend images without any feedback of accuracy - whether you hit or miss is irrelevant in this game, because IT decides when, where you hit (or miss) - completely randomly. This is not a game of skill - it's a 'video' that tries to make it look realistic - when in fact it is completely ignoring your skills. No competition here - ALL game play is pure pretence and does not represent your ACTUAL skill ability. Imagine that you are playing chess against a computer: you move a piece to square 'A1'. The computer shows you that the piece has moved to A1, but actually moves it (within the game mechanics) to A2 - that, is what happens in WOW and WOT etc. Completely dishonest / unacceptable / atrocious con. WOW - please OFFICIALLY respond to this post - please negate it; I'd love to hear an honest explanation. (And those trolls that look out for posts like this, so that they can 'gain favour' from admins - please shut up - it really is pathetic). Def
  9. Azrael_Ashemdion


    The link below leads to a youtube of a shadowplay cap of my replay of the game in question. Amagi battleship on our team team-killed our Fubuki and began reporting the position to the enemy to give them the win. Not sure if he had a friend on the other team, but it seemed so. As well, it appeared that he has been doing this since March of 2015, which means he's been colluding since season 1. I have the replay if someone from WG wants it. No names here. Check the video if you want specifics. Video link is right here: [edited] Az
  10. HectorBarbossa

    Where is exp x2?

    Where is Valentines special exp for first win of day?? It is show on event calendar, and was even send by via mail to everyone player 13-16Valentine's Special Enjoy DOUBLE Experience on your first win of the day. Take advantage of special discounts, which will be announced in a separate article on the portal. STARTS 13 February at 06:10 CET (UTC+1) ENDS 16 February at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) So EU server it's again f*ck up, and only use as money cow milk?
  11. Or should I say, because it happened to me just now, should it really be possible? It seems like someone used a cheat to perform the above, or is it really possible? Please tell me this is impossible.
  12. Hey Forum what do you think about map glitching and what do you think could be done about it? What it is: If you drive your Carrier/Battleship/Cruiser/Pony against the border of the map and put the rudder hard port or starboard you are becoming very hard to hit with torpedoes since you can turn your ship relatively fast on point. What do you think?