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Found 57 results

  1. Badvock71

    In Game Chat Prob

    Since the last patch my chat has been knackered, any messages or general chat simply show up as "Object Object" in the chat window, anyone else seen this or know the cause?
  2. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Mi dispiace ma non posso scrivere nulla, altrimenti mi bloccano anche qui, perchè dovete sapere che non si puo contestare il servizio clienti.... e già....
  3. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - How it works?

    Is there anyone who can explain how the semi-automatic system of chat ban works? Are the players complaints involved in it, and how? Is the player karma also involved by players making complain against other players?
  4. DanottiTR

    Report system needs rework

    I do disabled my Chat box with the help of a mod and still I get chat banned and the reason is I do play CV and constantly get reported after each game as I can see at the notification tab . So according to these people you messed up with your CV rework and we are getting punished for reason . Seriously .... WG your report system is not working as intended . I normally do not care if chat banned or not as I do bloody NOT USE the chat box in game BUT I do use clan chat and when chat banned you cnat use it either and that is not fair . Well I can use clan chat and from the look of it it is fixed couse last week it didnt (as I am constantly chat banned) At least that is good for the important part of the issue . That needs a fix ASAP .
  5. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    How do you stop someone spamming on the chat? In World of Tanks you just select the player, block their messages and you're done, easy! I just experienced an "interesting" battle, where one player was extremely abusive in the chat, spamming multiple times a minute. I was one of his/her dedicated targets. The spamming was continuous and accompanied by the voice messages, which made the concentration (surprise surprise) very hard. The spamming stopped only at the very end of the battle when he/she was concentrated on hunting the CV and didn't play with the F-buttons anymore. I did: Add him/her to Blacklist. No effect. Stop messages from him/her. No effect. Reported for poor behaviour in chat. Obviously no immediate effect, but at least made me feel slightly better. The replay file can be found here. It is NOT published for shaming purposes, so please do NOT attack nor abuse the players in the game, not even the spammer. I'm publishing the replay file, so others can evaluate the situation themselves and maybe come up with comments. And yes, my Aoba fighting sucks totally :-D
  6. Dirty_Dunc

    Chat Bans, Reporting

    Okay. I've just about had enough of the reporting system in this game. I am the first to admit I can rant and turn the air blue with the best of them, but this is beyond on a joke now. I really am trying to be considerate and not use expletives because, yes ....... there may well be children present ... pffff Having said that, I've have just received a chat ban and the only thing I was discussing were which caps to go for at the start of a match, no obscenities were used and now I have to wait until 6 okay tomoorw night before I can get banned again! Just because you don't necessarily agree with someone in chat doesn't mean you are being abusive for crying out loud !!! I've also been reported just sailing a Yamato .. on the basis that it's a Battleship and all players that sail them should be reported because they are 'noobs' and '[edited]' *edit
  7. mal wieder paar kleine Ideen: 1) könnte man alle Maps so drehen, dass sie horizontal sind? also auf der Map ein Team rechts, das andere links startet? Jetzt sind ja manche Maps diagonal, bei anderen starten die Teams oben und unten, und nur auf der Eiskarte (denk ich) starten sie links und rechts. Wenn man jetzt z.B. sagt: "deff left and attack right!" oder so - dann isses oft unklar, weil die Leute nicht wissen, ob LINKS und RECHTS auf der Minimap gemeint ist oder aus der Schiffsicht (beim Team, das von oben nach unten fährt, ist das beides ja entgegengesetzt). Aber OBEN und UNTEN ist immer klar = das würde die Teamkommunikation doch verbessern ... 2) könnte man beim Chat einen anderen Ton für "an alle" machen? Wie oft hab ich schon aus Versehen was an alle gepostet! Wenn man neben diesem kleinen "plupp!" das jetzt erklingt, sobald man in den Chat zu schreiben beginnt, einen anderen warnenden Ton hat, falls es "an alle" geht, könnte man das öfter vermeiden^^
  8. Salut à tous, Il serait souhaitable que WG fasse le nécessaire pour que nous puissions réellement cacher et shunter les messages de la roue des ordres d'un joueur en particulier. Il est difficile de s'organiser quand un idiot "spam" à intervalle régulier le chat, on doit remonter dans la fenêtre de discussion pour voir les informations suivies. merci de m'avoir lu. Cordialement.
  9. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    So In these days, if you give a player an advice to how to play in game chat, and if he didn't like the idea and you got reported from a division you will get ban from chating that's how game system works, you shouldn't talk and advice players, nothing to say... re-think about this
  10. Ich lande zum ungefähr 350. mal auf dem Ban, weil man ingame zwar die Möglichkeit gelöscht hat, Cheater zu melden, ich aber sehr wohl gemeldet werden kann, wenn ich ein entsprechendes cheatendes ARSC.... würdigend im Chat angehe. Unfair! Könnte man im Spiel neben den Meldungen "Verstanden" oder "Brauche Aufklärung" auch eine Meldung "Bin leider mal wieder gesperrt" einbauen? Denn man wird ja für SÄMTLICHE Chats gesperrt, auch im eigenen Team oder im Clan. Und das ist UNFAIR! Die gleiche Methodik wäre schön gegen Cheater....
  11. monksuu

    Chat colors and ideas

    1. I have an issue with the chat colors during the match, especially the color for "my team" is awful against the sea and the sky. There isn't enough contrast to read the text my teammates are writing when I'm dodging shells and trying to aim. Cyan/green on light blue/grey doesn't work - even with "more contrast" option enabled. The NA forum has a good thread on it: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/86030-chat-colors/ ... I liked the idea of customize chat colors within the settings. 2. A possibility to easily target a chat message like to give a warning to a team member "Hey! Watch out my torps!" 3. Maybe an optional chime/sound effect when there is a new team message. Not for every message like many unseen messages in a row. Enabled/disabled in the settings.
  12. Kattenkrat

    Imposible join ingame chat

    Hi all I have a problem, sorry for open this in the wrong section Since i installed my game few days ago, i noticed i have a strange error in game, my chat window don`t work and always show me the message saying "Chat server is unaviable" while click it I asked some friends and they say me it's not a normal thing because all they can chat on it, join in different channels or find friends and i can't do it nothing mentioned above Also they tried to find me but i appear offline always being online I re instaled the game two times and the problem persist What i can do? This is my problem
  13. sprototles

    chat spam

    takze teraz som mal jednu uzasnu hru, kde sa nas cleveland schoval za stenu a celu hru tam spamoval Fxy tlacidla, samozrejme nepomohlo ani zablokovanie chatu s danym hracom, takisto ani blacklist ja som myslel ze WG tento provblem uz nejako poriesilo ... link: https://replayswows.com/replay/27758#stats
  14. tenceus

    about Divisions

    Hi Folks! We have this nice feature in tis game to be able to play with friends. It is awesome but definitely needs two things as divisions are small fighting groups in the whole team: -An In-game chatroom. The ability to talk only to division members would greatly help the communication which is key in every team game. -The game should place the division members close to each other in the beginning of the battles. If I decide to play together with a friend or two I want to work together with them not watching their minimap markers the other wing of the front or in some cases the opposite side of the map. Also quite annoying if a division in our side decides to spend the first three minutes of the battle looking for each other instead of helping the team. I would be happy if you could take this things into consideration during the developing of the next patch. Good luck and fair seas!
  15. Adrian1914

    4 players in Division chat

    Greetings! A couple of days ago I encountered this which I believe should be a bug: As you can see the other division guys don't see the 4th player. The only information I think could be relevant is that I was playing with the 4th guy in another 3-man division earlier, then I left to take a 1h break or so, but didn't close the game. Then I PM-ed the leader of the new division to invite me and when I joined I saw the 4th guy.
  16. tfioi

    [IN NEED OF] Division chat

    I am not sure if it's announced or even planed. But as the topic says, having one would be just, you know, nice! I feel sorry for every player on my team that had to endure Klingon words (every non English chat) now and then when I form a division whit friends who are for some reason or another unable to use any VoIP programs. Short post for an actual big problem xD
  17. MWOMA

    Unfair chat ban

    So while I was playing my gearing, there was a Chapayev division (2 chapayevs + kagero) who were trying to hunt me and chased me to the edge of the map. However, I sank them all. Seemingly they got offended because I outplayed them and they 7x3 reported me and got me an unfair chat-ban. is it allowed to upload the replay here ? cause something have to be done and justice has to take place !! This is frustrating, now am unfairly chat banned and if this wont stop it will happen again and again, anybody is going to report and unfairly punish the player who outplayed him because he can !!!!! Update: I had a quick look at the forum rules and didn't find anything saying that replays cant be posted, so here is the like for the replay:[edited] Minute 13: I sank the 1st Chapayev, typed in my first and last words in the battle "radar deleted" (which is not a curse or an insult) and probably got reported here. Minute 8:48: I sank the 2nd Chapayev (probably got reported here too), and here I realized I got chat banned and started using F# hotkeys for the rest of the battle.
  18. valoaa

    Chat window changes!

    Anybody else wish that we were able to keep the chat window permanently up? I was hunting for this recently in setting assuming it must be an option somewhere, right...? As I would love to ability to be able to glance over at the chat without having to manually bring it up. Second reason - Does anybody else keep going to type, (not noticing the chat window is no longer there) and the first letter of your sentence just happens to be "T" or "U" or another consumable letter, wasting a smoke or heal!? This would help tackle this issue for me. Lastly, in addition to being able to keep the chat window open, I would love the ability to resize the chat window, especially making it wider. Since 0.6.8 the chat window seems to be a far more cluttered now with new information, and this extra new information usually consists of sentences which now need TWO lines to be displayed, instead of one from previous patch, making the chat quite hard to read.
  19. Wie im Titel oben beschrieben hab ich seit längeren das Problem, dass meine Chatverläufe sich selbstständig löschen. Meisten nach einem Gefecht oder Start von WoWs. Es ist schon ziemlich nervig weshalb ich seit einer Zeit im Forum am besten kontaktierbar bin. Zur Lösung den Problems hab ich bereits das Spiel auf Fehler überprüfen lassen und auch die entsprechenden Dateien durchforstet. Ohne Erfolg... Hoff auf viel versprechende Vorschläge.
  20. This post has no shaming or naming nor re-posted because its completely rephrased. Thus there is no reason to close it. It seems that till this moment there is no efforts at all to detect fake report and fake chat-bans which are common and widely abused in my opinion. Anyone can punish any player that outplayed him with fake reports leading to a fake chat-ban (especially if they were a division where they can 3x7 fake report you). A solution must be found and justice have to be restored, otherwise it is ridiculous. Links of the previous closed threads to have a complete follow up of the story: Closed 1: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/74761-unfair-chat-ban/ Closed 2: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/74781-unfair-chat-ban/
  21. RNjisus

    Chat commands

    Can we get the option to disable the in-game chat or at least a /mute all command for it. It is such a nuisance to block every spammer individually.
  22. OttoZander

    Karma, reporting, the whole Shebang.

    I am a man of principle. Always have been so and most likely always will be. So it truly drives me up the freaking wall when every 3rd match or so I receive several reports or even more, my record being 19 after I managed to anger three smoke-sitting Kutuzov's in a division. Sometimes it is simply because a team-mate of mine decided that the effort I have put in was not enough to carry us to victory, and he would proclaim that I am a "noob", I can accept that and I would not respond. In many more cases it is because I have angered a young chair admiral, or maybe he considered me a cheater and would fling 4 reports my way. In majority of cases though, it is simply because the other person is uneducated. Today, a member of a Polish clan that shall not be named has proclaimed that I am a Nazi [edited]after I had sunk him, and that he really cannot stand the Germans. I am not even German, just my in-game alias is. I took it jokingly as I was in a good mood, and so I've sent a kind-worded message to the leader of their clan, saying that some of your mates ought to calm down, to which he replied that perhaps I am a flee-ridden Jew instead. Two things. First. I can tolerate the competitive trash-talking, it is always fun to bash each others tactics on the battlefield, I am known for receiving chat-bans every weekend, and I mean every weekend. Just do not get carried away. Perhaps Wargaming's "Misbehaviour in chat" report function should be more fleshed out? I find it silly that I receive a chat-ban every other day for calling someone who torpedoed my ship while being on MY team a "thundercunt", and in most cases I've said it jokingly, while folks who type truly inappropriate content into that stupid little green window just walk away I would think that it requires a closer human inspection for keeping the uneducated from spreading their... "ideas", and also from keeping me chat-banned, being unable to talk in the group channels for saying "Oh come on", then some thundercunt launches 7 reports my way, and by the end of the game I cannot chat for another 24 hours. Not that I have said anything even remotely wrong, but the game sees that I have used the chat function, so there you go, pow, you shall be silent now. Second. You receive an immense amount of negative points just for upsetting a troll, and it should not be so, it is highly disappointing receiving 19 reports after sinking a division so splendidly. I know it is not important, they mean nothing and they are worthless, but like I said I am a man of principle, and I would hope that before karma has an impact on your game (as stated by WG that it will in the future) it will work better. Care to throw in your two cents? Feel free to do so. If not, call me a big crying baby and carry on.
  23. Edit: Sehe hier: Projekt "HELP ME" - Spieler helfen Spielern stellt sich vor
  24. Brian_Pfeiffer

    Voice Chat

    Why is there no "Voice Chat" in WoW? Will it be added? If so, when? I see it in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes but I don't see it in World of Warships.
  25. KRBeC

    Chat across all WG's titles

    Just an idea, but would it be possible to implement a chat across WG's games, so I can see and chat with my friends that are for example playing WoT while I'm at WoWs (and vice versa)?