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Found 81 results

  1. Ahoi zusammen! Wie kann man eigentlich andere Spieler im Chat erwähnen, bzw einen Kurzbefehl an einen bestimmten Spieler richten?
  2. Captain_Breeze

    Chat Ban Rules

    Where are the rules or guidelines regarding chat bans? I have had a few 4 week bans now and intend to disable my chat as an experiment when the ban expires. I have a hunch I will still get banned without chatting. This should be useful in showing WG that people report you for anything, and I can hopefully get my next ban overturned. But I'm not overly optimistic. Just an experiment as I've said. Thanks, Danke, Tak for reading.
  3. Miro_unconquerable

    To much insults in game chat !

    Ok so i must address this cause it's happening 90% of the time and it's frustrating. So to those insulting cowards hidden behind a keyboard reveals only how much of a low life you must be to act like that. Real man don't insult !!! So think about it twice next time ,cause don't be so naive in thinking you can do that all the time hiding behind your imaginary identity cause its 21ct my toxic chickens and a man can take only so much ! You've crossed the lines already big time.. !!! Next time you wanna insult just remember about what i told you about and try to resist the temptation ;) (BTW YOU DON'T KNOW WHO ARE YOU INSULTING SO STOP PAUSE AND JUST THINK FOR A WHILE WITH THAT CHICKEN BRAIN OF YOURS WHAT AND WHO YOU MAY PROVOKE ) I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart ... S T O P !!!!!!!! Wow and you as an organizing provider of this game platform cannot allow this to continue anymore! Pay more attention in the chat section and you'll see what i mean ,you'll be up for quite a surprise !
  4. Heck, why not a new thread. Its been getting increasingly buggy. EDIT: I am talking about PORT chat system. - channels / chats get flushed blank - there is a delay sometimes after confirming message up to 1 minute - sometimes all chat windows go invisible and home button says that "chat server is unavailable" - and most annoying ... unofficial channels have broken "users list" that also corrupts global "online" status of your chat contacts (they appear online but they are not) Don't know how many of you have this...or if Its a wide known issue ... but lately I think the game chat is kinda not working for me.
  5. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  6. VeryHonarbrah

    Huge increase in chat bans

    Over the past few weeks, it seems like there has been a massive increase in chat bans across the board. Clan mates, friends, discord members, streamers, everyone seems to be getting chat banned for almost no reason. I got people in the clan who dont even swear unless they are in private voice coms who are getting chat banned regularly. People who dont even speak in chat at all getting chat banned. People getting chat banned when they have not even been playing the game, or getting chat bans randomly when they afk in port and not played for a while or receiving them in the middle of the night. What is going on? Some new bots just going through and doing blanket bans ect? Have not seen a chat mod in port chats for years, BigBadVuk was the last chat mod i have seen, that must have been 3 years ago now.
  7. SamuraiShakaViking

    Friemds List & channels

    The in game client does not open the friends list, or channels and groups, even favourites. Is there a solution? I accidentally pressed a key which opened the contact list, but do not know which key it was. I cannot contact any of my contacts or favourites, or follow channels or groups in game Is the contact list available on the website? or only in game client?
  8. Twentythree0

    Chat Bans

    Ich Starte heute mein spiel, erste runde mit der Midway. Das Spiel hat gar nicht ganz angefangen schon ist einer am weinen CV has bad Stats we lose... Ich habe nur geschrieben- Meine Win chance sagt nichts über mein Spiel still aus. Es kamen einige Beleidigung, als ich darauf eingehen wollte habe ich mal wieder ein Chat Bann bekommen. Alle 2 Tage habe ich ein Chat Bann!!! Dabei schreibe ich nichts was andere beleidigt und werde bestraft und solche affen bekommen keinen Bann oder werden nicht bestraft! Wie kann es überhaut sein das ein eine Person 7x Reporten kann ? das heißt 2x/ 7x Reports von einer 2er Division und ich habe 24H Chat pause, ist es den so schwer ein vernünftiges System dafür auf die reihe zubekommen ? Gestern hatte ich eine runde da waren 2 typen die das ganze spiel nur scheiße geschrieben haben/ Warum ist keiner in B get B fast und und, dann schreibt einer was sein Problem ist und es wurde sich beleidigt. Ich nutze den Chat kaum Bzw nicht mehr früher habe ich ihn noch genutzt und wurde zurecht gebannt aber wegen sowas gleich wieder ein time out zubekommen ist bekloppt. Früher meine ich 2 Jahre. Ich bin auch dafür das man wie bei WOT den Chat komplett Deaktivieren kann, Das lustige ist das ich selbst mit ausgeschalteten Chat habe ich ein Chat Bann dort bekommen habe weil es möglich ist Leute zu Reporten aus Madnis/ Frust was auch immer.
  9. Yop plop à tous! N'ayant pas de problème moi même, je me permet quand même de poser la question au nom de deux de mes amis (qui forment à eux deux une bonne moitié de mon clan. J'aurais dû commencer par ça, ça impressionne plus!). Ayant des PC limités techniquement, car vieux et laids, nous évitons de jouer ensemble via un programme de communication tiers (skype pour ne pas le nommer), car il arrive assez souvent (une partie sur deux, quand même) qu'un de ces amis se retrouve déco du jeu au lancement d'une game. (l'autre moitié des games, ils arrivent seulement avec 2 minutes de retard. Tout va bien donc..... Aaaaaargh) Bref, le jeu disposant d'un outil de chat vocal ingame, nous l'utilisons. C'est pas parfait, mais globalement, ça marche. Seulement voilà, il arrive, de façon aléatoire (all praize RNGésus!) que le son devienne absolument dégueulasse : larsen, écho, musique du jeu plus forte que la voix, écho, son inaudible, écho, etc etc etc écho... Nous obligeant à repasser sur skype pour pouvoir communiquer (mais pas trop pour jouer, du coup.... dans la vie, on peut pas tout avoir!) Question : A tout ceux qui savent de quoi il s'agit, que nous conseillez vous de faire? Y'a t il un réglage particulier à faire (dans le jeu ou sur Windows)? Un rite satanique à accomplir? un état d'esprit fataliste à adopter? Un matériel spécifique à acquérir?
  10. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    How do you stop someone spamming on the chat? In World of Tanks you just select the player, block their messages and you're done, easy! I just experienced an "interesting" battle, where one player was extremely abusive in the chat, spamming multiple times a minute. I was one of his/her dedicated targets. The spamming was continuous and accompanied by the voice messages, which made the concentration (surprise surprise) very hard. The spamming stopped only at the very end of the battle when he/she was concentrated on hunting the CV and didn't play with the F-buttons anymore. I did: Add him/her to Blacklist. No effect. Stop messages from him/her. No effect. Reported for poor behaviour in chat. Obviously no immediate effect, but at least made me feel slightly better. The replay file can be found here. It is NOT published for shaming purposes, so please do NOT attack nor abuse the players in the game, not even the spammer. I'm publishing the replay file, so others can evaluate the situation themselves and maybe come up with comments. And yes, my Aoba fighting sucks totally :-D
  11. Badvock71

    In Game Chat Prob

    Since the last patch my chat has been knackered, any messages or general chat simply show up as "Object Object" in the chat window, anyone else seen this or know the cause?
  12. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Mi dispiace ma non posso scrivere nulla, altrimenti mi bloccano anche qui, perchè dovete sapere che non si puo contestare il servizio clienti.... e già....
  13. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - How it works?

    Is there anyone who can explain how the semi-automatic system of chat ban works? Are the players complaints involved in it, and how? Is the player karma also involved by players making complain against other players?
  14. DanottiTR

    Report system needs rework

    I do disabled my Chat box with the help of a mod and still I get chat banned and the reason is I do play CV and constantly get reported after each game as I can see at the notification tab . So according to these people you messed up with your CV rework and we are getting punished for reason . Seriously .... WG your report system is not working as intended . I normally do not care if chat banned or not as I do bloody NOT USE the chat box in game BUT I do use clan chat and when chat banned you cnat use it either and that is not fair . Well I can use clan chat and from the look of it it is fixed couse last week it didnt (as I am constantly chat banned) At least that is good for the important part of the issue . That needs a fix ASAP .
  15. Dirty_Dunc

    Chat Bans, Reporting

    Okay. I've just about had enough of the reporting system in this game. I am the first to admit I can rant and turn the air blue with the best of them, but this is beyond on a joke now. I really am trying to be considerate and not use expletives because, yes ....... there may well be children present ... pffff Having said that, I've have just received a chat ban and the only thing I was discussing were which caps to go for at the start of a match, no obscenities were used and now I have to wait until 6 okay tomoorw night before I can get banned again! Just because you don't necessarily agree with someone in chat doesn't mean you are being abusive for crying out loud !!! I've also been reported just sailing a Yamato .. on the basis that it's a Battleship and all players that sail them should be reported because they are 'noobs' and '[edited]' *edit
  16. mal wieder paar kleine Ideen: 1) könnte man alle Maps so drehen, dass sie horizontal sind? also auf der Map ein Team rechts, das andere links startet? Jetzt sind ja manche Maps diagonal, bei anderen starten die Teams oben und unten, und nur auf der Eiskarte (denk ich) starten sie links und rechts. Wenn man jetzt z.B. sagt: "deff left and attack right!" oder so - dann isses oft unklar, weil die Leute nicht wissen, ob LINKS und RECHTS auf der Minimap gemeint ist oder aus der Schiffsicht (beim Team, das von oben nach unten fährt, ist das beides ja entgegengesetzt). Aber OBEN und UNTEN ist immer klar = das würde die Teamkommunikation doch verbessern ... 2) könnte man beim Chat einen anderen Ton für "an alle" machen? Wie oft hab ich schon aus Versehen was an alle gepostet! Wenn man neben diesem kleinen "plupp!" das jetzt erklingt, sobald man in den Chat zu schreiben beginnt, einen anderen warnenden Ton hat, falls es "an alle" geht, könnte man das öfter vermeiden^^
  17. Salut à tous, Il serait souhaitable que WG fasse le nécessaire pour que nous puissions réellement cacher et shunter les messages de la roue des ordres d'un joueur en particulier. Il est difficile de s'organiser quand un idiot "spam" à intervalle régulier le chat, on doit remonter dans la fenêtre de discussion pour voir les informations suivies. merci de m'avoir lu. Cordialement.
  18. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    So In these days, if you give a player an advice to how to play in game chat, and if he didn't like the idea and you got reported from a division you will get ban from chating that's how game system works, you shouldn't talk and advice players, nothing to say... re-think about this
  19. Ich lande zum ungefähr 350. mal auf dem Ban, weil man ingame zwar die Möglichkeit gelöscht hat, Cheater zu melden, ich aber sehr wohl gemeldet werden kann, wenn ich ein entsprechendes cheatendes ARSC.... würdigend im Chat angehe. Unfair! Könnte man im Spiel neben den Meldungen "Verstanden" oder "Brauche Aufklärung" auch eine Meldung "Bin leider mal wieder gesperrt" einbauen? Denn man wird ja für SÄMTLICHE Chats gesperrt, auch im eigenen Team oder im Clan. Und das ist UNFAIR! Die gleiche Methodik wäre schön gegen Cheater....
  20. sprototles

    chat spam

    takze teraz som mal jednu uzasnu hru, kde sa nas cleveland schoval za stenu a celu hru tam spamoval Fxy tlacidla, samozrejme nepomohlo ani zablokovanie chatu s danym hracom, takisto ani blacklist ja som myslel ze WG tento provblem uz nejako poriesilo ... link: https://replayswows.com/replay/27758#stats
  21. Edit: Sehe hier: Projekt "HELP ME" - Spieler helfen Spielern stellt sich vor
  22. Kancolle_Kongou

    WoWs EU forum discord server

    This one has been in test for the passed 3 week, and its still not perfect, but a okay start. ( I know theres a reddit one. i made this one under a request from someone who wanted an EU forum discord server.) So i would like to invite you guys to the server. (Keep in mind its still in work so some stuff will change and more rules will be added over time) https://discord.gg/cNVbT3n
  23. I noticed it's not possible to have chat in division when making a spontaneous division at the start of a game. Why ? Is it manageable to have the same order from quick command panel while being in a division ? Here s again, good elements of gameplay improvements resumed by one of the GC from NA. Sure it takes time to implemant smthg, thanks.
  24. BrettMRC

    Increase in Saltiness

    Noticed an increase in saltiness of late, both frequency and harshness. Is it just because the kids are off school...? Getting more like an FPS/WOT - I don't mind debate/arguements in chat, but of late it just seems to be degenerating into abuse/insults directed at your own team. Mostly happens in T7/8/9/10 matches. Maybe I'm getting old....
  25. Vzhledem k tomu, že oficiální chat ve hře je samozřejmě moderován, tak se stává, že si hráči nemohou ulevit dle své nátury a čeká je oprávněný chat ban pokud poruší WG pravidla (ahoy fugasi!). Nic proti ofiko kanálu, počin je to dobrej (v tancích dodnes nic takového není ), ale je to tam příliš formální a po banu na chat i zbytečně emotivní . Zkrátka: U dlaždičů - to je název té psychoterapeutické místnůstky. Žádné heslo, téměř žádná pravidla (hráč samozřejmě může být reportován formou screenu či pokud budete kontrolováni za reporty ve hře tak vám projedou i log v tomto chatu - bacha na to) a každý je vítán. Po vyhledání a vstupu si dejte kanál do oblíbených ať ho pak nemusíte hledat, pokud ho třeba zavřete. Pokud kanál nezavřete, měl by být spuštěn automaticky. Pak můžete plkat, brečet, nadávat a hledat divizníky (na rozdíl od ofiko chatu je vidět přítomné hráče) dle libosti. Kanál založil Des_Moines, takže díky mu!