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Found 3 results

  1. Salut. Je me pose la question : à part passer en T9 pour avoir le TX, à quoi sert le Saint Louis comparer au Charles Martel ? Car même full evo, il es exactement identique au Martel : exactement les mêmes canons et torpilles, Même moyenne du blindage, mêmes PV (à 100 près), même vitesse (à 0,5 noeud près). La seule différence ce sont les consommables et la portée de tir qui passe à 18,3 km au lieu de 17,3. Et franchement, pour survivre et jouer le rôle de harceleur, le boost de vitesse es plus utile, car on fait souvent des combats contre des TX qui peuvent nous OS, et là, l'esquive reste la meilleure défense. Ce qui donne l'avantage au Martel comparer au St-Louis par rapport au conso. Sachant qu'avec le Martel, je fait dans une fourchette de 70k à 130k de dégâts par combats et survis plus de 50% de ceux-ci, est-il utile que je joue le Saint-Louis ou c'est mieux que je continue avec le Martel que j'ai maintenant assez bien en main en passant le Saint-Louis avec les free xp pour avoir ensuite le TX ?
  2. AlmightyWalrus

    Charles Martel - what am I doing wrong?

    So I've unlocked the Charles Martel, and after 13 games in it I've got a fantastic 17% win rate. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but the question is what. I'm trying to stick in the back and sling HE at people, but as soon as someone starts shooting back I start hemorrhaging HP at an alarming rate. You just can't keep firing at people when someone's shooting back, and it's making it incredibly frustrating to do any sort of damage whatsoever. You can't push into caps to help your DDs because if you do and someone else is there you die. The result is that I'm forced to hide at the back of the team doing nothing half the match, effectively turning the game into an 11v12. How do I do damage in the Charles Martel without being instantly blapped by half the enemy team? As a side-note, is the rudder on this thing made out of cardboard? It breaks all the time, and I'm running the rudder module.
  3. Hentai__Senpai

    Tier 8 MM

    Hello bois and grills! I want to ask you some thing. How often do you get into tier 10 games with your tier 8 ships? Are there any ships that you feel get dragged into tier 10 MM more constantly? As for me it's getting to an annoying point, specially with the Charles Martel. For one week straight I've been getting into tier 10 games constantly (i don't mean like one game) eight out of ten games are in tier 10... It's the only ship that experiences it in my case, of course you get into tier 10 mm with other tier 8s but it happens like 1/3 of the times. Has it come time to put on my tinfoil hat on? Forum members