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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Captains!! I create this post to present Pirates Army Youtube Channel in which you will find World of Warships videos and content related. I have been playing for two years and the Channel is not new, but I have been reading you and posting in the Spanish Community as Spanish CC. More than 200 videos with Gameplays in which I show how I play with all kind of ships, Streams for new ships (Premium or Tech Tree) and Events/Contest in which we let players get some kind of prizes, from Premium Accounts, Slots or Premium Ships for example. I try to do with the max quality I can to offer you the best experience, playing in 4K and recording in WQHD/2k/1440p Let me show any of the last videos, I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time. Youtube Channel Link - Pirates Army Youtube Channel Good Luck, Fair Winds and Following Seas Captains , I am sure we will see if still didn't.
  2. Guys i have started my Youtube channel "UrAvgWarGamer". If you can support my channel and like plus subscribe, much appreciated LINK for Channel=b https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFvOItBARa26bTgzuMIoNQ
  3. Schrowe

    Coffee and Warships.

    I'm attempting to put together an informative channel with some light humour highlights and decent replays, so if people have any they would like to send me, I'd be grateful (I'm annoyingly consistently above average with no stonker games). Simply to hopefully give the ships community some extra content, even if it is 100% not needed and I'm a negative I might make news updates as well and possible commentary despite the my self esteem issues around my voice. The Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTHBURvYOBmeP5s9XAUkWZQ Updated Channel/Video Intro: My Schedule is pretty consistent at the moment with at least 1 vid a week on average recently. Hope you Enjoy. Schrodinger Out.
  4. DJAngel

    SWPBC Youtube Channel

    Hey all it rare i post things here but I would like to announce the SeaWolvesOfthePacific now has there own Youtube Channel Of course I do listen to the feedback just try not to flame or spam it cause it will piss me off but yeah here the link feel free to check therm out and of course like and subscribe SWPBC youtube Link:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEXNLeRIA4yRoh9OmEsUJwg?disable_polymer=true and of Course fancy joining US to become SWPBC apply here and i hope to see you on the Seas SWPBC website link:-https://www.seawolvesofthepacific.co.uk/join-us/
  5. In WoT there is a channel called "stronk plutons" where good players can search for other good players to play with. Sadly, in WoWs such a channel doesnt exist, or maybe I just dont know about it? In the case it doesnt exist, we should create one for this purpose. As always, idling in such channels is the key for success. So, if you are looking for some decent players to form divisions with, then join and idle the channel to get some players together regularly. No matter if they want to use Teamspeak or something like that, or not. To avoid having everyone and his mother in that channel who shouldnt be there, a password has been set. So players who want to join, mostly have at least to read this forum/topic. Channel Name: stronk divisions Password: neptune Hope to see you there.
  6. SunSkaRe

    Ingame channels issues

    Anyone having problems with channels in port not working properly? Mine sometimes say I'm alone in a channel even though there are a lot more people in it and even "talking"/typing... then without doing anything (normally after some hours) it starts working again perfectly... Even though I'm "alone" in a channel I can still see what others "hiden" type and they can see what I type as well... Also can have multiple channels open with some working fine and others with that issue (of only showing me online in that channel) at same time Even opened a ticket to support (still going on), but was curious as to if anyone was having similar problems
  7. heya EU community! I'm eLdritch, also known as the Cloaking Donkey and I've been making videos about World of Warships ever since it went into Closed Beta. I had a thread before but it was getting rather full so I wanted to start a fresh one for easier access. If you are interested in the old thread and the video archive therein: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10454-a-donkey-plays-world-of-warships/ Otherwise check out my newest video, a quick evaluation of the Tirpitz, a comparison of its stats and how it stacks up against its peers and some opinion on how it performs and such.