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Found 9 results

  1. I don't post much on forums but yeah, why has the background flag changed on the Błyskawica to a more European Nation-NATO style flag? I haven't played for a while but I feel really disturbed by this change
  2. Flavio1997

    GG WG

    Wg I have to say, that at last, you are starting to hearing our complains and you are making up your mind, the changes in the last dev blog are imho really good and heading towards a good direction: And i'm saying that as a player who has Worcester in port ( that was too much and might still need a nerf in survivability, especially in the citadel departement) now and is sitting on 800k of free exp and 150k of coal ( so will buy alaska as soon as it is released). The le terrible changes are exactly what i was hoping them to be, so that the ship is less about the burst damage and more about constant dpm
  3. wilkatis_LV

    ST - Tears of the Desert

    I'm a little confused about that "description" - what difficulties for the team spawning there? Borderhumping? Sitting in the corner? Or is there some bug I'm not aware of?
  4. Biomet100050

    Japanese DD tech tree changes

    Hello, First post, have looked everywhere I can see on here but haven't seen a similar question so apologies if it has been answered elsewhere. While I am looking forward to seeing what the changes are like when they split the Japanese DD tree, I have also noticed that they are pushing Kagero down to T8. I have a Kagero currently sitting at 170k xp (need 223k to unlock Shima) and am really hoping I can get to unlock it beforehand however I have work/life commitments etc and do not pay for premium so the going is a bit slower for me, ~1.5-3k xp per match depending how well I do. If I have not completed my research and got my Shima by the time they release the tech tree update will we be compensated with credits/xp? as we have essentially paid T9 prices/xp for what will be then a T8 ship and we will have to go through all T9 prices again to get back to the Shima. Cheers.
  5. Hello captains, Has anyone of you tested the new economy changes and how much they affect T10 ?? Will we see any improvement in after match total credits ? I would really like them to be always 0 and never - something. Am I asking for too much?
  6. As a completely subjective view and truly non quanitative assessment.... Does any else feel that BBs are feeling harder to play after this patch? BBs seem to be receiving more citadel hits and from more angles....and also seem to be catching on fire much easier. They also seem to be less accurate. Also have cruisers been buffed so that killing BBs is easier? Cruisers AP seems to be much more effective for those who have good AP shells.... Before anyone says just look at the patch notes...I am thinking under the hood changes rather than directly telling us something has changed... Any thoughts?...Although might just be me and had a bad weekend....and all the good players are out... Thanks
  7. I've played the game a fair bit now and from what I can tell its biggest problem is randomness. From the looks of things the best way to play destroyers is in a high risk, high reward, get up close and personal and release the torpedoes, way. But that seems too easy, torpedoes are a nice part of the game but ships should not be able to get so close that the other ship can no longer manoeuvre instead they should be getting completely destroyed by the other ships secondaries (especially for battleships and carriers). This also applies to aircraft, too many times have aircraft been flying around my ship with the best AA I can get and not a single plane shot down... What is the point in AA in these scenarios? The carriers should have more of a challenge to bring their planes in. Lastly, it seems stupid in a carrier game where your opponent carrier has an extra squad of fighters and the fighters are stronger than yours in every way. If they know that there is no way to beat them.
  8. OldGrandad

    PT server - The End.

    Well, that is the end of testing on the PT server. What are your thoughts on the changes made to various ships? What are your thoughts on the 2 new maps, Solomon Islands and Straits? I have come away from the end of testing feeling better than I when I started testing on it 2 days ago. I have reservations though, as much as the Minekaze needed nerfing slightly the rest of the DD's I believe could have done with a little more of a helping hand along with the USN DD's. Apart from those rushing through the tiers to test out the top tier DD's they were obvious because of their absence, very few indeed. I loved Solomon Islands but it will be the reserve of the lower tiers so I will miss it on OBT! Straits, I like the map layout but I do not like the spawn points (but still not as bad as the awful pre PT spawn point layout) and for me the graphics appeared 'washed out'. I am sure others will be able to give reasonable feedback on what they did and did not like but if you want to leave feedback please be subjective and give good reason for like or dislike.