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Found 9 results

  1. [SDW] Sea Dragon Warriors Wer sind wir Die [SDW] Sea Dragon Warriors wurden 2017 gegründet von Tatzenkreuz / SSG_EchoBravo Seit der Gründung unseres WoWs Clans können wir nicht nur auf lustige und interessante Divisiongefechte zurückblicken, sondern haben auch an erfolgreichen Clan/Liga-gefechten teilgenommen. Unser Hafen ist auch fast voll ausgebaut, der für Mitglieder viele Vorteile bietet. In erster Linie ist uns ein gesundes Clanklima wichtig. Der Clan wird durch ein Gremium von Ratsmitgliedern geführt. Was wir vorrausetzen - Alter 18+ - Respektvoller, freundlicher Umgang untereinander - Teamspeak u. Headset sollte vorhanden sein - Aktive Teilnahme am Clangeschehen - Aktive Teilnahme an Clan/Ligagefechten oder Events - T8 Schiffe und oder T10 Schiffe -Ergeiz das Spiel auch auf längere Zeit zu Spielen :) Was wir bieten - Lustige Leute die euch beim Zocken unterstützen - Clan / Liga / Divi Gefechte - Schiff Kapitän / Skillungshilfe bei Problemen TEAMSPEAK : sea-dragon-warriors.ts3-server.eu alles weitere bei einem Gespräch, also Melden bitte :) dein bald SDW Sea Dragon Warriors Clan Ansprechpartner : Tatzenkreuz, SSG_EchoBravo
  2. CKBK (Cheeeki Breeeki) recruiting open Requirements: -Winrate 55% minimum -A couple of T10 ships -Humour (good, bad, dad) -Discord and Teamspeak We are a bunch of people from different countries in Europe, America and Africa. Trying to keep raging to a minimum when playing both randoms and clan battles. Nobody likes to lose, but raging hard usually doesnt help. Send me a PM if you interested or just want more info.
  3. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and recently seperated from our main clan VV to start a competitive team VIVIC we are now looking for some new faces within our community to bolster our strenght and numbers. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and managed to rank 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles with VV. For any further stats regarding the VIVIC clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500193291,VIVIC-Virtus-Victoria/ Feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/xa4v3HD NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining VIVIC , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Other ways to get in contact? - Reply to this post - Send me a PM on the Forums or Ingame I will get back to you as soon as possible. :) Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  4. Hi captains, I'm a bit dismayed : the missions for clan battles victories are gone from the game before the last session due to be played tonight. Does anyone know if the victories of tonigh's session will still be counted towards mission goals? Also, does anyone know who the geniuses that make the reward missions end a day prior to that event's finish line are? Not that I just needed one more victory for a big reward................ At all. #salt
  5. Are you looking for a clan with a great community, funny guys, training evenings for all levels and where you will get help to get those ships you want most? Then... THIS IS THE CLAN FOR YOU! If you are motivated and like to be part of a Clan and looking for excitement and enjoyment as well as being part of a team in the game, then come and join us. Yes, [-NH-]New Horizons is a new Clan, but we have something to offer you. Real friendships, respect for all members, and most of all fun! At the end of the day, it's a game. It doesn’t make you any better or any worse than anybody else. So by winning a game, you’re no better. By losing a game, you’re no worse. But what matters, in the end, is to... ENJOY IT! These are the minimum stats if you want to join us: - At least one T10 in your port (more will be nice) - WR 52% (win rate) - PR 1200 (personal rate) - Battles 1300 - Be active - Like to play: Division/Clan Battle/Tournament - Discord is mandatory (even if you can't speak all the time, but at least u can hear us) - English language (here we are International people) In [-NH-]New Horizons we have: Competitions, Operations, Divisions, Training, Clan Battles, and other exciting challenges like "YOU vs. ME - Tournament" (more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/) If you want to talk with us join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/R6vdH2Z
  6. [MUMMY] We're MUMMY but you keep calling us daddy. Here at MUMMY, we're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and clan battles. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG, teammates, and newly released belenced ships. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, VW diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, Zulus, and a very loud Italian cat. We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events such as clan battles, but in the end we're all here to have fun and have a laugh, Friday night drunk click-ins are a great example. What's the plan? MUMMY plays clan battles every season with enough success to earn some nice rewards to spend on over-powered premiums. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon in previous seasons we are aiming for a similar or higher level again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we also sometimes dabble with competitions such as Shipstorm when enough members are interested. We organize semi-regular training sessions with other clans to practice team-play, crap-talk, and tactics outside of competitive events. Additionally, we have plenty of opportunities for those who would like to pursue a leading role in tactics or field commanding! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum stet pedder or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with some experience and decent stats (Some ships count stronger than others). Are active on a weekly basis and want to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and edgy jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike @van_fanel94 on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a creatively named division channel or post in the text channels. Shoot a message to any @Commanders or @Recruiter if you're interested in becoming a full member. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, @JJWhite
  7. BACK STORY; So quick run down of the situation. I have been chat banned 3 times in about 4 years of playing the game (2 coming within the last 2 months) The last chat ban I have received puzzled me greatly, the others were probably deserved I wont denie I can be a c*nt. I have been on holiday pretty much for 2 weeks, I came back, played 2 randoms didn't say a word , then played some CB, then 2 more randoms in a cv (first cv games since the aa move to continuous dmg from flak) , where I only talked in the last game, congratulating the team since it was a good team performance (I gained karma on that night and didn't receive any reports) . I come in the next day and see that I was chat banned at 11.09 am with the (R) after the message meaning it was manual and wasn't the usual report spam that caused it. Maybe it was something before hand of the holiday that caused the ban, and it took 2 weeks to process who knows? Now to the main point bellow... MAIN POINT; Now I don't really care that I cannot speak in team chat, it comes in handy maybe once every 20 games to communicate, and div chat is still available, but why not CB chat? CB is hugely reliant on coms, and since I don't speak for personal reasons, I communicate to my clan mates through the chat. It feels like a huge heavy handed punishment . To offend the other team by provoking in chat would bring a bad reputation towards my own clan, and as seen in all the seasons of CB and as a unwritten rule, all chat in CB is very respectful, no one in there right mind would do so. So weegee, can we please be able to speak in CB chat at least if we are chat banned? if its a big issue in your eyes, simply make us chat banned folk not be able to speak in 'all chat' for CB games.
  8. VeryHonarbrah

    Allow map spamming for CB

    Little thing, allow us to spam the map in CB. I understand and agree with the limit in randoms, but CB its nice to ping freely as much as we want to point out and shame our clan mates :kappa:. Nah but seriously having a cool down is annoying when the FC or someone is trying to give directions. Ty!
  9. Hello everyone! I am looking for a clan that will let me engage in clan battles! I have tried to set up an International clan with a couple of friends for some CBs but in the end it proved to be a LOT of work and little was gained. Since now, that clan now only exist as a base for casual players that enjoy bonuses. That being said, I don't consider myself that much casual (although I do have my "tunnevision" moments), I am a University student, 24yo, and I have a bit of time on my hands. I can follow orders, respect the chain of command, but I will surely make suggestions or comments if I deem necesarry (in a discrete way, ofc, and definetly NOT in the middle of an engagement!). I would say I'm a proficient user of the English language and I can stutter a bit of German, but since I am Croatian, any clan that speaks similar languages is also welcome, if it tickles my fancy ! My stats: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500010910-CroPanzer/!/pvp/overview/ I hope I find a nice new home and find plenty of buddes to pew pew with! Cheers!