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Found 7 results

  1. Ist es langsam Langweilig und Mühselig alleine rumzuschippern? Dann komm zu uns..... Unsere Bedingungen?? Warum eine Wall of Text, wenn man es doch cool verpacken kann.... Clan Werbung 2017 (nicht ganz soooo ernst): Clan Werbung 2015: Schaut es Fullscreen und 1080P, Clan Homepage mit Forum (<<Klick mich) Clanleitung: Tellsson Viel Spass, greetz Telly ^^ ps: Hier noch ein kleines Beispiel wie wir als CATS zusammen unseren Spass haben, einfach mal runterzählen und alle zusammen reinklicken..... Oder als CATS-Division unterwegs... Schaut es HD und Fullscreen, um die ganze Action mitzuerleben ;) Greetz Telly ^^ Tut ihnen weeeeeehhhh !!!
  2. Hey Leute, fühlt Ihr euch auch manchmal etwas "Meow"? Dann sag es mit Katzen^^ Denn manchmal sagen Katzen mehr als tausend Worte... ...oder? ... Viel Spass LG Lagoon
  3. _Bajkal

    Akagi's Tea Party

    Akagi's Tea Party Is a clan for people who like to play divisions for fun. Grind ships in divisions. Play 3x Bismarck divisions for secondaries boost. Play weak ships in divisions and let your teammates carry. If you are interested just contact someone high rank in the clan who can recruit you(preferably on the forum). Discord Requirements are to play well(depending on both recent & overall ships stats, don't be shy to ask). Preferably having clan's average stats or above would be best. This gif and text you are reading now are just extra because recruitment topic was so short.
  4. Combat_Hamster

    Biamarck's cat and other maritime moggies

    Unsinkable Sam(also known as Oskar or Oscar) was the nickname of an alleged German ship's cat who reportedly saw service in both the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy during the Second World War, serving on board three vessels and surviving the sinking of all three. Bismarck The black and white patched cat had been owned by an unknown crewman of the German battleship Bismarck. He was on board the ship on 18 May 1941 when it set sail on Operation Rheinübung, Bismarck's first and only mission. Bismarck was sunk after a fierce sea-battle on 27 May, from which only 118 from its crew of over 2,200 survived. Hours later, Oskar was found floating on a board and picked from the water, the only survivor (alongside 114 others) to be rescued by the homeward-bound British destroyer Hms Cossack. Unaware of what his name had been on Bismarck, the crew of Cossack named their new mascot "Oscar". HMS Cossack The cat served on board Cossack for the next few months as the ship carried out convoy escort duties in the Mediterranean and north Atlantic. On 24 October 1941, Cossack was escorting a convoy from Gibraltar to the United Kingdom when it was severely damaged by a torpedo fired by the German submarine U-563. Crew were transferred to the destroyer HMS Legion, and an attempt was made to tow the badly listing Cossack back to Gibraltar, but worsening weather conditions meant the task became impossible and had to be abandoned. On 27 October, a day after the tow was slipped, Cossack sank to the west of Gibraltar. The initial explosion had blown off one third of the forward section of the ship, killing 159 of the crew, but Oscar survived this too and was brought to the shore establishment in Gibraltar. HMS Ark Royal Now nicknamed "Unsinkable Sam", he was soon transferred to the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, which coincidentally had been instrumental in the destruction of Bismarck. However, Sam was to find no more luck there, and when returning from Malta on 14 November 1941, this ship too was torpedoed, this time by U-81. Attempts were also made to tow Ark Royal to Gibraltar, but the unstoppable inflow of water made the task futile. The carrier rolled over and sank 30 miles from Gibraltar. The slow rate at which the ship sank meant that all but one of the crew could be saved. The survivors, including Sam, who had been found clinging to a floating plank by a motor launch, and described as "angry but quite unharmed" were transferred to HMS Lightning and the same HMS Legion which had rescued the crew of Cossack. Legion would itself be sunk in 1942, and Lightning in 1943. Retirement The loss of Ark Royal proved the end of Sam's shipborne career and he was transferred first to the offices of the Governor in Gibraltar, and then sent back to the United Kingdom, where he saw out the remainder of the war living in a seaman's home in Belfast called the "Home for Sailors". Sam died in 1955. A pastel portrait of Sam (titled "Oscar, the Bismarck's Cat") by the artist Georgina Shaw-Baker is in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Other maritime moggies: http://www.everseradio.com/lynn-brings-us-top-five-ship-cats/ http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/famous-cats-history-five-seafaring http://www.purr-n-fur.org.uk/featuring/war02.html
  5. Tellsson

    Meowwy Christmas....

    Liebe Community und WG-Mitarbeiter, das Jahr neigt sich langsam dem Ende zu und die Weihnachtszeit steht wieder einmal vor der Tür. Aus diesem Grunde möchte ich, und natürlich auch die CATS, uns für dieses Jahr bedanken. Vielen Dank an Alle die unser Nachi-Event zum Erfolg gemacht haben, vielen Dank an alle treuen WoWs-Spieler, alle Foren-User, alle Tester und an alle WG-Mitarbeiter. Ihr Alle habt in diesem Jahr vieles vollbracht, sei es auf dem Schlachtfeld, dem Entwicklertisch oder auch hier im Forum. Man sah dieses Jahr soviel Neues, neue Techtrees, neue Mitglieder und natürlich auch enorm viele neue Mimimi`s im Forum. [Editiert] Für die lustige Zeit mit Euch möchte ich mich herzlichst Bedanken. Vielen Dank euch Allen, schöne Festtage und ein guter Rutsch ins neue Jahr, euer Telly ^^
  6. Yarrharr Community, Da es scheinbar für viele nicht so einfach ist die Nachi-Mission zu erfüllen weil es einfach zuwenige russische Schiffe in den Matches hat, haben wir (CATS) uns etwas überlegt um es der Community ein bisschen einfacher zu machen. Die Idee: Am Donnerstag und Freitag (15+16.12.) werden wir zwischen 19.00 Uhr und 22.00 Uhr vorwiegend mit russischen Schiffen von T7 bis T10 fahren, um der Community die Chance zu geben Ingame auf russische Schiffe zu stossen. Wir werden natürlich normal kämpfen und unsere Haut so teuer wie möglich verkaufen, aber zumindest wird die Community die Chance haben vermehrt auf russische Schiffe zu treffen. Es wäre natürlich total cool von euch Allen wenn ihr auch mitmachen würdet, je mehr russische Schiffe im Spiel sind, umsoweniger ist das Mimimi im Forum... Clans könnten ein Klickspiel veranstalten (3,2,1,go) und Solospieler könnten einfach so mit russischen Schiffen ins Random einsteigen. Somit wäre dann während ein paar Stunden das "Russenvorkommen" erhöht und würde dem Einen oder Anderen vielleicht noch die nötigen Kills bescheren. Für die Community!!! greetz Telly ^^ Edit: Die Idee wurde wiederbelebt und neu nochmals an Oben genannten Daten durchgeführt.
  7. grizzlyfish

    ships cats

    i found this info and thought i would share enjoy i did :honoring: When one thinks of service animals, dogs and their inherent affinity for work come to mind. Cats in this capacity? Not so much. Cats may be hell-bent on languidly lounging in the sun, but seldom seem eager to lend a paw. The long history of cats serving on ships counters the stereotype. Ship’s cats have been employed on trading, exploration, and naval ships going back to ancient times when Egyptians took cats on Nile boats to catch birds in riverbank thickets. When cats were brought aboard trading ships, the species began to spread throughout the world. Phoenician cargo ships are thought to have brought the first domesticated cats to Europe around 900 BC. Eventually their main job at sea was in the position of pest control; rats and mice onboard are a serious threat to ropes, woodwork, food, and grain cargo — not to mention the critters' roles as carriers of disease. Cats also offered companionship to sailors. There’s a reason animals are used for therapy, a role cats filled well during lengthy stints away. Here are seven of the more-celebrated cats who served at sea. 1. Blackie (also known as Churchill) Pictured above, the (mostly) black Blackie was the ship cat for HMS Prince of Wales, a King George V-class battleship of the Royal Navy. The ship was involved in several important actions during World War II, including the battle of Denmark Strait against the Bismarck, escorting convoys in the Mediterranean, and her final action and sinking in the Pacific in 1941. Blackie achieved celebrity status after Prince of Wales brought Prime Minister Winston Churchill across the Atlantic to Newfoundland for a clandestine meeting for several days with Franklin D. Roosevelt. The result of their secret summit on the ship resulted in the signing of the Atlantic Charter. As Churchill prepared to disembark the Prince of Wales, Blackie swooped in for a cuddle, Churchill stooped down for a good-bye rub, cameras clicked, and the perfect politician-feline photo opportunity was captured … and gobbled up by the world media. In honor of the success of the visit, Blackie was renamed Churchill. 2. Convoy Hello, sailor! Convoy, above, was the beloved cat aboard HMS Hermione — and was named for the multiple times he accompanied the ship on convoy escort duties. Convoy was registered in the ship's book and was given a full kit, including a wee hammock to sleep in. He stayed on the ship to the end and was lost along with 87 of his crewmates when the Hermione was torpedoed and sunk in 1942. 3. Unsinkable Sam The most famous mascot of the British Royal Navy, Unsinkable Sam, previously known as Oscar, was the ship's cat aboard the German battleship Bismarck. When the ship was sunk in 1941, only 116 out of a crew of more than 2,200 survived — 117 if you include Sam. Sam was picked up by the destroyer HMS Cossack, which was in turn torpedoed and sunk a few months later, killing 159 of her crew. Again, Sam survived. Sam then became the ship's cat of HMS Ark Royal … which was torpedoed and sunk in November of that year. Sam was rescued once again, but after that incident, it was decided that it was time for Sam’s sailorship to come to an end. Unsinkable Sam was given a new job as mouser-in-residence at the governor general of Gibraltar's office. He eventually returned to the U.K. and lived out his years at the Home for Sailors. 4. Peebles Another WWII cat who became the darling of the ship’s crew, Peebles was the master cat aboard HMS Western Isles. Peebles was said to be an extraordinarily kitty and had a number of tricks he enjoyed performing, such as shaking hands and jumping through hoops. Pictured above, Peebles leaps through the arms of Lt. Commander R H Palmer OBE, RNVR on board HMS Western Isles. 5. Simon Brave, brave Simon. The celebrated ship's cat of HMS Amethyst, Simon was aboard the ship during the Yangtze Incident in 1949 and was wounded in the bombardment that killed 25 crewmembers, including the commanding officer. Simon recovered and resumed his rat-hunting duties, as well as keeping up the crew's morale. He was appointed to the rank of able seacat. “Simon’s company and expertise as a rat-catcher were invaluable during the months we were held captive," said Commander Stuart Hett. “During a terrifying time, he helped boost the morale of many young sailors, some of whom had seen their friends killed. Simon is still remembered with great affection.” When Simon later died of an infection, tributes poured in and his obituary appeared in The Times. He was posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery and was buried with full naval honors. 6. Tiddles Tiddles, above, was the beloved mouser on a number of Royal Navy aircraft carriers. He was born on HMS Argus, and later joined HMSVictorious. He favored the after capstan, where he would play with the bell-rope. He eventually traveled more than 30,000 miles during his time in service! 7. Mrs. Chippy Mrs. Chippy, what a dame. Or a tom, actually. The tiger-striped tabby was taken on board the ill-fated Endurance by Harry McNish, the carpenter nicknamed "Chippy,” where she would explore the Arctic expanse with McNish, Sir Ernest Shackleton and the rest of the crew. Originally thought to be a female, a month after the ship set sail for Antarctica it was discovered that Mrs. Chippy was actually a male, but the name had stuck. Apparently, Mrs Chippy followed McNeish around like a jealous wife, and was thus named accordingly. Mrs. Chippy was a handsome, intelligent, affectionate cat, and a rodent-catcher of the first order, garnering the cat a loyal following of admirers among the crew. Sadly, after the ice finally consumed the ship, Shackleton decided that Mrs. Chippy and a number of the more than 70 sled dogs had to be put down. Conditions were extreme and supplies were dangerously limited. The crew took the news very badly. In 2004, a life-size bronze statue of Mrs. Chippy was placed on the grave of McNish by the New Zealand Antarctic Society in recognition of his efforts on the expedition.