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Found 2 results

  1. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    [OPPS] The Opposition UK-based casual but enthusiastic clan looking for members to have a go at clan battles, earn oil in weekly naval battles, and play in divisions. We have mostly been playing solo with the main team event being weekly naval battles, which have brought in a lot of oil and naval base improvements! We've also played in divisions when people are online together and in the mood, particuarly with new players to show them the ropes. It would be fair to say we are not super competitive gamers, but we do enjoy the game and there is someone online at some point pretty much every day. Current voice chat has been via Steam, but we might look into alternatives if needs be. At this point we are pretty much open to anyone who plays regularly, though preference is for players with at least one tier 8 boat (patch 0.8.6 clan battles are at tier 8) and an interest in playing (winning!) clan battles with voice chat. Current bonuses from the clan base: -10 % post-battle service -12 % cost of tech tree ships +2 % XP per battle +15 % free XP per battle +6 % comander XP per battle +5 % coal Just click join clan on the website or in game! https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/500164869
  2. WGTeacher

    _DR_ Domstadt Rebellen

    Juten Morjen Pänz un Mädscher, Jeit dat dir och esu, dat de leever mit Lückscher z dun häss, die Kölsch spreche künne? Dat de Kölsche öff besser drupp sin, als de andere Spieler? Is et nit esu, dat för viele Kölsch jarkein Bier is, ävver se et einmol jedrunke han? Mer söcke Jungs un Mädscher, die Köln leev han. Die Kölsche als Fründ han. Us dä Umjebung kumme oder einfach ens als Immi et versöcke wulle. Mer mache de CWs mit, fahre viel mit de Divi un sin för allem öff op dem Twitch z sihn. Treffe dunn mer uns op dem Discord: Domstadt Rebellen De kölsche Sprooch is ävver kein MUSS, denn, mer künne och DEUTSCH ;) Un noch jet.. mer sin im Moment nur eene Mann.. Ävver dat Kölsche Grundgesetz säät: "Et is noch immer joot jejange"