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Found 93 results

  1. WHO? WHO DID YOU SAY? We are a relatively, with our main focuses set on having a friendly and competitive environment, as well as having fun playing the game with our members! Our goal is to have consistent results in competitive play (clan battles) and develop an environment where even those more casual among us can find fun! (division plays, fun events) WHAT WE OFFER Positive environment. We don’t like salt. We want to enjoy the game with mates, not listen to complaining. Competitiveness. We like being competitive when it comes to Clan Battles and community made tournaments. Activity. With active use of Discord, you will always have a chance to find div mates. Knowledge. We all start somewhere. We can offer advice on ships you want to unlock as well as CB strats. OUR REQUIREMENTS (mandatory) Active in-game and active on Discord. We might be a bit lenient on the activity ingame from the start, but we want to have active members in the clan. (mandatory) 18+ age restriction. We are a mature bunch that like to joke around and be respectful to each other. (mandatory) Ability to communicate in English. We are international, we all have to understand each other. (mandatory) Microphone. A working one. Tier 7 ships. We all know that grinding can be difficult, but it's much easier with a group of others. (if joining for CBs) Experience. Storm level experience is preferred. Our goal is to be consistent with results and reach Hurricane. To join us, simply enter our Discord here https://discord.gg/e7Dsbzd
  2. Xaiclun

    Gesucht: Casual-Clan

    Hi hi~ Ich bin, wie man sich denken kann, auf der Suche nach einem freundlichen, hilfsbereiten neuen Clan, mit dem ich gemeinsam in See stechen kann. Da ich arbeiten muss, aber auch andere Hobbies und manchmal einfach keine Lust habe, werde ich jetzt nicht jede freie Minute des Tages für das Spiel opfern. Ansonsten könnte ich noch hinzufügen, dass ich noch recht neu bin, aber schon einige Erfahrungen in WoWS sammeln konnte. Bevorzugt spiele ich CVs und finde, dass ich mich da gar nicht so ungeschickt anstelle^^ Grüße Xai
  3. Hi Captains, Division-1 was founded for active casual gamers that like to play WOWS together without typical clan requirements. We don't expect you to play Clan Wars, use voice chat, join a Discord or TS server, have high tier ships, have a certain win/loss ratio etc. unlike most other clans. We play ships of all tiers at Random Battles and Operations in Divisions for more teamwork and fun. For those who enjoy Clan Wars, you're welcome to join us. Playing Clan Wars is optional, not a requirement to join. We have a Discord server available. It's not required that you join but it would be awesome. It's handy and we have a lot of information and tips & tricks there. You can get our help and support, chat about anything, ask to team up in a Division, bonus codes will be posted etc. Using a mic in our clan is also not required but optional. If you join the clan you will receive bonuses like more XP, Free XP, captain XP , credits and coal. To join the clan you need: - to play in Divisions besides playing solo - a mature and friendly attitude - use and understand english language - be an active member: play an average of twice a week or more (with exceptions ofcourse) * Members that are inactive for more than 20 days without notifying the commander will be removed. This is a rule to keep the clan active and slots available for active players. You can always send a request to join us again when you took a break from the game and was removed for inactivity. If this all sounds interesting to you and fits your expectations of a casual clan, please search at the clan section ingame for [DIV-1] Division 1 and join us, you are welcome :) You're welcome to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T7c65vP Hope to see you on the Battlefield
  4. cpt_sparrow_jack

    (TIPC) casual clan recruiting members

    Hi all! We are an active CASUAL CLAN(not a community) with No voice chats No timetables. We mostly play solo benefit from oil clan bonuses (some members enjoy playing divisions too) Currently we are participating in NAVAL BATTLES If enough players in game we will have some Clan Battles for some extra steel CLAN BONUSES +10% cpt xp per battle +4% ship xp per battle +25% free xp per battle -15% post battle service costs -14% cost of researchable ships +10% coal +7% steel Requirements to be an active player have 55%+ Win Rate minimum battles 1000 have some tier 10 ships of your choice IF YOU ARE INTERESTED SEND ME PM IN THE GAME OR REQUEST TO THE CLAN CHEERS!
  5. Under

    [ANB] Allenstein Naval Base

    Olsztyńska Baza Marynarki Wojennej zaprasza wszystkich "noobów" i "casuali" ;) . Nie wymagamy top tierów. Nie wymagamy logowania się raz dziennie. Nie wymagamy Discorda, TSa, Venta itd. . Nie wymagamy Win Ratio na poziomie 55%+. Nie oszukujmy się, gra ma być przyjemnością po pracy, a nie obowiązkiem po tygodniowej harówce w realu. Jedyny wymóg to w ramach gry mieć włączone "Bitwy Morskie", gdyż dają one ropę na ulepszenia bazy, czyli bonusy dla wszystkich członków klanu. Zapraszamy. PS. Do obsadzenia stanowiska kierownicze ;).
  6. Oye matelot! T'as envie d'en baver mais dans la bonne humeur? On ne te promet pas de la compétition haut de gamme, mais de la convivialité de qualité. Pas une team avec 200 joueurs, axés compet et présence "militaire" obligatoire, mais un petit groupe fun ,convivial et multigaming, pour des batailles de clan sur Warships, sans se prendre pour des pro! Et bien d'autres jeux que tu pourrais aussi découvrir avec nous...! Ne rejoins pas un clan, mais rejoins la "famille" Nemesis, une aventure, Ton aventure... Voici notre discord : https://discord.gg/VZQZ6Vu Venez nous saluer , on sera partant pour des batailles et parler un peux plus en jeu. Nous sommes une faction casual, nous souhaitons juste être plusieurs membres pour combattre, faire les événements et les batailles de clans. A bientôt sur le champ de bataille !
  7. Hello there, Clan Cain is looking for people to join. Want a free captain respecc and some very rare Signals? Maybe even some steel to get one of those sexy steel ships? Join now! Your benefits upon joining Clan Cain: -5% Post Battle repair for tiers I-X -10% Research cost for tiers I-X +2% XP per battle for tiers I-X +10% Free XP ber battle for tiers I-X +6% Commander XP per battle +7% Coal per drop +5% Steel per drop Additionally, once we played our first Clan battle you get a free captain respecc and rare signals, and maybe some steel. General requirements: time and willingness to play clan battles!!! Requirements: Ideal requirements: you are a unicum player with experience who is willing to carry and farm steel free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome Miniumum requirements: you're in the 45% - 55% WR range free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome Absolute minimum requirements: you can press the W key at least once and are able, without any input from others, to occasionally click the left mouse button alternatively, rolling your head over the keyboard works too free time to play clan battles english is mandatory forumites welcome pro‘s: apart from the benefits mentioned above, you get free captain respeccs, rare signals and steel you can play clan battles! divisions with like minded people being part of what could potentially become the worst competitive clan ever! con‘s: you have to play clan battles!!! you might end up playing with people you‘d normally report after a battle... being part of what could possibly become the worst competitive clan ever... Pls, post in this thread if you have interrest and be patient, as i'm not on every day! See ya!
  8. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    [OPPS] The Opposition Growing and improving English-speaking clan looking for active players, around the same level as current members: 50% ish WR, 1500 ish battles, boats of all tiers (including X). As we are a growing clan we won't turn people away if they don't have tier X yet (or have a slightly different WR etc)! We play all different tiers so it is not high tier only. We want players to join in naval battles at the weekend, play divisions, and we are trying to get a team together for clan battles - currently 1 or 2 people short. We would also like recruits to join our discord server, though this is not mandatory if that's not your thing. Through consistent participation in naval battles we have brought in lots of oil so we have good clan bonuses, currently: - 10 % post battle service cost - 14 % cost of new tech tree ships + 4 % XP per battle + 20 % free xp per battle + 8 % commander XP per battle + 7 % coal Send me a message here or in game, or just click join clan on the website/in game! https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/500164869 sam_moth
  9. Introverts Unite Separately! Want to get the benefits of the clan without having to interact with people? Then you've come to the right place! Just play the game, gather oil and you'll never hear from us (if you don't want to). We have three rules. 1: Be nice. 2. If you haven't played in three weeks, you're out. 3: No hidden stats. EDIT: We just did a change to the three-week-rule. You can't be kicked out if you've played in the last three weeks. If you haven't played in the last three weeks you only get kicked if we're out of "seats" and someone new wants in. Then the member with the longest inactivity (more then three weeks that is) gets kicked. Welcome! Vi talar svenska!
  10. [ICI] The Institute for Casual International Gamers Who are we? The Institute for Casual International Gamers (or ICI Gamers for short) is a multi-gaming community founded in 2013 by a small group of friends. If you are the type of person that doesn't want to commit to one particular game for a period of time but, rather, play a variety of games then we might be the home for you. "World of Warships" is a title that we've been playing since the beta days with a tight group of people. What are we about? The thing about ICI Gamers is that we are definitely defined as a "fun" community as is. This doesn't mean that we don't want to do some of the more serious things like Clan Battles but we emphasize fun and just fun banter/chatting. The chatting part for us is more important than the actual activity in-game. We understand people might have a wife/kids/school/other obligations that prevent them from gaming 24/7 so this is definitely not a requirement. Having said that we like to get to know our members in somewhat more detail and we believe that talking to one another over voice comms like Discord is the way to go. In order to join us there are a few minimal requirements/things to note such as: *We use Discord (click here to join) *Captains must have a minimum overall WR of around 48% or higher (and be showing signs of wanting to improve) *Captains must have at least one Tier VI non-premium ship *Captains must be willing to use Discord when they want to division. Let's face it; The game is more fun when talking to your teammates instead of having a silent potato team *Be polite/respectful towards other players within and, more importantly, outside our community *You must be at least 21 years of age *Preferably based in either GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone Member capacity: 29/40 (NOTE: We are looking for active VOICE members!) What can we offer? *Often great humor and some random banter *Active team play in divisions *A vibrant International Discord community Current Clan Bonuses: Our hours of operations: When are we online? Well the most active periods on Discord are: Sunday - Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 We're also, generally, online in the weekend but these times vary due to real life obligations (which is fine) So have you read all this and are still interested in joining? Feel free to join us on Discord or DM us on Discord: - BDubzZz86#4203 - sc0ut#6487 -Aexra#4930 LAST UPDATE: 23-04-2020
  11. Fair seas to everyone! Let's try to keep it short: We are a bunch of people loving to play World of Warships and enjoying playing in a group. Since gaming is about fun there a no obligations in our clan and we also love to play some other games from time to time. If you would like to get to know us - join our Discord! (Link at the bottom) Some more details about us: - Age: 20-55 - you will find a playmate every day - no obligations - Fully upgraded Clan Base (more XP, Credits, Steel, Coal etc.) - Organised at ClanBattles ---> Typhoon Squad which aims for Hurricane --> everyone is allowed to play CB --> everyone knows when/if he is playing in advance --> no need to wait in voice without knowing if you play or not --> Tactics & Calls To fit our ambitions and level of gameplay take this as a rough estimation: - 1800 PR past 21 days - 55%+ Winrate past 21 days - minimum 1500 games - be intersted in using Discord for Division, ClanBattles etc. Just join us :) https://discord.gg/aWmy6Ps
  12. 5th Dimension Gaming Community [-5D-] Fidelity, Integrity, Camaraderie and Excellence!!! is recruiting sailors, officers, into our active Warship Division. We have a NA and EU server presence. We are looking for sailors and officers.We are a gaming community set up primarily around tank, plane and ship PC gaming.We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama, no bull**** atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, we are competitive as well. We compete and win against the best out there. Fifth Dimension is looking for mature players or groups of players, 18+ who are committed to participate in the community, in game, with members and at the Website. The minimum age requirement is a hard rule without exception. We have been in Warships since the beginning. We have stable long term leadership. Teamspeak and microphone are a must. Prejudice and bigotry will not be tolerated. We offer perks for officers and recruiters depending on their performance. 5D Community has a lot to offer you: - Expanding ranks with players of all ages and levels of competitiveness. - North American and European Server represented. - Competitive play. - Training to become a Officer and better Captain. - Discord and Dedicated TeamSpeak Backup Server. - Tournaments. - In house contests. - Full website with messaging, email, gallery, forums, among other features. - Atmosphere to have fun gaming. - Stable leadership with years of gaming community experience (No drama). - No mandatory dues. -Other games supported to break up any monotony. Minimum Requirements for New Members: - 18+, - 1,500 Battles, - 1 x tier 8 non-premium ship, - Win Rate of 55%, - Active at least once every 30 days in game and on our TS. If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you: Register at the website and fill out an application here: www.5DClan.com or Hop on our Discord: https://discord.gg/2qu6C7V TS(Backup): ts51.gameservers.com:9102 We hope to see you in battle soon!!!!!
  13. Hello Folks!!! Welcome to the Brotherhood of Beards!!! We are a chilled, fun group that enjoy having fun in the game. We are always looking to improve and grow - while having fun, being respectful to our fellow players and having fun!!! We have a Sunday Showcase day thats always streamed by the clan streamers - its a great insight to clan life and how we are :) Our Community currently has BOBS and BOBS2 in the EU server for Warships. We also have a NA clan - and a World of Tanks clan as well!!! All we ask if that you active, you have a positive outlook in game, you like to just chill out and have fun. Beard is not needed for application, but coming on our TS and joining the Discord would be great to fully immerse your self in Community Life :) We can Provide our Discord and TS Details on request if you'd like to pop along for chat Now with Recruitment Vid!!!
  14. Captain_Shanky

    The Wet Crew now recruiting

    Greetings! The Wet Crew is a newly formed guild on the EU server that is now recruiting experienced players to form a core group for Clan Battles, Operations, or Division play. High level experience in competitive modes is not necessarily required, however players should have a general understanding of game mechanics, ship roles, complimentary teamwork, and also be determined to put in the required time and effort to improve as players and benefit the clan. To apply, please meet the following requirements: - Be adult - over the age of 18. - Don't create drama or insult other members. - Have full command over written and spoken English - Minimum 50% win rate - Have at least one (1) Tier X ship - Have experience in Clan Battles (or be willing to take direction) The clan will be oriented towards semi-serious players who play for enjoyment primarily, but also are driven to win. For full disclosure, the clan is newly formed, and any interested players would be coming in with the opportunity to build something from the ground up and make solid friends with a small core group, which hopefully expands as we find more players that fit our play style. In short, if you're looking for a clan to have fun, help each other, and play some Clan Battle to do as well as we can, The Wet Crew would love to add you to our ranks. To apply, please reply to this message with your wownumbers profile and we'll be in touch. Happy Hunting! Captain_Shanky
  15. locky92003

    Just for Fun clan recruitment

    We are looking for players to join an easy going clan who do not take things seriously as a lot of banter is usually involved. We ask that you have discord and access to a mic (mainly for clan battles). While we play clan battles we also division up for randoms, co-op, scenario battles and will help you grind ship lines. English is preferred as we are a UK based clan with members from all over Europe and the US. Must have a sense of humour and that's it lol. Any questions feel free to message me in game locky92003. Thank you.
  16. BirdMouth

    EBC is looking for peasants

    There aren't any requirements. We do generally stay in the tier 8-10 bracket, but if you're new we will help you grind up a bit in a division. Ask for discord info when you get approved.
  17. Capt_Teek

    Fighting 13TH

    The FT13th needs you! We are a casual but also competitive clan looking for active members wanting to embark on the salty seas. The mistress (WG) can be cruel, RNG'sus may forsaken you, Your wife may abandon you.... but fear not! We are a band of brothers that support each other strive to make a fun and engaging community where we can tell the tales of vanquished foes and tragic voyages. We want players for divsions, super divisions, clan battles and internal scrims. You must have a good attitude to the game (some salt is ok) Good banter is also desired. We have no stat requirements We do want players to join in with the community Join our discord https://discord.gg/AkXyRX
  18. WGTeacher

    _DR_ Domstadt Rebellen

    Juten Morjen Pänz un Mädscher, Jeit dat dir och esu, dat de leever mit Lückscher z dun häss, die Kölsch spreche künne? Dat de Kölsche öff besser drupp sin, als de andere Spieler? Is et nit esu, dat för viele Kölsch jarkein Bier is, ävver se et einmol jedrunke han? Mer söcke Jungs un Mädscher, die Köln leev han. Die Kölsche als Fründ han. Us dä Umjebung kumme oder einfach ens als Immi et versöcke wulle. Mer mache de CWs mit, fahre viel mit de Divi un sin för allem öff op dem Twitch z sihn. Treffe dunn mer uns op dem Discord: Domstadt Rebellen De kölsche Sprooch is ävver kein MUSS, denn, mer künne och DEUTSCH ;) Un noch jet.. mer sin im Moment nur eene Mann.. Ävver dat Kölsche Grundgesetz säät: "Et is noch immer joot jejange"
  19. Super Casual Fun Ships is geared towards the solo player that has little gaming time. We are busy saving for the coal building with the high tier discounts next.
  20. TASKFORCE PODKAPELSKI NOW RECRUITING! Greetings, captains! Let me introduce our little (hopefully it will get a bit bigger soon ) community! We started out as a gathering of friends that wanted to reap the benefits of port infrastructure, and as we were too casual to join any active clans, we started on our own path. Named in honour of Janko Vuković Podkapelski , we wanted to show other fellow captains our affection towards the glory days of Austria-Hungary's navy! (WG PLS GIB VIRIBUS UNITIS ) I'd like to think we're a humorous bunch, some more skilled than others but united in our love for this game. SO WHAT CHANGED? We got to terms that our gameplay experience might profit if we expand and even tryout some of the new clan war content (New as in new to us ), and to create a melting pot for different tactics and approaches to the game. We don't want to pressure people, we still want to be casual. Our primary goal is to have people playing together, grinding oil and getting new bonuses, other activities will be organized, but at a lower priority! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? WE HAVE VERY LITTLE RULES: 1. Join our discord! 2. Don't be offensive or toxic to clanmembers and ingame 3. Praise WG to give us Austria-Hungary ships soon (pls viribus) 4. 18+ is recommended 5. Bare minimum activity is at least 1 battle per 30 days 6. Basic English required! (Duuuh) IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, POST HERE AND I WILL CONTACT YOU WITH FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS!
  21. Rubrum Oculus Sicarioum [RUBRU] is recruiting! Casual EU TZ based small clan looking for active players that are looking for a group of likeminded, 420 friendly peeps to play with. Must haves: Discord (comms = GG) Willingness to participate Tolerance to adult comms; eg expletives, blasphemy etc Sense of humour Working mic COME DIE IN A FIRE WITH US! o7 LowKey_3
  22. Callis557


    VNF is our second clan to FNV and is focused on casual, fun gaming rather than competitive play. Who are we? Verba Non Facta was founded by a group of players who wanted an active group of players to enjoy World of Warships with. We have since grown and are now trying to build a large community of players who share our love of this game. Do I fit the bill? Joining a clan can be intimidating for many new players if you are unsure of anything just send us a message and we can have a chat about any queries you may have. There are a few requirements listed below, these requirements are not strict and are not 100% required if you fall just below these standards don't worry character means more to us than numbers. [-VNF] Verba Non Facta For random battles and casual play English Speaking Use Discord, and own, or will soon own, a mic Have a 51% Winrate and 1,100 PR Be an active player Be mature. We don't care about your age so long as you can take a joke. How do I join? Join our discord https://discord.gg/vf9K5fc. Have a chat and get involved with the other clan members all are welcome. Or message one our commanders: Ingame/forum: Callis557, Kyoshi_Warrior_Suki, IlIustrious Discord: Callis, Suki Suki only five dollas, Illustrious (Nelson)
  23. [TGD] The gray devils We are a couple of old farts that plays casual COOP for our own enjoyment. We are international and try to have as casual and fun time as possible while still being serious about the game. Who are we seeking we are seeking people which wants to play with us in COOP casual games and you can say yes to most of the following: English and/Or Danish speaking Older or mature (If you are 13 or thereabout forget it) You have ships from level 2-10 (We sail mostly with ships from level 3-8 pt but that may change with time) You got destroyers and cruisers (If you got carriers and battleships fine) You use Discord and/or TS3 with a working Mic/Headset You are relaxed, polite, humoristic, and behave like you want to be treated yourself We have no expectations of you coming on every day actually the opposite as we only wants to see you when you wants to play with us (family is more important than gaming) You don't need over 1000 battles or other demands just the want to play We deliver the following: Through us you can play other games in our community Wargame Red Dragon Steelbeasts Pro PE (Danish, German, Finnish, Australian, Austrian army tank simulator) EFT (Escape from Tarkov) Dungeons and Dragons Star Wars Arma 3 Stellaris Rainbow Six Siege DCS and others Forum as needed Help with coms and pcs We are looking forward to see/Talk/Play with you
  24. Full Metal Poi! - Yuudachi kawai desu~! Discord: FMP About us: We are a casual clan that has arisen from the depths of the seas a year ago, founded by Ichikun98. It was a stick up of people met in battles as well as those who got sucked in by Ichis awesomeness on in-game chat channel "Battle results and discussion" and joined him on his adventure. Up till now it had its best and worst moments. Now we are freshly after redesigning of the clans core, so that people can integrate more and enjoy the game together to the fullest. Our clans objective is to get better at the game as well as develop new tactics that can be implemented into the randoms and clan wars. Due to the nature of our clan, that has a weeb connection due to name. We also possess quite a lot of human resources called weebs at our disposal and facilities keeping them in tip-top condition. What FMP offers: # +54% WR , 36/50 members # A friendly community consisting of members from all over the world # Clan benefits from facilities # Mates to division with. Requirements: Being casual clan means we are not going to watch over your WR that much (At least keep it above 50%). The only general number on your profile we care is if you have over 1k battles in randoms. You need to have at least 1 T10 ship with good stats respectable to the ship type. Also we need to pump out that oil from the containers to donate to our American friends so that they wont invade us (One container a day, keeps US army away). One of other requirements is using discord as voice communicator as well as text one, to keep up to date with clan matters. ( Discord ) Also due to being open to the world, being in the clan requires you to use mostly english and understand it. What to do once on discord? Hit up the Chief (Ichi) or one of the Admirals (Bonta3000, Cr4zy, Tjntin, Panzer_FTW) to evaluate your application. Spread the poi! To the non-poilievers! Heres a small treat.
  25. Ladies and Gents, A clan on EU has just been created, with the mission to casually get the steel for the bourgogne. Called it IWantBourgogne. A Discord was also made; https://discord.gg/Nf5UjxW There are no quotas. All welcome. It aims to be casual, leisurely fun and help get operations and ranked divisions done. This isn't really an advertisement, more of a call to arms to achieve a singular goal, albeit at a sedated and non competitive pace, The only rule is to be a jolly good fellow. Administration might take a while, i'm managing this from Downunder, but i am hoping we can achieve some fun and lucrative time for our members. Thank you, and if you are interested, Welcome !