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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings - or as we like to say, BAAAAA!!! Apply in-game or contact myself or Elmetian via direct message if you are interested in joining us. About us: We are WarSheeps (yes you heard that right!), a casual clan seeking competent, friendly, English-speaking players from across the EU server. We wanted a place where people can chill and have some fun - so that's what we made! We play a mix of Random Battles (solo or in divisions), Clan Battles and Naval Battles. Clan Battles "Sea of Fortune" Season, current league position: Storm League (as of 18/05/2020) Who we want: We will accept players with a 55% or higher Win Rate, although exceptions can be made for players who are clearly improving. If division play or clan battles aren't for you, that's totally fine. However, members will be expected to participate in Naval Battles to earn oil for the clan, which in turn helps to improve the clan bonuses which you receive! We would prefer that members join our Discord (either on PC or the phone app) so that we can get to know each other and communicate during battles, but this is not mandatory so don't worry if you're shy. We're OK with members not playing regularly (we understand that people have real lives!) but please let us know if you intend to take a break from the game for whatever reason. Members who have been inactive for over 30 days without providing a reason will be kicked from the clan to make room for others who want to join - which I'm sure you'll agree is fair! What we can offer you: + 5% XP per battle + 10% Commander XP per battle + 25% Free XP per battle on all ships + 10% Coal received + 5% Steel received − 12% Cost of post-battle servicing costs − 10% Cost of research on all ships How to join us: Simply request to join WarSheeps by searching for our clan in-game. Alternatively, feel free to direct message myself or Elmetian on the forums, or reply to this post if you have any questions. We also highly encourage you to come on our discord channel and get to know us when you do join - we won't bite, our teeth are designed to chew grass ;) Hope to hear from you! - ThisSheepGoesMoo
  2. SweneyB

    NUNC Recruiting

    Hallo commander NUNC is opzoek naar spelers die door de weeks redelijk actief zijn en die geintereseerd zijn mee te spelen tijdens clanwars seizoenen. In het algemeen zijn wij bij NUNC een rustige clan die bestaat uit mensen die graag na hun werk of school een potje willen spelen. Ben jij geintreseerd? Neem dan contact op via het forum of discord @7814 sweney Hello commander! NUNC is looking for active players that are active during weekdays and weekends and we expect you to participate during clanwars seasons. We are on average a very relaxed clan consisting out of people that like to play after their work or school. Are you interested? Please contact me on the forum or on discord #7814 sweney
  3. Russ_57


    Hello Commanders, Our Clan GKXS is an English speaking, casual Clan. We have recently expanded to 40 members, so we are now recruiting. We have players of all skills and abilities, if you would like to join and make use of our Clan facilites please feel free to apply. We do not have any joining requirments, so do not waste your Oil. Yours aye
  4. Russ_57

    GKXS is recruiting

    Greetings Commanders, GKXS has expanded to 40 members. We are an English speaking, casual clan. We play for fun and to expand our base facilities We have players of all tiers and experience, and all are welcome. Interested? Apply and I will add you, so you can make use of our base facilities Yours aye
  5. Russ_57

    GKXS is now recruiting

    Ahoy Captains, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We have expanded our Clan to 40 places. Our requirements our simple, be able to speak English and have fun. We have players from various Nations and various skill levels. Do not waste your Oil, join our Clan and make use of our resources. All are welcome, hope to see you soon Yours aye
  6. Hello All, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan, we have just expanded to 40 positions. If you would like to make use of our facilites, extra XP, lower repair costs and discounts on purchasing ships etc, then come and join us. We have players of all nations and servers, and all tiers and experience. Sounds like what you are looking for? Apply and we will add you Regards
  7. Hi, so, a year ago me and my friend decided to found a clan, because we wanted to profit from clan bonuses. We called it "[LOLZ] Just here for the bonus". Now, a year has passed and we have not yet managed to get a single bonus building (we do have 3k oil, but we want the economy buildings first). So we thought to ourselves: there have to be other people out there who want to have the clan bonuses, but aren't able to participate in an active clan or just can't be bothered. We don't want to participate in clan battles at the moment, and we dont need you to be good players. If this description fits you perfectly, we're looking for you! We offer: - all Bonus Buildings we build available for everyone - a discord server - no obligations of any kind towards the clan We expect: - you to behave on comms, if you want to use them Bottom line, if you're playing the game on a casual level, but you might like to play in a division sometimes and want to benefit from clan bonuses, you've come to the right place! Just reply here or send me a quick message. We`re looking forward to meeting you :) Cheers, Charly P.S.: We're both german, but we really dont care where you come from as long as you play on EU ;) Edit: as i just learned, you can just apply to the clan ingame, whichever floats your boat :) Search LOLZ
  8. Russ_57

    Clan GKXS is recruiting

    Ahoy There, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We currently have two vacancies. We have players of various skills and tiers. Do not waste your Oil come and join us and use the Clan Resources Yours Aye
  9. Hi, We are recruiting casual players only, high maintenance players expecting me to do stuff for them a lot may go elsewhere. We are recruiting english speaking players only. We like chilled out people who at one with their lack of perfection. reply here if interested or even better send me a message in game.
  10. Russ_57

    GKXS Clan recruiting

    Hello All,GKXS is an English speaking casual Clan. We are currently recruiting for new members. Requirements, speak English and have fun. We accept all regardless of Tier or experience, we have member from Tier I to Tier IX. Interested? Check us out, if you like what you see, apply Regards
  11. Brutalac2

    Clan bonuses

    we just created a new clan for clan bonuses [TUMMI] we accept all the people no matter what you don't need to type in chat if you cannot be bothered, no teamspeak nothing you can just enter and play by yourself and do your things.