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Found 9 results

  1. Est 2017 : Page updated 22nd May 2019 Hello and welcome to -RDE- About us RDE is a Uk based competitive, yet casual clan with members from many parts of the world and our ages range from 35-65+ For many of us gaming is a way to chill after work and to escape the real world and for some of us to put on our headphones and pretend not to hear the wife or even the tiny munchkins running around amok around the living room. Most of us have full time jobs, wife's, girlfriends, kids, life commitments. So we understand life comes first and not everybody has the time to commit to a hardcore clan with strict activity yet want to play hard at the weekend or during special events/clan wars. We are a balanced clan of solo and competitive members What RDE can offer you That fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are part of a mature and friendly competitive active clan No strict requirements or clan commitments. Just play whenever you have the spare time The chance to play in clan battles and get all the bonuses it offers from flags to doubloons and much more 50 member slots. We are a very active clan so the in game lobby and discord channel is never empty Hassle free clan that does not require you to log into discord each time you log into the game. Our chat lobby is active and topics can be random especially at the weekends. We have fully researched, Academy +10% commander XP - Research centre +5% XP on all ships of all tiers, Design bureau +25% Xp per battle, Shipyard -15% cost to researchable ships of all tiers, Dry dock -15% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers. Coal port +7% (2/3) ~ Steel port +7% (2/3) Friendly discord channel with free giveaways. Win premium account time, steam games and much much more Friendly players who have the time to help new players with tips or questions about the game they may have Play solo should you wish. We do not require you to join a chat channel every time you log into this game Live Twitch stream for clan battles. Unsure of how we work as a team?. Watch all the games live with our dedicated Twitch streamer https://www.twitch.tv/lonestarrg Requirements needed to join us. Able to communicate in English or broken English Age 21+ Discord is required for clan battles only (no mic needed ) ** Be fairly active and help us farm oil by collecting at least 50 oil a week. Each container comes with 10 oil which makes this a very achievable casual target The most important requirement : You will be presenting a very friendly clan. You must be of a mature manner and respect all players friend or foe. (Too much salt is unhealthy for you. Us oldies all know this ;-) Tier : **8 Win rate: **None needed at this time **Random games played : 800 ** We are currently seeking members who wish to participate in clan battles. ( **Nothing hardcore. Min of 2-3 battles a week. Pick a time that suits you. *stats will be lowered after clan battles for new and solo players wishing to join us ) **Hidden stats ** Please note. After this season of clan battles finish. The requirements needed to join us will be higher than they are now. Players with **Hidden stats will no longer be accepted when this current clan season finishes Please send an in game application to -RDE- for us to accept you
  2. Nylons

    GKXS is recruiting

    Greetings Commanders, GKXS has expanded to 40 members. We are an English speaking, casual clan. We play for fun and to expand our base facilities We have players of all tiers and experience, and all are welcome. Interested? Apply and I will add you, so you can make use of our base facilities Yours aye
  3. Nylons

    GKXS is now recruiting

    Ahoy Captains, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We have expanded our Clan to 40 places. Our requirements our simple, be able to speak English and have fun. We have players from various Nations and various skill levels. Do not waste your Oil, join our Clan and make use of our resources. All are welcome, hope to see you soon Yours aye
  4. Hello All, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan, we have just expanded to 40 positions. If you would like to make use of our facilites, extra XP, lower repair costs and discounts on purchasing ships etc, then come and join us. We have players of all nations and servers, and all tiers and experience. Sounds like what you are looking for? Apply and we will add you Regards
  5. Nylons

    GKXS Clan recruiting

    Hello All,GKXS is an English speaking casual Clan. We are currently recruiting for new members. Requirements, speak English and have fun. We accept all regardless of Tier or experience, we have member from Tier I to Tier IX. Interested? Check us out, if you like what you see, apply Regards
  6. Hi, so, a year ago me and my friend decided to found a clan, because we wanted to profit from clan bonuses. We called it "[LOLZ] Just here for the bonus". Now, a year has passed and we have not yet managed to get a single bonus building (we do have 3k oil, but we want the economy buildings first). So we thought to ourselves: there have to be other people out there who want to have the clan bonuses, but aren't able to participate in an active clan or just can't be bothered. We don't want to participate in clan battles at the moment, and we dont need you to be good players. If this description fits you perfectly, we're looking for you! We offer: - all Bonus Buildings we build available for everyone - a discord server - no obligations of any kind towards the clan We expect: - you to behave on comms, if you want to use them Bottom line, if you're playing the game on a casual level, but you might like to play in a division sometimes and want to benefit from clan bonuses, you've come to the right place! Just reply here or send me a quick message. We`re looking forward to meeting you :) Cheers, Charly P.S.: We're both german, but we really dont care where you come from as long as you play on EU ;) Edit: as i just learned, you can just apply to the clan ingame, whichever floats your boat :) Search LOLZ
  7. Hi, We are recruiting casual players only, high maintenance players expecting me to do stuff for them a lot may go elsewhere. We are recruiting english speaking players only. We like chilled out people who at one with their lack of perfection. reply here if interested or even better send me a message in game.
  8. Nylons

    Clan GKXS is recruiting

    Ahoy There, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We currently have two vacancies. We have players of various skills and tiers. Do not waste your Oil come and join us and use the Clan Resources Yours Aye
  9. Brutalac2

    Clan bonuses

    we just created a new clan for clan bonuses [TUMMI] we accept all the people no matter what you don't need to type in chat if you cannot be bothered, no teamspeak nothing you can just enter and play by yourself and do your things.