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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys I have been asked by my clan mates to post this video.... Please read the description 1st ! "Wow.... So we all 3 disconnected from game... as we came back in half the team was dead, we were down 3 caps and 36 to 530 points.... now settle down, grab a beer and watch as the most epic comeback, since 1966 unfolds before your very eyes."
  2. 20180507_123154_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay
  3. Which class determines victory? Answer the poll above - A really simple question which I find myself arguing over endlessly with clanmates. I find there is also a very big problem currently with the game because of my opinion on this. If equal numbers of ships on each team, which carries? Which class seriously and simply outright determines the outcome of a battle? We're talking random battles here and I've left carriers out of this poll on purpose.
  4. In this match, my division did 12! kills, we all got High Caliber AND Confederate, two of us (MagxDDD and me got Dreadnought) - so we carried hard with the new French-BB branch.Participants: Maddes91, MagxDDD and me, Skill0r198717:59 - First enemy contact (enemy Algérie)17:02 - Enemy Fletcher double striked our DDs16:49 - MagxDDD kill #116:49 - Attack epiecenter14:37 - Skill0r1987 kill #114:20 - MagxDDD kill #214:05 - Enemy Lyon double striked too13:40 - Hunt for enemy BBs12:50 - Rush for epicenter, end of hunt for running BBs (for now)11:34 - Skill0r1987 kill #210:45 - Rush on enemy ship armada10:05 - Skill0r1987 kill #309:21 - Maddes91 kill #108:42 - MagxDDD achieved Cofederate08:35 - MagxDDD kill #308:30 - Skill0r1987 kill #408:05 - We decided to disengage (for now, again)disengage ships, re-engage epicenter07:40 - MagxDDD kill #406:13 - Skill0r1987 kill #5, Kraken, High Caliber and Confederate06:13 - Maddes91 achieved Confederate too05:22 - Maddes91 kill #204:42 - Maddes91 achieved High Caliber as well04:46 - MagxDDD achieved High Caliber as well04:45 - Skill0r1987 kill #6, End of MatchIn sum, we did over 90% damage on the enemy team as we all achieved the High Caliber achievment. I think one could say we carried this game. I hope you all enjoy watching and have as much fun with this match as we did. o7 and happy sinking, [GEMA]Skill0r1987
  5. MassTahh

    Funniest moment ever

    Hi there, So here is the breath taking action from the Fault Line. It wasn't intended but turned you to be most hilarious action of the day. It's from the battle I had today with a streamer Nephilimer. I was right behind him when EVENT occured, looked even better from my perspective but I don't record. But, enough of [edited]. Take a look by yourself. You can skip to ~ 1:30 if you are very impatient. Any funny situations you wanna share ?