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Found 9 results

  1. BarskiPatzow

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    As the title says: why were most of CVs removed? I didn't play when they were removed so I was wondering why the change was made and when was that?
  2. Krumpir_3

    2 carriers in a tier 8 battle

    I don't know whos bright idea was putting 2 carreirs in a tier 8 battle , but Sir i congratulate you , you should apply yourself for audition for Dumb and Dumber 3 not only would you win the Oscar for the dullest man alive , but you would also go into the Guinesses book of world records for a one.
  3. Hello there folks! Recently I've been playing a few low tier games in order to work on some new (for me) ship lines. While in Tier 4 Matchmaking there have been 1-3 Carriers on either team per match. As a Carrier main myself I have no issue with CVs in general, however, there are some MAJOR issues at Tier 4. The primary reason for this is the (almost) complete lack of AA defenses on ships which make all surface ships practically defenseless against aircraft. For the sake of my own curiosity, I decided to repurchase the Hosho since it has been quite notorious in its use as a "Seal Clubber" since the buff to its Torpedo Aircraft. And oh boy I wasn't disappointed! Not only is the Hosho Ridiculously strong at Tier 4 due to her damage potential, but there also is NO COUNTER to her since AA of ships are severely lacking and Carriers can't even put up Fighters to cover their allies. On top of all this, a lot of the players at this low tier are fairly new to the game, and playing against these blatantly overpowered Carriers isn't fun whatsoever, even for experienced players (And frankly they're quite boring to play as well). How are the newcomers supposed to want to stick around when they keep getting farmed by a Class that they have no counter towards? For all they know this issue could just keep getting worse the higher in the Tiers they climb. At higher Tiers, the AA-capabilities of ships at least make striking grouped up enemies a very costly endeavor. What I would do long term wise is Remove Tier 4 Carriers from matchmaking and instead have Submarines of Tier 2-4 as the "extra" class introduced during the lower tiers and have Carriers being introduced to the players at Tier 6 onwards where AA defense is more noticeable. This would also make sense from a historical point of view since Submarines have been used operationally far longer than Aircraft Carriers. This might have all kinds of balance implications we don't know about since Submarines are still in testing, but at least submarines were part of the equation when the earlier ships were built (Even though the earliest incarnation of Anti-Submarine Warfare may have been a bit flawed since it consisted of sailors in rowboats trying to destroy periscopes with hammers). I do think that the Carriers at Tier 4 are important for their historical value (being among the first carriers operational in the world) so keeping them in the game somehow would be preferable. Maybe they could be part of an extensive CV tutorial each player gets access to or have them present in Operations etc. Or turn them into Tier 6 Premiums with unique mechanics to offset their outdated equipment. TL;DR: Remove Carriers from Tier 4 and have Submarines be the extra class introduced at the earlier stages of the game (these were also historically operational long before Carriers). Introduce the CV class starting at Tier 6 where most ships were designed with the knowledge that aircraft was (a new) part of naval warfare since at these Tiers AA is more present as a counter to Aircraft.
  4. I'm wondering what Wargamings' stance is regarding the current state of the Graf Zeppelin. My own opinion is that her Dive Bombers could use a buff since the AP alpha is the lowest per strike among the Tier 8 CVs on top of having a very RNG heavy drop pattern. Does Wargaming have any information that they could share regarding Graf Zeppelins' performance compared to her peers? If some kind of buff is warranted would it be possible Engine-wise to add HE Bombs to the bomb loadout? A pair of wing-mounted 50KG bombs could make the bombers feel less RNG-based due to more bombs dropped on target.
  5. kjkb1980_o7

    Slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers

    Hi guys, I'm curious to know what people's opinions are on the best slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers please, i.e. Torpedo Bomber Modification 2 or Bomber Modification 2? My current thinking is Bomber Modification 2 as I think that Dive Bombers generally spend more time in AA fire than Torpedo Bombers. Also, Torpedo Bombers on Tier VIII+ Aircraft Carriers have the Repair Consumable to heal health. However, my exceptions to this rule are Kaga, Saipan and Ark Royal as they drop more Torpedoes than other Aircraft Carriers at their respective tiers so I want to maximise their survivability. Does this logic make sense or do I need to rethink? Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you guys.
  6. ColaholicA

    Graf Zeppelin Dive Bomber Rework

    Hello there fellow skippers! I would like to make a repost of a discussion found on Reddit that I thought was very interesting: I personally feel that GZ is in need of a rework when it comes to the Dive Bombers. Not only is their Alpha damage rather pitiful, but the attack angle and drop dispersion makes every drop a roll of the dice. My suggestion is to give GZ her JU-87 Stukas back with a loadout consisting of the current AP bomb plus 2 HE bombs. The current 2/8 flight would be reused as well as the dive pattern and dispersion. This would make the RNG of the bombers a bit less harsh, while still keeping the unique way of attacking. The rather high alpha damage per plane would be balanced by being carried by a rather slow and flimsy aircraft. Would love to hear you guys opinion on this matter!
  7. As of currently then when I have reached Shokaku so far in World Of Warships.. I mostly was also apart of the test for the new Carrier Rework.. and I really felt the unfairness in that of how big the difference was between USS Carriers and IJN Carriers.. American squadrons always reaching their target with over half of the squad still alive and doing a fairly good amount of damage due to the amount of stuff their squadron carries and damage they do.. While Japanese squadrons have the problem of the little amount of health, the small amount of stuff they give to do damage towards ships.. and such.. Always losing under the half the health of the squadron when attacking.. And commonly the whole squadron on an attack. - American Carriers are much much more stronger than Japanese Carriers in a nutshell and has better damage and influence than their counterpart.. - But while British carriers are coming out soon as well, then it seems they are staying on the side of the Americans.. Also being strong and influential.. And mostly then the players who played Japanese carriers before the rework, never had the chance to either change nation to the American counterpart.. and get the equivalence of what they had.. _____________________________________ I'm mostly just thinking, since the rework promised the balance between each other and more carrier play... Of course then that's true, but Americans and the British are the most active ones.. while the Japanese are the ones which are slowly dying... (Or maybe even quickly).. It feels as if it's not even worth playing Japanese carriers due to the unfairness given and always having a bigger chance of not being influential as carriers are in battles.
  8. RaxSavvage

    Carrier Torpedo Planes

    plane torps utterly suck to the point enemy cruisers and battleships will hurl abuse at me for even trying to hit them, they wont even try to evade they dont need to they damage is hilariously low compared to surface torps all damage info is from the T6 furious and with a listed damage of 5200 can hit the nose of a battleship airzona in this case for only 2752 or there about and not even cause a flood i'm asking 2 things, 1 damage overall is upped, even against destroyers i'll see just over 4K damage mid point hit, the T8 and T10 have the same torp damage of 5933 which is bizzare to me but more than this the main change i'd suggest is half squadron attack wings, furious has 6 planes in a squadron so 3 on attack, implacable has 8 for 4 and audacious upped to 10 in a squadron and 5 in an attackwing. with the same philosphey to other nations.
  9. AwesomeBoat

    CV Tiers

    Hi All other lines go to t10 with no gaps, so I have a question: Why do CVs not have tiers 5, 7 and 9?