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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, been out of the game for around 3 years. After logging back and realizing i cant play tier 8 or below battleships because carriers. So then I thought I could counter their shenanigans with a fully AA decked cruiser. Guess what? I was wrong, they close in and get me spotted, entire enemy team spots me, planes vanish into thin air but i get no planes shot down cause apparently when a plane says "screw you i'm going home" it means they become invulnerable. Thanks for making carrier vision control even more risk free than it already was, cause that's what the game needed. I played a lot of DD's too back in the day but apparently every new ship has a more fancier than before powercreeped anti DD mechanics and gimmicks. 3 Questions. Why are carriers even more oppressive and uncounterable than before the glorious rework? What's the point of playing a gunboat DD when every new addition to the game (including these assholes in the air) just make you want to go back to port? Why do ships have anti-air when click of a button gives your planes force fields and invisibility?
  2. Widar_Thule

    Authentic "GRAF ZEPPELIN"

    AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN Instead of taking their current approach to representing historic warships, I advocate that WOWS would strive to represent historic ships following an "AUTHENTIC" approach. To be sure, I do NOT mean a "SIMULATOR" or "REALISTIC" approach, but an "AUTHENTIC" approach. For those that do not understand the difference between the concepts: · AUTHENTIC - "Conforming to an original and/or the real world so as to reproduce essential features". · SIMULATOR - "A computer simulation (or "sim") is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer under real world conditions". · REALISTIC - "Resembling or simulating real life (conditions)". WOWS is NOT striving to be REALISTIC and I do NOT advocate that WOWS should be REALISTIC. Instead WOWS can and should be AUTHENTIC in their approach to historic ships, because if WOWS is not even that, then one might as well start playing some fantasy space combat game and not a game featuring historic ships whose statistics and performance are based on essential features of the real world historic ships.A ship in WOWS can be both AUTHENTIC and GAMEPLAY BALANCED, the two are not mutually exclusive. THE REASON FOR THIS TOPIC I post this topic for the benefit of the WOWS developers and graphical artists who are involved with the re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. When looking at the outward appearance and characteristics of the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN it becomes clear that the definitive study on the GRAF ZEPPELIN published by author Ulrich H.J. Israel in 1994 titled "Flugzeugträger Graf Zeppelin" has been overlooked by the WOWS developers and graphical artists. That book is probably the best single source on all aspects of the ship and her armament. Because Ulrich Israel his book in is German and there is no English language translation of it I have made an effort to translate and present key parts of that source, combined with other excellent source material from authors such as Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop, Manfred Griehl, Adolf Galland, the detailed book series "Die deutsche Luftfahrt" (which consists of 35 volumes) and many other sources into this single topic. My goal is to provide as much overlooked data on GRAF ZEPPELIN to the WOWS developers as possible in the English language so that it hopefully is used during the re-design process of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN. It is my goal and interest to see GRAF ZEPPELIN, which from a military technological point of view was a truly unique ship, depicted in WOWS in an authentic manner. RELEASE DATE OF THE REDESIGNED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN It would be best to NOT AGAIN RUSH GRAF ZEPPELIN TO COMPLETION LIKE WAS DONE FOR GAMESCOM. Instead it is better to take the time to get the ship right and display it in an AUTHENTIC manner before release, because experience shows that WOWS ships rushed to stores are usually never authentically corrected in order not to "hurt" the feelings of customers which have already bought the ship. I have bought the ships during GAMESCOM on release date but I do NO want to see the redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN rushed to completion again, take the time to get her authentic and right! AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN in a 1943-1945 configuration, which is the equipment state that WOWS representatives have stated will release the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN in, has some unique ESSENTIAL features which should be represented. These features will be described in the following topic. In WOWS increasingly we see more and more concepts to try and come up "national" characteristics for new ships and ship lines to try and make them unique and interesting. For GRAF ZEPPELIN these "national" characteristics do not need to be made up, since the ship really was a unique design, the main points of which will be listed here. One thing to point out before we present the list is about the Hanger Deck space of GRAF ZEPPELIN, since this is usually overlooked when this ship is discussed. The GRAF ZEPPELIN was a very large Aircraft Carrier, the largest purpose built Aircraft Carrier up till 1942 and arguably up till the end of the war. The real world 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN at 33,550 tons had 5515 m2 of Hanger Deck space, which was double that of the 36,000 tons LEXINGTON (2674 m2 hangar deck space) and the 25,500 tons ENTERPRISE (3195 m2 hanger deck space) had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space that GRAF ZEPPELIN (5515 m2) had. On 30 May 1942 the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy (Erich Raeder) ordered that the Air-Wing (including reserves) of GRAF ZEPPELIN in 1943 was to consist of 48x naval Me 109 G-6 (later designated Me 155 A-1) and 54x naval Ju 87 D-5 (later designated Ju 87 E-1). Given the Hanger Deck space on GRAF ZEPPELIN of 5515 m2 storing up to 102x Aircraft would certainly have been possible. The Hanger Dimensions are hard indisputable facts when you study the Hanger Dimensions of the Hanger Decks of GRAF ZEPPELIN, LEXINGTON and ENTERPRISE. In WOWS the LEXINGTON gets 72x Aircraft, the ENTERPRISE gets 96x Aircraft and the GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN gets 72x Aircraft. The ENTERPRISE in WOWS gets to use her RESERVE aircraft which were carried on board in a disassembled state, these RESERVE aircraft however the WOWS ENTERPRISE is allowed to use in a naval battle so there is NO reason to not also allow a redesigned GRAF ZEPPELIN to do that as well in WOWS then. Giving a re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN the 102x Aircraft (including RESERVES) that were in real life ORDERED for her on 30 May 1942 and which her huge Hanger Deck space could store would be authentic. Balancing could be done for the 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN, just as has been done for the 85x Aircraft KAGA and 96x Aircraft ENTERPRISE. Since the Tier 8 Carriers are also often as a result of WOWS Match- Making forced to send their Tier 8 Aircraft against the superb Tier 9 and 10 AAA of Cruisers and Battleships. Having a high number of reserve Aircraft makes both a 85x Aircrft Kaga and a 96x ENTERPRISE fun to play, in like manner a 102x Aircraft GRAF ZEPPELIN will be fun to play which is a good thing for a 50+ real world money ship. Based mainly on the excellent and most probably definitive GRAF ZEPPELIN primary source study published in 1994 by former Fregattenkapitän (Commander) of the DDR Volksmarine Ulrich Israel the following authentic characteristics for a WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN can be listed. Since the book by Ulrich Israel is in German I have translated some of what is in the book into English to make this information available. Converting the authentic characteristics of the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN into WOWS requires making some compromises in order to let the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN both fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers and still have the a decent balance between authenticity and game play, the following points are such a authenticity/game play balance compromise which would enable a unique and powerful but not overpowered re-design of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN: In 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically launch an IN-AIR Carrier-Group (Strike Force) consisting of: 6+8+8 = 22x Fighter-Aircraft (Me 155 A-1) and 8+8+8 = 24x Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (Ju 87 E-1). This authentic data can be translated into WOWS terminology which fits into the current Tier 8 Carrier design. An IN-AIR Carrier-Group for the re-designed WOWs GRAF ZEPPELIN is proposed which consists of 4+4+4= 12x (5+5+5=15x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft and 5+5+5=15x Ju 87 E-1 (6+6+6=18x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft for a total IN-AIR strength of 27x Aircraft (33x with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill). This is still less than ENTERPRISE which has 36x IN-AIR Aircraft in WOWS. In WOWS game terminology the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 IN-AIR Carrier-Group strength (Strike Force) would translate into 6x Squadrons total: 3x Fighter-Squadrons each with 4x/5x Me 155 A-1 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each with 5x/6x Ju 87 E-1 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1. The size of 4x/5x (Me 155 A-1) and 5x/6x (Ju 87 E-1) IN-AIR Aircraft per WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Squadron is therefore not fully authentic but as close as possible when compared to the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS and as such a game-play compromise. GRAF ZEPPELIN would authentically have launched 5x Squadrons with 8x Aircraft per squadron, and 1x Group-Staff Squadron-Flight with 6x Aircraft. The authentic total launched by GRAF ZEPPELIN: 46x Aircraft. It is proposed that in WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN would only launch 27x Aircraft (or 33x Aircraft with the AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) in order to fit in with the other Tier 8 Carriers in WOWS. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's 2x Fighter-Squadrons and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons each consisted of 12x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Fighter-Squadrons and 5x/6x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Multi-Purpose-Squadrons. Authentically GRAF ZEPPELIN's Group-Staff Squadron-Flight consisted of only Fighter-Aircraft: 6x Flight-Aircraft and 6x Reserve-Aircraft. It is proposed for WOWS to make that 4x/5x (with AIR SUPREMACY Captain's skill) for the Group-Staff Squadron-Flight. GRAF ZEPPELIN's 1943 authentic Total Aircraft strength: 54x Ju 87 E-1 and 48x Me 155 A-1 = 102x Total Aircraft. Of that number 8+8+6= 22x Me 155 A-1 and 3x8= 24x Ju 87 E-1 would authentically be IN-AIR and 26x Me 155 A-1 and 30x Ju 87 E-1 would be ON BOARD. That is the authentic real world data. The proposal for the re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN (with the "AIR SUPREMACY" Captain's skill adding one more Fighter/Dive-Bomber Aircraft) is 3x Fighter-Squadrons with 3x4/5 = 12x/15x Me 155 A-1 Fighter-Aircraft IN-AIR with 36x/33x Me 155 A-1 ON BOARD RESERVES and 3x Multi-Purpose-Squadrons with 3x5/6 = 15x/18x Ju 87 E-1 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft IN-AIR with 39x/36x Ju 87 E-1 ON BOARD RESERVES. Since ENTERPRISE in real life had only 58% of the Hanger Deck space of the 8000 tons larger GRAF ZEPPELIN this is both authentic and workable in WOWS. Especially since the smaller ENTERPRISE in WOWS has 96x Aircraft (36x Aircraft IN-Air) and the KAGA has 85x Aircraft in total. So this proposal would give GRAF ZEPPELIN a maximum of 33x IN-AIR Aircraft and 102x Aircraft total, compared to ENTERPRISE with 36x IN-AIR Aircraft and 96x Aircraft total. The Supreme Commander of the German Armed Forces and the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy in 1942 ordered that torpedo bombers would be GRAF ZEPPELIN's main armament (when she was to be commissioned in 1943). The Me 155 A-1 was the naval version of the Me 109 G-6 Fighter-Aircraft and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 48x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. The Ju 87 E-1 was the naval version of the Ju 87 D-5 Multi-Purpose-Aircraft (to be used in the roles of Torpedo Bomber, Dive Bomber, Smoke Laying Aircraft, Mine-Laying Aircraft, Reconnaissance Aircraft) and in 1942 it was ordered to supply GRAF ZEPPELIN with 54x of these Aircraft by 1943. It was designed to be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN catapults and specified to have foldable wings. Based on the real world information the AUTHENTIC WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN Air Group setup should DEFINITELY be 3/3/0 (anti-capital-ship) with possible variants being 3/2/1 (all-round) or 3/1/2 (all-round) or 3/0/3 (anti-minor-ship) as alternatives to the authentic 3/3/0. All four options would be interesting to have as permanent options for the ship when the ship is re-released for sale. Releasing GRAF ZEPPELIN with an Air Group which can only fight Capital Ships (Battleships) well is to be avoided, since an Aircraft Carrier like every other ship in WOWS needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and Destroyers and Cruisers also need to be be targeted effectively for self-defence. GRAF ZEPPELIN's designed Top Speed in 1943: minimum speed 33.80 knots, maximum speed 34.25 knots. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should use these authentic values. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch and land aircraft AT THE SAME TIME. This was probably the most UNIQUE feature of GRAF ZEPPELIN compared to other WW2 Carriers. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to launch 1x Fighter-Squadron and 1x Multi-Purpose Squadron AT THE SAME TIME and in HALF the launching time of other Carriers due to the 2x Compressed Air Catapults. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could authentically launch her Aircraft from her 2x Catapults without the need to turn into the wind as practically all WW2 Carriers had to do. This again translates into faster Aircraft launching times because GRAF ZEPPELIN could avoid the time consuming turning into the wind manoeuvres. GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to be able to land 1x Squadron at a time even when Aircraft are being launched. If the WOWS programming code does not allow that, then adjust the processing times so that GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft can land and launch much faster. GRAF ZEPPELIN could have a faster rudder response and smaller turning circle than the GAMESECOM GRAF ZEPPELIN due her the 2x Voiht Schneider Shaft Propellers under the keel which could propel GRAF ZEPPELIN at maximum 4.5 knots IN ANY DIRECTION. The inauthentic 2x German War Flags painted on the Flight Deck of the current WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN should be removed and replaced with the authentic BRIGHT YELLOW bars which GRAF ZEPPELIN would have had painted on the Flight Deck. See details below. The wrong camouflage colours and pattern which is used by the WOWS GAMESCOM GRAF ZEPPELIN aircraft should be replaced with the authentic camouflage scheme and colours which the GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would have had. See details below. The wrong Aircraft Markings and Emblems on the WOWS GAMESCOM ZEPPELIN (fighter) aircraft should be replaced with the authentic GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft Markings and Emblems. See details below. For the authentic lighting arrangements on GRAF ZEPPELIN I refer to the details below. The re-designed WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN should get an authentic splinter camouflage scheme which should be similar to that of the 1942-1943 TIRPITZ, with which she was scheduled to operate together from her ordered berth at Faettenfjord, Trondheim in Norway. Images showing relevant TIRPITZ camouflage will be added to the topic. The 1939-era Fi 167 A-0, Ju 87 C-1, Me 109 T-1 were all outdated by 1942 and the German Air Force had no production lines for these aircraft and their outdated engines any more. The Air Force stated in 1942 that they would not build these aircraft and not equip GRAF ZEPPELIN with these aircraft. Instead the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 were developed from then current models, weapons and engines. The torpedoes used by the Ju 87 E-1 were the 650-kg 450-mm German Torpedo Typ F 5 b (40 knot speed/2000 meter range) and the Italian Typ F 5 W (W for Whitehead-Fiume) (40 knot/3000 meter range). The main practical differences between the two torpedoes types were mostly Torpedo drop speed and Torpedo drop height. The 1942-era Ju 87 E-1 could be launched from the GRAF ZEPPELIN Compressed Air Catapult with a bomb load of at least 1000 kg (1x 1000 kg or 2x 500 kg), the older 1939-era Ju 87 C-1 would have been launched with 1x 500 kg and 4x 50 kg bombs. GRAF ZEPPELIN Aircraft would not take off under their own power from the Flight Deck as with most WW2 Carriers, but instead they were launched from 2x 21-meter long Compressed Air Catapults at a rate of 8x Aircraft per 3.5 minutes per Catapult at a speed from 0 km/h up to 140/155 km/h in 3 seconds, so 16x Aircraft would be launched in about 3.5 minutes. At the same time Aircraft could still land and be processed down to the 2x Hanger Decks due to the 3x 6.5 ton Elevators which could still be used when Aircraft were launched and landed. This in WOWS translates into faster Aircraft launching times, launching of 2x Squadrons at the same time and landing of Aircraft while launching. This makes the GRAF ZEPPELIN unique in WW2. German Aircraft used a special starter fuel mixture which allowed their Aircraft to heat their Engine Oil etc. temperature ready for flight in about 3 minutes. This saved both Aircraft fuel and precious time. On USA and other Carriers the Aircraft would have to run their Engines for 20+ Minutes in order to heat the Engine Oil etc. up for flight, wasting both valuable time and fuel. The German starter fuel mixture translates in faster WOWS launch times. Since GRAF ZEPPELIN was designed to also be able to operate alone, so in WOWS it would be authentic to give her 15-cm guns the same range as those of Tier 8 BISMARCK and TIRPITZ especially because she is so easy to spot in WOWS. The GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-cm guns were also intended to be used in an Anti-Aircraft role in case of a massed enemy Aircraft attack. The 15-cm guns would then be used in "Zonenschießen" (=Zone Fire) via "Sperrfeuer" (Barrage Fire). It would be authentic to let the re-designed GRAF ZEPPELIN use her 15-cm guns also in an Anti-Aircraft role. In WOWS the GRAF ZEPPELIN Commander can only be used on GRAF ZEPPELIN since there will be no other German Carriers in WOWS. It would make sense to therefore make that a Unique Commander, a possible name candidate is "Helmuth Brinkmann" the Commander of PRINZ EUGEN. In real life Captain (Kapitän zur See) Helmuth Brinkmann was chosen to command GRAF ZEPPELIN. The GAMESCOM WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN has 2x Shields on the bow and an Eagle on the stern. In wartime not one single German War Navy ship went to sea with these, they were removed and kept ashore and were only to be used in peace time. So since WOWS is an arcade wargame the 2x Shields on the bow and Eagle on the stern should be removed. The Me 155 A-1 was armed with 1x MG 151/20 and the Ju 87 E-1 was armed with 2x MG 151/20. This was a 20-mm 750 RPM auto-cannon which could take down a fighter with only 3-5 direct hits. This weapon and the ammunition it used was harder hitting than any weapon used on the Carrier Fighters of other nations at the time and that should be taken into account when determining Damage Per Second for the Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1. Another key issue is that the Me 155 A-1, like the Me 109 G-6, would have all the armament in the nose. With nose armament is it much easier to hit an enemy target and fire accurately, that translates into higher DPM than wing mounted armament like on practically all USA fighters for example. Another key issue which translates into higher Hit Point Values for German Aircraft is that the 1942-era Me 155 A-1 and Ju 87 E-1 German Carrier Aircraft (like USA Carrier Aircraft) had both armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks, while practically all Japanese Carrier Aircraft did not have this. Even the 1939-era Me 109 T-1 and Ju 87 C-1 had armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks. GRAF ZEPPELIN had an armoured flight deck as well as some other interesting armour arrangements which I will add here when I have time to do so (To be continued...). GRAF ZEPPELIN RELIABLE SOURCES AND AUTHORS WOWS AND ULRICH ISRAEL'S GRAF ZEPPELIN STUDY CHARACTERISTICS OF AN AUTHENTIC 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN An AUTHENTIC German aircraft carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN as she was scheduled to be commissioned on 1 April 1943 and scheduled to be ready for operations from December 1943 at the earliest and Spring 1944 at the latest some ESSENTIAL features which will be discussed in detail below as well as other relevant data. EDIT: PROPOSED WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN AIR COMPLEMENT AND AIRCRAFT DATA GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK PAINTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN FLIGHT DECK LIGHTING EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT CAMOUFLAGE AND COLOURS EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT UNIT EMBLEM EDIT: GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC AIR COMPONENT 1943 GRAF ZEPPELIN HANGER DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Me 109 T, Ju 87 C NO OUTDATED 1939-ERA Fi 167 GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC IN-AIR STRIKE FORCE EDIT: AIR FORCE ORDERED FIRST PRODUCTION SERIES OF 220x NEW Me 155 A-1 and 115x NEW Ju 87 E-1 CARRIER AIRCRAFT IN 1942 WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN SQUADRON SETUP GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC ORGANIZATION OF CARRIER-GROUP GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Ju 87 E-1 MULTI-PURPOSE-AIRCRAFT GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 AERIAL TORPEDO TYPES FOR Ju 87 E-1 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1942-ERA Me 155 A-1 FIGHTER-AIRCRAFT EDIT: HIGH-ALTITUDE FIGHTER Me 109 H, Me 155 B, BV 155 GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 MAIN ARMAMENT: TORPEDO BOMBERS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 Ju 87 E-1 BOMB LOAD GRAF ZEPPELIN COMBINED LAUNCHING AND LANDING GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT LAUNCHING GRAF ZEPPELIN CATAPULT LAUNCHING PROCEDURE GRAF ZEPPELIN ELEVATORS GRAF ZEPPELIN SPECIAL AIRCRAFT STARTER MIXTURE GRAF ZEPPELIN NO TURNING IN THE WIND GRAF ZEPPELIN AIRCRAFT ARMING AND FUELLING GRAF ZEPPELIN PROVEN TECHNOLOGY AND TRAVEMÜNDE GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLES GRAF ZEPPELIN ARRESTING CABLE TESTING GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 TOP SPEED GRAF ZEPPELIN VOIHT SCHNEIDER SHAFT PROPELLORS GRAF ZEPPELIN OPERATING ALONE GRAF ZEPPELIN 15-CM ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS GRAF ZEPPELIN 1943 OVERPOWERED GRAF ZEPPELIN AUTHENTIC 1943+ HULL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN GRAF ZEPPELIN DESIGNATED COMMANDER GRAF ZEPPELIN NATIONAL FLAG ON FLIGHT DECK GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NATIONAL EAGLE ON STERN GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO NAME PLATE ON SHIP GRAF ZEPPELIN - NO COAT OF ARMS ON BOW MG 151/20 AUTOCANNON ON Me 155 A-1 AND Ju 87 E-1 COLLECTION OF RELEVANT DATA ON WOWS TIER 8 CARRIER AIRCRAFT JAPANESE NAVY WANTS TO BUY GRAF ZEPPELIN IN 1942 AERIAL TORPEDOES AND THE BRITISH, JAPANESE AND GERMAN WAR NAVIES 1941+ GERMAN AND JAPANESE NAVY COOPERATION 1940+ GRAF ZEPPELIN DETAILED HANGER DECKS ANALYSES GRAF ZEPPELIN COMPARED TO USA AIRCRAFT CARRIERS FROM 1936 TO 1945 GRAF ZEPPELIN ARMOUR ARRANGEMENT
  3. Hello there folks! One thing that just rubs me the wrong way is the notion that Carriers have "Unlimited Planes", which just isn't true. Using the regen times of a Stock Hakuryu without any commander skills or modules the maximum theoretical regen of aircraft in a match (20 minutes) would be 16 Attack Aircraft (14 on deck), 15 Torpedo Bombers (20 on deck) and 17 Dive Bombers (18 on deck). In total this would give the Stock Hakuryu a maximum of 100 Aircraft in a game. If I recall correctly Hakuryu had a Hangar Capacity of 100 planes pre rework, which makes the maximum amount of Aircraft basically unchanged. My suggestion would be to show the maximum amount of planes available to the Carrier somewhere in the game (on the Tech Tree or in the Menus) so that the playerbase can put the notion to rest that CVs have "unlimited planes" to harass them. Edit: Counting all 9 Fighter consumables of the squadrons as well the 4 on the Carrier the Stock Hakuryu ends up having 179 Aircraft, which is quite the increase compared to before the rework. So reducing the "total" amount of Aircraft on a Carrier might be a reasonable nerf. (Also making the Fighters a bit more user-friendly would also help!)
  4. In-depth guide for more advanced carrier players. OUTDATED, LINK TO NEW GUIDE: This guide will not be for those who have never played CV’s. I will not be explaining the controls, and I will only slightly touch on the consumables. This is for the more serious players, who want to become good CV players. I hope it will be of help to you. Have fun! LINK TO .PDF FILE 1: Introduction To clarify; in order to become a better player, this guide can help, but it can’t do it for you. Practise makes perfect, any experience is good experience. But most importantly: Have fun. It is almost impossible to keep something up if you’re not enjoying it. Question yourself: is this ship type for me? Or even: is this game for me? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get you started. 1.2 Basic rules To start off, let’s look at a couple basic rules that are vital in carrier gameplay: 1: Time to target is everything Travel time is killer. In order to have the maximum impact on a game, you need to make as many attacks per minute as possible. Push for a minimum of 1 attack per minute. Once you’ve got that down, try for 1.5 attacks per minute. Keep a notepad beside you with a pen. Make a tick every time you launch ordnance at an enemy (regardless if it hits or not—but it has to be one that you tried to hit). Then check the game duration at the end. Most people greatly over-estimate your average attacks per minute. Make sure to ride your boost continuously to fly as quick as possible. But don’t hold down W all the time, feather your boost button. Boost, let it recover for a second, boost again. You need to have it available if there’s fighters or AA that you need to avoid. Most importantly, ploink your carrier as close to the enemy ships as you dare. The shorter the time between attacks, the more attacks you will do. It doesn’t help dying fast though. Make sure you have an exit strategy, and turn tail before its too late. Also, never-ever trust autopilot. It will mess up the most basic maneuvers. Make sure to ‘babysit’ it by adding multiple waypoints (hold shift and click to add more) or better yet, do complicated maneuvers yourself inbetween attacks. So, don’t run to the backline instantly. Don’t hang around forever, waiting for the perfect attack run. Good enough is good enough. Attack, attack, attack. That’s the key to carrier gameplay! 2: There is always something else Now, what do you do when there are only uninviting targets? Iowa’s, Worcesters, Des Moines and ships escorted by AA cruisers. Answer: You ignore ‘em, look for something else. There’s always something else, you just don’t see it yet. I will explain target selection in more detail later in this guide. 3: Supporting teammates Unless there is some chad player on your side that you KNOW will shoot at what you spot, don’t waste time spotting targets for your team. Think of how many times you’ve stuck your neck out in a DD, spotted enemies that need killing but your team keeps lobbing shells at the battleship at the back. If you’re fortunate, your attack runs will coincide with spotting ships. 2: Materiel Now for materiel, the acutal ship you’re sailing and aircraft you are flying. First, let’s take a look at what each tier of Aircraft carriers offers. TIER IV: This is where everyone starts with their aircraft carriers. The anti-aircraft at this tier is minimal, but since the insane buffs to tier IV carriers, these are the most OP in the game. Play this to club seals, however boring and unfair. TIER VI: Tier VI is like its predecessor, a learning tier. This is like getting your first bike, but with sidewheels. You start learning the real deal, but you’ve got a long way to go yet. TIER VIII: Early effectiveness. This is a path to your tier X, and I will not focus on them in detail (except for premiums). This is where your sidewheels are removed, and you are finally able to spread your wings (no pun intended) and explore the limits of the CV class. But remember, you’re still on a children’s bike. TIER X: The pinnacle of carrier design and gameplay. Brutal AA and smart opponents make this a very tough playground. It is however, the best way to master a carrier line. If you are thinking of getting a new carrier, here is a short overview of each line: United States Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Difficulty: ★★ Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★ + High potential ++ Extremely high potential +/- Decent potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health + high plane health - low plane speed + High plane speed +/- Decent plane speed +/- Decent plane reserves +/- Decent plane reserves - Low plane reserves And an overview the tier VIII premiums. First the good ones: Enterprise Kaga Difficulty: ★ Difficulty: ★ + High potential + High potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health - low plane speed +/- Decent plane speed + Large plane reserves ++ Extremely large plane reserves (Comes from the quick replenishment time) Saipan Graf Zeppelin Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★★★ +/- Decent potential +/- Decent potential + high plane health - Low plane health + High plane speed + High plane speed -- Extremely low plane reserves - Low plane reserves 3: Gameplay Now for the raw gameplay. This is mainly about skill, judgement and experience. If you thought good CV gameplay is easy, think again. How I approach a match: 1. Check your matchmaking, check for strong AA ships and identify your targets. 2. First, launch rockets for scouting. 3. Set autopilot half a square ahead of your ship. 4. Fly in, make sure to bail immediately when you spot strong AA ships 5. Target Destroyers if they have AA turned on. When turned off, go for a cruiser or battleship. 6. Decide what target to go for. When unclear, go for another scouting run. Make sure to target DD’s as much as possible early on, to give your DD’s the upper hand. 7. Scan the map for inviting targets. See the next section for Target Selection. Rince and repeat. 3.1: Target selection This is probably the most important skill of a CV player. Being able to select the target that you are most effective at killing, and making sure to keep ‘winning players’ in check. If one enemy ship is holding back an entire flank, it might be a good idea to give him some pressure. Equally, when a flank is about to fall, give fighter cover to your allies and wear down the enemies. This of course depends on the distance to target. The closer, the better. Always make sure you use your carrier as effectively as possible. Don’t listen to your teammates here, YOU know how to use your carrier best, not your teammate. Things to consider when selecting your target: 1: Type of target 1. Does it have strong AA? 2. Is it big or slow enough to ensure a hit? 3. How much health does it have (left)? 4. Is it susceptible to weapons I have? 2: position of target 1. How far away is my target? 2. Is it close to strong AA ships/under fighter cover? 3. How much influence has the target on the game? (prioritize enemies that are doing well) 4. Is it moving, or unable or unwilling to move? 5. How close is my target to other points of interest? (unspotted DD’s or other juicy targets) All this is different in every situation, so you will have to judge and learn yourself. 3.2 Map awareness Another major part of carrier gameplay is carrier placement. Getting yourself in the best possible position every time, without exposing yourself to unessecary danger. This is not a simple feat. It is heavily dependent on the map where you slam your carrier down. Make sure you anticipate falling flanks, by moving up or retreating. At tier X, you can even reliably bowtank enemy fire. Make use of this! Distract the enemy team by letting them shoot your heavily angled flight deck. Getting down to 50% health and having a million tanked damage is as useful as doing 50k yourself. As a final note, DO NOT TRUST AUTOPILOT! it is on the enemy team, and will try to kill you. Do complicated maneuvers yourself, and give autopilot very specific instructions on where to move if you’re in open water. 3.3 General tips This is the big thing. How do you get the absolute most out of your CV? Here I wil list some tricks I’ve picked up over my time as a CV main. If you don’t recognize one of these points, I recommend looking in to and potentially learning them. 1: Pre-drop Standard, every carrier gets between 3-4 attacks per full plane squadron (differs per carrier). However, you will usually only get one attack off. Maybe two if you are lucky. This means you will bring -and thus lose- twice as many aircraft as you need. To get around this, many players waste 1-2 attacks on the water, to send those back to the carrier and prevent them from getting shot down. This is called: ‘predropping’ I recommend predropping at least once. No matter the nation or tier (maybe except tier IV). 2: Flak dodging The basic practise of flying around the black flak clouds. They hurt alot, but are relatively easy to dodge, unless there are too many ships firing at your planes. Simple WASD-hacks and some good ‘ol intuition will get you through any AA umbrella. Once you engage your attack mode, you won’t have to worry about flak anymore, as its damage is reduced by 80%. If you are struggling with this, don’t worry. Flak dodging will become second nature with experience. 3: Supporting teammates This is a touchy subject. Many people see CV’s as the one to protect them or their DD’s from enemy air attacks. The truth is that fighter gameplay is very limited, and a simple consumable is no deterrent for many CV’s. Add to that the average intelligence of teammates in WoWs… This is why I never prioritize covering teammates with fighters. I will only help them if I don’t need to change my plans for it. There is no use flying over a DD for 2 minutes, spotting and popping fighters, just for them to rush out and die to torps. No… your planes are better used elsewhere. This is not to say you may never spot for your team, or never prioritze DD’s, but don’t go out of your way to do it. Just do whatever the hell you want, be it helping your teammates or doing damage. Never listen to your teammate, as selfish as that may sound. 4: Consumables I’ll go over how to use your consumable in the best way possible. Your consumables are a very powerful tool, that can decide the game if used correctly. 4.1 usage of fighters. Use your fighters to spot enemy targets. They are basically a flying DD that appear and disappear at your command. Just be careful that it won’t be shot down. Try to let the fighters survive the full 60s. Don’t use your fighters on targets that have already been attacked, or targets that are uninviting to the enemy carrier. It’s easy for you as a carrier player to predict what target the enemy CV will go for. It’s also very important to not fly towards your DD to pop a fighter. You’ll just lead the enemy CV towards your DD. 4.2: Usage of engine boost Speed is damage done in CV’s. Managing your engine boost and engine cooling consumables is key to carrier gameplay. Make sure to ride your boost continuously to fly as quick as possible. But don’t hold down W all the time, feather your boost button. Boost, let it recover for a second, boost again. You need to have it available if there’s fighters or AA that you need to avoid. If you boost-recover-boost correctly, you can exploit the system to get an extra 10-15 knots of ‘free’ cruising speed. This only works for aircraft with a slow accelleration and decelleration. Use the time it takes to decellerate to replenish a bit of your boost bar. Once the speed drops too low for your liking, you boost to full again. The engine cooling consumable is extremely useful. Try to save it for when you really need it. Torpedo heal is easy. Use when your planes reach low health. ‘nuff said. Also try to save this for when you really need it. 5: AA baiting This tactic is surprisingly effective, its the practise of letting AA target the initial attack squadron. Show a graph of attack squad, actual squad. After a drop, if you INSTANTLY press F, all planes will head back up to the sky. The full squadron will be higher, because it started off higher (duh). Since AA targets the closest group of aircraft, they will target the attack element, not the squadron. This means you will (in theory) only lose the attacking element, and not the full squadron. Keep in mind, if the AA is too heavy, it will have ample time to shoot down both the attacking element and the squadron before it reaches its ‘safe altitude’. This trick works especially well with the Hakuryu torpedo bombers. Try this out for yourself, it might come in handy one day. 6: Slingshot Slingshot! A feared word in the ears of many cruiser captain. Slingshot! A argument brought up most often during CV discussions. But what is it really? I will kindly use Yuro’s video to explain this mechanic. Click here to go to his video All credit goes to Yuro As a USN CV main, I’m no expert at Slingshotting, but @Kytis is. This was his comment: “All slingshot does now is that you can get to ANY ship without taking DMG (Which is still retarded, don’t get me wrong) but the second you start the attack you will just lose your planes during and after the strike. Slingshot just means you can get close to the target and THEN lose your planes.
  5. Hello, short and simple question: I am not a CV expert and start to use Lexington now. Do you guys have recommendations, which modules should be equipped and which captain skills are working well? Maybe something has changed after 0.8.7?
  6. Major1999

    Give planes of CVs a range limit

    Artillery cannons have a limited range, torpedoes have it too, just planes from carriers havnt a limited range ... WHY ?! I am now since the start onboard and can say, CVs changed the hole gameplay but not just in the good direction. Battles without them are ... how should i discribe it ... they are just perfect, no damn torpedoes or bombs just fighters and scout planes, just perfect. Battles with them are mostly just frustrating, no matter if you loose or win this damn carrier park in a corner and are mostly at the end in the top section of the list, or you get a cv beginner and your team have at start 2 ships less. These things had never been included in WoWs, but we have them now in game and they sell them now also as premiums, so i think not they will remove them. My idea: Give the planes of CVs a limited range and mybe buff all aa on ships except CVs. I had some pretty frustrating games now and are a bit pissed off, so sorry if i am a bit harsh, ouh and please be faire in the comments below :)
  7. hello guys, i am one of those guys that like to play aircraft carriers. i usually play the new hakuryu with quite decent results(average dmg around 120k, usually top 5 player). overall the game experience is fine, but i would like to point out 2 things: 1) when you are driving the planes, you cannot reinforce the anti-air gun sectors of the carrier. i think that this is quite "shitty" because i can't properly defend my ship from incoming planes. the only way i can do it is to recall my planes, reiforce the sector, and re-start the voyage(crap). it would be nice to have 2 different keys in order to reinforce the left or the right side of the ship without leaving the flight squadroon. 2) improve the auto-pilot. after the new patch there have been a lot of improvement on this topic, but still, is quite hard to go backwards and sometimes the ship collides with islands.
  8. How do you keep your bombers alive in Kaga / Shokaku (admittedly, mine's currently stock)? They appear to be made of paper, and it's like playing Tier4 again, and it's gonna be another long painful 3 captain skills before I get the second plane-health CO skill improvement. I'm not talking about preserving planes by squad-shortening, or sling-shotting - I mean how do you get them onto a ship without having them melt? People say "use Islands" – how? I mean yeah if there's a big island in exactly the right place you can fly over it and appear at the last minute and maybe still have time for your crosshair to recover and room to drop your ordinance successfully; but if it's outside / at the AA bubble's range, you're only cutting down on player positioning opportunity not on time spent (damage taken) in AA. If the target's too close to an island, torps have no water to land in (and your DB crosshair goes all janky too). And approaching from behind an island denies you the opportunity to angle correctly because it, not you, picks the attack angle on your target. If there's a small island, you're going to be visible regardless - unless you enter a TB attack run, which adds the frustration of having to fight crosshair bloom and move planes that now handle like flying barns around to try and get the run to connect with a ship who should be evading. I've looked at Youtube, but the videos I'm seeing don't seem to show players continually loitering over islands the whole game - which makes me question whether the "flying over islands changes your height and thus dodges flak" advice is actually true. If it is, how does it *actually* work mechanically? Because whether flying over land or water, my planes seem equally fragile. Likewise, Youtube seems to be sceptical of Concealment spec - which gels with my experience of some unspotted DD or incoming plane breaking my concealment when I've committed to an attack run on another target and thus nullifying the benefit. More planes, and faster replenishment, on deck seems more beneficial. How are you supposed to make use of the Torpedo Bomber heal? You get very few, healing one plane who is taking damage seems a waste, and planes seem to die so quickly that using it reactively mid-attack-run seems awkward to say the least. How are you supposed to minimise damage on an attack-run? Evasion seems to be near-impossible without sacrificing aim-bloom: Is it just a case of screwing aim and hoping to roll more badly-aimed dice than well-aimed ones from depleted survivors? Is it, likewise, a case of just going "screw my angle-of-approach, I'm gonna take the path that gets me in-and-out fastest even if it means my dive-bombs are gonna get scattered in the water all around that CA"? I assumed it was just a case of making your best-guess as to what sector is reinforced and accepting that you're going to get explosions in your face while you're trying to make your ordinance connect - now I'm not so sure given the number of videos on youtube where people seem to be able to fly planes down the throat of targets I've got melted by, and they seem to dance out with a fraction of the losses I take. Is there some way, other than guessing, to know which sector is currently reinforced in order to avoid it? Is there some trick to avoiding flak when you're on your attack run? I don't mean spiralling in on your target so that the flak is constantly spawning off-target, I mean once you're actually letting your crosshair recover and you're locked into an approach, what can you do other than eat damage to the face? I seem to recall people saying entering the attack run temporarily evades flak, but entering an attack run is usually dictated by where I need my planes to be at release-time. Is it worthwhile trying to time engaging attack runs to evade multiple incoming flak clouds? Because listening to guides, tutorials, videos, etc - I get the impression I'm over-thinking this, but there's gotta be some explanation - other than "not enough CO points, not fully upgraded Shokaku" - as to why my planes evaporate before they can apply meaningful damage.
  9. Reasons why Graf Zeppelin dive bombers need to be changed. Ta-152 a high altitude interceptor fighter is non-sensical for the dive bomber role for naval engagement since this fighter isn't designed for low altitude engagements. The Ta-152 loadout with 1x PD 500 AP bomb and size of attacking flight being only 2 planes, dealing in maximum 14,000 potential damage if you manage to hit both bombs in the citadel is the lowest potential damage in-game for dive bombers even Langley's HE bombs have higher potential damage with their two bombs being 14,600 potential damage at Tier IV. Ta-152 with 1x PD 500 AP bomb suffers the worst accuracy to hit in-game with their size of attacking flight being only 2 planes being tied with other Tier IV Carriers with similar size of attacking flight of being two planes per drop and having payload being only one bomb, while Graf Zeppelin is supposed to be a T8 carrier and should be balanced by its piers at same tier, Enterprise, Kaga, Saipan etc. Enterprise respectably having the size of attacking flight being 3 planes with having 2 bombs each respectably increasing its accuracy to hit and potential to do 35,400 maximum potential damage. More than twice Graf Zeppelin could possibly do with a single drop. Ta-152 suffers the worst dive-bombing run I seen in the game. It requires a player with a high skill ceiling to able to take advantage of the angle of the bomb drop effectively. The bombs only drop directly down if you drop them early as possible when the bombing reticle appears this is when piercing battleships with strong deck armor is possible which is highly unreliable due to the bombs dropping very early and the accuracy suffers but it's the only way to get the optimal angle for the bombs to pierce.. Ta-152 was designed by Wargaming to be a divebomber but it performs best as a horizontal bomber like the RN Horizontal bombers. Best result using these dive bombers is to side bomb cruisers with big side citadels but you sacrifice velocity to able to pierce in the last second of the run and have a chance to hit the torpedo belt which is highly armored, still being highly unreliable despise using it optimally. False advertisement, this cannot be pointed enough that Wargaming used Ju-87 Stukas in promoting the Graf Zeppelin but they never managed to be added due to the poor excuse of the Stukas being too slow to be viable for the dive bomber role in Tier 8, while a carrier like the Enterprise that use dive bombers that fly at similar speeds like the SB2C helldive but still are highly successful despite being slow. Graf Zeppelin currently sits at 48% winrate average being the least effective CV in the game at Tier 8. Suggestion 1. Bringing back the Ju-87 Stuka and use regular AP bombs. Majority of Graf Zeppelin owners want it back, the plane was highly iconic during the second world war and Wargaming put already lot of resources on making it, it wouldn't require more of wargaming money to use already made assets. Speed is useless if the weapon that is used isn't reliable, the Ju-87 in the second world war was a very reliable close air support plane that could dive and pull up in very steep vertical dives, perfect for naval bombing. It was already planned to be used for the real Graf Zeppelin for historical reasons it should be with the carrier. The SB2C helldiver that the T8 Enterprise uses flies at 160 knots which would practically be the same speed that the Ju-87 would fly in-game. Yet the SB2C helldiver on the Enterprise is the most successful dive bomber in T8 despite being slow. The argument of Stukas being too slow to be used in-game is completely false. Suggestion 2. Change the existing dive bombers into horizontal bombers. Option 1. PC RS 1000-500 series, Rocket-Assisted Anti-Shipment Bomb. Rocket Assisted Anti-Shipment Bombs was a short term project used during 1941 in the Mediterranean sea funded by Rhein Metal to sink allied ships, the project lasted till 1942 April and saw continuous anti-shipping action until the project was canceled due to the favor of other projects. All these bombs were meant to be dropped like conventional bombs at minimum 50´ angle. Meaning they were meant for the horizontal bombing. Most of these bombs were dropped by Focke Wulf 190 fighters, a logical replaced for the Ta-152. Since FW-190 saw anti-shipping action and had low altitude configurations. One notable record of the bombs hitting allied vessels was with the PC 1000 RS "Paul", were achieved in the Mediterranean on a cruiser "Dido class" the bomb hit at a speed of 1152 km / h and the igniter detonated on 0.065 sec after the impact, but as the bomb had already leaked out of the ship's bottom and detonated 5 m below the water. Switching from dive bomber to horizontal bomber would be logical for the high-speed planes the Graf Zeppelin already has and would not be too big of a change. Could penetrate 180 mm armor steel so a hit would be pretty deadly to big capital ships such as battleships, bombs were specifically designed to destroy the Nelson. Option 2. SB 800 RS SB 800 RS also known as the bouncing bomb was a later project after the Rocket Assisted Anti-Shipment Bomb project. The whole idea of the bomb is to hit the side of the ship and detonate as it sinks under the ship after reaching the right depth for the fuse to activate, while the plane needs to reach maximum speed to drop it so it would get enough velocity to bounce depending if the bomb is with the rocket-assisted motor or not. The whole concept is new and would be an interesting unique mechanic in-game, currently, Graf Zeppelin dive bombers perform most effectively by side bombing so the technique would be quite similar on how to use this bomb. Would require a lot of testing to get it to work and personally is my least favorite option but it exists if the developers need some new creative mechanic, would still be hundred times more reliable than the current state of the dive bombers right now. Footage of both Options in a rare restored tape.
  10. andymiky

    Saipan: A dead quirk (+ feedback)

    I don't necessarily mind if carriers are made to lose some more planes. Its true, sometimes I would end a game with more than half of my total planes and that is not very good. But lets turn to a carrier who's got a very interesting quirk. The Sipan. It main specialty is that it has tier 10 aircraft on a tier 8 carrier. But because of that the number of aircraft it can hold (about 27 if I remember correctly) with very small squadrons. Calculations when I bought it show that its suitability is 25% less in plane HP compared to Kaga, but it has about 25% more dmg than the kaga, plus all planes are very useful on the Saipan. How I played the Saipan was, at the beginning of the battle take out attack planes, predrop one squad so I have 2 runs left and go into battle, then, when they die take out another type of aircraft so I can have all plane types restocking timers work at the same time. That is the only way to make the 2 minute restock timers work. Against tier 10 AA ships it was already hard with me mostly doing runs on blobbed ships with only an attack run (2 planes when the rest I have already predropped). I am 41st on the leader-boards with the Sipan by average damage so this tactic of 1 run attacks worked very well even against tier 10 ships. It also means that through this tactic I was able to save a lot of my planes from unnecessary deaths. I got deplaned only once in all my 79 battles. Now, I get deplaned in max 15 minutes and that is by using the most conservative tactics. Let alone being up-tiered against tier 10 AA cruisers where this tactic doesn't work anymore. I come in with 4 planes and only one gets to drop. And to get that chance to hit 2 torps for 10k dmg I have to wait 6 minutes for the planes to restock. Now... I will always lose 1 aircraft at least on every single run. So in reality, I now have to wait 2 minutes to get a ticket so I can drop, cause I have to at least have 3 aircraft to go with. What was the point of this AA change? From what I see it was to make the plane kills more proportional to AA dmg dealt on planes. Which clearly was accomplished. But as I see it these are all the things that changed from this updated AA. 1. Plane kills increased 2. Price to pay for every run 3. Uptiered carrier is now a nightmare (a Benson can wipe out a Furious attack aircraft squad before it even does one run) 4. AA changes with no (as of yet) free respecs I don't mind loosing planes. I think that is normal to lose planes and if u play conservatively you should end the battle with about 25%-35% planes in hold. And if you are a bad player, you should be out of aircraft at about 15 minutes in. This should be when fighting against equal tier. I suggest make a variable AA defense. For example if a Worcester shoots at tier 10 planes, or planes of a tier 10 carrier, it does full AA dmg, if it shoots at tier 8 carriers an bellow, tier 10 AA only does 70% damage. That way carriers that are up-tiered don't feel like they are useless and would rather quit the game and play something else. Same could happen with tier 7 ships firing at tier 6 carriers, just the variable would change, and the ship can do 85% AA damage (both continuous and flak). So against same tier or +1 tier carrier, do 100% AA dmg, against carrier -1 tier than you, the AA does 85% dmg and -2 tier below you, the AA does 70% power. This is just an idea but then up-tiered carriers will feel a lot better and finally use and combining it with the AA dmg spread not across all planes like in 0.8.4 but across each run would be a good way forward for balancing carriers an make them killable but also fun. Also. If AP bombs are so overpowered, why not add a chance on AP bomb citadels? If an AP bomb lands on where a citadel should be, that bomb has a 35% change to citadel, or else its going to do normal bomb damage. That will eliminate most problems and finally bring AP bombs back from hitting cruisers for half HP with 1 strike. Like this, Haku won't be the uncontested best carrier just cause it can one shot cruisers with 80% certainty. The issue of the price to pay for every run is fine if you are given enough planes. I don't hate this update on the Audacious, but when uptiered or the quirk is that you have high quality planes but few of them, this update hits harder than it should have to the point that the Saipan is unplayable, and if you want to progress upwards in the carrier tree, be prepared for murder. Spread out the damage per a whole run, not 1 plane, nerf AP bombs by adding a chance to citadel on Jap AP bombs, and implement an AA variable to decrease the 'if I get uptiered I'll just exit the game' feeling. Let the AA feel powerful but not overbearing, let the AA kill planes but not be excessive. A carrier should be entitled to 1 run. If I spend 1.5 mins to fly to a target, I want to drop a full squad and then all my planes can die. This way, in 15 minutes I can drop 10 times and if I'm a good player I will hit my drop and get some damage. If I'm not a good player I want to be punished but at least let me do something. I don't play this game to be shot senseless and deplaned in 10 min even if I do my best.
  11. I was wondering sinds UK have now CV's but germany doesnt. Will be there a class of cv's for Germany?