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Found 36 results

  1. AwesomeBoat

    Elite commander xp?

    Hi I was going to redistribute my captain points on my Diana Lima. I don't have any doubloons but it says I can use elite commander xp. How do I get elite commander xp? thanks
  2. Hi all, What captain skills are you guys using for ships in new "Rogue Wave" game mode? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I wish they gave us at least 1 day of testing for captain skills...
  3. Cambera_1

    19pts Captain Dunkirk for Leander?

    How would you spend the 19 skill points for Captain Dunkirk that was based in a Leander in the current Random Meta? Obviously maximising the benefits of his "special skills" while playing to the strengths of HMS Leander. How would that differ, if at all for HMS Fiji? And how would they look if you were only going to use these ships for Operations? Obviously I've looked at the various builds suggested for Leander and Fiji on "Ship Comrade" and they don't play well with the Dunkirk brothers. I've had 16pts Dunkirk brothers in these ships for a while and now I have the points to bring one or possibly both to 19points. Both currently look like:- I don't feel that this is the best use to add 3 points of skills to so I probably will redistribute.
  4. Hi WG, Sometimes I find myself wanting to retrain a 19 point captain, only, I don't need him retrained fully, just one skill, but of course, I have to pay 475 doubloons to retrain ALL the skills even though I only need to train one new skill. This is unfair, and a form of robbery or fraud. I put it to you WG that what this is, is illegal. I did not realise that WoWS was a pirate game
  5. elblancogringo

    French BB captains, hybrid build?

    Dear battleship captains, I've seen some videos about upcoming french BB line, and I have been thinking about how to spend skill points in my captain. I like the gameplay of secondary builds, and even though some people would argue that any secondary build is sub-optimal at tier 9 and 10, I don't want to pass on that with French BB with their good fire chance. I would like your opinion and comments on a hybrid captain build, the one I think could be fine with my play style and desire. I indeed think that French BBs are a line where you have the opportunity to go in many different ways, hence the hybrid possibilities. How to spend the points in the best way to be a Jack of All Trades with at the same time good enough AA, survability and secondaries? Here is the build I will probably do. Please note that I plan to use Jean Jacques Honoré, which is why I take EM and AR at tier 2. Thoughts?
  6. Welcome to the new captain skills guide for 0.6.0 As usual, a disclaimer and some general information first: A) your mileage may vary as skill choices can depend on your playstyle. These distributions are merely recommendations and not the ultimate choice to beat all others.B) Apart from the Light Cruisers, these distributions assume you keep moving your captain along to the next ship until you reach T10.C) Captain skills in bold are those I recommend the most. Information about skills and general game mechanics: HE penetration is the gun caliber divided by 6, except for German BB main guns and 128/150mm BB secondary guns, for which it is caliber divided by 4. HE penetration is rounded up or down to the nearest value. HE penetration is the same at any angle and range and has to be above the thickness of the armor to penetrate. The Donskoi with exactly 30mm of HE penetration cannot penetrate 30mm plates. If a HE shell dealt no damage, it has either failed to penetrate, hit a module or the torpedo belt. AP shells overmatch (ignore angle and ricochet mechanics) if their caliber is at least 14,3 times bigger than the thickness of the armor they try to penetrate. Auto-ricochet angle is 60° for all ships except high-tier US cruisers (67,5°) and British non-premium cruisers (~75°). Technically these are 6° to 10° higher for each ship as shell normalization is applied before checking if the shell bounces. "Expert Loader" only works if all gun barrels are currently loaded, not including those that are destroyed. "Incoming Fire Alert" only warns you of incoming shells that have to travel for at least 6 seconds to arrive. For the skill "Preventive Maintenance", these are ship parts that count as modules: Main guns, torpedo tubes, propulsion, steering. (Thanks to shamelesscreature for the info) "Survivability Expert" increases flooding and fire damage, which deal a certain percent of your total HP each second. Basic Firing Training and Advanced Firing Training apply to ALL secondary armaments regardless of caliber, even the 155mm on ships such as the Yamato. The 139mm limit only applies to primary guns. The 100% damage bonus for Manual Control of the AA guns multiplies with the defensive AA barrage. This makes the skill especially useful for cruisers, assuming they got enough 85+ mm AA guns to make the investment worthwhile. Torpedo Acceleration increases the arming distance for CV-dropped torpedoes. The 10% fire reduction of Fire Prevention is multiplicative. If a shell has a 20% chance to set you on fire, the chance will be reduced to 18% should you have the skill. In reality the reduction is even lower since there are other factors further reducing fire chance, such as natural fire resistance. Please do not use IFHE on any ships with a caliber of 203mm or above. DE and IFHE also affect secondaries. Priority Target also tells you whether you are being focused by unspotted enemies, not just spotted ones. Builds for specific ships are mentioned at the bottom of the guide. If a ship you would like a build for is not listed, feel free to ask. Battleships Light cruisers (not including British AP cruisers) British AP Cruisers: Heavy Cruisers: Japanese and German Destroyers (excluding Akizuki): US Destroyers: Russian Destroyers: Aircraft Carriers: Akizuki Gremyashchy/Leningrad/Anshan/Blyskawica: If you prefer to watch videos rather than reading text, you can watch these videos by iChase and Flamu:
  7. RamboCras

    Help with my Midway setup pls

    Hi Guys, I have been looking around the web on best practices for the upgrades and new captains skills but didn't find much. So if any of you have a suggestion for the ships upgrades and captain skills, I would be very grateful!
  8. Hi there, a quick question, as the numerous searches I have done so far returned mostly outdated info, pre 0.8 that is. I am pushing up the IJN Cruisers line right now, currently stopped at Tier 7. My plan is to train a captain along the way till I reach the Zao. That is why I am cherry picking my captain skills in such a way, that they will be useful on the Tier X Cruiser. But since it is my second month of playing, I am not quite sure, what would work best on that ship. I've been playing mostly DDs so far, so the whole Cruiser buisness is slowly getting to me. My plan was to... For the first 10 points pick: Expert Loader Adrenaline Rush Survivability Expert Concealment Expert (am 2 points short of this) For the remaining 9 points I am a bit puzzled. Considering the fact, Zao can have the lowest detection of all Tier X Cruisers, as well as quite slow turret rotation, I was considering Radio Location. But then some guides and discussions I saw had some rather poor opinions about this skill. A lot of people offered Demolition Expert as a must have pick, but a shift from 19% to 21% does not sound that big with an over 13s reload time. I can see this skill much more useful on a DD that can turbo spam shells. Superintendent seems to be quite potent, for the additional Repair Party as well as Hydro. But what of the last two points? Priority Target and Preventive Maintenance? Ekspert Marksman? Last Stand seems a bit like a waste for a Cruiser. On the other hand, I have read a lot about AA-Build Zao, am curious how viable it would be right now with the 0.8 changes.
  9. Akula971

    How to make Jutland work?

    I just can't get this thing to work. I'm using an IFHE build, tried main guns and torpedo boost, not noticed much. I'm losing to Shima's in gunfights, Fletchers make mince meat of it. The only real success I've had is shooting down aircraft! It has a heal, but what is the point in a gunfight, that will see you reduced to a smoking wreck before you can activate it. Cap contesting is very dangerous, you don't have the speed to escape or get out of radar range. If you are having success and fun in it, please let me know your module choice, captain skills and tactics.
  10. So last night I reached 18th point captain on Chapayev and I'm going to get 19th as soon as I can. So far I have these captain skills 1pt - PT 2pt - AR 3pt - DE, Vigilance 4pt - CE, IFHE I can't find good skill for last 2 points. Thinking between LS, EM or JoAT. Chapy has decent turret rotation and EM will give only a second or two tops. 5% JoaT doesn't sound that much. So far I consider LS as the best option but still not quite sure. Would like to hear about your experience and propositions.
  11. Ubertron_X

    Incomming fire alert

    Is there anybody else who is using IFA on his cruisers a lot and is also super annoyed that spotting messages now commonly overwrite the incomming fire alert message? WG please fix the priorities of the displayed messages...
  12. Edited all the info in the first post, for easier acces. Hope this is useful. SKILLS The XP needed for each skill, if you go straight for 1->5, and choose a single skill on each level: 1st skill: 1200 XP 2nd skill: 2800 XP 3rd skill: 11300 XP 4th skill: 87600 XP 5th skill: 544000 XP RETRAINING For free: To retrain 6 skill points captain (1 lvl 3 skill) for free: 4800 XP = 4.8k XP To retrain 7 skill points captain for free: 8000 XP = 8k XP To retrain 8 skill points captain for free: 12500 XP = 12.5k XP To retrain 9 skill points captain (2 lvl. 3 skills) for free: 18500XP = 18.5k XP To retrain 10 skill points captain (1 lvl. 4 skill) for free: 26500 XP = 26.5k XP To retrain 11 skill points captain for free: 37000 XP = 37k XP For 200k credits (1/2 XP): To retrain 6 skill points captain (1 lvl 3 skill): 2400 XP = 2.4k XP To retrain 7 skill points captain: 4000 XP = 4k XP To retrain 8 skill points captain: 6250 XP = 6.25k XP To retrain 9 skill points captain (2 lvl. 3 skills): 9250XP = 9.25k XP To retrain 10 skill points captain (1 lvl. 4 skill): 13250 XP = 13.25k XP To retrain 11 skill points captain (1 lvl. 4 and 2 lvl. 1 skills): 18500 XP = 18.5k XP To retrain 12 skill points captain: 25500 XP = 25.5 k XP To retrain 13 skill points captain: 34000 XP = 34 k XP To retrain 14 skill points captain: 44750 XP = 44.75 k XP Higher than this, it was changdt to either 50k or 100k XP, depending on number of skill points. I ll do the math when I have time. For 500 gold: insta-retrain. SKILL POINTS The XP needed for each skill point: 1st 1200 2nd 1300 3rd 1500 4th 2100 5th 3400 6th 5800 7th 9600 8th 16000 9th 25000 10th 37000 11th 53000 12th 74000 13th 102000 14th 136000 15th 179000 16th 231000 17th 294000 18th 369000 19th 9999999
  13. It would be more than useful and would I guess save many an expensive error if when we're redistributing captain skills that there was a "Review/Accept/Reset" function at the END of filling in ALL your skill points rather than the present system of confirming and cancelling at each skill assignation. Firstly, this would allow players the opportunity ingame to experiment with different builds before committing though I'm aware that there are many online test templates that people can use to decide between differing setups for each ship. However, secondly at present it is entirely possible to spend 475 doubloons on redistributing your captain skills and make a mistake and be left with the possibility of living with your mistake or paying up to another 475 doubloons to correct it. It's almost as if the system is setup to profit from players' mistakes, stupidity or accidents. PS. No I haven't made that mistake yet, but I'm extremely conscious of the possibility of doing it everytime I do a redistribution. EDIT: Sorry this was meant for the Suggestions Thread. Could some Mod please move it to there.
  14. Meneleus

    My take on captain skills

    Since I have written some feedback regarding the 5.3 changes regarding to captain skills, and claimed they were poorly designed, I thought I should ante up and try to write a constructive piece concerning this element of the game. Core principle Kicking off I think I should share the philosophy I think captain skills should adhere to. As Sid Meyer once said, and I am paraphrasing, a good game challenges the player to make meaningful choices. Choosing your captain skills should incorporate that train of thought. Practically this means that there should be a solid array of interesting skills to choose from for every ship type and nationality. Players should be challenged to make choices as much as possible. Ideally there should be different competative builds catering to different preferences of play for the same ship. The concept of diminishing returns An elegant element that can prevent the abuse of certain skills is the idea of diminishing returns. Within the context of this game this would mean that if a skill offers an advantage that advantage would diminish the stronger a ship is with regard to the attribute the skill enhances. Existing examples of this are expert marksman and concealment expert. My take on skills So without further ado my take on the skills. Note that I purposefully use very broad strokes in their description. In my view it is the concept that merits discussion, the specifics can be figured out later. I have divided the skills into their usual five levels and used spoilers for ease of perusal. Level 1 skills Level 2 skills Level 3 skills Level 4 skills Level 5 skills Thank you for taking your time reading. Please feel free to leave your comments, input and ideas below, I am curious about the sentiments of other people. Cheers, M
  15. DFens_666

    Idea: Captain skills

    Giving this some thought lately, and i think it might be a bit more interesting in regards of using skills on captains, but lets explain my idea first. - Make captain skills so that u can level each skill multiple times, why is the benefit at maximum by only one time skilling it? F.e. Expert loader u could invest 1 point for 15% faster shell switching, 2 points for 30% and 3 points for 50%. - This would ofc need to have more captain skills available, its roughly 4 times as much with the system i think of. Captains level faster, which makes the grind seem less long, even when the endresult stays the same. - Introduce skill-trees, which means if u want a certain skill, u have to skill other skills before. This cant work for all skills, but some skills could be seperated and they can be skilled seperately on which skill-tree u focus (f.e. CE is one that comes to mind) Just made a quick example for CV skill trees (because seems the easiest to show my idea) First skill needs 1-6 skill points to achieve maximum (1 point then 2 points then 3 points to achieve maximum result per skill), second skill needs 2-9 points, third skill 3-12 and forth skill 4-15 points total. F.e. 4 points on AS gives u +1 fighter, 5 points gives extra bomber and 6 points extra Torpedobomber (just an example) What it makes possible, if u are halfway skilling offensive skills, and u feel the need to get some defense, u can start skilling those a bit to help u on that side.
  16. wanted to make a poll so someone from WG staff can pass along community opinion of what skill should be default per class instead of BoS for all classes.
  17. Hi there, because currently there is the opportunity to change Captain Skills for 0 doubloons, I'd like to know your opinion on 4 points skills that I have to use on Mogami and Bismark. For Mogami I red that could be interesting to set Inertia Fuse Skill as I use mainly the 155mm setup. If not how to use those 4 points I have (I've already Concealment opt)? For Bismarck I've always used the Manual Fire Secondary with those 4 as my setup include Upgrade for Secondaries, but I've also red that could be interesting to use those 4 points for Inertia Fuse also, because it looks that HE secondaries make more damage with it. Is it worth it or is just some speculation not important and useful as Manual fire Secondaries? I play quite aggressively with my beloved Bismarck. Thank you for your point of views!
  18. Hi there, I searched the forum first, but could not find the answer to my question which is following: In the upcoming patch the smoke mechanics will change, which we all know and is hotly debated, but what I don't find is how will the change effect the captain skill: smokescreen expert? You get 20% more smoke or so, so it will be logical that firing from smoke will decrease the detection also by 20%. Thank you in advance for the answer.
  19. nambr9

    Ideas for captain skills

    Hey, A good idea for a captain skill would in my opinion be a reduction to time when your concealment is increased when firing. Currently there is like 20 seconds for DDs (am not sure about other classes). Thoughts?
  20. Hi all, I'm grinding through my independence at the moment and I'm undecided about which tier 3 skill to go for, either High Alert or Torpedo Acceleration. Are there any major benefits to one over the other or does it depend on my play style? Thanks.
  21. Is the 4 point Fire Prevention captain skill worth it? I think I've only had 4 fires once, and usually if things are that bad I'm probably being focus fired to death. What do people think of this skill, even on a BB? Is slipping away into concealment just a better idea and use of points instead?
  22. Updated the Captain Skill Calculator over the weekend. Not only does it allow you to generate a Build URL for sharing via social media/forums, but now it also has a Recommend Builds by Ship based on community submitted specs to the site. If someone submits the same build for that exact ship, it will upvote the spec. If you load a recommended build, you can then also upvote it or modify that build as a starter. Right now the system is brand new so the top builds are limited. I am asking the community to help populate it by submitting their favorite builds by ship and also upvoting the good ones. This is just the start, wanted to get it out soon as possible as many in the community are looking for guidance on what builds they should use. http://ShipComrade.com/CaptCalc P.S. plan to add a mouse over on the builds & optimize some code (to speed it up) in the near future. Also plan to add these top builds on the individual ship pages in our ship trees.
  23. dasCKD

    Skills should be upgrades

    The department head is leaving me alone and idle for now, so I thought I might as well get a little writing done. No images on this one either, I'm making it a habit now. Inertia fuse high explosives, torpedo acceleration, advanced firing training, and survivability expert should be ship upgrades. Basic firing training, expert marksman, smoke screen expert, demolition expert, and aircraft servicing expert should probably receive the same treatment. Air supremacy should be removed (honestly, why hasn't that skill been removed yet?). One of the things that have always bothered me was WG's tendency to base so much of their balancing around the captain tree. In many ways, a ship isn't even fully upgraded until they have a 14 or 15 point captain. I think that the most obvious are ships like the Khabarovsk or the Akizuki. Without AFT, the Khabarovsk is well within the secondary ranges of some of the most common battleships in the entire game. Without IFHE, the Akizuki's HE can't even hope to hurt the softest part of the battleships she routinely has to face. Carriers need torpedo acceleration and air supremacy, light cruisers need IFHE, destroyers (the real destroyers) need concealment expert, and just about everyone needs superintendent. With some consideration, I think I always will be against skills that modify the combat effectiveness of a ship. Seal clubbing is a thing. A very big thing. Lower tiered premium ships allows players from the higher tiers to enter the lower tiers and, with night impunity, exploit ships that are inherently superior to the ships of the competition. Destroyers that might as well have an extra hull and gun upgrades. Cruisers that can ambush ships identical to them using far superior concealment. Battleships have far better effective health and can recover from fires and floods far faster. Seal clubbing is fun, but I'm certain that those of us who are here are more than capable of seal clubbing without needing inherent advantages over the already inexperienced new players. There are issues with both sides of this. On one hand, a fully upgraded ship (with a high point captain) is nearly untouchable by a fair few things, the obvious example is aircraft. On the other hand, a ship without an optimum captain setup will be utterly at the mercy of the enemy team. I personally have been humiliated by being a Neptune captain who struggled to shoot down the planes of a Ranger. A RANGER. Arguably, premium consumables and flags also causes this issue. I am fine with those however, as they are accessible to just about any player by the time they reach tier 4 or 5. For a ship to even reach optimum performance, players probably need to get to tier 7. This is a far smaller problem for me, as with a fleet of tier X ships and 19 point captain I know I could personally have a 14 point captain virtually on command, but the same can't be said about a new player with 3 tier 5 ships and a tier 7. The game should be set up to help these new players where they can, not burden them with ridiculous disadvantages that they have through no fault of their own. I think, as soon as reasonable, War Gaming should start phasing out performance enhancing captain skills. I think that the only captain skills that should be in the game are the skills that a captain would have. Skills that would provide extra information, acquisition range, evasive abilities, or otherwise improve the quality of life. It shouldn't give tangible advantages, especially not to the experienced and well positioned players who need it the least. Even the detestable RDF skill doesn't actually alter the performance of the ship. Manual AA is a bit different, but a crew with better aim would indeed perform better with their AA and so I'm somewhat OK with said skill. No matter how good you are as a captain however, you can't force a shell to explode harder, set more fires, or cut through more armor. Skills like that should be reserved for ship upgrades, not captain skills. There are various reasons that this upgrade system for the mentioned skills are better than the current system. Less need for captain grinding. For the Akizuki, IFHE is nearly mandatory to deal any meaningful damage to any battleship captain who is not literally brain dead. Before IFHE however, you probably need concealment expert. You are a destroyer after all. Superintendent is basically mandatory, and BFT is probably needed as well considering that you are basically a light cruiser without defensive AA and every carrier within an ocean's radius will be coming over to have a piece of that. This allows for a ship to reach maximum combat efficiency the moment that the ship is fully upgraded. This arrangement is far better than the current arrangement where the captain basically has to have 15 points before the ship could even be called fully upgraded. More value for premium ships. There are light cruisers like the Belfast or the MK which are placed inside of a tree that either simply does not need or will eventually grow out of al la Moskva. There are also ships that grows into certain skills like the Gearing and arguably the Shima with torpedo acceleration. This means that the captains higher tiered ships have far less application in lower tiered premium ships which usually mandates a specialized captain for said premiums, something that causes its own issues. If ships that specifically need those skills i.e torpedo acceleration and IFHE then those traits could be simply attached to the ships where those modifications are relevant. It also makes it possible for a player to maintain fewer captains. Less advantages for seal clubbers. Whilst seal clubbing is fun, I think that we all feel at least a little bit guilty after partaking. It would be far better if skills were limited towards simply getting more information which is already a big advantage. By having a more even playing ground, lower skilled and less experienced players will stand a better fighting chance instead of perpetuating a cycle of newbie bullying that is currently a part of the game right now. More potential for balance. Currently, every single skill has to be balanced around the potential that it could potentially be taken by any ship in the game. If each upgrade is specific to the ships they are on, then it is much easier to balance ships around the performance that they need. An Akizuki could for example get a -2% penalty for her shells, whilst a Chappayev could get a -5% to correspond to the larger shell caliber. A Gearing could get -20% range reduction, whilst a Shimakaze could get -10% instead to correspond to the shorter torpedo ranges. It also makes it possible to tune the range of ships like the Khabarovsk to the optimum level without requiring unneeded global buffs or nerfs to the skill tree or extensive class or shell caliber specific skills. This also makes it possible to limit the power of ships like the Belfast or Kutuzov by increasing the fire chance penalty on IFHE, or balancing ships like the Khabarovsk by giving the health granted by the survivability expert upgrade a smaller increase compared to the other destroyers. The ideas suggested here are quite vague and nascent, but ultimately I think it could improve the health and longevity of the game whilst at the same time making it possible to keep the game competitive for all players, and not just those with game numbers approaching the tens of thousands.
  24. fighting_falcon93

    [SUGGESTION] - Captain Skill Points

    Currently we can only have a maximum of 18 captain skill points. Considering that there currently are a total of 26 skills which results in a total of 80 points, that feels a bit too low. I like the fact that we must actually make a decision, but currently we can't even pick 2 skills from level 4. I'd therefore like to suggest the following: Allow a maximum of 20 captain skill points. The 19th and 20th skill should follow the same kind of increase that the previus skills have done. Once the captain has 20 skill points, he'll simply stop gathering any more XP. Add 4 new skills to the 4 slots that currently are empty. Allow players to increase captain training on ships that are elited ("Accelerated Captain Training"). Having this feature enabled should take the battle XP and add it to the captains XP, resulting in getting 0 battle XP but twice as much captain XP. What do you think about this suggestion? Please discuss and vote in the poll above! Note: I know that it's possible to actually get 19 captain skill points, but since that 19th skill point requires you to grind 9.99 million XP, I don't find it a viable option.
  25. Hi guys... i'm at the Hipper now with a 15 skill captain, and i would like to spec him to keep him untill the hindenburg... I had a few questions for the more experienced players on this line: What skills are you using on the captain for these ships? (pre 5.3.0 and now) Are the German Cruisers (tier IX and X) capable o invisi-firing? If yes, does it bring something, or only AP bounces due to the plunging fire?