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Found 14 results

  1. Procrastes

    Should Radio Location be removed?

    Hello, fellow forumites! After some procrastination, I have finally decided to address an issue that I have been chewing on for quite some time, namely whether I think that the much-debated captain skill 'Radio Location' is good or bad for the game. Should it be kept? Should it be removed? Or should it possibly be changed in some way? I will argue my point below, and I invite you all to vote and debate on the issue. Let me begin by stating that I try to maintain a positive attitude to those various changes that affect the game from time to time. World of Warships is an online game under constant development, with new ships, game modes and mechanics added on an ongoing basis. This is obviously a good thing. Change is vital to the game's continued survival, and I think we owe it to the development team to take our time and evaluate new features with an open mind. With that preamble out of the way, on to the point. How do I feel about the 'Radio Location' skill? In short, I don't like it. My reasons are as follows. World of Warships is an online arcade game of naval battles, where players compete against each other in a team-play oriented environment. Each battle is a test of wits, reflexes, personal skill and experience of those involved. While such factors as which ship one has and how upgraded it is certainly does matter, the level of individual player skill typically has far more bearing on the outcome. The same goes for acquired in-game Captain Skills, which can make a huge difference to the gameplay but whose usefulness ultimately depends on how well they are being handled by the individual player. (One example: The Captain Skill 'Priority Target' tells you how many enemies are currently aiming at your ship with their main guns. This is obviously very useful knowledge, but it takes a somewhat experienced player to know that a sudden shift in those numbers can signify that he has just been targeted with torpedoes - since aiming with torpedo tubes does not trigger 'Priority Target'.) Given that player versus player gameplay is the core of the game, the pre-eminence of personal skill as a deciding factor is not only a desirable thing; it is absolutely vital. Unless the game keeps rewarding players for learning and improving their gameplay, the game would quickly stagnate and die. At the same time, however, the game must also remain fun and entertaining for beginners and more casual players. In short, a game like this should ideally be easy to learn, but hard to master. To my mind, Wargaming has managed to balance these factors very successfully in World of Warships. In a PvP environment such as the one described above, a certain place is held by those kind of game mechanics that I tend to describe as falling into the "Clairvoyance" or "ESP" category. Simply put, they tell the player something he wouldn't otherwise know. A prime example is the aforementioned Captain Skill 'Priority Target', which tells the player how many enemies are at any given time aiming at his ship with their main guns. He might get a good idea of this simply by watching where their gun turrets are pointing, but the Captain Skill in question gives him immediate and accurate information. It should be said that these kinds of skills are not by their nature always a bad thing to have in a game; it is - as ever - a matter of balance. Another example of this kind of "ESP" game mechanic is, of course, the main subject of this poll: The Captain Skill 'Radio Location'. If your captain has it, it shows the direction to the nearest enemy ship, while simultaneously informing the enemy player that he or she has been thus located. 'Radio Location' is obviously a hugely useful skill. It will let you know where to find, and from whence to expect, your nearest enemy, making it easier to avoid or chase him down as you see fit. It will let you pre-aim your main guns, launch torpedoes with a fairly good chance of scoring a hit, and - with a little bit of team chat - keep your allies posted of his general movements. By working together with a team mate who has the same skill, you can even triangulate your enemy's position. 'Radio Location' does cut a bit both ways, however. In addition to supplying you with all this information, it will also let your enemy know that you have this information at your disposal. Being thus 'Located', he will know that you are on to him, that he should be on his guard, and that torpedoes and enemy ships might very well be incoming. Your chances of surprising him with, say, an ambush and a torpedo strike when he comes around that nearby island, will be severely compromised. One important and hugely rewarding aspect of any World of Warships battle, is - to my mind, at least - trying to outguess and outplay your opponent. Where is he going now? What will he do next? How can I anticipate him and defeat him? When 'Radio Location' is in play, a lot of this game element is lost. There is no outguessing your opponent, since you do not have to guess anymore - you know (more or less) where he is, just as he knows that you know. And knowing, while admittedly useful, is not always as fun as guessing. In short, 'Radio Location' removes an element of individual player skill, and replaces it with a game mechanic. This takes the game one step away from being a test of individual player skill, and moves it a bit further towards the realm of click-and-play. This, in my opinion, is the wrong way to go. I should make it clear, here, that I am seeing this as a small step along a sliding and continually shifting scale. 'Radio Location' is not in any way a game-breaking mechanic, as some doomsday prophets would have it back when it was first introduced. It's not even all that much of a game-changer, although for me there is this recurring mental pain whenever I see that dreaded word, 'Located', appear on my screen. It's not the end of the world, or even of the battle - it's just not very fun. In conclusion, it is my considered opinion that 'Radio Location' should be removed. I have voted as such in my poll. Appendix 1: I can see how Wargaming might not want a hole to suddenly appear in their neat little skill tree, and that having four rogue skill points on the loose might also have other detrimental effects on game balance. Ideally, a skill that is removed should probably be replaced with some kind of substitute. I have no definitive thoughts on this, but I invite debate. I will toss in the thought that a new skill that affects the upcoming carrier gameplay, or even submarines, might perhaps be one way to go about it...?
  2. Laurance_of_Arabia

    massachusetts ifhe crossed

    Hi all Just wondering why my Massachusetts IFHE captain skill is now crossed out? IS there a suggestion that is doesn't work now on the secondaries or is this an error?
  3. Since I had to "retrain" my Essex captain, started thinking about what skill to choose at level 3... This topic is not much about what is the best skill for it but rather why arent any usefull skill at all? Used to be dogfighting right? But since they changed parameters from "slowest" fighter to "lower tier" fighter that skill became useless for a tier X CV (since its fighters are always the higher tier and so can never use that skill) Superintendent? Well there is nothing a CV can use there so about as useless as the dogfighting skill. Vigilance? Planes will spot any incoming torpedos (and whatever launched them) long before that skill even came to effect. So another waste of 3 captain points. High Alert then? Again not of much use to a CV despite its the only skill of the four that can actually be used. But... its not that much usefull anyway. Guess we're stuck with wasting 3 points (just so we can unlock the level 4 and 5 skills), rather then having an advantage of a higher skilled captain. I know there were discussions about new skills (and changing condictions on existing skills like AFT giving range to the main guns) but never heard anything about the possiblity of a actually usefull CV skill for level 3 (unless you wanna give CV's defensive AA ability so superintendent can be a actual choice... its not like any cruiser and DD dont have it anyway already so wouldnt mind it)
  4. piritskenyer

    Changes to BFT and AFT

    We all know what this is about: BFT and AFT are supposed to get limited to guns up to and including 130mm guns instead of the now effective up to and including 155mm. (It has also been rumored that it would be changed to to affect secondary battery only, but then the calibre clause is pointless as there is currently no secondary battery exceeding 155) Why do/don't you agree with/like this change? I for one do not like the idea of such a change for two reasons: I have a Kuma that has been geared with BFT and AFT (call me a clubber if you will, but I love that ship) and with those skills I can take her to games higher than its MM range. Not to say she'll become useless without the effect of B/AFT, but she'll become much more limited, especially that she'll not only lose range, but also rate of fire and thus DPM. I'm on the way to unlock the Mogami, which has rather short firing ranges for a T8 CL/CA. I was planning on keeping to the CL configuration and installing the Kuma cpt for the duration of the grind, extending the range and thus usefulness of the ship. Now I can't count on that anymore. Which bothers me. Now recently I read a nugget of information somewhere (for the life of me I can't find it), which was basically a question directed to one of the devs/producers/community contacts. The question was something like this: "Will people with BFT and AFT trained get a free skill tree reset after the cahnges are implemented?" to which the answer was along the lines of "there are new skills being introduced, wait until the see them, and only then pass judgement". Something like that. Now this answer makes me think that there may be new skills being introduced with similar effect to that of B/AFT, maybe in a split of 130mm and down, 131-155mm and 156mm and up (a bit like the turret rotation skill). This is of course pure speculation, but I'd like to hear what you think of that anyway.
  5. Lordofdroid

    RN Cruiser 4th Captain Skill

    Sorry, I am bit late to the party of RN Cruisers and have reached Leander (which am in love currently!) My captain has now option to get the 4th captain skill which is either DE, AFT or Survivability Expert. And to me, none of them make sense. DE is out of question because of no HE. AFT is maybe so-so but the lack of CVs on T6 makes me wonder if this is a waste of skill point. Survivability Expert sounds great but 400x6=2400 HP extra points sound inviting but meh. What have you guys trained your captain for RN Cruisers for this tier? I absolutely want the Concealment expert for T5 so I have to take 1 T4 skill. Makes me wonder why WG does not introduce 1 captain skill at this tier to suit the current Cruiser population. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018) BTW, I have 5 and I got them in this order: Germany ("Bismarck" / "Tripitz" / "Scharnhorst" / "König Albert") US ("Montana" / "MIssouri" / "Alabama") UK ("Edinburgh" / "Belfast" / "Nelson" / "Duke of York" / "Warspite" / "Campbeltown" / "Gallant" = "Jack Dunkirk" <- specced for "Belfast" and compromise for others in one way or another although it is not bad) Japan ("Amagi" / "Musashi" <- very close to get her = "Yamamoto Isoroku") Russia ("Shchors" / "Mikhail Kutuzov" / "Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiy" <- specced for cruisers and compromise for battleship although it is not bad) BTW, I posted same thread 6+ months ago: and we had 250+ poll entries but the poll results are not showing any more (perhaps the forum software change accidentally deleted them)... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. cro_pwr

    Benson 5 point skill

    So, I'm wondering, is it really crucial to get CE on your Benson captain? How much does it even drop your concealment? Since with camo + upgrades its on 6.4km. And skipping CE can give you DE + survivability expert (aka better fire chance to burn down things, and +3.2k hp for brawling). In addition to that, you could go for extra Torpedo armament or whatever you want to get. So I'm really considering different options here...
  8. cro_pwr

    4th skill for my Comrade

    so, what to put for the 4th skill on my russian cruiser captain? I'm thinking about soaking my shells into vodka to make my enemies burn better, but seeing that AA is quite meh, maybe AFT for AA boosting isn't such a bad idea... I'm lenient to put it into DE since CVs aren't really that popular, and I don't plan to act like an AA escort, but what are your experiences on high tiers? (currently on t6, planning to go at least to t8, maybe even higher)
  9. robihr

    Keen Intuition

    description of skill: -Keen Intuition, displays, only to you, the direction of the nearest enemy to your ship, even if the enemies are not spotted ok i know this is not official info, but if it gets to be official, it will be too late to change it for at least 1-2 updates. if it gets to public test in this state it will be incorporated into live server. personally i find this skill utterly broken against any class that relies on stealth (dd and ca primarily). also it makes smoke redundant (specially for RN) and it will almost point where to aim for kills.
  10. HI all, Do you use "Adrenaline Rush" Captain skill on your BBs? Adrenaline Rush Increases reload speed of all armament as the ship's health decreases. -0.2% to reload times of all types of armament for each 1% of total health lost. If we take, for example, 30s reload time of main guns (very common value for BBs) the reload speed is: 100% HP = 0% "Adrenaline Rush" = 30,00 seconds reload 75% HP = 5% "Adrenaline Rush" = 28.5 seconds reload 50% HP = 10% "Adrenaline Rush" = 27.0 seconds reload 25% HP = 15% "Adrenaline Rush" = 25.5 seconds reload 10% HP = 18% "Adrenaline Rush" = 24.6 seconds reload Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Some_Bloke

    British BBs: Inertia Fuse?

    The captain of my Iron Duke has just reached 10 skill points, 4 of those not yet used. Having the colossal British HE superiority in mind, I assumed it would be good if he learned how to penetrate better with high explosive (if you read this perversely, your military equipment consists of a baguette and a white flag). But, although the reduction in the chance of setting a fire is small, it might tip the balance, as I have good experience with the Fire Prevention skill on a Fuso. So: is Inertia Fuse awesome on British BBs? Is there a better skill to spend 4 points on?
  12. HI all, Can player, with update v0.6.13, actually "free respec" the 3 captains of "rental" Tier X ships (2 IJN and 1 KM)? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/patch-0-6-13/ Leo "Apollo11"
  13. dasCKD

    IJN gunboats

    War gaming has recently given us a very generous discount on captain skills. I have gone through most of my captains, respeccing them for battle. I managed to give my CV captains the rear gunner skill and now my USN DD captains have the torpedo acceleration skill I always wanted. Apart from that, I just had to move my first skill point to BFT. When I reached the Fubuki however, I paused for a moment. Below, I have laid out my thoughts for your consideration. Now the standard choices for destroyers have always been quite simple: Last Stand at tier 2 and depending on the nation usually Demolition Expert, Advanced Firing Training, or Survivability Expert is taken and these choices are normally accepted as the correct ones. AFT is great for harassing battleships and even cruisers at max range of the SN destroyers, DE is greatly beneficial to the high speed USN guns as it nearly doubles their chance of fires, and the SE is great for all destroyers but especially the IJN ones due to their small health pools. With the new patch however, I have began to consider more possibilities in regards to the IJN DDs. Currently, IJN DDs don't have a niche that they occupy. They carry some of the best torpedoes in the game, but USN torpedoes and higher tiered SN torpedoes are nothing to sneeze at and in both examples they can be launched from invisibility with the prerequisite upgrades that all destroyers take when they can. USN DDs can act as AA support for BBs and then can quickly shift to work as capping boats, torpedo boats, and gunboats. The SN can protect their fleet against enemy DDs with their rapid firing guns and they can then shift to aggressive capping vessels. This means however that IJN DDs are left somewhat wanting at the higher tiers. Not to say they are useless of course, the relative invisibility of IJN DDs is an invaluable trait. IJN DDs have the highest HE alpha of any destroyer, their shells are virtually cruiser tier or better at times. I have recently seen some players of late shred gunboat destroyers that are meant to be the predators of IJN DDs by playing to their strengths and annihilating the destroyer from other nations using heavy maneuvering that comes with having a ship with relatively slow reloads. This, in many ways, makes me think of the Zao. She has slow reload speed, slow turret rotation, a small HP pool, and good but not excellent maneuverability (from my admittedly very limited test server experience) but nevertheless she is one of the best performing ships in the entire game by firing HE from stealth. IJN DD guns have two strengths and two weaknesses as far as I can see. The arc is flat and the alpha is devastating but the rate of fire is rather poor and the turret rotation is bad. The first flaw can't really be addressed without making the line completely ridiculous but Expert Markman will significantly improve the 127 mm IJN guns. I recently verified that my Fubuki will be able to fire from invisibility at 10.1 km without Concealment Expert. With AFT and CE, this would extend my firing range to 12 km and, if my calculations are correct, would bring down my detection range whilst firing to 9.5 km, giving me a 2.5 km region on invisibility which is generous even with the relatively poor maneuverability of IJN destroyers. BFT brings my primary artillery reload speed to 8.1 seconds which can be brought down to 7.1 seconds with the tier 9 reload speed upgrade. Even if these statistics aren't particularly useful against other destroyers, the faster turret rotation would make the IJN DDs much more competitive in DD on DD fights and the artillery skill can be used to harass battleships and even cruisers to great effect whilst waiting for the two minute torpedo reload or whilst on the transit from one cap to another. I personally have great games with my Kamikaze using my Amagi's captain who has both AFT and EM. Due to the recent nerfs to Last Stand, I personally burn my damage control when I'm no longer detected because the disadvantage that a semi-broken engine and rudder can prove to be terminal with a ship as small and fragile as an IJN DD which means that whilst it might take some adjusting it may be possible to play DD games without Last Stand which many have opted to do when it was still a tier 4 skill. The question I want to ask here is therefore quite simple. Is it worth trading either LS or SE for AFT or EM? Whilst I have great games in both ranked and regular battles with my Kamikaze with that configuration(If I ever repurchased a Minekaze, I would give her the same configurations I have on my Amagi captain), I am also aware that higher tired meta is significantly different from lower tiered meta and so I came here to hear some other opinions. I wanted to ask for advice from more experienced captains out there as well as everyone else. What are your thoughts?
  14. Hi all, Do you use "Vigilance" Captain skill on your ships? I used to use it much more months (actually 1+ year ago) ago but now I find myself very rarely using it on my ships... the general map / threat awareness simply made it "obsolete"... Leo "Apollo11"