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Found 3 results

  1. _Teob_

    Capping mechanic

    I am sure this has all been said before but I couldn't find it so please do let me know if what I am about to propose is yesterday's news. I would quite like it if the team with more ships on a cap would cap even if there's an enemy ship also in the cap. By this I mean that if the enemy team is blocking a cap with 1 DD and we have 2 DDs in the cap we should still slowly be able to take that point. Obviously having an enemy ship in a cap would still block or at the very least slow down points gain. It just feels to me that the team that invests more resources (in this case players) in capping should get something out of it. Thoughts?
  2. So we get xp for defending caps and capping. But not for blocking a cap? Blocking a cap negates points gain and helps the team. Many times I’ve blocked caps in this way as I’m sure we all do. But there is no personal advantage from doing this. Would it be useful to have some in game indication and/or perhaps xp - not much but a bit - for doing something useful? the UI doesn’t really show that you are negating points gain either, so at minimum i would like to see something that explicitly tells players they are blocking points gain. Too many times I’ve come across players who don’t realise contesting points prevents them generating points...
  3. Hi All, First post in World of Warships forum so hello to all. After a few thousand games I have worked out a few things, though clearly I have much to yet learn. I am currently serving yet another chat ban for doing nothing more than accurately describing the cowardly character of people who spend entire games in battleships pinned to the edges of the map, running away from everything and the selfish character of CV players who take no fighters. Cowardly people don't make a choice to be cowards so I can almost forgive the cowards. Selfish people on the other hand chose to be selfish. So when a CV driver chooses to have an all strike loadout, they are conciously choosing to take a very large risk that the enemy CV will be just as selfish and be just as useless at providing air cover for their team. Furthermore, it is not just a choice for them, it is a choice they are inflicting on the team. To allow CV drivers to choose their fighter mix in such a way that there can be no fighters is the same as allowing a Cruiser player to choose to delete all their guins in favour of extra torpedos. Only its worse: there might be 5 or 6 Cruisers on a team who can make up for the selfishness of one fool. Not so with CV's. A good CV player will have some fighters and will, as I have seen all too often against selfish CV players, not only gain advantage for their team through strikes but also provide crucial air cover for both spotting of the enemy and protection from strike packages. There is an expectation on DD's to cap, but when your CV has no fighters and the enemy does this is a death sentence. You will be spotted, targeted and have no way to shake the enemy eye until you return to port awash in barnacles. So here is my idea: 1. ALL DD drivers go on strike if there is a CV in your team and that CV launches no fighters. Do not race for cap, just sit there until the CV proves that they are not complete and utter selfish used posterior wipes by launching fighters. No fighters, no capping, just play like the cowardly BB drivers and selfish CV drivers, get a few long range torpedo hits and work on your stats. 2. Cruisers, unless the CV launches fighters drive away from them and let the enemy strike packages through. Only protect CV's that show a willingness to protect their team. All strike packages might be good for their XP but they are terrible for the team as they gamble on being able to kill the enemy CV early. But the real aim for this: Wargaming!!! FIX IT SO THAT CARRIERS GET GOOD XP FROM SPOTTING & AIR SUPREMEACY or REMOVE VARIABLE FIGHTER COMBINATIONS That way all the selfish odious types that sadly the world has far too many of will stop wanting to have all strike load outs.