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Found 5 results

  1. Can you please enable more of the campaign missions to be obtainable by playing PvE, I do not enjoy playing PvP and thus getting certain rewards is a lot more difficult for me. I have managed to make my way through to the final task in mission 9 of the science of victory campaign and I see no point in going further as there are no more missions that I can complete in either co-op battle or scenario mode. The same goes for most of the other campaigns apart from "Hit hard hit fast." They are only able to be passed if you play against other players, and that is a game mode I just do not enjoy. Yes I have played a few hundred matches of random battles and have developed a fond dislike of the toxic nature of some of the players who participate in the battles. I refuse to be forced into playing modes that I do not enjoy in order to get rewards that cannot be obtained by any means other than PvP battles.
  2. From my outlook as a player, I think that the Campaigns are a successful addition to the game. The Bismarck campaign and the upcoming Yamamoto one also add historical flavor to the game. What I want to ask is the developer's opinion though: are you satisfied with number of players that actively play campaigns? any chance you can publish stats like the number of players that started/completed the different campaigns?
  3. These two campaigns have been available for some time now. I just wonder how other players are doing. Have Shinonome and now grinding my last 4 needed stars in the 4th mission of the Yamamoto campaing.
  4. Info stolen from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5fq4rz/2_million_credits_for_everyone_above_lv8/ A nice little present that comes along with this patch
  5. Ebu34

    Thx WG for your effort

    There are many threads for criticism WG ( some of them are right imo) but there is few appreciation threads about what they are doing. Of course there are many problems in the game, Excessive BB popularity, even i am mainly BB player but i am not happy to current stiuation either Excessive DD popularity, MM imbalances, Tier 8 and 9 premium camos have not enough advantages if we consider the cost of them compare to Tier X ones. I got for Iowa for 4000 dubloons. ,But for %20 post repair reduction and %100 more xp? Why i would like to buy Tier8 and 9 camos, when Tier X have huge advantage over them. And if we consider you are always top dog in the game with Tier Xs. CV low credit gains even i dont have any sympathy against ' Sky Cancers' . But they are essential for this game and we need them for the sake of balance. Others which i havent noticed but most of you are. But In the light of recent developments, I would like to thank you WG for putting effort to improve customers satisfaction. I have limited English speaking ability for such complicated topic imo but i want to express my feelings about recent developments. First of all, container system is very welcomed feature in my account. At least now, we have better change to get decent stuffs from these. Secondly, new campaigns which actually worth to complete them. You get various goods even premium ships. With recent PT campaigns, you can also have chance to get free regular ships like Hiryu, Fubuki etc. which worth millions of silver. If you dont want them sell them for silver injection to your account. Lastly, after split of IJN DD tree, i got two free premium camos even i havent buy them in first place even for one of them since i am not a DD player in general, and most of you also got these. Edit: Dont forget the Halloween and April fool events which gave you chance to get ton of camo,signals, consumables and credits. I dont want miss them either. I spent roughly 400-500 Euro this game so far. Bought dozens premium ship and dubloons. And with these recent developments, I would like throw more because i see there is a future for this game. And would like to hand over my appreciations.