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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, Could you please consider making the final task in a campaing automaticaly unlocked upon meeting the requirements (ie. gathering enough stars)? I keep forgetting that after clicking "Unlock" you also have to click "Accept" (which of course is not the case with normal tasks), and it is so frustrating, when you realize that after going through a bunch of games, and thinking you should have completed the mission by know. I don't know if I am the only one who have issue with this, if yes than don't bother, but if more people have the same issue then you might wanna seriously consider this change. Oh, and I love your game, thx :) Marcentilus
  2. Hello all, and Wargaming world of warships PC, Because of a back ache yesterday that forced me to stay away from the computer, I lied down and downloaded, out of curiosity, WOWS Blitz. As I was battling on that nice smartphone game, I suddenly realized, as I was watching the game modes, that a campaign mode was possible. I thought immediately that it was like the campaigns in WOWS PC, and almost missed the fact that it proposed HISTORICAL-based background missions in SOLO mode and in CHAIN missions that would run like a mini-operation with secondary objectives inside. I told myself, "You surely are kidding me, brother". But no, the WOWS Blitz team succeeded to realize nicely and smoothly what the WOWS PC team never could do in 5 years. I bought even some gold to unlock the DREADNOUGHT british warship and began those PvE Campaigns/missions with great pleasure. What the actual frak is going on, WOWS PC? Why can you not do what WOWS blitz can do ? (And I know, there are operations in WOWS PC, but they are shrinking in numbers instead of increasing). Instead of developping more and more (hypothetical) ships in a panicking hurry, can you not develop at least GAME MODES different than all the time random, ranked and clan battle? Where are the projets of PvP convoy duty? Where is the project of PvPvE Filth battles adapted to normal ships? Just some questions asked by a fan from the closed beta, and worrying that the game will lose a lot of premium and buying players wanting different game modes, players that will go to Ultimate Admiral - Dreadnoughts once they deliver their strategic campaign beta to fill their heart's content. Protect yourself from Corona-chan and be well, all Starkadd
  3. Skyee_8492

    A better way to go.

    Newer additions and better way to improve wants already there With the swarm of new ships in testing, in the works and about to come online. It got me thinking of some idea's of improving what is already in game and some improvements i'd like to see rather than the same old that's being pumped out at the moment. The constant barrage of events in correlation with new ships being introduced is becoming boring (to me). Its basically rinse and repeat! No sooner does 1 finish another one springs up right after the deadlines to complete each directive before another one starts to me killing the fun. I wish WG did them kind of things bimonthly and introduced more campaigns having completed 3 of the 4. At least the campaigns have no time limit but the directives more or less keep the players constantly engaged which tbh can't be healthy especially if you don't have premium time and something requires XP which more often than not is a lot for an average joe to complete with jobs, families ect. We have a Japanese & U.S campaign so why not a British & German campaign? An opportunely was lost putting Gunther Lutjens into the armory not that its a complete loss because it could still get to use Reinhard Scheer for a German Campaign & Jellicoe for a British one. It's now nearly 2 years since the U.S campaign was released so when will we get a new one? How long have German ships been in the game? And we still can't apply 2 plays or swap the colors yet the Russians & French do. Odd! More operations would be a plus, i like playing them but playing the same 5 over and over for over a year it is now boring. 4 were taken offline with the CV rework and haven't seen the light of day again; Dynamo, Hermes, Ultimate Frontier & Cherry Blossom. which showed great potential for night fights in the game (personally speaking) which has never been allude to since. I guess what i'm saying is put a pause on the constant Directives that keep coming month after month, Do something else. Other additions could be re-skinning & remodeling some older ships in the game look kind of dated compared to newer ships coming on line like they did with Yamato. Whole new tech lines keep coming in, 1 off ships are constantly in the works whilst the older ships look kind meh in comparison. Fubuki/Shinonome, Colorado/WestViginia come to mind, Same class of ship yet there quality is completely different Shinonome having clear windows on the bridge but Fubuki doesn't for an example. Same for the BB's! It can't be a matter of premium ships cause you can't buy Shinonome Or Yamato so who knows. Less Russian cruiser line splitting WG and share the love. A wider option for permanent camouflages for all tiers. Even ships of (lower tier) wore some kind of camouflage in (real life) so why not? For example Tirpitz has 3 or 4 & the Iron Duke has none but ships in the same tier like New York has the option for a permanent camouflage application, Why? Not to mention the accuracy of the camouflages again as an example, Tirpitz Norwegian camo is black and white not the green and brown it should be at least to my knowledge and its not a case of actually camouflaging cause it doesn't hide the ships any better. Same for the New York wearing USS Utah camo. Just odd they'd spend all the time modeling the ships then goof up the camo's. Again to my knowledge Iron Duke had no camouflage but it doesn't have to be dazzle paint, Even a darker shade of Grey with a funnel band is better than nothing. Solid colors were also used as we know. Anybody noticed the Puerto Rico wears a Salem camo? & the dreadnought wears RMS Mauritania camo? The damage cosmetics and sinking simulations could be another point of improvement i.e when a ship detonates, shreds of the ship blow off unlike the current one with just a huge fireball. (Now im nitpicking) haha Obviously some of "MY OPINIONS" might be unrealistic but to me worth saying non the less as a counter opinion to WG's constant influx of directives, the need to hastily rework the Russian cruiser line not to mention Italian Battleship's & Destroyer lines haven't seen the light of day yet. If WG took a little break for the directives they might get more done elsewhere!
  4. SamuraiShakaViking

    IJN power creep? .. again

    The IJN is so power creep.. forgotten, ignored again: To make a balanced game, you need balanced nations, as well as ships. Especially as the game evolves dynamically, and 'metas' change. (This neglect ruined wot). We all want future sustainability and survivability for this game. Which entails that it needs to grow and expand, retain it's fun factor, maintain balancing, while also consolidating from regions to globalized worldwide option like other mmo on steam and attracting new playerbase and increasing profitability for r&d and design. The CV rework, the new premiums, especially at tier 9, and recent ranked and clan battles show how veteran ships of the game are neglected, and certain nations given token minor buffs , if any, just to keep up with balanced development and meta memes. Eg the very weak flak on most IJN ships in the now CV dominated games is very evident.. I. Azuma, weakest of all the recent tier 9 battle cruisers.. ijn cruiser flavour is torps. Azuma gets no torps. All other battle cruisers got their nation flavour gimmicks (radar, secondaries, anti air, speed boost, reload boost, etc. Azuma gets no torps, paper armour, and no gimmicks. Why? If azuma was built she would have had torps and radar and 18 inch guns. Ywt, Eg. Georgia even gets a speed boost. Now even Benham, a USA destroyer gets better torps than the ijn... so then Why would anyone buy the azuma as well as or instead of an Alaska or stalingrad or j b??? (a bundle of tier 9s is now in the shop for $300). II. Ibuki is example , it has been so power crept by new tier 9s, it's a joke. Even premiums such as mutsu, kii, kaga (lower tier planes against tier x?) and even icon mikasa are so out of balance with present game. Kii the most expensive tier viii premium , at least gets torps and some flak, .. but still struggles against newer premiums or even tirpitz. III. There are no "brother special captains" for ijn and pan Asia. Why??? Only white males. IV (Is this racial bias, similar to ignoring / sidelining an entire continent, Africa, from this product.). Segregation? V There have been no special ijn arcs or events , even as there is now a second French event arc.. even though the French navy is hardly famous at all... Japan could be the biggest lucrative market for this game, together with pan Asian countries, Korea, Taiwan, india. But if their ships are essentially continuously nerfed and under powered, wg lose the profits and playerbase. Also collaborate more with manga and anime , but include guys anime too. Constructive suggestion: keep all nations balanced, enrich their flavors equally. If u do buff a ship to bring it up to date, with new ships, buff it properly. Since wg claim the game isn't historical simulator, they seem to try make some ships historical, and others op, early 1940s ships against 1945 to 1960 ships. Start a global world wide server, which players can access from different regions including africa to be able to play 24/7/365 (as in some clan wars,) so you have a proper global mmo like any other international mmo on steam. End regional separation when you could have a shared global playerbase. It works well on steam.. Also for collectors and naval players, bring back some legend ships (which may have been op b4, but are now no longer, such as kamikaze variants,) on special offers. Offer the collectors flags, special camps, or event badges etc in the armory.or to absorb "free xp". Why not use already developed operations and campaigns permanently, so that new players , or veterans who missed them, can benefit from hunt for Bismarck, or dunkirk op. Dynamo for example. Why not re use such well developed and designed campaigns, (eg instead of regrinding lines in the NtC?) Space battles and arms race is an awesome game mode. Why not make it available permanently.? Re events, instead of endless new currencies and tokens , make a single currency or token, which players can carry over to future events, if there's nothing they can get, or nothing they want in a particular event. There's so much you wg already have to build on, so much wg has already developed and designed, which can be expanded, that things such as the NYC are so unnecessary and superfluous. Stop the gambling loot crates, especially to skip a new tech tree. It's entirely unfair and discriminatory. Fix matchmaking, especially at tier viii. This also ruined wot. Include your global playerbase in queue ,on a global server option, instead of segregating regions, like any steam mmo. But please give the IJN some TLC and update and modernize the balance of Asia with the dynamics and meta memes of the game. And try remember and embrace the forgotten continent. Africa. They actually do have PCs and consoles, fiber, and 5g is rolling out soon. Several fiber connectivity to the EU including via Cyprus.. same time zone as EU. Why ignore this potential? Make a global worldwide server soon. And grow.
  5. Can you please enable more of the campaign missions to be obtainable by playing PvE, I do not enjoy playing PvP and thus getting certain rewards is a lot more difficult for me. I have managed to make my way through to the final task in mission 9 of the science of victory campaign and I see no point in going further as there are no more missions that I can complete in either co-op battle or scenario mode. The same goes for most of the other campaigns apart from "Hit hard hit fast." They are only able to be passed if you play against other players, and that is a game mode I just do not enjoy. Yes I have played a few hundred matches of random battles and have developed a fond dislike of the toxic nature of some of the players who participate in the battles. I refuse to be forced into playing modes that I do not enjoy in order to get rewards that cannot be obtained by any means other than PvP battles.
  6. These two campaigns have been available for some time now. I just wonder how other players are doing. Have Shinonome and now grinding my last 4 needed stars in the 4th mission of the Yamamoto campaing.
  7. From my outlook as a player, I think that the Campaigns are a successful addition to the game. The Bismarck campaign and the upcoming Yamamoto one also add historical flavor to the game. What I want to ask is the developer's opinion though: are you satisfied with number of players that actively play campaigns? any chance you can publish stats like the number of players that started/completed the different campaigns?
  8. There are many threads for criticism WG ( some of them are right imo) but there is few appreciation threads about what they are doing. Of course there are many problems in the game, Excessive BB popularity, even i am mainly BB player but i am not happy to current stiuation either Excessive DD popularity, MM imbalances, Tier 8 and 9 premium camos have not enough advantages if we consider the cost of them compare to Tier X ones. I got for Iowa for 4000 dubloons. ,But for %20 post repair reduction and %100 more xp? Why i would like to buy Tier8 and 9 camos, when Tier X have huge advantage over them. And if we consider you are always top dog in the game with Tier Xs. CV low credit gains even i dont have any sympathy against ' Sky Cancers' . But they are essential for this game and we need them for the sake of balance. Others which i havent noticed but most of you are. But In the light of recent developments, I would like to thank you WG for putting effort to improve customers satisfaction. I have limited English speaking ability for such complicated topic imo but i want to express my feelings about recent developments. First of all, container system is very welcomed feature in my account. At least now, we have better change to get decent stuffs from these. Secondly, new campaigns which actually worth to complete them. You get various goods even premium ships. With recent PT campaigns, you can also have chance to get free regular ships like Hiryu, Fubuki etc. which worth millions of silver. If you dont want them sell them for silver injection to your account. Lastly, after split of IJN DD tree, i got two free premium camos even i havent buy them in first place even for one of them since i am not a DD player in general, and most of you also got these. Edit: Dont forget the Halloween and April fool events which gave you chance to get ton of camo,signals, consumables and credits. I dont want miss them either. I spent roughly 400-500 Euro this game so far. Bought dozens premium ship and dubloons. And with these recent developments, I would like throw more because i see there is a future for this game. And would like to hand over my appreciations.
  9. Kerthin


    Campaign, Science of Victory, Mission 6, task 2. Hit ships 50 times with main or secondary batteries in a Tier V-X Battleships is the description. I took the mission in error (Don't have any BB's) but I've managed to complete it in a Mahan. Anyone else come across this?
  10. Info stolen from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5fq4rz/2_million_credits_for_everyone_above_lv8/ A nice little present that comes along with this patch