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Found 24 results

  1. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Wargaming, you suck at making money smart...

    ...and in the current context where you test the limits of how much can the community take, you're playing a dangerous game. I don't care in general about drama, both IRL and ingame, so take this post as an exercise in creativity what other things could you have done in order to make significant amounts of money, without causing sh!tstorms within the community. But hey, if you read and like my ideas, you can contact me for further negotiation. In the current context where all Community Contributors and a good part of the playerbase went on a frenzy due to the PR debacle, and the PR (as in Public Relations :) ) disaster that ensued, we can read the writing on the wall that you are desperate to make money, and for sure Sub_Octavian and Conway were stuck to juggle a bunch of hot potatoes with one hand tied behind them, because it's obvious someone at the Wargaming main HQ needed extra shekels, they had some targets set by the executives, probably SerB needs another paintjob for his yacht anchored in Limassol, or Victor wants to buy himself another Maybach...but regardless. Some of us already discovered the cheap way of getting the Puerto Rico (for further info, pm me and we'll negotiate), but the underlying tactic and the fact itself that PR costs more dubloons that you can buy in one go on the shop surely pissed some people off, and for a good reason. It's nothing bad per se, from a business point of view, to sell a ship, regardless of tier, regardless of class or performance, but there is such a thing as a bad price point, and that without a doubt was the major aspect that pissed off a lot of people, particularly collectors who are quite a few part of the playerbase. While I may not have insider data on sales figures, my business intuition says that ships are selling quite well outside of periods where there are loot crates in the shop (Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween etc). At the same time, WoWS has plenty of premium ships that are not sold via the shop, and quite a few that can be achieved only via loot crate drops. Well, this brings an opportunity, as an example, of something that also engages the community while also making money for the devs: paid campaigns. 1. Introduction Let's present an alternate campaign that would have left the Puerto Rico be the "end" of it and the grand prize. Participation is optional, but you can sell access to it for, say, €8, just access, and you also have a premium option that gives you a head start (giving you campaign-specific currency) to the grind towards the Puerto Rico, for something like, say, €30, or their dubloons equivalent. Duration? Let's put the duration at 30 days; not too short but at the same time not too long, to encourage some grinding but also not squeeze the participants in terms of time, particularly in a period like the winter holidays, to prevent situations like the current one where you need 48 hours in a single day to finish each directive in the allotted time recommended by the devs themselves. 2. How does it work? The current dockyard can be kept, but the baloney with the current stupidly hard directives have to get scrapped; the shipbuilding tokens can stay, because this campaign as it was envisioned needs its own currency. The premium boosters ideally would have to be scrapped, but in order to sympathise with Wargaming's need to make money, they can sell temporary boosters to earn more shipbuilding tokens, but the boosters would last something like 2-3 hours tops, and the income multiplier would be good enough to make it worth buying, but at the same time not something that can be bought over and over again to power-level through the entire grind. Let's say, an arbitrary cost of €5 dubloons equivalent I personally consider to be a sweet spot. As a progression metric through the campaign, let's implement a typical level system; considering the duration of the campaign, let's say level 20 should be suitable as the end. The dockyard reflects your progression towards constructing the Puerto Rico. Progression through the levels happens by just playing the game with the campaign bought, however there is a catch: to unlock the mission chains (which will be explained in the following paragraph), you'd need to progress to earn tickets, which are placed at certain points on the progression scale towards level 20. However, at level 1 you definitely get a ticket, another would be, say, at level 3, and the last one would be at level 7. In order to progress through the levels, you'd need to pay shipbuilding tokens. Levels 1-10 would start cheap and get successively moderately expensive, while the price for levels 11-20 would cost more than level 10 but stay like that until the end. Ok, how do we earn shipbuilding tokens? Campaign-specific mission chains. As mentioned before, the system of buying construction boosters of any sort is scrapped. I thought of several ways of getting the tokens: Just playing the game (this will be expanded on later) Campaign-specific repeatable missions/challenges (similar to current combat missions/challenges) Completing mission chains Buying/winning them via events (here we let Wargaming their opening to make some money) 3. How do you earn coins, again? (Expanded explanation) First, by just playing the game, there will be a system in place that will favour everyone playing, while not making the grind particularly arduous. Both playing PvE and PvP would net you coins, but the best method I came up with was first earning coins based on time participated in battle, second being winning a game multiplies your coin income for that match, and third player performance (extra coins if top 2 in PvP or top 1 in PvE). Third way does not stack with the multiplier. Second, repeatable missions could be the same as the ones we have now, they are a nice but not particularly high income source of coins, something which can be done while playing without the player focusing specifically onto them. Third, and this is the major source along with the first, completing the mission chains unlocked with the tickets. These I thought of them as being somewhat similar to the directives we have ingame, but conditions can only be set for the entire mission chain, eg. play German ships, or play a certain class, or play a certain nation's class, or play with ships that are under or over a certain caliber. For this specific scenario with Puerto Rico I would have considered 2 such mission chains, where the total shipbuilding token would not exceed 50% the total number of shipbuilding tokens needed to progress to level 20 and get the grand prize. The missions themselves would not be easy, and there would be several per chain, examples being but not limited to: causing a set amount of damage, killing a number of ships, killing a number of ships per match, racking up a number of potential damage, causing fires, destroying modules, creating flooding...however hard but not impossible to achieve in a reasonable amount of time. In circumstances where you may not have the right ship, or one may be considered too hard for you, said sub-mission can be skipped by paying tokens, but I would personally advise against this. The mission chains themselves are still optional, but to reiterate, the main coin source is still just playing the game, but the mission chains are a significant bonus that should be taken into consideration. I'd say a ~1700s pr player with 52% W/R can get both mission chains done and earn enough tokens to unlock the Puerto Rico. 4. Did you just say let WG sell the shipbuilding tokens? I know I'm going to get hate for this, but I say yes, allow Wargaming to sell the tokens, but it is not mandatory. Now if Wargaming were to implement this, they have several smaller avenues of income within the campaign to not rely solely on the money received via campaign pack acquisition. The most sensible thing would be to sell them as part of the premium access and make some more money via the timed boosters mentioned in the first paragraph of chapter 2, but as I do not and may never have access to Wargaming's internal data, I don't have the info required to gauge their targets in terms of income and what income avenues may need to be explored. 5. Ok, so what's in it for us, players, in the end? At the beginning of the post I mentioned how Wargaming sits on a lot of premium ships that aren't sold via the shop or accessible only via loot crates; on the way through the progression towards level 20, what can be done is to but premium ships on the way (just like in the current event with Gorizia), or premium stuff like flags, or modules, or resources, or camo (both consumable and permanent) so that even if a person does not finish the campaign and does not get the grand prize, they still earned something considered worthy. What this achieves is customer satisfaction and retention, it makes the customer feel engaged, it makes him feel that he's progressing, and most importantly, he doesn't feel screwed over. Sure, I am well aware Wargaming is definitely not going to make that much per customer on a micro scale like ripping off some whales €200 to buy the Puerto Rico, but on a macro scale the engagement of the playerbase (CCs included) would make them much more money, as well as cultivating a good relationship with the playerbase (as long as campaigns are kept doable by moderately skilled people in reasonable time, not impossible and stupidly grindy like the current one) but also this enables promotion outside of the community for new people to come in, as the playerbase is buzzing, the CCs are buzzing, and word travels faster than anyone can tell. Such event can be redone later for another ship, in a similar manner, but as long as the base recipe is respected, it would be a win-win for absolutely everyone involved in WoWS, and the system can also be exported to WoT and WoWP with some tweaks, not to mention other platforms like the consoles.
  2. Dear WG, Could we please get more low-tier missions and campaigns? Most of them are for tiers VIII and up, which is very annoying for players like me - not having any high-ish tier ships despite the amount of gaming I've done (beta tester, FYI). If I compare to World of Tanks, where the player has way more opportunities at the lower tiers to battle, but reaching higher tier tanks is also faster there than in the World of Warships. This seems unbalanced to me. I know I could rush my ship research and just try to get the next ship as fast as I can, but I prefer getting used to my ships and actually playing with them - not just using them as stepping stones to higher tiers and forgetting them as soon as I get next one researched. There's a lot of thought about how to make tier I playable for new players (I find it better than WoT tier I), but then the game kinda forgets the low-tier players and focuses on higher tiers only. If it was as easy to hit those higher tiers as it was in WoT, I wouldn't mind. But it isn't, there's way more grinding to do so could you at least make it more enjoyable then? I don't know if I'm alone with my thoughts. How about other captains out there, are you with me or am I just blabbering for nothing? :-) Cheers, geekuma
  3. Hi all, How is your campaign "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" for Admiral William Halsey coming along? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I managed to finish the 1st and 2nd mission/stage so far using slowest possible method of 1 + 1 + 1 + ... star (i.e. rinse and repeat)...
  4. I have completed every task in every mission of every campaign in the game. Every. Single. One. I like the completionist medals, it was fun finishing all of the challenges set by the WG. There is a single one I cannot complete though. Earn the most XP on your team, gain a victory, and receive 12 "Set on fire" or "Caused flooding" ribbons in a single battle. Tier IX-X Destroyers orAircraft Carriers only Random Battles only, US ships only. This one is a bit annoying. I cannot make this one work. I am not that fond of the Gearing, I also sold the Fletcher, so that's out the window. I attempted to complete it with my Midway instead multiple times. I find it that if I go around setting fires and flooding people my overall performance suffers and I constantly get position #3 (roughly) whereas I need to be #1, because my team is basically too good. If I strike with intent to kill and control a flank I can get into the #1 rather easy but I will fail to meet the 12 required fires or floods. On crucial flanks where I can claim kills and help to achieve victory the enemy there is already on fire in multiple places, and flood chances on a CV are rather low. Anyone out there who has this task done already? And how did you do it? I also believe that RnG Gods will have a big laugh at me and I will simply do this mission by sheer luck sometime in the soon future without even trying
  5. Hi all, How is your Yamamoto Isoroku campaign going on? Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Hi all, How is your progress with campaign "Gold of France" (of three stages)? I did finish the first stage (i.e. the "Credit grind") in few days but the second stage (i.e. the "Ribbon grind") will literally take forever (especially since I don't have that much time for Wo#s right now)... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. I tried to find the information on the forums but didn't, so I checked it out myself on the NA client. Here are the tasks for the new campaign: Every mission is the same format. The tasks can be completed Task 1: any V+ ship in randoms Task 2: any French V+ ship in randoms / coop Task 3: any Aigle in randoms / coop Task 4: any VIII+ FrBB in randoms / coop Final task: any V+ ship in randoms / coop Mission 1: 1.2MCr / 1.2MCr / 600kCr / 1.8MCr / 25k dmg + win in one battle Mission 2: 1800rib / 1500rib / 1000rib / 1000rib / citadel hit + win in one battle Mission 3: 25kExp / 30kExp / 20kExp / 40kExp / a kill + win in one battle The rewards aren't really worth mentioning, some nice and useful stuffs but in very low quantities. However, if you're looking to win French BBs out of containers (like me) you will get 8 containers per mission (assuming they are Frenchies) not counting the FrBB task (which earns you two more) so you still definitely have a chance of getting some of those. The campaign is obiously designed so that the French BB tasks are grindy (1000 ribbons in a BB is no small feat), but if you have one early enough, the synergy with the other tasks is quite obvious. Pretty sneaky.
  8. Tuccy

    Vive La France - Part 2

    Captains, The Update 0.7.2 brings the second part of the Vive la France - this will bring new Campaign, new Operation, new skins, new patches and all new game mechanics for more fun! Operation Hermes Campaign: Gold of France For details please consult our Portal article. Action Stations!
  9. Hert42

    Battle of the North Cape Campaign

    So in battle of the north cape was this one mission where I have to incapacitate or destroy 3 enemy turrets. I have been trying for 5 days now but this mission is just impossible to do... It's the only mission I have left to complete in the North cape and its just not going to happen how is this mission supposed to be in line with the rest of these missions. It makes 0 sense and basicly requires shitloads of luck and a suicidal playstyle. This kind of playstyle shouldn't even be promoted by missions like these. Please explain why this mission is in here, how in the world it is supposed to be skill based and why you would want to promote a playstyle like this which will always lose in any battle.
  10. Hi all, How is your Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape" doing (especially "Stage 5")? Leo "Apollo11"
  11. The_Great_SCH

    Suggestion for future campaigns

    Heres a suggestion. Not like it haven't been said before, but could anyone from WG make some missions/campaigns which actually involves every type of ships? So far there is a DD fest in every type of game there is. WG people, Ranked battles are on, 5v5 DD + 2 BB in a team is not fun!
  12. Am I right in thinking that there are no Campaigns that can be completed in COOP? (other than "New Year Raid" for which you need to BUY the Duke of York or complete previous, PVP/Ranked, "Battle of the North Cape")?
  13. What do you guys think about this ship and new rewarding in generally? So far we got only some perma-camo's for completing the campaigns, but getting a Premium ship of solid tier is unexpected rewards (IMO). I love playing with KGV and as far as I know DoY is the same class ship. What are Yorks Ups and Downs? Worth the grind in the new campaign? Sorry if the thread is double. I didnt saw any on this subject.
  14. deBanfield

    Campaign 2 no. 8 Arson

    I find that it is impossible to get past Campaign 2, No. 8 Arson, and therefore I cannot play the next phase. I've been trying for numerous battles, but I cannot get the Arson badge and because I am concentrating only on this, I am often losing out in the score. Any reasonable suggestions, please?
  15. daederion

    Yamamoto Isoroku tier 2

    I like the campaigns, they add some spice to the game and are as a whole something I wholeheartedly approve of. The one thing this far that I don't approve of though is the second tier of the Yamamoto campaign. Unless you have and play a tier 8+ carrier it's virtually impossible to complete as it requires you to get 2 clear sky achievements. I would say that getting a clear sky achievement in anything but a carrier at tier 8+ requires something of a miracle let alone two of them. I personally don't like playing carriers which is something I believe I share with quite a few players. Even if I somehow did grind myself to tier 8 It would mean spending days doing something I dislike while at the same time being bad at or if I got a premium carrier I would be dreadfully bad in it. Since I have more then a passing interest in naval history I do know that Yamamoto was a "carrier admiral" so having some carrier only missions is fine, but gating the progress like this is just plain stupidity and something that needs to be changed.
  16. B4zza

    Clear Skies

    I can't find the Q&A where @Sub_Octavian said that the clear skies achievement was going to be looked into but it was a while back and nothing has changed. Personally I need this one achievement to complete all task in the honourable service campaign and for me, getting this in it current form is near on impossible. Only gotten it 2 in all my games. Now I will need to get it in the Yamamoto campaign as well if I want to complete all tasks. Now some of you will say play CVs and your right, I should carry on grinding them and play AS all the time hoping to get lucky with my opponent and no AA ships so I can farm his planes. That said, the screen shot of this game where our CV spanked 80 planes down and it wasn't enough for a clear skies because it wasn't more than 50% of the planes shot down doesn't fill me with hope that playing CV (which I don't enjoy much) will get me this ridiculous achievement. Can we get an update on this being reworked? I don't want it to be made super easy, it isn't a whine I just think in it's current form if 80 planes isn't enough it is a little silly. Surely it isn't a hard thing to do to change the parameters of the requirements for this?
  17. I don't expect much interest in this post due to past experience ... but I couldn't find another post dealing with the same topic in forums. So just in case someone replies, what do you guys think should be included in a WoWs campaign, if WG every makes one? What standards should it reach, and what should it accomplish? A really obvious one would be to act as some sort of tutorial.
  18. warp103_EU

    World of Warships News 15

    I know that this is all over the forum know but here is. Just in case you do not feel like reading a wall of text and just want to hear the changes
  19. I just wanted to extend a big thank you for the Bismarck campaign. (I finished it yesterday). It was very enjoyable to me. The Bismarck itself is one of the reasons I'm even interested in WW2 warships to begin with, and the badges (and the badge descriptions!) were a very nice way of structuring the campaign. Secondly, I think you did a very good job mitigating player frustration; - The type of missions. There were no 'kill 20 russian ships' missions. The worst I saw, I think was one requiring 5 german BB kills (didn't sign up for that one). - That the duplicate bagdes were exchangeable. When I first heard about the badge system and that there would be duplicates, and that you would also be selling containers, I was actually _really_ worried about this. - And finally overall that it wasn't such a huge grind that I would have to sacrifice family life for it. Some previous events have left me drained, and the fire/water one I ignored completely. So. Thanks!
  20. Be first to spot 2 German ships. No class restrictions. Tiers 5 through 10. And yet you can do that mission ONLY in Cruisers. No DDs, no BBs, no CVs. Take notice of this while completing the campaign Edit: This seems to be the case on multiple missions. And while it doesn't show those ships as "available" for the mission you actually can still complete the task with them. So just a visual failiure
  21. Do battles for campaign rewards and combat missions count towards both?
  22. Antikythera

    How dare you!

    I was Mid Campaign about to finish the Very last Campain missions to recieve Graf Spee only to have the entire thing cancelled during progress .... Unlike other Players, i don't get the freedom of playing Every night due to myself working full time.... it was a painful grind given how much time i'm allowed to allocate to this. This is outrageous... how dare you take away my change of being within Reaching distance of a Limited ship by cancelling the missions at the very last step. AND before the patch.... Truly unacceptable!
  23. Hi all, How is your progress with "The Hunt For Graf Spee" and "Santa's Christmas Convoy"? I finished the "The Hunt For Graf Spee" on 09/10.01.2016. and I am grinding the "Santa's Christmas Convoy" currently (Stage 5)... I hope I can finish it in time (5 more days)... Leo "Apollo11"
  24. who_dares_wins


    Wargaming, I think you need to relearn how to count: 1+1=2, not 3 Edit: on a more serious note, I'm sure this was a typo.