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Found 56 results

  1. This is the camouflage of Tirpitz at June 1942. I wanted this camo since i saw this: It's a WIP and when i have time i will finish it (deck/gun camo sucks :P), but even as it is, it's very passable :D *WARNING* This mod is changing your camouflage.xml, so it conflicts with any other mod that edits this file. Also it's replacing the premium camo of Tirpitz (Type 10) and affects all camouflages for Tirpitz, even commons (but i don't think that anyone will use a common camo anyway). DOWNLOAD HERE and extract it to res_mods/0.9.X.X I hope you like it
  2. Skyee_8492

    Ark Royal "Historical" Camouflage

    NEED HELP So I'm building a model of the HMS Ark Royal & I'm having some trouble finding any images of this "historical" camouflage. I have a few model warships in my collection and i don't want them to be all grey so I've decided to paint various camo schemes to for color diversity. Originally i was writing this for some help if anybody who reads this has this so called "historical" camo, i'd much appreciate some screen shots cause i can't find any of the other side which i assume is mirrored but also some bridge close ups and some stern shots cause all i can find are these 2 and a couple of others which are all bow shots of various angles which brings me onto my next point. I will say i'm making this as an assumption but why WG present this as an historical camouflage of the Ark Royal? Literally as i was typing this out i made one last ditch attempt to try find images of this camo before putting this out there. Low and behold, an image caught my eye and after clicking this link it turns out this so called "Historical Camouflage" isn't really historical as it seems. I mean yeah you could say its an historical camouflage but its not for the Ark Royal, Its for Illustrious! It's called MS4a Camo carried from 1940-42 & is not symmetrical but what i don't understand and I'm basing this on a lack of not knowing FYI but why present this as an historical camouflage when it isn't because I'm assuming WG isn't presenting of as an Illustrious camo for the Ark Royal and if that's the case it's very misleading which is why i can't find any images of this but also personally speaking disrespectful calling it historical when it isn't, Not for this ship. It's cheeky & i don't want to ring this bell for to long but what exactly is WoWs trying to be? Historically accurate? <LOL definitely not, Partly historical accurate where WG feels necessary? Making it up? It's all a little confusing since WG pride themselves in the topic but they do things like that which to me seems dishonest. It seems to me the focus has gone from trying accuracy initially to now just moving into making it up. Like I've said, This is mainly assumption but i wouldn't rule it out but to the original point & if you've made this far. Some Screenshots if you have this camo would greatly be appreciated.
  3. Mambo_King11

    Three Crowns permanent camouflages

    Just with the Update I received this camo that has no associated ship. What is the point of this camo? Can I use it in the OSTERGOTLAND? This is the only one that I researched in the update.
  4. Skyee_8492

    A better way to go.

    Newer additions and better way to improve wants already there With the swarm of new ships in testing, in the works and about to come online. It got me thinking of some idea's of improving what is already in game and some improvements i'd like to see rather than the same old that's being pumped out at the moment. The constant barrage of events in correlation with new ships being introduced is becoming boring (to me). Its basically rinse and repeat! No sooner does 1 finish another one springs up right after the deadlines to complete each directive before another one starts to me killing the fun. I wish WG did them kind of things bimonthly and introduced more campaigns having completed 3 of the 4. At least the campaigns have no time limit but the directives more or less keep the players constantly engaged which tbh can't be healthy especially if you don't have premium time and something requires XP which more often than not is a lot for an average joe to complete with jobs, families ect. We have a Japanese & U.S campaign so why not a British & German campaign? An opportunely was lost putting Gunther Lutjens into the armory not that its a complete loss because it could still get to use Reinhard Scheer for a German Campaign & Jellicoe for a British one. It's now nearly 2 years since the U.S campaign was released so when will we get a new one? How long have German ships been in the game? And we still can't apply 2 plays or swap the colors yet the Russians & French do. Odd! More operations would be a plus, i like playing them but playing the same 5 over and over for over a year it is now boring. 4 were taken offline with the CV rework and haven't seen the light of day again; Dynamo, Hermes, Ultimate Frontier & Cherry Blossom. which showed great potential for night fights in the game (personally speaking) which has never been allude to since. I guess what i'm saying is put a pause on the constant Directives that keep coming month after month, Do something else. Other additions could be re-skinning & remodeling some older ships in the game look kind of dated compared to newer ships coming on line like they did with Yamato. Whole new tech lines keep coming in, 1 off ships are constantly in the works whilst the older ships look kind meh in comparison. Fubuki/Shinonome, Colorado/WestViginia come to mind, Same class of ship yet there quality is completely different Shinonome having clear windows on the bridge but Fubuki doesn't for an example. Same for the BB's! It can't be a matter of premium ships cause you can't buy Shinonome Or Yamato so who knows. Less Russian cruiser line splitting WG and share the love. A wider option for permanent camouflages for all tiers. Even ships of (lower tier) wore some kind of camouflage in (real life) so why not? For example Tirpitz has 3 or 4 & the Iron Duke has none but ships in the same tier like New York has the option for a permanent camouflage application, Why? Not to mention the accuracy of the camouflages again as an example, Tirpitz Norwegian camo is black and white not the green and brown it should be at least to my knowledge and its not a case of actually camouflaging cause it doesn't hide the ships any better. Same for the New York wearing USS Utah camo. Just odd they'd spend all the time modeling the ships then goof up the camo's. Again to my knowledge Iron Duke had no camouflage but it doesn't have to be dazzle paint, Even a darker shade of Grey with a funnel band is better than nothing. Solid colors were also used as we know. Anybody noticed the Puerto Rico wears a Salem camo? & the dreadnought wears RMS Mauritania camo? The damage cosmetics and sinking simulations could be another point of improvement i.e when a ship detonates, shreds of the ship blow off unlike the current one with just a huge fireball. (Now im nitpicking) haha Obviously some of "MY OPINIONS" might be unrealistic but to me worth saying non the less as a counter opinion to WG's constant influx of directives, the need to hastily rework the Russian cruiser line not to mention Italian Battleship's & Destroyer lines haven't seen the light of day yet. If WG took a little break for the directives they might get more done elsewhere!
  5. TresXL

    Permanent camouflage

    How to apply a permanent camouflage of the French Navy that I have in my inventory ?. It's for DD Guépard, I redeemed it in the Armory but in the game I can't apply it. The same happens to me with another camouflage won in a past event for the Leningrad DD. Thank you, best regards, TresXL
  6. What's with numerous high tier ships sailing without camo lately? I've been noticing for a few days, especially today, that every game has at least one, often more, ships sailing without a camouflage. More often than not a DD. And this is on high tiers. I wouldn't bat an eye if I saw a tier 4 sail without a camo, but today I have seen at least a tier 8 and a 9 DD, and a tier 10 BB??? Type 1 and 2 camo's are 7,5k a piece, that cannot be too expensive even for a guy without premium account and/or ships. Besides, game hands you tons of camos for free all the time. I don't think I personally can ever run out of camos. Do people not take a look at the port UI at all, and not notice that you can mount camos? Cannot be such a black magic that you need to be told of such an option. On the other hand, I've never seen a ship without a camo do well in a match, so maybe mounting a camo is too difficult to do. I've taken a habit to ask in chat, politely mind you, if I see a DD without a camo, why don't they mount one. No one has answered yet (and I might have gotten one report for my effort, although it could have come from some other match). Before anyone asks, no I have not disabled special camos.
  7. I'm a huge fan of camos that either are based on real life patterns, or the ones that look more-less realistic (like the Hunter camo). Wargaming: are we going to see more patterns like the Hunter in the near future with decent bonuses?
  8. Yaderike

    Trier les camouflages

    Bonjour, est-il possible de trier les camouflages dans la phase d'équipement ? ne serait-ce que par quantité, ce serait bien pratique.... Bon jeu, Yaderike
  9. AwesomeBoat

    Camouflage and signals

    Hi How do you stack up hundreds of camouflages and signals? Should I pick the camouflage & signals containers? Thanks
  10. michal1212PL

    Camouflage refund?

    Hi! During the space battle event i bought hellcarier camo for hakuryu, but there is no visiual effects what so ever. Rocket hits, bomb hits and torpedo hits look all the same like without camouflage. My question is, can i get refund (in doubloons ofcourse)? I'm just realy disapointed by this camouflage and there are some more issues how much i like Haku (especialy paper planes) but paying 8000 doubloons for camouflage (you cant see ship for 80% of the battle) without any visiual effects for me is a big waste. I should have bought permanent camo but not space one. One more thing, english is not my first language so there might be some mistakes.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone remember whether there was ever a discount on permanent Tier X camouflage ("Type 20" = 5.000 Doubloons)? Leo "Apollo11"
  12. There are Hardly any skins on the internet for russian CHAPAYEV , dmitri donskoi and Moskva, I would like to request the following Patterns ; Copied from ALASKA, NORTH CAROLINA for Moskva (picture given below) And pyotr velikiy real life skin for dmitri donskoi and chapayev. Thank you.
  13. pzkpfwv1d

    In port transaction Error's

    Is anyone else getting the following message when trying to mount signals, camouflage or train a commander using elite Experience I have tried shutting game down and restarting and still getting the same message
  14. StringWitch

    Muh Albany

    The American Cruisers subcollection 'Highest Awards' says custom camouflage colour schemes will become available on all USA cruisers. This also seems to include every premium camo I can try out, except Albany's Type 9. I know this is probably intentional since Albany's 'camouflage' is peacetime pearl and brass so there's not necessarily much one can do about that without ruining the appearance, but I wanted to moan about it all the same. A black & white scheme (like Mikasa) would be cool as the alternate colour, or just the light blue seen on WWII-era US ships in the game when they don't have camo applied.
  15. So. I decided to treat and spoil myself here in the Easter holidays and buy the Großer Kurfürst camouflage from space battles. I like the star wars star destroyer-ish design and the neat space sounds. But I was "only slightly" miffed when I took it out for a stroll and found out that the skin doesn't come with the space battle mode gun/plane sounds. I guess it would be too confusing if there were multiple gun sounds, but then agian, people could just turn them off with the skin-filter option. What do you think? Should these 8k doubloon skins include at least the gun/torp sounds from space battle mode?
  16. Riche_heu_Lieux

    À vos pinceaux , prêts, peignez !

    Salut les matelots, entre deux photographies historiques je suis tombé sur ça : Le HMS Anson qui se fait repeindre par son équipage le 21 décembre 1943 à Rosyth. Et là m'est venue une question : en combien de temps peut-on passer de ça : À ça ? (note : le fait que je montre le Kongo comme exemple est totalement fortuit) Je pense avoir pu isoler quelques variables pour pouvoir définir ce temps ainsi qu'un exemple. Il faut savoir que tout le travail de peinture requiert un ponçage en règle, le nettoyage à fond, le démontage ou la protection de tous les éléments non peints la réparation des divers trous. En plus du temps que cela prend, on peut prendre note de la nécessité dans la plupart des cas à mettre le navire en cale sèche, ce qui immobilise un joli paquet de ressources et qui ne peut pas être fait partout (le dock flottant géant du Wisconsin en 1952 ne compte pas ! ). Mon exemple est le grand carénage du cuirassé France en 1918 à Toulon qui a duré trois semaines. Ajoutons que l'opération de carénage est vitale pour maintenir les performances hydrodynamiques de la partie immergée de la coque d'un navire, il me semblait avoir lu comme quoi le Richelieu qui n'avait pas été caréné depuis longtemps dans l'océan Indien en 1944 ne dépassait notamment plus les 32 nœuds obtenus pendant les essais en mer... L'exercice que je vous propose est donc le suivant : En 1944 le cuirassé Yamato doit effectuer un carénage. Où effectuera-t-il cette opération, pour combien de temps ? Question bonus : combien d'hommes pour le faire ? Vous avez quatre heures.
  17. Rage_Unchained

    Kobayashi camos - optional removal

    Hi folks/WG, Just got my hands on Roma, and I have to say, well done! Really FUN ship. Good guns nice armor, and I guess balanced by not having decent AA and pretty bad range(18.1km?), but it's not really meant to be sniper, so meh, it's fine! But...I purchased the Kobayashi camouflage, because of huge financial benefits. However, the beer keg/boiler on top of a battleship and the general VOMIT splash of colours and patterns makes me cringe whenever I look at the ship - and it's quite a bit of time. I have met quite a few people both HAVING and NOT HAVING Roma speaking in similar manner about the camo appearance. There is an option NOT TO SEE the camouflage, but atm, it also DEMOUNTS the camouflage, not letting you have the benefits for which we purchased it. There is another option, and that is to use external mods to either remove the camo visually, while still having it, and to even have some modified versions of the said camouflages. Why doesn't WG give us the similar option? I don't know who in the right mind approved these appearances (both Kii and Roma Kobayashis), and that none of the testers ever said anything to you about this...(if they were given access/notified about it). Problem with using mods to cure the vomit issue is that it affects other camouflages that are actually ok, good looking or even loved. WG, please make it possible to have the appearance ONLY be optional, not the camouflage effect itself as it really is disgusting to look at. Please? Pretty please? EDIT: To each his own, some people will like the camouflage, and I hope they have best of fun using it and looking at it. I understand the ARP/HSF/Dragon and some other specific camouflages being in game too, they have their own place for fans of certain anime/manga whatever. But I really hope WG understands that this really isn't anywhere near likeable or even tolerable for a big chunk of customers and players with Roma. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  18. Bonjour, Ne sachant pas trop ou poser ce sujet, je le met ici. Je souhaite faire une suggestion sur les camos permanents qui coute cher (5.000 golds) mais surtout qui sont pour la plupart très très moche... Alors payer 5.000 golds ok c'est permanent et ca donne pas mal de bonus tres interessant et accessoirement cela permet de jouer ses TX sans perdre de l'argent à chaque partie... mais que ce soit moche à ce point là ca NON ! Je pense qu'il serait bien plus normal, vu le prix que ce soit non pas un camo à part entiere mais plutot une fonctionnalité qui une fois acheté pour le navire donne ces bonus mais en meme temps nous permette de prendre n'importe lequel des camo dispo juste pour l'apparence (mais bien sur avec les bonus du permanent). Cette modification n'est pas très dur à développer et je pense que cela pourrait motiver beaucoup plus de joueurs tres sensibles au cosmetique à investir dans ce camo permantent, qu'en pensez-vous?
  19. I just wanted to ask if WG has any plans to bring the second High School Fleet Girls collaboration from Japan over to us EU chaps and if we would be able to obtain anything through missions or something? To my knowledge so far, from what was mentioned at the venue this second collaboration event was announced at. The following content is planned and/or possible. - 4 Character Silhouettes for Captains were shown at the announcement event. (Potential for new captains?) Noted in the article of the above picture; - Some voices were also released at the venue. - Isoroku (The cat from the anime) has a Camo/skin for the Harekaze ship. Noted in the article, it stated these images were sent from the Russian Development team. - Although it did no appear in the anime, A Yu Ocean School Yamato Camo/Skin. Sources: News from Japanese gaming news site Famitsu [Link 1] and [Link 2] (Apologies for I am not sure what other tags I could add to the post)
  20. As the title states, I'm having some major issues (read: crashes whilst trying to log in) with the client after I unlocked one of the alternate camo colour rewards with the campaign collectables. I've already checked and it does appear to be the camouflages.xml file, as it launches just fine if I either run wows in safe mode or just renaming the camo file. However, I've yet to find a single reason as to why it crashes the game. One thought I had was that it didn't actually have the links/colour blocks for the alternate camo anymore, but that isn't the case. After it crashed due to unlocking the cruiser subcollection I got it working after looking around, renaming, undoing the renaming, and some more looking without actually changing or saving anything, but it's back again. My edits in the camo file generally boil down to using the vanilla camo file, and changing colours/patterns here and there, and adding custom ones for some ships. The majority of the file is the exact same as the current version, with exception of some camos which were added recently. If anybody has some ideas on what might cause it/what can fix it, that'd be appreciated. Personally, I don't even care about those 'alternate colour options', since I already changed the default colours to the way I like them. However, I can't disable that function normally as far as I can tell, and the cruiser subcollection is already completed.
  21. Yop plop à tous! Petit topic sur un détail sans grande importance, puisqu'il s'agit uniquement d’esthétique, ici. Vous le savez, la campagne Yamamoto se déroule sur deux plans : L'un avec des missions de campagne, qui permettent de débloquer le célèbre amiral (et un pavillon commémoratif, je crois), et l'autre via des objets à collectionner (comme pour les campagne du bismarck, de l'opération dynamo, etc etc.) Ce dont je vais parler concerne ce dernier point. Les objets à collectionner sont assez nombreux et répartis en 5 catégories, selon les thèmes et les récompenses (car oui, chaque catégorie offre sa propre récompense.) Ainsi, les 4 premières collections d'objets permettent chacun de déverrouiller des camouflages (ou du moins une palette de couleur) alternatifs (selon les collections, pour les DDs, les croiseurs, les BBs et les CV.) "Cool" me dis je naïvement Non pas que les couleurs des camouflages nippons me dégoûtent particulièrement, mais un camouflage bleu sera, à mon avis, plus agréable que le camouflage qui n'est visiblement effectif que dans la mer des sargasses... Donc, joie, hier, je débloque la possibilité de changer les couleur de camouflage pour les BB. haaaa! mon joli Yamato, avec son camouflage permanent payé à grand coup de doublons va pouvoir se refaire une beauté! Sauf que... non. C'est dommage, idiot, ou tout ce qu'on veut, mais ne soyez pas surpris, mais l'option de changer la couleur du camouflage ne concerne que 3 camouflages biens spécifiques : les trois camouflages de base (dissimulation, débuff de précision, et les deux ensembles) et un troisième à rayure, payable en doublons non permanent, peu intéressant. Les autres camouflages, y compris le zoli camouflage qui fera de votre navire un vrai premium, ne dispose pas de l'option durement acquise C'est d'autant plus dommage qu'effectivement, le remplacement des tons verts par des tons bleus rends vraiment pas mal du tout... Mais comparé aux bénéfices d'un coûteux camouflage permanent, y'a pas photo... SVP, WG, l'idée du camo altéranatif est très bonne, mais ceux ci ne concerne pas assez de camouflages. Sniff...Corrigez ça, SVP! ze veux un zoli Yamato en Bleu!
  22. Thank-you Developers, World of Warships is a great game with few faults, but a couple of strange things stand out IMHO. 1) I find that too often ships completely disappear and I have no target from one moment to the next. Then, as if by magic, a salvo originates out of nowhere and heads for my ship. I have no way of replying with my fire, as there is nothing there. This makes the game less historical and unecessarily frustrating. Sailing around wasting time looking for targets that were already acquired and being fired on by invisible ships is no fun. 2) Destroyers seem to have the strange capability to cause roaring great fires on a battleship as if they themselves were mini-battleships. Sometimes, torpedoes come out from nowhere with no ship in sight that has launched them. Not fun. 3) I notice that some camouflage is exceedingly expensive and I wonder if this is the problem: players who have paid good money for camouflage would want their money's worth, and in doing so the Devs have given them unhistorically and impossibly super-efficient magic mantle of invisibility. Again, not fun.
  23. Moomiss

    Camouflage To Buy

    I see that Camouflages are on discount at the moment and i wonder if there is a way to buy Lots of them why they are cheap. and if not why not.
  24. Okitank

    Shokaku and Hiryuu's premium camos

    I have a question that taunts me since a long time. Why does Zuikaku's historical camouflage have been made available as a permanent camo on the Hiryuu, while leaving the Shokaku (to whom this camouflage belong) with a wrong one? I just can't understand why it was done this way. I was eager to get my Shokaku, to put the camo on her and have Zuikaku, but didn't because the usual Zuikaku camo isn't available on her.
  25. Butterdoll


    In the past days I saw ships with the most strangest camos. the last one was a Kirov with a green camo with yellow stripes, not the average run of the mill camo. Where I can find a camo like that? thank you.