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Found 10 results

  1. This is the camouflage of Tirpitz at June 1942. I wanted this camo since i saw this: It's a WIP and when i have time i will finish it (deck/gun camo sucks :P), but even as it is, it's very passable :D *WARNING* This mod is changing your camouflage.xml, so it conflicts with any other mod that edits this file. Also it's replacing the premium camo of Tirpitz (Type 10) and affects all camouflages for Tirpitz, even commons (but i don't think that anyone will use a common camo anyway). DOWNLOAD HERE and extract it to res_mods/0.8.X.X I hope you like it
  2. _Scarrry_


    W sklepie pojawił się ciekawy nowy okręt premium - azjatycki lekki krążownik Huange. Pierwszy krążownik z boosterem torped, z doskonałym camo i z nietypowym dymem. Warto? Ciekawa pomocnicza z niewiarygodnie szybkimi pociskami. (moderatora proszę o przeniesienie krążowników, nie da się założyć tematu jeśli nie ma katalogu)
  3. Mikhail__

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Is Tirpitz Norway camo correct? It looks in game like this: The pattern is correct: But this drawing is in black and white only. It is supposed to be in accurate (?) colours: Any answer will be nice.
  4. T0byJug

    For God sake WG get a grip

    For God sake Wargaming why douse ORP Błyskawica get such preferential treatment.. OK she is a beautiful Museum ship ( I have been on board and want to again.) She has the 2 best god dame camo's in the game How about some other Ships (DDs) get some treatment HMCS Haida, HMS Cossack, Fletcher i can go on and on
  5. Ich hatte gerade ein spiel in meiner Algerie und dabei ist das folgende (siehe Fotos) aufgetreten. Was? Wieso? Wie? Warum gibt es diese Textur überhaupt?
  6. Palubarac

    Special camos and DMG realism

    I don't care about special camos but seeing the Halloween event coming and testing it on the PTS, I have a (possibly stupid) question... For the sake of keeping it simple, I'll randomly choose one ship, let's take Yamato for example (applies to all).. I know all of you know Yamato but for reference, here is the "bate" warship: Now let's take a look at the 'special camo' coming in the next patch which will be available for purchase in the armory: Let's talk about differences... not colors or material but the silhouette. It's not the same, is it? Not even close if you ask me. The main question would be, is the camo just for looks? The real silhouette is the actual 'bare Yamato' from the first image? Or to rephrase that... If I shoot at the scorpion on top, it won't deal any damage but the shells will just go through like nothing is there? The ship is also wider on some places and there are other differences as well but you get the point. So you have to shoot at the real silhouette, not at what you see. And with this particular ship it's not even that different but some of the 'special camos' have even bigger difference in regards to the silhouettes... I agree that the art department is amazing but I don't see this as something that 'World of Warships' need. In the practical sense (explained above where you're seeing something that's not there and vice versa) and in the realistic sense as well. For special events is great and fun but when you play a serious battle (Ranked, Clan or even Random) do you want to have a feeling you're fighting an enemy fleet of warships or you like shooting at scorpions, octopuses and other monsters? Let's hear your opinion.
  7. Endorphin187

    Why no perma camo for T5 ?

    Hey Guys, Are there reasons why the T5 ships got no option for perma camos?
  8. TresXL

    Permanent camouflage

    How to apply a permanent camouflage of the French Navy that I have in my inventory ?. It's for DD Guépard, I redeemed it in the Armory but in the game I can't apply it. The same happens to me with another camouflage won in a past event for the Leningrad DD. Thank you, best regards, TresXL
  9. michal1212PL

    Camouflage refund?

    Hi! During the space battle event i bought hellcarier camo for hakuryu, but there is no visiual effects what so ever. Rocket hits, bomb hits and torpedo hits look all the same like without camouflage. My question is, can i get refund (in doubloons ofcourse)? I'm just realy disapointed by this camouflage and there are some more issues how much i like Haku (especialy paper planes) but paying 8000 doubloons for camouflage (you cant see ship for 80% of the battle) without any visiual effects for me is a big waste. I should have bought permanent camo but not space one. One more thing, english is not my first language so there might be some mistakes.