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Found 63 results

  1. Z-23

    Hi all, how can I apply the special camo "From the bottom of the ocean"? It is listed as a special camoflage for German DD Z-23, but it is not listed in the camo section of the ship. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey, so i just completed the "The hunt for Bismarck" collection (Just found out that i could use duplicates to buy the last pieces). However i did not unlock any of the two camos. I tried restarting the game and login/out, but nothing helped. What am i missing? Yes i have the Bismarck purchased. Thanks for the answers in advance!
  3. Dublonen Camos

    Ich frage mich ob es noch anderen so geht wie mir? Wäre es nicht schön wenn WG die Dublonen Camos und ältere Premiumschiff Camos ein bisschen aufhübscht? So zum Beispiel die der Tirpitz, wäre doch schön wenn sie wie ihre Premium Schwestern ihr Wappen am Bug bekommt. Oder bei den Techtree Schiffen zB die Iowa auch am Heck "IOWA" steht und am Bug und Heck die "61". Ich mein, die Dublonen kauft man sich auch für Echtgeld also wäre es dann nicht reizvoller wenn sich die Dublonen Camos von den normalen abheben mittels Schiffsname, Wappen, Nummer etc. Eben weil manche so "langweilig" sind, da sich das Design auch teilweise wiederholt, hab ich die meinen Schiffchen nicht gegönnt. (Ja ich weiß, Dublonen und teuer und so. Aber ich will nicht über die Finanzen der Leute reden ^^) miau und LG
  4. Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    As gamers, we’ve seen all kind of stuff: glitches, crashes, eggs…. But Support, generally speaking, is a whole different matter. I’m always mesmerised by these folks. Most of the time you fall under the impression they don’t know first hand the product they are supposed to help you troubleshooting, being an app or a game; or that they lack even the most basic knowledge everyone collects in a given time through personal experience. They rigorously stick to the provided screenplay and that’s it. WG Support is not much different. I get to the point. I’ve found out that on the BB Richelieu the camo “The Maid of Orleans” has an alignment problem on the 1st turret. So I open a ticket with Support and I write: *edited* and I attach this image: So I get this answer: *edited* Ok, maybe I was too cryptic. Let's try again: and these are the 4 shots: Now you would agree that I was very clear. But here is where things get a bit itchy when I get this answer: *edited* What?!? A WG Check?!?! What for? To rule out it's not my game alone doing something like that? Anyway get ready for the best part: *edited* And here it comes. I've said the magic/dreadful word!!!! ---->Mac OS X And this is my punishment!!! Oh boy!!! I'm not frustrated. Not for something like this that hardly has to do with the well known Mac issues. As matter of fact I don't think this is a platform related problem. In the way I see it the programmer/modeller was distracted by a secretary (or Dasha) passing by with a very short skirt and then he poured coffe on his pants. So he jumped up screaming. His mouse moved a bit and that was it!!! He fucked up. Sh... happens. Not the end of the world. So can you please help me out by verifying this is indeed an issue that affect everybody (PC or Mac) and how to bypass Support and let WG know about it. PS: the suggested links in the last response are from 2014 and 2015: a jurassic time by Moore's Law standards. Thanks ;)))
  5. Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Is Tirpitz Norway camo correct? It looks in game like this: The pattern is correct: But this drawing is in black and white only. It is supposed to be in accurate (?) colours: Any answer will be nice.
  6. Muh Albany

    The American Cruisers subcollection 'Highest Awards' says custom camouflage colour schemes will become available on all USA cruisers. This also seems to include every premium camo I can try out, except Albany's Type 9. I know this is probably intentional since Albany's 'camouflage' is peacetime pearl and brass so there's not necessarily much one can do about that without ruining the appearance, but I wanted to moan about it all the same. A black & white scheme (like Mikasa) would be cool as the alternate colour, or just the light blue seen on WWII-era US ships in the game when they don't have camo applied.
  7. After completing the collection of the color schemes for U.S cruisers I didn't see it available for the premium camo for Flint while I found it on the Missouri ( After completing the U.S BB collection ). Is this's right?
  8. So my Cleveland moved to T8 and along with it my premium camo wich i bought with doubloons. Now i have a ship at T8 with a useless camo because i already had a ship with premium camo namely the Atago. So wy am i not offered the option to exchange that camo for doubloons or a premium camo for the T6 ship so my tree is balanced once more and i can play premium camo's along the tiers. If i would have known the Cleveland would end up at T8 i never would have bought that camo for it. So wy dont i have the fair option to exchange, sell it back for doubloons, but instead i am stuck with it at a for me useless ship at wrong tier? Just to be complete My replacement T6 ship the pensacola does not came with a premium camo. https://pasteboard.co/HnSXQGW.png
  9. Make HSF camos great again?

    After rewatching Haifuri, I realized how far off the color scheme of the HSF camos ingame is, compared to the ships in the Anime. For comparison: Anime | ingame camo | no camo Can we please get the real dark grey color instead of no color with some stripes? This goes for HSF Musashi, Yamato and probably Graf Spee too, of course WG-Ping: @MrConway
  10. Hi, Pretty simple, this one. I have 625 doubloons but don't want to spend them on camo's & consumables. I select the upgrade consumable and choose to pay in credits. I select re-supply and un-tick the in-game currency option. I do the same on camos (22.5k to pay for Type 5 on my Edinburgh). Every single time following a game it will remove all of the consumables and camo's. The only exception is the signal flags but I have stock of those. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? At first I thought I was forgetting to select it but i'm just not. The more I read the more I realise there are numerous, long standing known bugs in the game so this might be one of them. Thanks, Me.
  11. So I've been slowly grinding towards the tier 8 ships with the anniversary camos from last year. Very recently I've finally finished the grind of that quite dreadful Pensacola (I really tried to like her...but no), for which I don't have a perma camo, obviously. Now I've finally unlocked New Orleans and one of the benefits of a perma camo is that I don't have to purchase a camo for credits every battle. I don't often have premium account so I'd rather not waste credits unless I have to and was looking forward to a full tier 8 grind with its perma camo. But of course the cruiser split is on its way and everybody seems to know that any perma camo that ends up being on a ship that is changed, will basically be doubled. But I don't know if the anniversary camo will also be moved from tier 8 to tier 7. I'd really not want to not having grinded with the anniversary camo through tier 7 and through tier 8, I'd probably have stopped at Pensa and waited till the NO with permacamo got moved to tier 7 instead. Obviously I can't change the rules and if the anniversary camo gets removed from tier 8, I would be kinda vexed about it because I did my part to earn it with that collection and the camo kinda moves away from my grind (sorry, not native English here). But...does anyone actually know if the anniversary camo will also be split like the paid premium camos, or will it stay at tier 8 or will it move to tier 7? So 7+8, 7 or 8?
  12. Kamuflaż Normandie - problem?

    Cześć, jak większość z was wie od piątku miał rozpocząć się maraton misji, za którego ukończenie mieliśmy dostać dodatkowe perm camo. Problem jest jeden, mi się takowe misje nie wyświetlają, czy u was jest podobnie?
  13. Space Camo purchase window

    So I have a quick question, since I haven't been able to find an answer in the updates on the main page. Will we only be able to buy space permanent camos for the duration of the space battles event, or will they stick around afterwards? I would assume the former, but I wanted confirmation. Also, I'm sorry but when will the event end again? Thanks.
  14. Suggestion: Componified Camo

    Original post here; With the recent space camos much criticism of their price was had. My view of the problem is that they bundled two components, the 5000 doubloon worth premium economic camo, and 3000 doubloon worth space vanity, into an unappealing package of a hefty 8000 doubloons. This would have been an especially bad deal for those with other permanent camos for the same ship already providing the economic benefits. Thus my tentative solution to primarily address this issue, is to focus on the already paying customers owning a 5000 camo for whom the 8000 doubloon package would have been least worth it. I suggest separating the camos back into their components, the 5000 economy benefits and the 3000 vanity benefits, purchasesble separately, mountable together, unifiable into a whole. If multi-mount was possible without componifying the current camos, there would be overlapping effects, of which only the most prominent or highest potency of the same effect should be counted for balance purposes. But this does not fix the issue of repeat purchasing for same or repeated effects, which will quickly become a problem in the future if more camos are released for the same ship. Thus is the idea to componify camo. This will allow for maximization of mounts, while not forcing players to purchase repeat benefits. In essence, the entry price for the space camo will become 3000 doubloons, much more affordable and much more precise product sale than if bundled with a 5000 “base cost”. However it will not provide any of the economic benefits of the 5000 camo. Players will have to purchase the original 5000 camo separately to mount together with this 3000 camo to provide the same 8000 worth benefits as originally intended. The primary differences are: 1. Players already owning 5000 camo will not pay for repeat benefits. 2. Players not willing or cannot afford 5000 counterpart but mainly want 3000 vanity can now purchase only that. They can still “upgrade” by completing the 5000 purchase later. - Additinal arguments (extra possibilities and benefits:) 1. As mentioned in the original post as well, this essentially makes camos future-proof. WG can release many camos for a ship without having to worry about diminishing returns and neither will the players have to worry about repeat purchases. The “base” economic-premification camo will always be there to buy, and any future camos can be mounted on top of that as an extra “component”. 2. It allows for more gamification of camos, such as unique benefits/modifiers adhering to their theme, which may require achieving certain in-game performances such as gaining achievements to activate (Examples provided in original post), Giving WoWs more mechanics options to diversify and interconnect on. Ideas to consider is pairing it with my prior ideas on the lootboxes and “premium tokens”. 3. It may allow for better merchandising of camos, making vanity/historical/economical/fun/prestige camos not have to compete with each other. This will also allow for more precise categorization and filter options. 4. It may allow for more layers/components of camos than 2, such as a “series collection” pieces of camo for a ship, giving WoWs more long-term content and more individual progression on a ship. 5. Most importantly it allows for more precise customization and ease of life for the player. However I must also mention a major drawback. The drawback is that WG will need to do extra work to design the function, and will have to, in the process of ensuring reverse-compatibility for earlier camos, compensate for the repeat effects loss which is a huge loss on WGs part. In essence if someone owns more than one camo providing the same premium economic benefit WG will have to compensate wih doubloons for each and every one, while removing the repeat benefits and condensing into one single “base” economic camo. Statistically this may not be a profitable move for years to come, despite the design itself being more future-friendly and expansive. The separated components of the camos will also have to be priced and a price structure created to accurately reflect their worth, be it 1000 or 3000. An influx of more camos may also not be desired or compatible with WGs long-term objectives as scheduled. In other words there may not be that many camos necessitating future-proofing and componification after all. Finally, there may not be that many players who care about the exact calculations of purchases (generous whales), or about improving/expanding the game. Thus the idea will likely need to be substantially improved in all directions. But I put trust in the intellect of the community and the friendly and dedicated community-staff and the very nice devs as they put it to address this issue. (there are additinal points in the original post such as making camos mod-friendly, or to find ways to not have to compete with (free) mods in offering the same benefits, e.g. will need more creativity and more in-game interconnected mechanics).
  15. Since I stumbled over it on reddit, I thought it might be a good idea to forward it to the forums. In the news article from Dec. 27th 2017 WG announced the winner of the Normandie camo contest along with the comment that: Source Now, March is almost over and ... it'd be a bit tight to squeeze an 'exciting chain of missions' into the remaining 3 days, don't you think. So, @Crysantos or @MrConway any news on that one?
  16. So, with patch 0.7.3 the space camos for certain TX ships become available in the shop. For the price of 8000 dubloons per ship. That's roughly 30€ (don't know what it'd be in the Queens money). This springs a whole lot of questions for WG but also for the players to answer. Some of them I listed in the poll. Others come from the resulting discussion about the camos. I start with a quote from MrConway (from a few minutes ago on reddit) To a certain extend I agree with him since the camo's are "only" eye candy since they offer the same boni as the existing regular TX permanent camos, and ... well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And while I think that the regular TX perma camo's (while expensive) were worth their money if someone plays the ship a lot, this is a no no. I do have some more thoughts in mind, but like to hear your input (and poll answers) first before I expand more on them. E.g. where could this lead if WG continues to go on with the path of 8k special event camos? Or could WG offer a 8k dubloons year pass (as in: pay 8k dubloons per TX ship and get every special camo that are released in the next 365 days). Greetings
  17. Vesmírné kamo

    teď jsem viděl video od Flamua s novýma vesmírnýma kamuflážema.... hmm, asi jako fanoušek sci-fi brzo něco utratim @YabbaCoenemáš tucha kolik budou stát? 5k dublonů jako ty klasický?
  18. Too Much Rust

    Why there's too much rust on ships to the level that it makes the camo less appealing on ships like Shimakaze? Can we get rust reduced a bit?
  19. Meritorious Service Camo?

    For what did i get it and why only 1 WG?
  20. A way to use camo just for looks

    A way to use camo just for looks I don’t know if it’s just me, but i wish there way to use camo schemes just for looks, you know as in many others games, once you have had an item, you are able to use the look of that item freely, ofc without any of the bonuses! :) So to recap, the ability to use any camo scheme you have “unlocked” for looks, while using another for bonuses!
  21. How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    I've read some posts regarding the HSF Yamato camo but couldn't get a clear answer on how to unlock that camo. I've checked my missions list but didn't find anything about the HSF camo.
  22. [ALL] Fugly Camos Replacements

    For a while now I'm regulary replacing textures of game camouflages which i consider especially eye-hurting and I thought that maybe someone could find my replacements useful too. These camos certainly arent suppose to be historical and can not be with the way this mod is handled. They are just more pleasing to my eyes. The upside of this mod is that it is compatibile with every upcoming update because it doesnt handle with any xml file. You will simply take the "content" folder from the old patch folder and place it into new one. Its downside however is that without changing xml file I can only change color orders and shapes within these textures, but these textures have to work with color palletes chosen by WG and have to be tiled, because thats the way how it was done by WG although it is contrary to how naval camo should look like. (check my other thread where i discuss this topic) However i tried to take such patterns, which doesnt make the tiling as obvious and I also tried to remove or suppress those colors, which are way too showy. Here is the first bunch. I will add some more over time... Installation: unrar put "content" folder in "res_mod/" in the game directory (C:/Games/World_of_Warships) Enjoy! Frosty Fir Tree Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!A8CJZf0baQk1/frosty-fir-tree-rar Lá Fhéile Pádraig Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!ReLtxdWdMYXF/la-fheile-padraig-rar Sci-Fi Space Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!7kD33kd9U7vl/sci-fi-space-rar Type 5 NOTE: I found out that several perma camos are using this file for main gun turrets textures, so it will affect them as well. Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!mfPcUHTbNtQc/type5-rar
  23. What would a player do when he/she comes up against a question in game that he/she doesn't know the answer to? Or maybe simply while searching something else that somehow happens to include this thing? (skipping the part that the average potato wouldn't do it, that's not the point now) There would be 2 obvious places where to search for the answer - there are the games Forums, and then there is the games Wiki page. Forums might have people who have some very specific knowledge about some very specific thing, but it could mean long waiting time for the answer. Wiki should be correct about the game, but maybe doesn't contain some specific things. Now we arrive at my point. Some might have noticed that the "Nerf the Conqueror" thread has been getting a bit long (pun intended), but out of it there have come some interesting points, even if not directly relevant to that original topic. One of these points is "Detection by Air" and camos interaction with it. (Aircraft spotting range will be a different topic slightly later) As I seem to recall, and everyone to whom I've asked seems to agree with me - camoflage reduced the overall detectability regardless of the way how you would be spotted (air or surface). And yet if you look at the Conqueror - 15.66km base detection for both, but 11.8km surface and 12.1km air after applying all the concealment things. Where does the difference come from? If you go to WoWS Wiki about this topic: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage it states " -3% to detectability range ", which to me implies both - air and surface. If you look at the camos in-game, a different picture appears: This time it states "-3% to detectability range by sea" meaning that it affects only surface spotting range. After asking this question to "Game Mechanics Support", if we ignore the answer where I was referred to look for this in the World of Tanks Wiki, the answer I got was "The detectability is reduced overall. Nothing has changed". When I pointed out the situation of Conqueror and how it's shown in game the answer changed to "I recalled that different but that is in fact correct, it does not hamper the spotting by air a bit." So to sum up - first of all everyone to whom I ask this seem to recall it the way how it is in Wiki not in the game, then there is the point of me going for help to GMS and ending up educating them myself on the topic I was asking about, and of course in the end it means that Wiki, if not exactly wrong, is rather misleading as far as this topic is concerned. Maybe any comments on this from someone who's WG representative here in the forums? @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos
  24. [] Various camo replacements

    Here is some camo textures to replace ingame camouflages. Note: The Tiger camo texture is the same for 3 different ingame camo (check the screenshots) Extrract the corresponding rar file to res_mods/*game version* folder Example: res_mods/ Ocean Soul Download: Ocean Soul Halloween 2016, World of Warships Anniversary, Restless Fire Download: Halloween 2016, World of Warships Anniversary, Restless Fire camo Battle Hardened Download: Battle Hardened Refined