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Found 43 results

  1. A way to use camo just for looks

    A way to use camo just for looks I don’t know if it’s just me, but i wish there way to use camo schemes just for looks, you know as in many others games, once you have had an item, you are able to use the look of that item freely, ofc without any of the bonuses! :) So to recap, the ability to use any camo scheme you have “unlocked” for looks, while using another for bonuses!
  2. How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    I've read some posts regarding the HSF Yamato camo but couldn't get a clear answer on how to unlock that camo. I've checked my missions list but didn't find anything about the HSF camo.
  3. [ALL] Fugly Camos Replacements

    For a while now I'm regulary replacing textures of game camouflages which i consider especially eye-hurting and I thought that maybe someone could find my replacements useful too. These camos certainly arent suppose to be historical and can not be with the way this mod is handled. They are just more pleasing to my eyes. The upside of this mod is that it is compatibile with every upcoming update because it doesnt handle with any xml file. You will simply take the "content" folder from the old patch folder and place it into new one. Its downside however is that without changing xml file I can only change color orders and shapes within these textures, but these textures have to work with color palletes chosen by WG and have to be tiled, because thats the way how it was done by WG although it is contrary to how naval camo should look like. (check my other thread where i discuss this topic) However i tried to take such patterns, which doesnt make the tiling as obvious and I also tried to remove or suppress those colors, which are way too showy. Here is the first bunch. I will add some more over time... Installation: unrar put "content" folder in "res_mod/" in the game directory (C:/Games/World_of_Warships) Enjoy! Frosty Fir Tree Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!A8CJZf0baQk1/frosty-fir-tree-rar Lá Fhéile Pádraig Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!ReLtxdWdMYXF/la-fheile-padraig-rar Sci-Fi Space Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!7kD33kd9U7vl/sci-fi-space-rar Type 5 NOTE: I found out that several perma camos are using this file for main gun turrets textures, so it will affect them as well. Download Link: https://ulozto.net/!mfPcUHTbNtQc/type5-rar
  4. What would a player do when he/she comes up against a question in game that he/she doesn't know the answer to? Or maybe simply while searching something else that somehow happens to include this thing? (skipping the part that the average potato wouldn't do it, that's not the point now) There would be 2 obvious places where to search for the answer - there are the games Forums, and then there is the games Wiki page. Forums might have people who have some very specific knowledge about some very specific thing, but it could mean long waiting time for the answer. Wiki should be correct about the game, but maybe doesn't contain some specific things. Now we arrive at my point. Some might have noticed that the "Nerf the Conqueror" thread has been getting a bit long (pun intended), but out of it there have come some interesting points, even if not directly relevant to that original topic. One of these points is "Detection by Air" and camos interaction with it. (Aircraft spotting range will be a different topic slightly later) As I seem to recall, and everyone to whom I've asked seems to agree with me - camoflage reduced the overall detectability regardless of the way how you would be spotted (air or surface). And yet if you look at the Conqueror - 15.66km base detection for both, but 11.8km surface and 12.1km air after applying all the concealment things. Where does the difference come from? If you go to WoWS Wiki about this topic: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage it states " -3% to detectability range ", which to me implies both - air and surface. If you look at the camos in-game, a different picture appears: This time it states "-3% to detectability range by sea" meaning that it affects only surface spotting range. After asking this question to "Game Mechanics Support", if we ignore the answer where I was referred to look for this in the World of Tanks Wiki, the answer I got was "The detectability is reduced overall. Nothing has changed". When I pointed out the situation of Conqueror and how it's shown in game the answer changed to "I recalled that different but that is in fact correct, it does not hamper the spotting by air a bit." So to sum up - first of all everyone to whom I ask this seem to recall it the way how it is in Wiki not in the game, then there is the point of me going for help to GMS and ending up educating them myself on the topic I was asking about, and of course in the end it means that Wiki, if not exactly wrong, is rather misleading as far as this topic is concerned. Maybe any comments on this from someone who's WG representative here in the forums? @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos
  5. [] Various camo replacements

    Here is some camo textures to replace ingame camouflages. Note: The Tiger camo texture is the same for 3 different ingame camo (check the screenshots) Extrract the corresponding rar file to res_mods/*game version* folder Example: res_mods/ Ocean Soul Download: Ocean Soul Halloween 2016, World of Warships Anniversary, Restless Fire Download: Halloween 2016, World of Warships Anniversary, Restless Fire camo Battle Hardened Download: Battle Hardened Refined
  6. Huanghe

    W sklepie pojawił się ciekawy nowy okręt premium - azjatycki lekki krążownik Huange. Pierwszy krążownik z boosterem torped, z doskonałym camo i z nietypowym dymem. Warto? Ciekawa pomocnicza z niewiarygodnie szybkimi pociskami. (moderatora proszę o przeniesienie krążowników, nie da się założyć tematu jeśli nie ma katalogu)
  7. Hello I would like to ask if you need to have researched ship before you can get permanent camo from Halloween container for it? I bought 55 pack (opened 8 so far) and got 3 times same Igor (st. louis) camo and on 2nd and 3rd try instead of getting different camo as was stated on game page I got 2x 2500 doubloons. St. louis is only ship from that list i got researched right now. I submitted ticket for this as possiblee bug hoping its not working as intended. If its working corretly its kind of useless to me as before I research those other ships halloween will be long gone and i wont be able to open containers until i got them all or i lose those camos. Thank you
  8. Oktober CCCP camo

    HI, I recently bought the 1000 doubloon camo for the Oktober. Yesterday I won the camo. Do I get a refund of the 1000 doubloons?
  9. Tirpitz second camo

    I was wondering is the second permanent camo for the tirpitz still available for purchase?
  10. IJN Permanent alternative camo

    Hello, I recently completed one of the Yamamoto collection to unlock alternative camouflage on my IJN ships, and what a surprise when I discovered that permanent camo (the one you buy 5000 gold for TX) don't have an alternative camo. Do you plan to release alternative perma camo ?
  11. Are we gonna get the Oct. Rev. BB premium camo for doubloons when we finish her mission?
  12. Embrace the storm's wind as you take to the high seas in this stunning camouflage! Offering you +75% XP, Crew Commander XP, and Free XP, as well as -3% to your detectability range, and +4% to the maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, this camouflage will not only make you look good in battle but will help you out too! +75% XP +75% Crew Commander XP +75% Free XP -3% Detectability +4% Max. dispersion of shells fired by the enemy @ your ship Set 1 x50: €9.99 Set 2 x200: €30.30 (can be purchased 1x) This is how the camo looks when mounted on the Sims:
  13. Clan camo and other features

    I want to discuss here about some clan features. Most importantly I want to see other players opinion so that we can create some good idea that may be used by WG devs. Clan camo I didnt find any thread about it (there should be) and because this feature is very powerfull I want to talk about it: The idea is simple, players get some kind of "camo editor" prepared by devs and clan can create their own unique camo for members. Before we extend this idea, we should start with some obstacles: Camo in game provides always some bonuses but the problem is that we always pay for camos. Simply speaking we can't create perm free camo for clan members with the same standard bonuses and also we witout bonuses because it going to be useless. Another thing is that even if we can add standard camo and accuracy bonus still there are many camos with many additional bonuses so we have to give up one camo anyway. Solution to this problems can be naval base building. For example if we build "camo structure", clan members can get the possibility to buy camo for credits (or oil) and this way we have to still pay for camo. We can extend this idea by adding bonuses. If we get "camo structure" we can set or buy additional bonuses for our camo like +20% free exp or +5% credits or whatever we want imagine here. Also creating camo for all ships can be more complicated thats why clan camo can be used only on tier X ship. We can go even further and enable this camo only for clan wars battles what is still nice addition. As you can see this idea can be extended in many ways so I want to see your opinions about it and also some new ideas related to it. Clan flag This feature going to be implemented anyway (in some way) but maybe we can change form a little. I made Q&A question here and would be nice if you vote for implementation and also share some ideas about it here. Clan store When I say 'store' I mean building where we can buy some unique things, for example flag store. What if we add building where we can buy signal flags? I want to point out that flags can't be cheap here because this going to break balance in general. Other option can be to buy this crapy "unique equipement" or even create special "clan signal flag". Of course this flag would be used only in clan wars so it would not break balance of random games. I want to emphasize that everything above is very loose idea, not complete feature/solution, use it as base idea for brainstorming.
  14. WoWs Anniversary Camo - what does it do?

    The premium shopkeeper just tried to talk me into buying a 50-set of snazzy anniversary camouflage patterns. Only, he didn't tell me which, if any, bonuses this camo will provide, if I apply it on my ships... or did I miss something?
  15. Realistic Camouflage

    Hello everyone. I'd like to talk about something that bothers me alot in Warships, it's the camo we get as reward from missions etc. In WoT and WoWarplanes we see some nice realistic camouflage but in Warships things are different. Among any realisitc and good looking camo we get as a reward or can buy, we also see some crazy colour mixed camos, making our ships looking like clowns! I don't think someone would enjoy having his ship with that kind of camo and in general, it removes much of the realism which WG is working hard to achieve! Cheers.
  16. I made some small fixes for the campaign reward camo for the Bismarck to make her more historical. Just the intact one, not the zombie. This mod will affect only the reward camo and nothing else. This skin should represent Bismarck during her final moments: Changes: lighter overall shade grey overpaint in place of swastikas (iron crosses) corrected paint job on main turrets visible remnants of baltic stripes dark grey paint for main gun barrels added mysterious smudge[1] EDIT: 16/1/2018 darker paint of bow and stern removed shape of the false bow wave adjusted dark grey paint for secondary gun barrels added texture for destroyed main turrets Reference images: 1 2 3 4 Download link: https://ulozto.net/!X6PKLjLMRdRd/huntforbismarck-skinfixc-rar Installation: unrar put "content" folder in "res_mod/" in the game directory (C:/Games/World_of_Warships) Note: Because this mod doesnt handle with any xml file, it should be compatible with every upcoming update. So the only thing you have to do is to take it from the old folder and place it into the new one. Enjoy!
  17. For New Year 2016 we could earn special premium camo that were better than the sold one (50% xp vs. 30% xp) the only catch was it was white, blue and had some really odd patterns on it. Not to everyone's liking, certainly not mine. So what this mod does is make that camo look like regular premium camo to you. Everyone else will see the NY16 camo, but to you it will look nice. Ships affected: Budyonny, Farragut, Leander, Gnevny, Fuso and Bayern. Installation: Unzip in to your "...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\" folder. This little mod can be used in modpacks, as long as there is a mention. Alternative download link while the forums are wonky at Sendspace WoWs_0.7.1.1_HSF_to_regular.zip
  18. Italian/American ships Greek Camo

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to say that it would be great for the Greek community of WoWs to see some Greek ships into the game.There are 2 Greek ships that made a good impression in WWI&WW2. 1)HS BELOS D-16 (DD) Fletcher Class American Destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Charrette 2)HS G.AVEROF (CA) Pisa Class Italian Heavy Cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof Because of their initial construction in other countries the only implement for us would be a Greek CAmo. That Camo (GReek FLag,Colors,Captain name,etc),could be in wargaming store and everyone interested in that could buy it.That would be really great and appreciated by the Greek community of WoWs. What is your opinion?
  19. Serious? Launching a new premium ship and there was no time for quality controll? The Mutsu got her own premium camo, but the range finder come still in this rusty grayish colour. Why? It can't be so difficult, because the Nagato's range finder with her very own premium camo are tone in tone with the rest of the ship. Mutsu Nagato
  20. FREE FREE CAMMO AND FLAGGS (original from REDDIT Magnus_Lux Submarine Captain for credits) http://bit.ly/2Flaggs (maybe thank you?) Hey guys,Since I know how much you all love free stuff, here are some bonus codes I found while stumbling through the Twitter-verse. PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) As far as I can tell they should work on all servers (have tested both ASIA & NA and the code came from EU) Enjoy! Confirmed EU,NA,RU&SAE All gone.................
  21. Sorry because the images are on spanish but you all can understand whats happening. I have been using the 2017 camouflages on Shiratsuyu since i recieved them this morning (this is the second battle). I don't get why the 200% XP isnt applied. Thats the issue here.
  22. New year special

    There is New Year 2017 camo on PTS 5 gold, +200% free xp Any chance we will get to stock up on those camo in some missions, or will they be a small gift ? I cannot even speculate on most probable option, cause I only picked up the game again recently. Any toughts ?
  23. Type 18 Kager Camo Free?

    Hi guys! What's with the Kagero type 18 camo? It's a gold camo but I do not have any price next to it in the camo versions screen for my Kagero. Is it free then or do I have to pay 3000 gold anyways? I don't want to waste 3000 gold over this camo for Kagero but it seems like its free for me. Does anyone have similar issue with this?
  24. Why no camo for ARP ships?

    Why is it not possible to put camo on ARP ship? It would make ships playable for many anti-anime people around... It would make WG money with so many ARP ships around...
  25. ​​Anyone farming %100 more XP camo of Halloween?