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Found 36 results

  1. Cristoffs

    USS Alaska

    Drodzy Kapitanowie! W związku z pojawieniem się informacji na temat pojawienia się nowego okrętu w grze, garść informacji o tym okręcie. W tym wątku będę podpinał infografiki, które przybliżą wam historię tego okrętu.
  2. Bonjour, Suite à un sujet (qui a justement disparu) ou un joueur se plaignait de la fréquence trop importante des DD et que cela tuait le jeu j'ai repris mes données de jeu depuis juin 2018. Dans cette période j'ai joué 1 141 batailles en Aléatoire dans les tiers 5 à 10. Grâce à Mx Stat j'ai le relevé complet de la composition des équipe. Sur ce nombre - 48 ont été jouées sans DD (3.63%) - 107 avec 1 DD (8.09%) - 366 avec 2 DD (27,69%) - 382 avec 3 DD (33,48%) - 288 avec 4 DD (25,24%) - 86 avec 5 DD(7,54 %) - 1 avec 6 DD (0,09 %) En tout 8 batailles ont été jouée avec un nombre dissymétrique de DD entre les équipes (0,70 %) Je vous donnerais ultérieurement les fréquences pour les autres Classes
  3. Ubertron_X

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    Hello dear fellow captains and WG staff, while pondering about buying some santa crates I re-noticed that while there is a huge number of premium BB's and a lot of more or less gimicky premium CL's our current premium ship selection is very limited when it comes to open-water heavy cruisers (Atago and clones, Prinz Eugen; not counting the Russians for obvious reasons). Some navies don't have CA's at all, not even in the tech tree. In the end I did not buy additional crates because I already have a large enough selection of premium BB's and I am tired of having to hide behind rocks or in smoke to be effective in a CL. So how about some more plain solid heavy cruisers in order to the strengthen the cruiser meta (and I am not talking about battlecruisers or large cruisers like Alaska)? If I would be allowed one wish for 2019 this would be one of them (along with restoring the old division window). What do you think?
  4. Baylor98

    Frivolous Chaos

    OK, here is a frivolous silly questions. Which would be most chaotic (possibly fun).. 12 CVs vs 12 CVs 12 BBs vs 12 BBs 12 CAs vs 12 CAs 12 DDs vs 12 DDs My vote would be for either the frirst or last.
  5. Commander_Doom_

    this is why the mogami rules

    quick battle info all of the destoyers on my team all 6 of them died in the first minutes of the battle so had too do carry mode with the last half of the team
  6. Spectre__

    CA(Heavy Cruiser) Rebalance Ideas

    Hay , With the smoke changes , I finally got of my [edited]to write these ideas i've had for some time . Due to the current BB heavy meta , cruisers are having a hard time so it got me thinking what should be changed , God forbid nerf BB's ... haha not gonna happen , therefor what can we do to make Cruisers more reliable ? Well what cruisers need ? 1 More survivability . 2 More utility ( on certain lines ) 3 Some adjustments to the firepower of certain ships . Ok on the first point , I was thinking all Heavy cruisers ( and light cruisers that DON'T POSSES SMOKE GENERATOR //edit looks like peeps miss this part ) STARTING from tier 5 should get a special Repair Party consumable . Why special ? well it should heal 1% of the total hp per second , with a duration of 20 seconds //(might as well increase the BB time from 28 to 30 secs only because i don't like it ) . Also make HP scaling between the tiers more linear , example : -tier 10 cruisers should have 50000+ hp // taking into account Des Moine but looking at Moskva's 65k i don't care go wild BUT minimum 50k . -tier 9 45000 - 50000 +/- 1000 // Roon -tier 8 40000 - 45000 +/- 1000 // Atago/Kutuzov - Printz Eugene . -tier 7 35000 - 40000 +/- 1000 // Myoko -tier 6 30000 - 35000 +/- 1000 // Cleveland -tier 5 25000 - 30000 +/- 1000 // Furutaka Lower i don't care ( don't play ) . This should be similar to how BB HP scaling is : Kongo tr 5 havin 54k hp and GK tr 10 having 105k Almost forgot , adjusting the concealment for certain ships // preferably to not be outspotted by Battleships . Looking at the tr 10's : A 1km drop could work for : Moskva 18->17, Hidenburg 16->15, Henry IV 16.6->15.6 // didn't check everything will add later(Poi=maybe) Now utility , Was thinking about moving the hydroacoustic search consumable for the Japanese/German/French lines into the plane slot . That's because a cruiser's " job " should be hunting DD's , while the Russian and American line have Radar in the plane slot the 3 mentioned above have nothing. While yes I am shafting CV's by making DF available to every cruiser , in the current state of CV that's the least of their problems . Third Point , Well this one is tricky but what caught my attention : Reload: -Hipper/Printz Eugene , 13s -> 10s , this is major but i think they need it + using same guns as Roon/Hidenburg . -Mogami 203's/Ibuki/Atago , 13s base reload , a bit too much maybe but i don't think it's excessive + all using same guns . //( Zao - 12 s ) -Pensacola/Indianapolis , 14s ( maybe 13s since no torps) + same guns . // New Orleans 11s . Range : // where do i start ... Should be a bit linear going up the tiers : Tier 6 : Aoba 14.9->15.5, Cleveland 14.6->15.1, Leander 13.2->14.4 Tier 7 : Myoko 15.6->16.1 , Pensacola 15.7->16.6 Tier 8 : Mogami/Atago 15.7(8)->16.8 , New Orelans 16.2->16.9,//Kutuzov 19.1->17.6 Tier 9-10 no range changes needed due to the 6th slot module . Any ship not mentioned apart from hp/heal changes , from my perspective is fine , also i didn't touch on Light Crusiers ( RN CL's ) nor other classes of ships . Note i didn't play some ships therefor i didn't draw any conclusions on them but any ideas you guys might provide should be helpful . That should be it ( if i forgot something will edit ) // i use it to mark notes style which don't change the context or are of less importance TLDR : Give all tier 5+ cruisers heal if they don't have smoke ( from my perspective it should be Heal OR Smoke in the same slot ) , increase HP to be more linear , give more utility vs DD's for certain lines (ijn , german , french ) , Increase range,reload on certain ships ( mainly tr 8 cruisers ) . // excuse my poor English because i'm not a native , also if this gets positive responses i might share some of my other ideas . // Made some edits
  7. Hello, Is a rework or tweaks of Heavy cruisers planned or even in developpers mind ? ATM Light cruisers deals more HE DPM thanks to IFHE, and deals more Fires per minutes even with IFHE than heavy cruisers. From a BB point of view, both Light cruisers and heavy cruisers are fragile ships and their AP can penetrate them with ease. From a DD point of view, light cruisers concealment and rapid fire is much more feared than heavy hitting HE but with longer reload (the DD has more time to disappear) From a CV pow, light cruisers have equal or sometimes more AA defense. From a Light cruisers pow, heavy cruisers can citadels them but even light cruisers can citadel them, and light cruiser can dish out a lot of AP dmg and cits too on heavy cruisers.
  8. Hey @ all Da man sich hier bei fast jedem Heulthread irgendwelche Statistiken reinziehen darf, hier mal ein paar Dinge zur Auswertung: Damage: Damage kann nicht als alleiniger Wert über die Qualität eines Schiffes aussagen. Dafür müssen nämlich auch der HP-Pool der potentiellen „Opfer“ dieser Schiffsklasse und das quantitative Verhältnis der beiden zueinander eingerechnet werden. Beispiel: 5DDs vs. 2BBs und 1CV (Rest der Teams ist für die Betrachtung obsolet) Damit kann der DMG der DDs im Optimalfall (DDs greifen nur ihre Lieblingsopfer an) maximal bei dem HP-POOL der 3 Schiffe geteilt durch 5 liegen. Ergo hat der reine DMG-Wert keine Aussagekraft über die Qualität eines DD. Winrate: Winrate sagt etwas über die Qualität eines Schiffes aus. Dies muss allerdings in Relation zu den potentiellen Gegnern gesetzt werden. Bei CVs darf es nur mit gleichstufigen verglichen werden! Spieleranzahl: Die Spieleranzahl sagt maximal etwas über die Beliebtheit des Schiffes und/oder des Baums aus. Es können aber nicht zwangsläufig Rückschlüsse über die Qualität gezogen werden. Beispiel Ibuki: Kein besonders gutes Schiff, aber danach kommt die Zao ;-) Seht ihr das auch so, oder bin ich hier absolut auf dem Holzweg und alle sollten optimaler weise gleiche Stats haben??
  9. DutchDelightsNL

    WarGaming!Let's get personal

    WARGAMING! World of WarShips it is time to get personal. Dear people at WarGaming(WG), World of WarShips(WoWS) and Community, my name is DutchDelightsNL and I love to play WoWS, even worse I spend a lot of time playing this game. So now I have grown fat, did not exercise enough, spend my time either playing the game, thinking about the game or research the game and it's ship on various social media. Before all of this happened I played World of Tanks, also a great WarGaming product, where I learned a lot about tanks and history( I still sometimes play) But being a former NAVY man myself I always had more interest in a Game like WoWS, I love the ships, not all of them of course, the History and especially Ships like the TEXAS and Warspite both ships have a lot of history. So on track again I played WoT and tried some WoWp(mehh) and love WoWS because I liked World of Tanks, but in a while, it felt that there were too many people cheating, and well server lag on my age really ruins a MMO-Game bad. So WarShips gave me some more time to position and have not had the feeling that people were cheating in the game. Still, I play on different servers, and it sometimes feels that EU falls behind in missions and rewards, ok so be it enough drama. But coming from WOT they have a system of personal missions that in my own opinion would do this game some good. Because it is always nice to get a premium but what do you get for just one-day premium, with the mission goals starting on Friday ends on Sunday, which leaves you with 24 hours premium on Monday's!? Nahh no good, so I was thinking what would it be like to have a system that does not need much development(because you have such a system in WOT) where you could do missions and with the reward(let us, for example, say 4 hours premium X3 or X6) we can use them when we like, and maybe some missions for DD, BB, Cruiser and CV and then reward you with a ship like Shinonome or something. So for each class, you get different assignments(missions tasks), that would maybe help to the flood off battleships in the game? Further more it would also be nice for an easier way to contact players from your team or enemy team, maybe have the players in some sort of link so that besides reporting or complimenting them you can send them a message or see their profile in WoWS, maybe even a system to make it more easier to get in touch with players in the game maybe some kind of symbol in game where you see (in port) that someone has sent you a message? That is what I wanted to share, thank you for listening DutchDelightsNL
  10. wilkatis_LV

    BBs that outspot cruisers

    Obviously BBs outspotting cruisers isn't anything new (as evidenced by the fact that NC has that same 11.8km detection as Conq), decided to make a list of all BBs which outspot cruisers that they can meet in their games, I mean - how many there could be, right? 39. That's how many All the comparisons are at max concealment or those ships, so with camo (if applicable), with concealment expert skill, as well as concealment module (if applicable)
  11. I'm currently on the tier 6 and I'm considering stopping as I find them rubbish. Pen rate of the AP is so low its comical, it either over pens or doesn't Why would anyone play these ships when they can pick a Ca from any other tech tree that will set ships on fire every couple of salvos. Do they improve after 6???? Anyone got any tips?? Thanks in advance .
  12. SkullBreaker007

    US Cruiser split question?

    Hey I am wondering when will the us cruiser split happen Aslo I wanted to ask something. I have a cleveland and a pensecola what will happen to these ships when the split happens. Will I lose them or will I still have them? The tiers will change so what will happen to the cleveland and pensecola in my port? Also what is the avg service cost of tier vii ships?
  13. I was wondering while looking around about the Takao class cruisers, and after seeing the upcoming US CA split, will the IJN CA get their turn ? Because when you think about it, in the IJN CA/CL line, none have the possibilities to be an Anti-Air escort. Even fully specs on AA, they aren't worth it unless the defensive fire is active. Could there be a IJN CA split focused on this idea ? Because when you look about it, you can find some really interesting and existing ships, here's an exemple: The Takao class Maya, the 1944 vers, was pretty much a Anti-air Atago/Takao, one of her turrets was replaced by 2 turrets of 127mm that up their total count to 12 cannons of 127mm that counted as both anti-air and secondary. (Plus the 13 emplacements 3x25mm and 9 simple of 25mm type 96 auto as well) And she still had 4 turrets of 2x203mm as main battery as well as the torpedoes. And as for what either replace, follow or precede the Maya, you can find a lot of other class and altered classes to fit in. To be honest, i just took the Maya because it was a striking exemple of game viable CA wich has already two of her sisterships in it (If you count the ARP Takao), wich would really facilitate her implementation. I really want to hear about this idea and if that's something that could be implemented, anti-air based IJN CA/CL might really be a plus to this game. Pretty please ? x)
  14. Oderisson

    Polecana linia krążowników

    Chciałbym prosić doświadczonych graczy o pomoc w wyborze lini krązowników. Jestem względnie doświadczony w pancernikach i chciałbym spróbować nowej klasy. Interesuje mnie oczywiście w perspektywach tier X i właśnie ku temu będę zmierzał. Szukam nacji która polegała by w dużej mierze na szybkości i manewrowaniu, jednocześnie zachowując w miarę przyzwoity pancerz. Ilość consumabli, radar itp raczej nieistotne, szukam czegoś co byłoby w miarę ciekawym ciężkim krążownikiem. Nie interesują mnie stacze dymne, czyli minotaur na pewno odpada. Myślałem już wstępnie i do głowy przychodzą mi linia francuska, która z przyśpieszeniem i nowym consumablem wygląda fajnie, albo alternatywnie japońska, z trollarmor Zao. Nie będe ukrywał że to są linie które (z tego co widzę przez celowni, bo doświadczenia w prowadzeniu nie mam) raczej nie kleją sie do wysp bo właśnie taki styl gry mi kompletnie nie leży. No i Moskwa która generalnie wrzuca zwykle wsteczny na samym początku gry.
  15. Hi Leute, ich wusste jetzt nicht so wirklich ob in Gameplay oder hier her, da hab ich es vorsichtshalber hier rein geschrieben xD hmm.....ich hab mir heute nachmittag mal gedanken über den commonwealth baum gemacht. ich fand ihn damals ja irgendwie gut und logisch als es nur die cls der royal navy, bzw nur die premium schiffe gab. doch dann hab ich mir so gedacht...moment das werden ja alles nur copy past schiffe sein. da kam mir der gedanke auf, dass ich das gar nicht will und mag. klar es gab sie im RL (australien, Kanada, neuseeeland usw.) aber braucht es wirklich nochmal eventuell fast identische bäume die genauso sind wiedie des RN Baums? (falls wg den baum überhaupt komplett macht). für n paar premiums okay, aber mich macht der gedanke daran gerade irgendwie nicht glücklich, dass sie haargenau die gleichen schiffe nochmal in spiel bringen könnten. vlt denkt ihr ja da anders drüber ;) (mir ist es eingefallen, als ich gehört habe, dass es ne copy past cossack getestet wird mit 075. Die HMCS Haida) https://www.mmowg.net/world-of-warships-new-canadian-ship-hmcs-haida-tier-vii-dd/
  16. Hallo Colianer & noch nicht Colianer (Colianer ist nicht meine Idee gewesen, sondern wurde durch meine Zuschauer so bestimmt. Der Arme Streamer hatte leider keine andere möglichkeit als sich dem Druck der Massen zu beugen.) ⚓Euch erwarten knackige spannende Gefechte in WORLD OF WARSHIPS mit teamdienlichem Gameplay und dem Fokus auf SIEG (85%+ Winrate)⚓ ⚓Ranked Saison Gameplay mit Pro Saison mehreren RANK 1 Speedruns⚓ ⚓Tunierstreams wie King of the Sea o.a⚓ ⚓Funstreams (Übungsraum/Eventgames u.a)⚓ ⚓Sowie andere Games aus allen Genres (Neuerscheinungen sowie alte Klassiker)⚓ ⚓Guides & Gameplayvideos auf Youtube⚓ Mein Name ist Nico, und streame seit Ende 2017 mit einer immer größer werdenden Community Videos, Streams & Blogs (Hier noch einmal vielen lieben dank an euch für eure Unterstützung seit Start meines Streamkanals) ''Warum und wie streamst du?'' Mein Ziel ist es, meinen Zuschauern zu zeigen wie viel Spass man an diesem Spiel haben kann, durch zielgerichtete & teamplay fokusierte Spielweise, mit jeder Schiffsklasse und dabei das maximale aus den gewählten Schiffen herauszuholen. Ihr werdet mich selten Ragen sehen, dafür bin ich zumeist zu sehr darauf konzentriert keine unnötigen Fehler zu machen. Ich würde mich freuen euch alsbald auf meinem Kanal begrüßen zu dürfen. Euer Colia o7 KLICK AUF DIE BANNER
  17. Flukeyluke

    Missons and there effect on gameplay

    So does anyone else think missons have a strong negitive effect on the in game attitude of players? last game i hade a iowa charge into 3 DDs saying he wants to throw his ship away to get a *few* dd kills towards his maya misson. a few games i had an atlanta rage quit at the start off the battle because there were no cvs for him to shoot planes down from had cruisers yolo other cruisers to progress there misson by one Have had a new mexico only fire at other ships if he was sure he could Kill steal them. he literally watched a fuso get slowly killed by 3 cruisers and only fired when the fuso got to 6k hp to ensure he got the kill Battleships useing He instead of ap for the fire mission had my entire team chase one DD while our base was captured by a carrier that they were ignoiring so all in all the missons causes more afk players when the macthmaker dosent give them what they want, more deliberate kill stealing, people throwing there ships away more than normal just to get a single kill towards there misson and battleships fireing HE to cause fires instead of Ap for max damage. Has anyone else noticed people doing stuff they wouldent normallly do if they wernt after there missons?
  18. Hi zusammen da sich der Grind in diesem WG Spiel als deutlich zäher rausstellt als die bisherigen wollte ich euch noch den besonders empfehlenswerten Schiffen abfragen. Daher max 1-2 Schiffe pro Kategorie. Und bitte begründen wieso ihr dieses Schiff für das beste in der Serie haltet. Da ich leider auch eher wenig spielen kann will ich nicht unnötig Zeit in einer Linie fahren die sich nicht lohnt. Aus meiner begrenzter Erfahrung bis T4 kann ich sagen, dass mir die St Louis am meisten Spaß gemacht hat mfg cartman
  19. Ici vous pouvez parler du Worcester, poster vos meilleurs résultats , faire vos retours , donner votre ressenti , vous insultez sur les différents builds ou éléments à mettre en place dessus... Je referais un truc propre un peu dans l'esprit de cet excellent sujet: En attendant voici déjà l'excellent guide fait par @OhMyDoge sur son nouveau bébé adoré ^^ J'invites ceux qui sont intéressés par ce navire à consulter la présentation/tuto avant de partir faire n''importe quoi avec (pensez à vos compagnons d'armes) Je mettrais de nouveau en place un classement un peu débile si çà vous intéresse en attendant voilà déjà quelques éléments pour se faire une idée de la bête: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAY3FZb_d-ZGVJmviCia5mw Le classement !!!! Notice_Me_Senpoi [UTW] - The first - 266K, Kraken -11 citas
  20. With the upcoming Stalingrad and especially relevant Kronshtadt I want to revisit Alaska and later some other Super crusiers/Large Cruisers/Cruiser killers/battlecruisers that are applicable to this new archtype WG is coming with. Previously it has been very unclear whether Alaska would be a BB, a CA or given special treatment. As Kronshtadt would indicate, these ships will get special treatment as a hybrid between the BB and Cruiser in gameplay terms. Getting a little and losing a little compared to both standard ship types. Hull, Survivability and Armor Main armament Secondary and anti aircraft armaments Maneuverability Concealment Some notes, I opted to give Alaska the USN BB damage control party, as I think it would help differentiate Alaska from the tech tree cruisers, but also from the other Large Cruisers of this ship archtype. The stats are a mix of historical data, gameplay data from existing ships and compromises between US CAs and BBs mostly Baltimore and Iowa as they are the closest ingame contemporaries from the same nation and what authors usually use to compare Alaska in litterature. All stats are double checked and compared to Kronshtadt for balance. In this state I think Alaska strikes a good balance between heavy cruiser and battleship, is balanced vs. its current ingame rival Kronshtadt and most importantly has a lot of national flavour from USN tech trees.
  21. piritskenyer

    USS Wichita - T8 ship proposal

    Hi gents! As you may have guessed it from the title, today's proposed/discussed ship is going to be *drumroll* the USS Wichita. This ship review and Game Implementation Proposal (gonna coin the term as GIMP) is brought to you by Trainspite and myself. Again a lot of research and knowledge credit goes to him. The way we'll do things is this: we're going to review the ship's historical background and then we'll look at the possibility of her implementation into the game in two ways: as a reg and as a prem ship. Let us begin. Wichita firing her guns in 1945. Here you can also see the unique secondary battery layout. - Picture credit: navsource.com "Well, Toast, this is nice and dandy, but how does that translate into the game?" - I hear you ask. Well, fret not, here's what we concocted up with Trainspite: Wichita in her Atlantic camouflage from 1942, this would be her premium camouflage wether she appears as a prem or a reg - picture credit: shipbucket.com Line drawing of USS Wichita of how she appeared in 1945 So here we are. Overall a pretty strong looking ship. I hope you like it. At least half the credits go to Trainspite, as mentioned aready. Sources: www.world-war.co.uk navweaps.com navsource.com shipbucket.com
  22. Bootack_of_Mar_Mar

    Admiral Hipper Det problem

    So... is it just me or is there a sweet spot for the Hipper, where you will get increased chance of detonation. 'Cause it seems as if RN BB HE constantly detonates me. Had 5 games the past 3 - 4 days with me Hipper, 2 of them were detonations from higher tier RN BBs.
  23. captain_lef

    change in battleship

    i'll get right to the point. i tried every class in the game, i suck in carriers, i get too aggressive in DDs and i get bored in BBs. CA-CLs though, it just clicked, daka daka, maneuverability and in higher tiers heal, what more could you ask? well, only one thing, since camping is the new trend (i cant say META because its not effective at all), i have one proposal: leave cruisers as they are (see no direct buff) since once you master the class you can be influential, but increase the dispersion (vertical and horizontal) of BBs in ranges over 16 Kms. bellow 16Kms, tighten the grouping of the shells to current standards. i believe that this will allow cruisers to be in shooting distance and possibly drive BB captains closer to the fight. some lucky shots will happen, but fewer, and the battles will be more engaging
  24. I am currently looking for a clan to play lots of clan battles with. I have CB experience and am looking to improve my gameplay. I expect a similar attitude and skill. https://wows-numbers.com/player/510708905,Golgaphail/? I will be active most evenings and would like to play lots of Clan battles! Discord as a voice com is a plus ;)
  25. Tak a je to tu: Edit: Přibyl Cleveland, ale vizuálně přibyly jen nějaké ty Boforsy.. Celkem koukám, že v Boforsech zůstalo jen u dvojčat (teď už ale 12 pozic místo 6), čekal jsem nějakou divočinu ve stylu Vicksburg s 28 kouskama.. Pár reakcí z mé strany: Cleveland na T8 a Worcester na T10 se dal očekávat, stejně jako Pensacola na T6 (očekávejte nerf výzbroje a detekce). Ostatní změny linie těžkých křižníků IMO úplně zbytečné - NO a Balti o tier níž, papírová T9 s 12 děly (!) a torpédy (!!!).. aneb proč to dělat jednoduše, když to jde dělat složitě.. Stačilo uvolněnou T7 vyplnit Northamptonem, alternativně T7 NO, T8 Wichita. S Baltimorem nehýbat. T6 Dallas zní zajímavě, tady bych tu papírovku snad i odpustil - čekám něco ve stylu super-Omaha s 4×2 ABXY uspořádáním věží, alternativně varianta Pensacoly s 152mm děly, i když se to dalo řešit i bez papíru (Oakland/Juneau, bez radaru, bez smoke, bez torpéd, obyč defAA) T7 Helena - proč ne Brooklyn, přeci jen byl dřív, bylo jich 7 a rozdíly jsou víceméně pouze kosmetické (AA, sekundárky)? T8 Cleveland - očekávám historickou kadenci s 6s nabíjením.. T9 Seattle - OK, co bude tohle? Super-Cleveland s 5s reloadem? Worcester bez 1 věže? Osobně bych dal Helenu sem se stejnými parametry děl jako T8 Cleveland s tím, že T7 Brooklyn by měl současnou Clevelandí výzbroj TL/DR rozdělení USN křižníků - CL část větve nevypadá zle, ale u CA jsou úplně zbytečně posunuté 2 lodě o tier níž s doplněním řekněme že zvláštní T9. EDIT: kdy tahle změna asi spadne? Když se dělily IJN DD a RU/VMF DD, tak bylo podobné info tak 3 měsíce před změnou, ne?