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Found 6 results

  1. 1. Premium Shop Bundle Packages: have the ship but want the extras..!? What if i got the Dunkerque in a Xmas box (never bought it), and would now like the package withe the extras and flag? Is is possible to buy the package if you have the ship (by coincidence)??? 2. Will we ever have an opportunity 2 be able to earn i n missions or buy the special ship flags, especially if you already bought that ship in premium store before, for those that are collectors or into military history?
  2. Please read what I wrote before answering the poll. OH NOOOO, THIS TOPIC AGAIN... Not really in fact. Here, this video from cloaking donkey. It made me realize that if noone do anything, nothing will ever change. Yeah, you all know that bundles are overexpensives, that WG is even greediest than Uncle Scrooge mixed with Captain Krabs. And that they are actually selling dubloons, so unified gold is a far away hope. It is not new. So us as customers can only suffer their selling politic. There is no way to make them lower the prices of premium ships, because it wouldn't be fair for those who bought them, I agree. But there is still one thing we can do. BOYCOT THOSE BUNDLES. It is not new either. But, really. That's the only way. So people, I mean, wouldn't you even try to stop spending money to buy those ships that don't worth at all the price of the bundle? (I could have buy Bismarck. Yet I bought 3 new games on steam with the same amount of money.) I know what some of you will say: "Oh no, but it's for Bismarck/Warspite/[insert unique BB name here]/", and they are so rare we have to get them now even at this price!" Yeah. Ok. So you're the type that can spend 100€ in a tier 3 tank in WoT? Really, those 60€ wouldn't be better invested somewhere else? I wouldn't even buy Kaga (and dear god how I love this ship) if she was to come in a 60€ bundle. Because I don't want to be milked forever, and that's what they'll do if you buy those bundles. If you don't buy, they may make more realistic offers in the future. In fact, those € not spent in the game are an investment. An investment in better offers in the future. I swear. Try to not buy any WoWS related thing, or at least not buy any bundle for one or two months. Let's see if it has some results. And by doing that, you even save for christmas! WG have different selling behaviours depending on server. Let's show them we're not some milk cow, sheeps that will buy any crap they want to give us. We should have AT LEAST an option with a ship only when a bundle is in the shop. But if not enough people boycot, there will never be any result. The only offers you'll ever have for new premiums will be 100 ~ 60€ bundles, with flags and premium scout planes. And those premium ships will never be sold in a ship only offer ever when they'll come back. My bet for next bundle is; Mikasa, 80€ with 22500 useless gold, 1 month premium, 100 prem repair kits and 30 flags each. Thanks for reading! I really do not have any evil thought when writing this, I'm just bored to see that every new offer we have now in the shop is a bundle 50% more expensive than what it should be. EDIT: tier 4 battleship for 30€. WG is sick. Please boycot before Tone at 69.99€!!
  3. Mjorge

    No Rust skins

    Bundles and single packages, for different nations and classes of ships! Credits to AwoLFreedom, from Fan Art and Community Creations of NA Forum: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/45753-no-rust-skins/#topmost Greetings
  4. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ Warspite for 50 € (again) Mikasa for 20 € (again) and Blyskawica and Imperator on sale for the same price as before
  5. MrFingers

    The Bundle Poll: Revisited

    First of all, I want to thank the nearly 400 forum users who took the time to fill in the previous poll. It's greatly appreciated, and it shows some clear trends and ideas how a nice moderate and balanced part of the forums think about bundles and WG. I promised in my previous poll that I would revisit some questions in it, since some people told me they were a bit negatively laden (there were more negative choices, as there were positive). Me not being deaf for their concerns, I decided to organise a new poll, exactly for those questions. Again: nobody can be forced to fill it in, but I gladly invite everyone to participate. And as with previous poll: it's anonymous, no-one can see who voted what.
  6. I tried my best to make it as neutral and unbiased as possible. While I can't force anyone to partake in it, I gladly invite everyone to participate, so we can have an idea about how the average WOWS-forum user thinks about these topics. If there are any comments or things that could be done better, please let me know. Votes are anonymous, not even I can see who voted what, so you can be fully honest.