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Found 10 results

  1. Des Memes Captain build suggestions

    Howdy sailors! I just recently unlocked the DM and I need some suggestions regarding speccing the captain. I tried youtube and shipcomrade. But most of those are "outdated" . I can only imagine her role might have slightly changed with the light cruiser split. Or not, idk. I need help! :D
  2. Hello, First i am playing with friend. Me USA DD and he JPN CV. What i see from tier 6 USA there are A/B/C Hulls. It will be good to go for hull C if i play with CV (Him) ? Compatible build question 1. Main Armaments Modification 1 2. Damage Control System Modification 1 or Propulsion Modification 1 ?? Later Defensive AA Fire Modification 1? 3. Aiming Systems Modification 1 or AA Guns Modification 2? 4. No idea what to pick... 5. Concealment System Modification 1 6. Dont know too maybe torpedo boost Perks for Commander 1. PM 2. LS 3. SE 4. CE Last 9 points BFT\TAE\Superintendent - Do you think it would be ok ? I know German and Russ have better AA but they are not good in torpedo :/
  3. Lexington advice

    Hello CV gurus. First of all, @Commander_Cornflakes I did listen to your advice given in Ranger topic and got better in Ranger (at the end 50% WR and 56% recent WR). Thank you again for good advices on how to maximize damage etc. And yes, it was moderately painful - but I think it was worth the effort. Now, I am proceeding to Lexington and have a few questions: 1. AP or HE bombs? 2. Second 4 pt skill - CE or Manual AA? Also, any other tip that you can think of would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Bismarck build.

    Hi I have read a bunch of posts about Bismarck and since trying out is too expensive I would like some opinions. Secondary build is the goto approach with some degree of brawl, right? The build is obviously AuxiliaryAM1, DamageCSM1, DamageCSM2, SecondaryBM2, ConcealmentSM1. Captain skills are the tricky part. Only 1 pointer worth taking is Preventive M. At 2 points Adrenaline R seems the obvious option. Here is the strange part at 3 points, some skip BFT and go for DE. More fires vs more AA and sec, damage? At 4 points AFT is the 1st option and Manual Secondaries are a must, right? Next level gets me hesitant, Many speak for another 4 point at Fire Prevention but then you are done (1 point left). So would SI, BFT or maybe BoS be a better option (depending on first 3 point) and then you could add JoaT or HA? Anybody going with CE? What about signals? All of them.
  5. Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    Hello. As title says it, I am interested what build you are using on the Minotaur with Jack Dunkirk. I feel it would be a waste not to use the special skills. How does this look? http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000001101010000001010000000119 I cant seem to find an alternative where I could actually invest also into the AA. Thoughts?
  6. Akizuki build

    Hi fellow captains, I will soon unlock akizuki so I would like your opinion on the captain build, since the change of IFHE makes the decision hard for me. A simple question, would you trade demolition expert + adrenaline rush (this build) for AFT + priority target (this build instead)? Or is the change of IFHE too good and makes demolition expert mandatory? Thank you in advance for your help and opinion. Have a nice day! Cheers
  7. Budowa dowódcy

    A hoj marynarze czy doradzi mi ktoś jak zbudować kapitana na pancerniku japońskim w sensie jakie perki wybierać, jeśli mogę poprosić to nazwy tych perków które najbardziej się opłaca dać by fajnie się nimi grało aktualnie punkty mam rozdane: 1.Zapobiegawcze utrzymanie 2.Stan podwyższonej gotowości 3.Podstawy żywotności 4.Przeciw działanie pożarom Jak widać ide w żywotność nie wiem czy to dobry wybór więc proszę o naprostowanie i podanie dalszych perków gdyż max kapitan ma 19 punktów aktualnie mam użyte 10 więc zostaje 9 do spożytkowania. Z góry dziękuję.
  8. Akizuki - competitive play build

    Hi guys, I am thinking of using my Akizuki in team battles or for competitive play with my clan (I understand that team battles and more coordinated team battles are different environments). Anyway, I have couple of questions considering the use of Akizuki and I am very interested in you opinions. What role should Akizuki fulfill? I guess, there might be few of them, but some other ships might be better pick for such role. First, and nowadays mostly used role for Akizuki is AA protection (CV scouting denial) with enemy spotting. This one will be more useful in clan battles, whereas next option seems more suitable for team battles. It is a DD hunter and cap contester, but Benson seems to be better pick. Is there any other possible use? How would you spec Akizuki and captain for the role of your choice? Suggested AA build for clan battles: https://goo.gl/Cyjuwe
  9. Haven't posted on the forums in a while, but seeing that the new patch has thrown things in a bit of a disarray I decided to share one of my new favorite builds. It also works great on the Gneisenau. The German Berserker is a build that awards you for aggression, making you more powerful the more the enemy damages you! It also happens to be insanely fun to play! Tirpitz gameplay at 14:53 and the build itself at 20:21
  10. The american cruisers fits my playstyle best. I used doubloons to test what works best, but havent gotten any improvements. I`ve reached the New Orleans, and want to continue the same build for the Baltimore and Des Moines. Please comment about your toughts and try to improve my current build, and probaly other players have the same problem as me can benefit from this. Liks below if someone wants to look closer at upgrades or commander skills. Currently Upgrades im using: Main arnaments modification 1 Damage control system modification 1 Aiming modification 1 (thinking of AA guns modification 2?) Steering gears modification 2 Concealment system modification 1 (the last slot is up to you guys what u recommend Tier 9+) Commander skills: Basic Firing Training Expert marksman Vigilance (thinking of superintendent?) Demolition Expert (adv firing training?) (On my way to get Concealment expert) http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Crew_(WoWS)