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Found 77 results

  1. Jethro_Grey

    Things that bug me...

    In the last couple of weeks, I noticed some things in game, that range from annoying to game breaking. I‘m not going into the whole desync and shells falling short issues. Those are the game breaking ones. Lets move on to the annoying ones: Port chat: yesterday, I send @Migantium_Mashum a message ingame. He replied, yet I couldn’t see what he was replying cause the message was gone. So, I send another one explaining it, then minimized the window and left for a food break. When I returned, I saw a notification in the chat window that two new messages were received. And yet again, no message was there. This is bloody annoying. COOP games: I grind all my Legendary Modules in coop, so i‘m playing almost 20 coop games each day, since last October. One thing that annoys me is, that bots have a secret hidden weapon. When i smoke up after getting spotted, I take a few hits from the DD. He is then turning his guns towards a team mate and shots him. At the same time - or with a second delay - a shot from the bot DD hits my ship and does damage...despite having his guns trained on a team mate. How? That‘s not game breaking, as I play coop only for the LMs and some directives/ campaign missions. But for people who are coop mains, it might be more then annoying. Ingame, any mode: camera jumping to max range. This is annoying me to no end. I zoom in (shift), aim, shoot and leave zoom view while having my guns aimed at the target to look around. I zoom in again...and instead being back at the target, the camera zooms out to max range. Especially annoying when using spitter plane. Watching flamus stream, I saw the same behavior. Now, if it were a BB or even a straight lining CA, i‘d lock cam with right mouse on target, but against a dodging DD, that’s pretty pointless. Pls fix this. Kthxbai
  2. Currently unable to switch between Alpha & Bravo rating - as we don't want to play our lead rating, this is stopping people from earning steel!
  3. Hallo mir ist aufgefallen, dass hier etwas schief läuft. Vor dem Gefecht hatte ich 448 000 freie Ep und danach 432000 EP. Wie kann das bitte sein, habe nichts erforscht oder sonstiges. Dazu zum Event. 6 mal Gegner angezündet und 3 Zitadellen geschossen, doch es wird nicht gezählt. War im Tier 10 Bereich ! Achtet mal bitte drauf! Ich dachte erst ich spinne, aber es scheint tatsächlich so zu sein !
  4. Shomy80

    Potential bug

    Question, is this Basic experience ? Look at the picture ! If so then I have a problem and whom to complain ? Because the game doesn't count well, in nine games I had 5364 basic experience by my calculation, and game calculated 3248 or something 2000 less basic experience...But the first question is whether this is a basic experience ??? Sorry for grammar mistakes my English is not the best.
  5. PaxMaggie

    CV Bug?

    Ok, idk if this is know and if this is intended but i doubt it is. I just had a game in my Graf Zeppelin B (yes im Cv scum, deal with it) where i did no DMG with Planes at all (i didnt even try) but sank the enemy with my Secondaries. Until here just the usual GZ trolling.....BUT in the Battle result screen i get 0 XP, 0 Free XP and 0 Credits (base xp is 0) and in the detailed report i got a warning for inaktivity in Battle....even tho i won and sank the enemy (i assume its against bots but bots dont work like this) I put a screenshot of the detailed report up too, i have screenshots of all 4 screens and a replay if it is needed
  6. lossi_2018


    Game started disconnecting in the mid of co op and random games. You can't log back in without restart. It costs creds, camos and flags. IT COST LOSSES. I can't do the mission!!! I get reported! IT DOESN"T EVEN SHOW ME WHAT HAPPENED !!! This is ridiculous. I don't know if I lost or won. I have to check the win lose column in the general stats!!!! Is it a server prob??? Never happened before. Plz fix. thank you
  7. itwasmexD

    Sound bug since 0.8.5

    Since the last update (0.8.5) my music is not playing in port AND battle. I used new files for the /userMusic directory and tried to repair the game files, but nothing happened so far. Same goes for original sound configuration and there are no other problems with other games/apps. However, I did a complete re-installation of the client, but this didn't work too. Does anyone of you know how to fix this? Update: I launched with another sound-card (to be precise 3, including on-board chip) but this didn't help too so the problem can't be related to any sound-card. Update1: I have a 100% (or at least very strong) radio communication-effect allthough it was set to the minimum since i can remember. Sometimes sound seems to be like you are going against the end of the map in addition allthough I'm on open waters in the middle of the map.
  8. Hi everyone, actually I'm facing the issue, that at the port I can not switch to a ship which I actually do not own. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to the port 2. Choose a ship (Tier 1-9) were you don't have the next Tier 3. Go to modules 4. Click on the next Tier ship 5. nothing happens ;-) This issue also occurs on the Tech-Tree. Just click on any ship which is not in your port, you can't select it. 20190502_073623.zip
  9. Phlogistoned

    Server down Thursday 07:00 CET

    Seems the servers are down again. I logged in to spend my last anniversary tokens. Right after I confirmed a purhcase, I was kicked out. Don't know if there's any connection, since I heard the anniversary tokens were supposed to have disappeared already.
  10. Moes_Gunstore

    Supertest Application

    Hallo Leute Ich fülle gerade die Supertest-Application aus. Wie sieht denn so ein Beispiel aus für einen Bug-Report aus? Danke schonmal!
  11. Reaper_JackGBR

    Stats not updating properly?

    Just a quick one for something that I noticed last night and checked on again today. Didn't want to send a ticket as this was a minor issue, but anyway. I scored a 51 plane kill game in my Hiryu, and while perusing my stats afterward (as I knew this had beaten my previous plane record) I noticed that my stats still recorded 46 plane kills as my record, the same as before (Akizuki) however, it now told me that the ship used for this record was the Hiryu. See? They don't match up. Actually, taking that screenshot just now, apparently I've also played only 1 tier 7 and one tier 8 game. Interesting. I'm sure this isn't important to most people, but just another little bug that ought to get attention I think.
  12. Hurricane_tb

    Anshan voiceover bug

    Since I haven't found a separate bug report section, I write this here (in case there is I am deeply sorry). Since from couple of patches, Anshan's voiceover modification speaks English, despite the fact that I set it to be 'national'. Although my Chinese language skills are as good as a potato's, I really like the sound of it, so if it could be fixed and I could hear Chinese language again on a Chinese ship it would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Have a nice day!
  13. Now first off, I'm not making a bug report, because obviously those are either ignored or the bugs we report are not given a high priority, as the bugs I'm about to talk about have been present for months or maybe even years. So what happened? I was merrily driving along in my DD, about to grab a cap, and suddenly a DD pops up for me to shoot, no biggy, he smokes, I drop torps and turn away. Normal right? DD pops up again as my torp hits him, weird I thought, his healthbar, name tag and ship icon don't appear, he's just a blank ship. Then about five seconds later my entire UI goes AWOL, everything freezes apart from ribbons, I panic press smoke and slow down, I see my ship smoking, but no smoke rings or smoke appearing on top of me, then my ship begins to drift away from my screen, as my camera has decided it doesn't want to follow anymore, all other ships on my screen are normal. Unable to get out of this bug, I try and restart my client quickly, my division mates informing me my panic smoke had been torped and I was dead. But was that the end of it? No. After dying as first blood because of a freaking bug, my load screen upon client restart gets stuck and I can't even get back into the game. I sit there for five minutes before finally rebooting my entire PC and finally getting back in game ten minutes later. Now this wouldn't be an issue, but a, we lost this game because I died so early from full health. And b, this happens in Clan battles and Ranked battles too, and in those modes, it decides games. Wargaming, if you want to ever be taken seriously as a competitive platform, you need to get rid of this crap. Already even in this season I can report at least ten games (about 8%) of our games where at least one of our players has suffered a bug forcing a client restart. It literally makes the difference between winning and losing. Fix it.
  14. The_Listener

    0.7.5 Bugs

    With the new patch the crash to login screen and freezing in post battle screen seems to be getting rampant AGAIN with each and every update WG releases. I thought they have a QA testers but it seems they never get this glitches prior to release. The sad part is I always have to hard reset my PC every time the post-battle screen freezes or I have to login every time the game crashes to login-screen in the middle of a rank battle.. Should we the players always have to play as guinea pigs just to catch every bugs and glitches every game updates for you WG?
  15. LazyInsight

    Problems with CV controls?

    Since 0.7.2 update CV controls produce really weird issues for me (did not play CVs when 0.7 hit so no idea how it looked on relase): - generally less responsive than in 0.6 - problems with drawing selection box over squadrons (fails to select all squadrons in the box or does not draw box at all) - it seems I can not remove squadron from a takeoff queue (as I remember it was possible by right clicking, or am I remembering that wrong?) - yesterday at the end of my third match in Ryujo, I lost capability to do >>anything<< with left mouse click - could not order squadrons, check different screens in post match report. LMB did not work in port either (had to kill game via task manager) - this happened after the mini patch. Do other captains have similar problems? Trying to figure if its problem with my laptop, or just WoWs.
  16. Anyone else experiencing some stability issues in game like constant game crases, unable to load ships or something else? This sh1tfest started with new patch and its question when it will be fixed. Have no plan to grind anything when I can expect game crash in any battle... Last patch had a lot of bugs but seems WG have to keep this tradition of annoying bugs and in new patch. GG...
  17. Shatricor

    Bretagne GFCS Bug

    When does this Bug occour: When I shot my first salve with my main battery guns. What do you have to do to recreate the Bug: Put Top Equipment on the Bretagne go into a battle (Game mode doesnt matter) and shoot with the Main Battery. The result of the Bug is that the Gun range drops to 16.6 km and this shouldnt happen. I did also a Video: Video Sry but i dont know how to add the the video otherwies (its to big) @Tuccy #WG #Supertesters pls fix this and test this again
  18. Zerberus92


    Ich habe bemerkt wenn das spiel ein weilchen steht und dann versucht weiter zu spielen, ist es meist verbuggt. Ein neustart vom spiel löst das problem meistens jedoch frage ich mich warum das vorkommt. seit den letzten updates ist es vermehrt aufgetaucht und ich frage mich wer das auch so wahrgenommen hat. PS: Sry für die schlechten aufnahmen aber ich bin kein PC held
  19. For the past 6 months the game has been very unstable for me when playing in a division and would frequently crash when interacting with the port or when joining or leaving a battle. It would throw up a critical error (something I think many have experience with) but the log files would show no fault. I could deal with this but with the release of 0.6.14 not only did the game start crashing when playing solo but more crucially, during the matches themselves. These crashes have survived 5+ months of updates, driver installs (including removing old graphics drivers with DDU), refreshes, disk checks, repairs, and game patches not to mention migration to a new user account, refreshing windows and doing an "in-place upgrade" to repair any damaged files. As it stands the game is completely unplayable for me in it's current state and I am out of ideas on what to do. I have contacted WG support and they have all been very pleasant and some of the responses seemed like they were really trying to help. I have run every conceivable check I can think of as well as the WGCheck tool and all the suggestions on the forums. The WGCheck tool seemed to suggest everything was okay on the first pass but 5 minutes later said it needed to download 2.5GB of files to repair the game. It did the same thing after a complete fresh install of the game on another drive as well. The first response from WG support checked my error codes and suggested the following: I had tried all of the suggestions at some point in the past but I ensured the game files were in the exceptions list of my AV (and later disabled entirely for troubleshooting), checked the state of "read only" on the files and tried running as an admin. Surprise, the game seemed to run fine for the 4 coop games I played but later on it crashed 3 times in one random battle and four times in another battle in a division. The following are some of the other responses I received: So far the responses seemed like they were trying and I hoped with continued checking of the crashes and error codes the solution could be found but after this high point the solution seems unattainable now. My PC is a fairly high end setup with a GTX 970 which is one of the most common cards, and it is running the latest 16.299 build of Windows 10 pro with all the latest up to date drivers and more than enough RAM. It runs every other game flawlessly and never encounters stability issues. Despite the first few responses being helpful the following was then suggested by another support employee: This suggestion is not helpful as on my X99 chip set the processors do not have any on board graphics at all and require and discrete GPU. To me this seems like a canned response and analysis of my submitted WGCheck file could've told them this. I am also unable to roll back to a previous build as during the troubleshooting steps I have refresh my install multiple times and therefore lost access the the previous build. After a small conversation where I emphasised the issues and the fact that my premium time is going to waste, I cannot participate in ranked battle or the Duke or York campaign I was told this: So they know about the issue (assuming that reply wasn't to fob me off) and they say they are working on it. For me the game has been unstable for 6 months or more and so I do not hold much confidence that it will be fixed any time soon. Meanwhile the premium time I paid for is going to waste. After so much troubleshooting I do not accept that the issue is down to my PC as I have seen numerous people with this problem and my PC runs all other things without a hitch. I understand that Windows 10 is a bit of a pain but I do not believe that their only suggestion should be rolling back to an old build that is now months old. Had they continued to check through my error codes and eliminate the issues I feel we may have gotten somewhere but as it stands nothing has been accomplished. TL;DR Game now crashes mid match making it unplayable. Have tried every troubleshooting and repair step possible but it still persists and support cannot help. I am interested to hear if anyone else is suffering with instability.
  20. Finitan

    Retour Bug 0.6.13

    Un petit bug d'affichage avec l'affichage des équipes en jeu. Ça se chevauche. Ici en Co-Op vu le peu de joueur (pas envie d'attendre 5 mn pour que les teams soient complétées par des bots en FFA) Edit : ajout screen en FFA du bug d'affichage
  21. this is y last forum threat , i want to thank WG for the amazing tool called WG game center , because of it i will stop playing this game , becasue aparently if you stop downloading , you can not resume it will just stuck at updating services , and when you want to uninstall this jackass of program and update the game from normal launcher it not even start and require you to have that jackass of a tool , WG game center installed so you cant download with it , and you cant download without it , the only option is , uninstall that jackass of a tool , and deleat the game folder , then install a new launcher and download the entire game again with it . and since my net is bad and it will take me arround 1 week , and since i was trying hard to do the " october revoltion " mission for that free battleship , and i am at the last mission almost done ' just 2 or 3 games more ) now i wont be able to get it . and you know how it feels when you try hard for somethign and you dont get it bcasue WG is os incompetent at even making a proper launcher . so thanks WG i hope you keep going like this , you will improve the player base greatly . PS : if anyone asking why i used this jackass of program WG game center in the first place , its because i had closed beta key for WG latest game total war arena and because they are so incompetant , they could not even make a launcher for that game so you had to use this jackass of a program ( and it automaticly takes over your WG games )
  22. Finxo_O

    Akizuki concealment bug

    Hello! I noticed whilst playing the Akizuki that her concealment is worse. Normally she has a concealment of 5.9 km but she had 6.1 km. This Bug happened around 13:40 pm CEST on the PTS whilst testing the new IFHE changes. As you can see her concealment is worse than it should be. I hope WG an fix it until the patch gets released! Regards Finxo_O
  23. Hallo alle beisammen, da SubOctavian in einem QuA im "Neues aus dem Russenforum" - Thread bezüglich der Bugs im Interface der CV meinte, die wären behoben dachte ich mir, ich mach mal eine Liste auf. Die meisten Bugs die vor diversen Patches da waren sind immer noch da und es sind neue dazu gekommen. - Phantomstrafes (altbekannt, die Jäger strafen an irgendeiner Stelle weiter weg von den eigenen Fliegern, die dann trotzdem vom Himmel fallen) - teleportierende Jäger (neu, die Jäger werden auf der Map und im Interface an einer anderen Stelle angezeigt, nachdem die eigenen Flieger dann vom Himmel gefallen sind werden sie auf einmal da angezeigt, wo eben noch die eigenen Flieger waren) - Schleifen drehen vor dem Strafe (ok ist behoben) - Schleifen drehen vor dem Drop (neu, Schleifendrehen vor dem Strafe ist raus, dafür drehen meine Bomber gelegentlich Schleifen bevor sie droppen) - Sichtsystem im Sturm (altbekannt, die feindl. Flieger werden teilweise nur auf der Minimap angezeigt aber nicht im Interface selbst) - falsch aufgefasste Bewegungsbefehle (neu, manchmal fliegen die Flieger völlig wo anders hin als man sie eigentlich hingeschickt hat) - Eskortsymbol erscheint auf freier Fläche (neu, anstatt das standart Bewegen Symbol taucht häufiger mal das Eskort (dieses Recycle Zeichen eben) auf und leitet die Flieger zu einem willkürlich (scheint mir zumindest so) gewählten Ziel auf der Map) - stehende Flieger (altbekannt, die eigenen / feindl. Flieger werden nur auf der Minimap in Bewegung angezeigt, auf dem Interface selbst bleiben sie auf einem Fleck, man muss erst hin und herscrollen bevor die Position aktualisiert wird) Das sind so die Bugs, die mir am häufigsten über den Weg laufen. Wenn ich welche vergessen habe ergänzt bitte. @Crysantos Leite das doch bitte an deine Chefs weiter. Wenn Octavian schon sagt die Bugs seien raus, dann möchte das bitte auch so sein. Danke.
  24. team_esercito_italiano

    World Of Warship doesn't want to start on iMac

    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and I don't know if this is the right section. I have a problem with the application of WoW. I'm running it on iMac 27" late 2015, but world of warship doesn't want to start. (after 2 days of download.. When I click "play" ("gioca" in italian) it close and then nothing. Please, help me...
  25. How exactly am I supposed to deal with this? This bug has existed since I stared playing CVs and probably long LONG before that. At one random moment for a brief while or maybe even the rest of the game - doesn't f-ing matter what squad I select or what commands I try to give them, all that is going to happen is my "squad selection" resetting back to "1" a.k.a. my ship. So fun and engaging to play a CV when you can't control your aircraft, the only thing you can do is steer your ship and try to ram someone bcuz you are as useful as an AFK at that point. maybe even less useful. How about less focusing on releasing a new bs premium every few weeks and more focusing on the bugfixing part of the game?!