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Found 481 results

  1. Consumables and AA not working

    Good evening all, I just quit a match with the HMS Hood where my defensive fire consumable (Y) and AA in general would not work. Now I am aware of the P button that can switch AA and seconadries off but this was not the issue. I have logged a ticket with WG but I wasn't recording the match. So my question is has anyone come across this bug with any of their ships? Basically a consumable not working even though you are pressing the corresponding key and/or guns of some sort not working? Because of this bug I was an easy target for the carrier once he realised I was defenseless. I am well aware of the old bug making guns useless whereby no matter how many times you click you cannot fire but I though this had been fixed. If it is making a comeback they better patch it quick. Kind regards, Hj
  2. i go into battle and the camera freezes and detaches from the ship and and i cant continue the battle. and often at the end of the game the game freeze completely. any fix to this?
  3. Turret X Bug Großer Kurfürst

    I just encountered a bug where the X turret on the Großer Kurfürst did a full 360 degree turn and went through the superstructure to do so. More strangely so, I was swiggling my ship to avoid some fire, still aiming at the same target throughout. Current version of WoWS, no mods involved. Time: around 21:00 CET
  4. Yamamoto heal bug?

    Before posting this in the bug section I want to check with you guys if you can replicate it as a bug or as something else :). So, possible bug in question lies with Yamamoto's heal buff on receiving a kraken award. In game in my Atago using Yamamoto and I get a kraken, all the buffs kick in except the heal. After the battle I go to check the commanders profile and it lists all the buffs except the heal reads in red: 0 (see attached picture). Am I missing something? Is there a reason for this? Yamamoto isn't trained for the Atago but should that matter as it's a premium? Many thanks, Isitari.
  5. Looks like the new coal/steel buildings in the clan base are bugged, instead of just giving additional coal/steel they also increase the prices in the arsenal. WG has confirmed on RU that this is a bug and they are working on a solution. For now, every clan is advised not to build those buildings until a fix is made. Also there will be compensation for those who have built the buildings and been overcharged in the arsenal. Source:
  6. Match wont load, become pink..

    Hi, started recently to play this game again, first of the bat match wont load and i get a 3match pink name because i left the match early.. then it plays fine for several matches and then decide to snafu on me again and i get a 6 match pink name... then in a moment of rage i start a new match and guess what.. wont load.. how long will i be pink now? 100000 games?... ffs.. rage....
  7. Mission reset?

    Hello gents, I've just come home and logged into game. I've realized that all my daily mission and epic upgrade missions are gone back to beginning. They ol got reset. even though I already finished and have the legendery upgrade for Moskva, (yes it is still installed on ship) I have the moskva mission again. Did I miss something?? Anybody knows anything about it? Should I contact with the support? @MrConway @Tuccy Guys?
  8. Black screen

    getting a black screen during Ranked. two times. so what is wrong this time
  9. Bug with CV OSHO

    hi, i had a bug twice in a row playing OSHO CV. I had access to game, but when launched, no commands available except ship direction, no planes, no menu to command squadrons. It's something that happens quite often, that's why i submit this ticket. Even after restarting game and starting a new game after the end of the previous one.
  10. Loading up my Blyskawica in a division on 2 brothers map I was stuck on loading screen with no display on the islands just cap points. now I am pink
  11. possible bug autopilot

    can't seem to find the reporting bug section so i am posting it here my autopilot missed up and went straige inside of following the markers, cause me to head dive deep into the enemy and gotten torbed by a DD. watch the video and tell me if it's behaving correctly
  12. "Lock on" bug?

    Hello nice people of the Internet Like many of you know i'm not a BBaby, so this is NOT a whine tread about BB's. This seems to be affecting cruisers and DD's aswell. It might be totally confirmation bias, but lately i have had troubles with "bad RNG" when playing BB's and cruisers. Like every BB i play, play like its a Bismarck when it comes to dispersion and even cruisers i play have had horrible dispersion. Now, i thought for a while that it was just me being on a bad RNG streak. But its been going on for a long time. I am the first to admit when i'm potatoing, but this has been weird for a while. And its not like those lol salvos that every once in a while derp out and hit everything but the target. I'm talking about consistent garbage dispersion with most ships. Until today. When i heard someone say it might be something wrong with the "lock on" mechanic in the game. And that i should try to "unlock" and "lock" back on before i shot. I thought that might make sense, since most of my salvos seems like the "unlocked" ones you fire into smoke and it started a few patches ago. Now, i have only tested this for like 3 games so far, however seems like my hitrate is much higher in those games. But it needs much more testing. Like i said, this might just be tinfoil hat theory, but i will keep testing it. I would also appreciate if anyone else struggling with the same thing would do some testing aswell and report back. Greetings
  13. A "potential damage" related bug

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this; really sorry if it is not as i can't find anywhere else i could. So if it is just close this. This has probably been reported before but to put it simply: Potential damage will continue to accumulate following a ship's sinking. Example: I sail out in my z-46 and meet my end with 546,000 potential damage taken. Following my death; a fight ensues in the area which i was sunk and the enemy shells and torpedoes that pass through my area of death cause my potential damage to skyrocket to over 1,100,000. At first I thought this might simply be an in-battle visual bug; but this will be the same result shown in the end screen and repeated battles show the same results. This is not a major gameplay issue, but is a noticeable bug which skews results quite a bit.
  14. Repair Kit Bug-ish

    I was playing with the Wyoming and i had a fire on me...a cambeltown launched its torpedoes and they hit but i wasnt going to die immediately(flood was inevitable of course) so i immediately press my repair to survive the torpedoes even having left with couple thousands hp but the repair fixed the fire that was on me before and the flood continued going so i died.The repair kit fixed the fire itself and not all damage taken.I dont know if thats a bug or something but felt really annoyed at the time.
  15. The Millionaire Club mission bug??

    This mission can be repeated or not ? Because after completion I can't see it any more in my missions... Here is russian, french and english version, can you see any difference ?? Can You please @Tuccy @MrConway let me know ??
  16. Twitch port bug is back

    I dont know if the problem is with Aslain mod that im using or the patch side but my game keep reversing my selected port back to Twitch Prime port every time I log in to game. And game crashes are still active...
  17. Aereo sulla Bismarck

    Ho notato un bug grafico sulla Bismarck. In pratica non si vede l'aereo (caccia o spottino). Questo succede sia in porto che in game. Sulla Tirpitz invece che è la gemella tutto regolare. Per caso si verifica anche a voi??? Posto immagini del ponte Bismarck e Tirpitz
  18. Hello, I have noticed that even though I have similar or better concealment ships seem to detect me first. I think there is a really big problem with the rendering or graphics settings. I am on laptop so I put it on low graphics quality to get more fps which is around 30 but I think this is affecting my gameplay vastly. However, this shouldn't definitely happen because it should just affect the graphics. I noticed that most of the cases the enemy ships shot the first shot because of this some sort of rendering issue. I have also proved that with my friends on discord because they said to focus a ship that I didn't even see yet. Also, after with the latest patch after I see the spotted icon and music starts the ship appears like 1 or 2 seconds later so that gave me another reason to create this topic. I wonder if I am the only one who is having this issue or not Please note that this has nothing to do with spotting or game mechanics because I am very well experienced with the game concepts and have tried almost every scenario. Therefore, I am going to give you some examples. I am playing with z-46, there is a myoko inside the island but I see him, then he disappears for a couple of seconds and leaves the island from right in 4km range. My guns are aiming at him my entire vision is clear and there is nothing in my path. He starts to shows his front but I don't see him instantly then he sees me and shoots me even though I was never detected till now. At that moment I only see him even with spotted icon early and shoot back. Additional example, I rush to cap so is the enemy dd. We have same or a bit better spotting range but I see detected and spotted icon. He shots me first I see his ship after like 1-2 second later that I saw spotted icon, so I shot him later. There are so many other examples that I can give but I think you got the point. I am not entirely sure if this caused by low fps(around 30) or graphics settings. However, I do know that this affects my gameplay severaly because the enemies will always get the first shot on me and you know how important this is. I hope that this issue is fixable and I will be able to play the game in more fair circumstances.
  19. Deep Water Torpedo arming time bug

    So I just had this very weird interaction at the end of a game: https://streamable.com/yqt1p A couple weird things happen: My shells seem to appear to the right of where they were fired, and seem to miss Chung Mu entirely, yet four hits register. Might just be a graphical bug though. Chung Mu's torps hit the bow before their arming range, but they do not disappear - rather, they pass into the ship and detonate there. Looks like a serious gameplay bug. (also the score does some weird stuff there since both our kills are registered on the same score tick, but I suppose this is just a visual bug as well) Torpedoes have a minimum arming distance, which means that torpedoes hitting a ship point blank simply disappear. It's a regular interaction that happens frequently with bad carrier drops, and occasionally when a torp cruiser or DD tries to torp from too close up during a brawl. However, in this case there appears to be something wrong. Look at this screenshot for reference: The torpedo marker shows that the arming distance clearly only begins inside the ship. The point where they collide with the bow is well before they can arm. Therefore they should disappear as soon as they touch the bow. However, upon firing this happens instead: All five torpedoes "ghosted" through the bow and detonated exactly at their arming range inside the ship. In comparison, this is what normally happens: When the torpedoes touch the ship before they reach the coloured marker, they simply disappear.
  20. Credits doesn't add to the account

    Hey, At the end of a game i got the credits i earned and when i come back to the dock, the credits earned aren't added up. It's not the first time i got this bug, since two weeks at a rate of 1/4 of the games not added up. In total i list something like 600 000 credits. Not sure if usefull but i played with Yorck, Gneisenau and Bismarck Thanks for the help
  21. Équipe de réparation I

    Bonjour, Depuis la dernière mise à jour en date d'aujourd'hui 31/05/18, le consommable "équipe de réparation II", donc premium, ne se réapprovisionne pas après chaque bataille et revient à l'"équipe de réparation I" alors que le consommable "équipe de contrôle des avaries II", lui, se réapprovisionne correctement. Le réapprovisionnement est activé et réglé pour ne pas acheter avec la monnaie du jeu si indisponible, mais le problème ne peut pas venir de là car, comme écrit plus haut, un des deux consommables premium se réapprovisionne sans problème. Merci de votre lecture et en attendant une solution rapide à ce petit bug. InterficereLOC
  22. Indianapolis modules

    Just came across the following patch 0.7.5 feature (bug) regarding the Indianapolis which: 1. Is technically a New Orleans with 2. Cleveland Hulls and 3. A Mk8 Gun Fire Module that will REDUCE the firing range by 10%^^ It also crashed the harbor ui, making it impossible to select another ship or click on any of the following buttons: Port, Exterior, Tech Tree, Profile, Clan or <- To Tech Tree. Had to quit the game.
  23. This is something that caught my eye a couple times now: As you can see, only the First Blood achievement. However: I hit the enemy CV with three torpedoes from a single torpedo salvo (the hits all landed consecutively within two seconds) for ~31k damage. That should've been a Devastating Strike, yet it wasn't awarded. The same issue was also present in Yuro's latest funtage (@1:16, embedded video should play from that timestamp): Nothing particularily important, since there's no rewards associated with the achievement (other than counting them for a small number of campaign missions), but whenever the development finds itself bored, it might be something to look into and fix since it's evidently not working as it should. Cheers
  24. Graphics Bug Repot

    Hello. while hitting a mountain with the salvos it seemed like the shells penetrated to mountain (ofc no damage dealt). I don' t know if the opponent could see them also. It happened in around the 3rd minute (give or take) of the game. Thank you 20180517_182125_PBSC108-Edinburgh_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  25. Awarded ribbons

    http://prntscr.com/jhn78s The awarded ribbons are blocking the captured zones as you can see. Is there any button that can fix this? I mean, its not really much of an issue but its a bit anoying Anyway this game is awesome and pls reply soon. Thank you. andrija_kaser_1