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Found 375 results

  1. Tempestdottir

    We NEED to see our ships' XP

    What is this new thing that's happening??? Normally we see our ships' XP at the top right corner above our ships' captains right? Yes BUT Whenever we switch our menu to anything except port, for example MODULES the ships' XP disappear (they are actually hidden by "rolling-up"). Now, especially at MODULES we NEED TO SEE our ships' XP right? For example, I need to see how many XP are still needed for the next hull, I see the next hull is 52,000 XP but I cannot see my actual current ship XP... I have to go to the menu and switch to port to check my current XP. Guys, it is annoying and redundant... PLease KEEP THE SHIP XP VISIBLE at all menu instances while in port...
  2. Hallo zusammen, in den Patchnotes hat sich folgende Meldung 'versteckt': Kurzum, folgende Aktion ist mit Patch 0.8.0 NICHT MEHR MÖGLICH: ALTES Verhalten in 0.7.12 - Schiff A ist von Feind B weiter entfernt als die eigene Erkennbarkeitsreichweite - Schiff A schießt auf Feind B (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite weitet sich aus bis zur maximalen Reichweite der Hauptbatterie) - Feind B entdeckt Schiff A - Schiff A fährt hinter eine Insel und bricht dadurch den Sichtkontakt (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite nach abfeuern der Hautpgeschütze schrumpft auf normale Erkennbarkeitsreichweite zurück) - Schiff A fährt hinter der Insel vor und ist von Feind B NICHT ENTDECKT Stattdessen kommt folgender Mechanismus zum tragen: NEUES Verhalten auf PTS 0.8.0 - Schiff A ist von Feind B weiter entfernt als die eigene Erkennbarkeitsreichweite - Schiff A schießt auf Feind B (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite weitet sich aus bis zur maximalen Reichweite der Hauptbatterie) - Feind B entdeckt Schiff A - Schiff A fährt hinter eine Insel und bricht dadurch den Sichtkontakt (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite nach abfeuern der Hautpgeschütze schrumpft NICHT auf normale Erkennbarkeitsreichweite zurück. 20s Regel) - Schiff A fährt hinter der Insel vor und ist von Feind B immer noch entdeckt (bis die 20s abgelaufen sind) Für WG war die erste Funktionsweise wohl ein Bug. Dieser soll nun gemäß der beschriebenen NEUEN Funktionsweise gefixt werden. Für uns Spieler aber eine intuitive Mechanik die das Spiel besser und angenehmer gestaltet hat. Im Englischen Forum haben bereits zahlreiche Spieler abgestimmt darüber welche Funktionsweise implementiert werden soll. Meine Frage an euch: - Soll die ALTE Funktionsweise erhalten bleiben? - Soll die NEUE Funktionsweise mit dem Patch eingeführt werden? Anscheinend ist dieser Fix im Zuge des CV Rework völlig untergegagen. Link zum englischen Forum: (Stand 22:00 29.01.2019: 1100 abgestimmt, 93.5% für die aktuell implementierte Mechanik)
  3. 22cm

    Victory points bugged?!

    Yesterday for Honor you had to gather 1500 points, today is 1500 points again?! It should have been 2000.
  4. I have a very small clan of only 2 members. Despite our very small size, we are very active in Naval Battles and have been slowly but consistently developing our base week after week, month after month with our results on naval battles. It might not be very impressive but it works for us, and we are happy with this arrangement. At this point we don't want to expand the clan size. So far we have always been paired to clans of our same size (2 members) in every naval battle engagement stage and everything was fine, until this weekend. This weekend, for the first time, our clan of 2 was set to compete against a clan of 5. No big deal, right? After all, as long as you play well you should have a chance to win, even if you go against larger clans. At least that's what I thought. WRONG. As the rules are set it turns out that the larger clan ALWAYS wins and the smaller clan has no chance at winning a naval battle engagement. Let me explain why: -Each member on a clan has 10 attempts to win a battle, achieve a certain base XP and then win a corresponding star. -The clan that collects more stars wins the engagement stage. Since my clan has only 2 members, our maximum number of attempts combined is 20, hence the max amount of stars we can collect is 20 stars, and that would mean 20 perfectly flawless naval battles without a single mistake. A top score, for a small clan like ours. As the opposing clan has 5 members, their total attempts will be 50, making it potentially possible for them to obtain 50 stars. Since the clan that collects more stars wins the engagement stage, 50 stars will always beat 20 stars. As things are set right now, the smaller clan ALWAYS LOSES. This actually happened to my clan this weekend. Before we even had the chance to play our first battle, our rival clan (of 5 members) had already achieved 21 stars. Since we can never get more than 20 stars max, it was lost before we even played a single battle. Extremely fair, right? You might think this is not a real problem since very small clans are not so common. But this issue affects every clan: Every clan paired against a larger clan will potentially lose on naval battles, as the larger clan has always more attempts. An easy solution would be to equalize attempts: When two clans of different size are matched, the number of attempts for both will be those of the larger clan. This measure would restore the balance again. In my own example my clan (despite having only 2 members) would now have 50 attempts (same number of attempts as the larger clan) and could now compete in all fairness. The winner would be the better clan and not necessarily the larger clan anymore. Anyway, this is just a suggestion and I certainly hope the devs will check this post and fix this huge unbalance about naval battles. I already filled a ticket and complained with support. Support did absolutely nothing and suggested addressing this issue to the forum in the hope that devs would see it and fix this issue, that is why I am posting here. I have no high hopes, but here it is just in case a dev actually reads this and does something about it. After all, It would be nice to have a chance of actually wining naval battles when you play better than your opponent, independently of the size of the clan. I am attaching a picture just to prove my claims: 1) My clan has only 2 members and can reach a max of 20 stars. 2) A rival clan of 5 members had already scored more than 20 stars (actually 21 stars) before we even had a chance to play our first battle. Please note that the rival clan is picked randomly, so my beef is not with them at all: They bear no responsibility in this whatsoever. My issue is with the current rules that allow for larger clans to always win. The rival clan appears here merely as an example, where you can confirm they have more than 2 members and that is why they reach a higher score. They might be very skilled or not, but that is not the reason of their victory. They are winning solely due to their larger size (larger number of members).
  5. Hello im getting crashes of the game and every time it happens i get to see the global commitable memory reaching the 100% mark. Anyone know whats the problem ? It should not be a cpu/ram/gpu problem since i tested all of them separatelly on stress tests. The gpu memory is 4GB by itself. Application C:/Games/World_of_Warships_Eu/bin64/WorldOfWarships64.exe crashed 04.27.2019 at 00:36:36 Message: Unhandled exception Hash: 6637 EIP: 0x00000000651669F7 Current thread #11164 native trace: (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF6651669F7 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66518F91A (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167046 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66516782C (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167990 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664913B89 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664FB72D8 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664909126 System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 9819552Kb/137438953344Kb (1%) Working set (process physical memory): 2348736Kb/8348404Kb (28%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 5170020Kb/11203316Kb (46%) Global physical memory: 6062656Kb/8348404Kb (72%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 11194540Kb/11203316Kb (100%) System info: APPLICATION = DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAY3, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAY4, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \\.\DISPLAY5, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 5 = \\.\DISPLAY6, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 6 = \\.\DISPLAY7, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF
  6. redraven

    Weird damage number

    Okay so i have run into a rather interesting thing. *forgot the save the replay so you will have to just imagine it* Im playing my Yamato. Game starts, first targets get into range. And i fire at a GK that around 18-19k away from me. You know, the usual eary game pop-shots. I hit it with 3 shells: 1 bounces, 1 overpens and 1 regular pen. Now comes the interesting part. I did 3800-3900-something damage. If i wasnt lazy enough i could give you the accurate number. So here is the thing. This just shouldnt happen… ever! Overpens deal 1800-something damage, regular pens deal 4800-something damage. This value of 3800-something is simply not possible in any situation. Its not the value for 2 overpens. its clearly lower than a regular pens damage so that out of the question, so what is it? Here is the answer. Its saturated damage value. You know, when an area runs out of local hp you deal half the damage of the shot, this usually happens AT THE END/LATE STAGES OF THE GAME. This one was the first ever shot fired at a full Health, 0-damage-taken GK. This is the only possible way the value can be generated. 1overpen shot and half (saturated value) of a regular pen. So here is my issue: How on gods good earth is it F-ing possible to deal saturated damage to a ship that has taken no damage previously?
  7. Flavio1997

    exeter mission part 2 bug

    finished today the 2nd part of the "exeter last stand", i was happy that i finished it ( took me 25 games to do the 15 decaps of the 2nd directive, then 2 for the 10 fires). But....i cannot start the 3rd one, i even tried with restarting the game... it says 10/10 fires, but doesn't unlock the 3rd part someone else found this problem? how and what should i do? customer support maybe?
  8. HunterHamburg

    Smoke Rendering - Bug oder nicht?

    Moin. Ich spiele zur Zeit nur gelegentlich WoWs seit 0.8.0 und entschuldigt falls die Frage schon kam. Mitunter habe ich Schwierigkeiten die Geschwindigkeit von Schiffen zu erkennen weil mir einfach die Rauchfahne aus dem/den Schornstein(en) fehlt. Es ist mir gerade heute wieder aufgefallen als ich eine Lightning mit dem Radar meiner Tschapajew aufgedeckt hatte. Meine erste Salve landete voll versemmelt hinter dem DD. Überraschungseffekt dahin. Replay verfügbar, falls benötigt (Juhu! auf diese Gamefunktion) aber ich weiß halt nicht ob sich das auf das Smoke-Rendering auswirkt oder nicht. Vor einigen Spielen ist mir das Phänomenen schon mal aufgefallen, keine Ahnung ob es gestern oder vorgestern war... Hat dies evtl. noch jemand bemerkt? Ich möchte erst mal nachfrage ob es nicht ein Problem auf meiner Seite ist bevor ich Anfange es für einen Bug zu halten. Ich spiele auf einem Ryzen 2600X mit GTX 1070 und folgenden Grafikeinstellungen:
  9. wilkatis_LV

    Spotters are breaking cyclones... Again

    Edit: Confirmed as "Not a bug, it's a new mechanic" by MrConway. I'll keep the rest of the thread the same, adding this just to reduce confusion / misinformation Apparently my all time favorite bug has made a re-appearance, however this time in a significantly "nerfed" version Spotters in cyclone now work like a... very localized radar is the best explanation I can give The plane needs to be within 8km of the target & able to spot them (either through their base air detection being high enough, or that being extended due to them firing), and as a result of that the "mothership" of the plane gets an extended view range against this target, including being able to fire without getting spotted in return. Effectively you get up to a couple accurate & safe salvos per usage of the spotter. Compared to the 0 without it - quite a big improvement Posting this in Gameplay as sort of a PSA - abuse it while you can Still going to tag @MrConway and @Crysantos so they can report this to whoever needs the reporting
  10. 300ConfirmedKills

    Fix the forum date-time representations

    Some feedback about the forum: please change the date-time format to an ISO 8601-compliant representation. The current representation used for quoted posts and elsewhere is far inferior in terms of clearness, readability and portability. E.g.: On 2/14/2019 at 7:22 PM, 300ConfirmedKills said: Spare us from this arcane '14th month' and 'PM' nonsense. I searched my forum settings for an option to change to a more rational date-time representation, but could find none. If there can only be one date-time representation on this forum, it ought to be in the form of a superlatively convenient and useful ISO 8601-compliant representation.
  11. I just got tossed out of an ongoing game. When I managed to log back on, I found that I could no longer switch signal flags or camouflage patterns on my ships, due to a "Transaction processing error. Please try again later." This thing, in the past, also prevented me from moving commanders between ships, so it's quite disruptive to the gameplay. My impression is that these "transaction processing errors" have started to happen more and more frequently during the last couple of months. Without wanting to sound overly petulant, I must say that they are fairly annoying. As my life is currently organized, I usually have to plan ahead in order to get a few hours of game time. I can't always just log out and try again later - not without it becoming, perforce, a whole lot of days later, anyway. New ship lines and reworked carriers and historical collections are all fine and engaging - no sarcasm intended - but they all come second to having a working game. @MrConway, there is a rumour that you can be summoned by speaking you name aloud on the forum. Can you perhaps shed some light on this matter? Are these transaction errors becoming more common? Is there something we, as players, can do to stop them from happening?
  12. So, backstory.There is a fletcher down below c that was spotted for some time so the position is known.He torped my teammate the moskva (above C) with 1 set.He probably aimed the second set at me and I'm guessing the entire set is in front of me? The torps should be coming from my left, from the conquerors position more or less. And heres the video of my teammate the moskva, the fletcher torped 1 set at him and 1 set at me. At least his set vas visible.
  13. Zenturio52


    Wenn ich ingame auf meinen Clan klicke kommt das hier Finde besonders spannend, dass ich ingame ne Option zum Download bekomme WG please @Crysantos
  14. Mir ist aufgefallen, das die Secs auf der Alsace sich nicht zu Gegner drehen. Die Feueranimation findet immer in der "Defaultposition" der Geschütze statt. Weiters hab ich das Gefühl das nur 4 der 6 kleineren Secs je seite feuern?? Bei den 3 größeren scheinen auch nur 2 zu feuern bzw fehlt mehrfach die feueranimation, somit Schwer zu sagen. Bitte verifizieren. greets
  15. Bonjour, Je sais pas si d'autre on le souci mais j'ai un problème qui dure avec l'affichage des navires sur la mini-map. J''explique. Lorsque je détecte un navire/ ou qu'un allier détecte un navire au lieux d'apparaitre directement au bonne endroit sur la mini-map il ce place n'importe ou en fonction du fait que ce soit la première détection : La il ce place dans le coin de la carte puis vi ce placer au bonne endroit et si c'est un navire qui est détecté après avoir "disparu" il réapparait en premier lieu a la dernière position connue avant de venir a la nouvelle. Le temps de placement du navires à la bonne place me prend 1 à 2s (voir plus) J'ai tester avec et sans mod (J'utilise le Mod de Garfield et de Compass Rose). Le souci n'est pas présent dans les Replays (ou beaucoup moins souvent) Je tourne le jeu à 75-80 FPS et Ping entre 20 et 30ms D'autre on le problème? Merci
  16. bzerkur

    Windows Function Stuck

    Hi All, for the past couple of years of playing WOWS my windows function gets randomly stuck on and will pretty much render my PC US unless I restart it. I've reported this bug numerous times but due to the effect it causes have not been able to submit any evidence of how or why it's happening. Just wondering if any body else is experiencing this and if they've found a solution? Note: it occurs regardless of PC/Laptop set up.
  17. LuckyTiti_warrior

    Bug Son

    Bonjour, Depuis la "petite" mise à jour de ce matin (07/02/2019) j'ai remarqué un bug au niveau du son. En effet celui-ci, se désactive en cours d'une partie après quoi, soit il "revient" tout seul, soit il ne "revient" qu'une fois au port ou soit obliger de quitter le jeu et se connecté de nouveau. Ce défaut "reviens" plusieurs fois, sur 11 parties ce jour, le bug est venue 9 fois, dont 4 fois ou j'était obliger et quitter le jeu pour me reconnecter par la suite. Bon jeu et bonne journée. LuckyTiti
  18. Chop_

    Missing new year special camo.

    Just purchased x18 Lunar New Year crates and got the special camo for Loyang but it has not appeared in the camouflage tab or the inventory, has anyone else had this issue?
  19. Linkaex


    My team mates are broken :') All jokes aside, stop putting me only in games with [edited] and fix your match making to balance teams on skill level. Lopsided games are a common thing. But being put only in the loser team bracket is really frustrating.
  20. MortenTardo

    "Lock on" bug?

    Hello nice people of the Internet Like many of you know i'm not a BBaby, so this is NOT a whine tread about BB's. This seems to be affecting cruisers and DD's aswell. It might be totally confirmation bias, but lately i have had troubles with "bad RNG" when playing BB's and cruisers. Like every BB i play, play like its a Bismarck when it comes to dispersion and even cruisers i play have had horrible dispersion. Now, i thought for a while that it was just me being on a bad RNG streak. But its been going on for a long time. I am the first to admit when i'm potatoing, but this has been weird for a while. And its not like those lol salvos that every once in a while derp out and hit everything but the target. I'm talking about consistent garbage dispersion with most ships. Until today. When i heard someone say it might be something wrong with the "lock on" mechanic in the game. And that i should try to "unlock" and "lock" back on before i shot. I thought that might make sense, since most of my salvos seems like the "unlocked" ones you fire into smoke and it started a few patches ago. Now, i have only tested this for like 3 games so far, however seems like my hitrate is much higher in those games. But it needs much more testing. Like i said, this might just be tinfoil hat theory, but i will keep testing it. I would also appreciate if anyone else struggling with the same thing would do some testing aswell and report back. Greetings
  21. 2 Icarus game total 6 spotted. But... Really miss someting or bug?
  22. Oberflaechentaucher

    Bug ? - Linke Maustaste CV (kein CV Test)

    Es kommt bei mir immer wieder vor, dass bei einem CV Spiel plötzlich die Linke Maustaste nicht mehr reagiert. Mehr schlecht als recht spiele ich dann mit Tastenbefehlen und der rechten Maustaste zu Ende. Selbst nach Ende der Runde funktioniert die Maustaste weiterhin bis zu einem Spielneustart nicht. Außerhalb des Spiels ist alles ok. Im Hafenmenü wird durch die Linke Maustaste nach dem Fehler eine dauerhafte Sicht zur Rotation des Schiffes aktiv. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem oder vieleicht eine Lösung ... ggf. habe ich ja nur einen alternativen Linke Maustastenmodus aktiviert, den ich nicht mehr deaktiviert bekomme ...
  23. SkollUlfr

    stuck on loading screen

    just tried taking my QE into a ranked match, the map riposte came up, and the loading screen wont end to let me actually play. i can see the other players moving on the map, but i cant actually join.
  24. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  25. mlbpc

    Personal Assignments

    Hello, I've noted a behavior in the game which I and many may othere people would consider a bug. Personal assignments rewarded with Premium ships Tirpitz and Tirpitz B (Black friday) come with a 10 game bonus reward mission (play 1 game = 250 Doubloons) which does not count if you play the B variant of the ship. The same applies if you unlock the Massachusetts and Massachusetts B, Asashio and Asashio B and so on. If you play the regular non B variant of the ship the progress hits the account and the reward is given. for me I am luck enough to have the regular non B variant of Tirpiz so I could identify this issue, but I don't have the non B Asashio or Massachusetts and cannot unlock the pay out. I've attached a screen grab which shows the three Assignments from the left that I am talking about.