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Found 35 results

  1. Hallo liebe Mitstreiter! Mir ist in letzter Zeit aufgefallen, das sich in unserem Clanbereich angeblich inaktive Spieler befinden (Bereich Clanmitglieder). Ich habe aber im Clan-Chat gesehen, das mindestens 3 Spieler aktiv sind und auch Gefechte absolviert haben. Deren Statistiken sind auch nicht versteckt. Ist das jetzt ein Bug, oder hat dies andere Ursachen?
  2. T3ddyBear

    What am I missing here?

    My OCD is killing me at the moment, just going through the campaigns and trying to complete every task. On mission 9 of Science of Victory it tells me I have completed 13/14 but when I check the missions, they are all completed, am I missing something obvious? Cheers TB.
  3. RedRye95

    Lock on / Aiming Glitch

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the lock on bug that has affected the game for some time now where despite being locked on to the target you do not receive the corresponding accuracy buff. As a result your dispersion is as if you were firing without the target lock. On very accurate ships it is quite obvious when it happens as your dispersion should be wildly greater than the normal RNG. The only real way of combatting it seems to be manually unlocking and locking the target using your key bind. However, it used to be quite infrequent, but as of the latest patch it seems to be almost every other shot for me. I think it's one of those long standing issues that while irritating, didn't happen frequently enough to be a priority e.g. like how the camera can do a 180 sometimes when use use the free look button. I feel like this should be a bug report but I can't think of any way to gather evidence that it is happening more/less frequently than before. Has anyone else noticed a difference since the current patch went live or am I imagining it?
  4. _Deano

    T10 Infernal camo bug

    Received the T10 Infernal camo but cannot mount it on any T10 ship as it does not appear as an option. Camo appears in the inventory, so definitely was received.
  5. Verblonde

    Dragon ship - wonky concealment

    As was publicised, the Dragon ships now have permaflage (that can be swapped out for regular consumable cammo if you feel the urge); I also recall reading that they were supposed to gain the usual concealment bonuses as regular permaflage. This latter appears not to be the case. I know the port 'concealment' value can be a bit flaky, but I'm seeing the following: Myoko: concealment 56 S.Dragon: concealment 64 E.Dragon: concealment 56 Presumably, the S.Dragon one is incorrect? Also, neither of the Dragon ships get the usual permaflage economic bonuses, but I don't recall reading about that one way or the other, so I've no idea if that's correct.
  6. Ich hatte gerade ein spiel in meiner Algerie und dabei ist das folgende (siehe Fotos) aufgetreten. Was? Wieso? Wie? Warum gibt es diese Textur überhaupt?
  7. So, after researching the Crocosaur (I was able to research and purchase the Scorpiod without issue), it come time to purchase the Crocosaur for 1 credit. but then it brings up this page, where I can't buy the ship. It's as though I had been able to select a new commander (I couldn't.. ) when the ship was researched, and now it wants 50 dubloons for a commander with 3 skill points, or something like that. I can't click anything on the page except close. I have over 50 dobloons, so I can't even throw 50 dobloons into the ether to allow me to buy the ship. I just can't buy it. I've made a ticket, but anyone got any ideas on how to get around/fix it? Anyone else had this with any of the Halloween ships? I've tried restarting etc.
  8. TheLeninTrain

    Alsace Secondaries bugged ?

    Hiya everyone, As the title states, I'd like to know if it's just me. but the Alsace secondaries seem not to take into account AFT very well instead of a max range of 11.3km, the ship's secondaries only reach 9.9km (this affects the actual gameplay and isn't just a visual bug). The GK doesn't suffer from this issue nor does the Republique. Cheers,
  9. phsycopathic

    Massive Bug

    I have closed the game and yet, here it is. Refusing to shut down the .exe This is not only happening to me, I have many members and players in the clan stating the same issue. This is either a catastrophic f@@k up or a dangerous exploitable failure. This needs urgent attention.
  10. Web_animal

    Game don't EXIT

    When i try to exit game its apear YES and NO i hit yes and the game don't close to windows , I have to terminate game in task manager.
  11. RichTem

    Clan in russian Bug

    sints last Halloween update! every thing in clan tab that shut be english is in russian! any way to fix this?
  12. Is it only me or did anyone else notice this as well? Lately, I get tons of AP penetration ribbons, but the actual damage dealt is exactly the overpenetration damage. I think it is since the last patch. Did they introduce a new bug?
  13. In late March I posted in the "Greatest Achievements" thread about my Minotaur spotting reds well after being below the water. I didn't see it happen again for a long time but, well, it seems that such "feature" is back with this patch. In the attached replay below (my last battle ATM) I'm sunk pretty soon with 6 detection ribbons, then another one gets added while capsizing and a final one when the whole hull has long become a new home for moray eels and octopi: 20191018_234035_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay I think it has also happened in another battle today, although I'm not sure. It probably was with part of the ship still above the water so I didn't pay much attention. I could check that out later. Salute to all.
  14. LeberAdanek

    Bug in buying upgrade

    There seems to be a bug when buying upgrades. The game would allow me to unready and use free XP to research the module but would not allow me to buy the upgrade afterwards telling me to unready even though I already had.
  15. Das letzte mal auf "two Brothers".... Wieder einmal musste ich feststellen das meine Torpedos durch die ganze Map gehen. Wie man Anhand der Screenshots sehen kann befinde ich mich auf der anderen Seite der Map und mein Torpedo geht durch jegliche Hindernisse. Mit einigen Schüssen habe ich das mehr oder weniger täglich in der Nähe von Inseln. Bitte fixt das endlich mal ;)
  16. Panocek

    Raptor Rescue bug

    So, I've took Old Lady for a spin into Raptor Rescue. Long story short, one of last two enemy ship encounters - Furutaka, out of blue activated giga heal, recovering about 5k hp per tick. Have anyone encountered such bug? I wonder if it has something to do with "Insert Coin" achievement (torping cartoony boat next to exit zone), as said Furutaka went super sayan just after achievement was announced in chat. Replay in attachment, 5:30 starts last battle, while Furutaka gets heal at 4:40. Use x64 client of 20191007_221234_PBSB002-Warspite-1941_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  17. KingDisruptor

    Bug - AA manuel

    J'ai découvert récemment un bug assez dérangeant en rapport avec l'AA manuel et la compétence de commandant "Tir AA massif". En effet, lorsque j'utilise la fonction de l'AA manuelle durant une partie en pressant O, l'AA au lieu de se charger pour obtenir le bonus de pourcentage de dégâts, se met directement en cooldown sans passer par la phase de bonus de dégâts (voir images ci-joint). Ce bug fut trouvé suite au fait qu'il ne se produit que sur mon Minotaur équipé de ce commandant. Avec un commandant n'ayant pas la compétence, le bug ne se produit pas. NB avant de voir arriver les comments : oui je sais que cette compétence ne sert plus beaucoup sur un mino mais j'ai pas pensé à changer mon commandant depuis l'AA rework. Merci de votre compréhension. la compétence en question image de gauche : juste avant de presser "O" image de droite : juste après avoir pressé "O"
  18. Endorphin187

    Wrong voice for UK Captain "Hood"

    Hi, i think i found a soundbug in the voice from captain "Hood". Its a UK captain but talks japanese. And i have no voicemod, language is german. All other captains working fine.
  19. After patch 8.0 Stalingrad's horn wistel is not working anymore. Please fix it. Thanks.
  20. AhnKahet

    New clouds

    What do you guys think about new sky/clouds? Looks like Mordor! That is not the only map where i encountered this Edit #1: Those black barely readable letters say: ''not found''.
  21. allegrowicz59

    Bug w spocie z powietrza?

    Hej, zauważyłem już jakiś czas temu, że teoretyczny spot z powietrza nie do końca pokrywa się z rzeczywistym. Inaczej mówiąc: wpisane masz spot na 2.7km, widzą cię z 3.0 km (mimo plot wyłączonej). I tutaj pada pytanie: Błąd w zapisie i spot jest zapisany lepszy niż być powinien? Czy błąd w mechanice i okręty bywają spotowane ze zbyt dużej odległości. Też tak miewaliście? WG mówiło już coś an ten temat? Czy po prostu po cichu buffują lotnie żeby nikt nie widział ? Dzisiaj udało mi się załapać dobrego screena, widać mnie Z POWIETRZA na 2.9, plot wyłączona a wpisanego mam niby 2.7.
  22. PziCrow

    Small bugs I found in 0.8.7

    1. In the port, the tabs at the top resets back to "Port" after each battle, no matter which of the others was highlighted when entering battle. 2. In the "Ship Display settings panel", the checkbox for "Show ships with a Commander" is reset after closing the game client and then loging back in. 3. Torpedo reload sound plays after ship is sunk. 4. A message appears behind ships in the carousel.
  23. PziCrow

    Spotting damage

    Over the past few battles, I have noticed that damage upon my spotting is inconsistent and I don't recieve the correct number from spotting ships, that are damaged by my team. My last battle, I spotted 5 ships - 3BB's and 2 CL's - and I was always the closest to them, keeping them spotted. I only got a little over 10k spotting damage from that, even though all 5 ships were destroyed by my teammates, so I should have got a LOT more than 10k.

    Ships Missing Bios?

    Hopefully this is the correct place to put this. I was just taking a moment to reset what ships I had 'prioritised' in my carousel (dropping those I haven't looked at grinding in months) when I noticed a few ships don't appear to have their bios show up on mouse-over. In the tables below: Y means "Bio shows up"; *N* means "bio does not show up". Yuubari Y Furious Y Mogami Y Cleveland Y Shimakaze Y Tachibana Y Vampire Y ARP Hiei Y Kamikaze Y Sims Y Atago Y Kiev Y Gearing Y Smith Y Orion Y Okhotnik Y Exeter Y Harekaze Y Shoukaku Y Lightning Y Smolensk Y St Louis Y ARP Kongou Y October Revolution Y Ryuujou Y Yukikaze Y Kaga Y Cossack Y Minotaur Y Bellerophon Y ARP Haruna Y Guilio Cesare Y Shinonome *N* T-61 *N* Warspite Y Shiratsuyu Y Maass Y Belfast Y Benson Y Loyang Y Dallas *N* Graf Spee Y De Grasse Y ARP Haguro Y Scharnhorst Y Nelson Y Tirpitz Y Kitakaze Y Arizona *N* HSF Graf Spee Y Duca D'Aosta Y Atlanta Y Jervis Y Akizuki Y Bismarck Y Musashi Y Molotov *N* Gallant Y Akatsuki Y Minsk Y Fiji Y Kagerou Y Edinburgh Y Fletcher Y The last one (just cut off) is Harugumo: Y. Has anyone else noticed this bug either with these ships or with other ships that I haven't listed here? And just to complicate matters: I have no idea what is going on with this bug.
  25. It's a "feature" newer french DDs introduce in the game? At least give me the opportunity to launch them post mortem...