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Found 436 results

  1. Personal missions - BUGGED?

    I dont know what is going on with thw personal missions for like on month or so. Also theese new missions for patches and emblems are also not working correctly for me. I have them half completed, but sometimes after the battle ends I go to check the progress and I see all missions not even started yet. Anybody else experiencing same issues?
  2. To the point: 3 main bugs which I bet no one will be able to explain how did they got pass testing Major bugs: 1. After clicking on the map to send planes somewhere a selection square will appear and will stay there until a new order is given to the same plane! You see, you can not select a different squadron or anything else because this bug is blocking everything. You must give another point for that same plane to go to in order for the selection square to disappear and for you to continue to play. This happens 2-5 times each game! 2. When you give a squadron a new point to go to on the minimap or the big map very often it will instead go to protect the nearest ship, this happens even if the nearest ship is 10km away from the position I clicked on the map. This happens 4-10 times each game. 3. This is a new bug that came up in the last week or so and is the worst so far. When I try to draw a square in order to select several squadrons it will not detect that I am holding the mouse button continuously instead with stutter like I am clicking the button very fast. This happens 0.5-1 times each game. And it is in periods like for 4 minutes it is happening then 4 minutes it doesn't but I face it almost every game Minor bugs: 1. This one happens rarely less than 1 time per 5 games I think. But is irritating still. So sometimes when I press the left button in order to drop torpedoes or bombs it will not register my click, and will register it after 2 seconds. Now do I need to explain that 2 seconds is enough for my planes to be completely out of position for the drop and very often to make a second attempt means to loose even all of them to AA especially if I attack cruiser. 2. When nothing, no planes no ship is selected and I click somewhere on the map the ship will take the order instead!! This happens when I am in a hurry and very fast click on a squadron but don't manage to click on it instead next to it and then give him an order to go somewhere. This will send my ship to that position and if I don't see it in time will die. This happens very rarely to me and it might be done intentional by WG I don't know but the point is: It is a bad idea and it should be changed. If it is a bug it needs to be fixed as well.
  3. Bugs?

    Playing a random game, just earlier, well after dying that is - I went looking how stuff is going on around map, and how others are duking it out... Then, I noticed red triangle...OUT of MAP. about 15-ish kilometers, probably more. The thing is, it wasn't moving. It was just there. Also, I don't remember seeing anyone fire them in that direction, as my teammates were not in that area at the time. The single, lonely torp persisted in that spot stationary. Has anyone noticed similar gimmicks?
  4. Have any of you ever used the mouse wheel to scroll the ships line-up in your port, only for the ships line to suddenly stop and become non-responsive? When this happens, it's still possible to move the ships line with the triangle buttons at either edge of the screen, but the mouse wheel doesn't move the ships line. I just noticed that the mouse pointer has to always be on top of a ship picture for the scrolling to work. The pointer doesn't work if it should be in one of the gaps between the ship pictures. I'm sure many of you have noticed this before, but how come I wasn't notified? I kept assuming that it must be some glitch every time it happend and didn't pay more attention.
  5. Stumbled across a bug today, when i was playing Missouri with Steven Seagal as captain. At some point i wanted to shoot HE against an angled NC, so i was waiting till AP was reloaded (reload because AR was 26~ secs). Ammo switching did take 6,6 seconds, after which i wasnt able to shoot for an additional ~20 secs (which indicates i would have switched ammo without Expert Loader skill) Gonna write a ticket to support aswell, but just a heads up that something weird is going on.
  6. DON'T trust the auto pilot

    Hello peepz, So I am playing in my Midway. I notice I am going to near to the enemy, time to trun around. I select a point on the minimap and I see a white line from my ship going to the point I want. So I'm focusing on my planes and trust the autopilot to guide my Midway to where I want. 2 Minutes later.... What the actual hell... why didn't my carrier turn around? where did the white line go? Long story short... Am I the only one having problems whit the autopilot? I know the UI sucks and I don't know when they will fix it... but I do wonder if they messed up the Auto Pilot... Or am I doing something wrong? It's just clicking a point on the minimap and when i have my carrier selected there is a white line from the whit Arrow to the point I want. You guys having any problems whit the autopilot? Maybe having some tips to avoid [edited]it up and die... All the best and dear regards, Dex
  7. Hi all, Do we have that old Forum bug back (that doesn't show images in posts)? Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Tady je seznam známých chyb a problémů ve verzi 0.6.15, které už nemusíte znova reportovat.
  9. Loading time annoying bug

    Hi, Steven Segal + Expert Loader and every third time I'm getting full reload time. This is not first nor tenth time. It was annoing bug for some time now. I pay attantion to make sure the loading has ended to start reload. So no. I don't start to reload to early. WG - Look into it and fix it.
  10. invisible torps

    and film
  11. Znikające torpedy

    czy mnie coś ominęło, czy w którymś patchu wugie dało niewidoczne torpedy z cefałek? i czemu torpeda zrzucona na wyspę przez nią przeszła? i całość na filmie
  12. Bug

    Ce petit logo tourne tous le temps quand je veux rentrer dans "inviter un amis ,inventaire ,actualité ,clan ,pour voir les autre profils et autres" et ceux qui marche "convertir l exp libre et achat de prenium" (LA CHANCE). Je l ai laissé tourner pendant au moins 10 minutes avec le meme résultat ,c est très gênant car je peux pas rejoindre un clan. Quelqu un a t-il une solution ?
  13. Tady je seznam známých chyb a problémů ve verzi 0.6.14, které už nemusíte znova reportovat.
  14. I was playing my Indianapolis and i was noticing some very strange fluctuations on the damage values for my shells, so i decided to go ahead and took some pictures (forgive the guerrilla type phone screenshots). Notice the different values of what the damage the shells are supposed to do in port vs what it says when i'm in battle. I had a game before that one where it was much less, like AP doing only 2100 damage but i didn't think about taking a screenshot of that one. Can someone explain to me exactly why this disparity is happening? Is this a bug or some other issue?
  15. Witam, mój problem polega na tym że kiedy mamy ekran łączenia się do gry (tam gdzie wpisujesz email i hasło) robię wszystko jak należy, ale klikam połącz, pokazuje się ikonka ładowania na środku ekranu i... dzieje się kompletnie nic! Jak byłem w ekranie łączenia się do gry, tak dalej w nim jestem. Przez to w ogóle nie mogę wejść do gry, a bardzo mi na tym zależy, ponieważ zawsze chciałem pograć właśnie w tę grę. Mam nadzieję że dostanę szybką odpowiedź czemu mi się tak dzieje. Pozdrawiam Jakub. :)
  16. Tady je seznam známých chyb a problémů ve verzi 0.6.13, které už nemusíte znova reportovat.
  17. Weapon lock bug

    Weapon lock has been bugging out ALOT lately, i can make the lock to direction of desire and then suddenly at some point of session its stuck. I cant release the lock by any means, ctrl-x, alt-x or just x, nothing works. Is there way to disable this combo so i cant use it? I couldnt find it from controll section of setup?
  18. Bisher habe ich keinen Beitrag zu diesem Problem finden können und werde einfach mal mein Glück versuchen. Ich war mir ein wenig uneinig wo ich das Problem überhaupt posten soll. 1. Beschreibung Ich habe vor genau zwei Tagen den Yamamoto Isoroku freigespielt. Den habe ich dann als Kapitän auf die gute Mogami gepackt. Der Yamamoto ist komplett auf das Schiff eingespielt. Damit meine ich, dass keine Skills in ihrer Funktion beinträchtigt werden. Das Problem beschränkt sich jetzt auf die Gun Tracer, die bei der 155 mm Version nicht funktionieren, wenn ich die 155 mm Variante verwende. Bei AP werden die Tracer angezeigt. Bei HE sieht man keine. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu beheben Ich habe folgendes vesucht: Yamamoto Gun Tracer Skill in seinem Skill-Baum an und abgeschaltet. Mit einem Freund in ein Zufallsgefecht und er sieht daselbe wie ich. AP mit Tracern. HE ohne Tracer. Yamamoto auf die Atago gepackt. Bei beiden Munitionsarten funktionieren die Tracer. Wieder zurück auf die 155 mm Mogami. Bei HE immer noch keine Tracer. Mogami mit der 203 mm Variante ausprobiert. Beide Munitionsarten zeigen die Tracer. 3. Erwartetes Ergebnis Eigentlich sollte auch bei der 155 mm Version der Mogami bei beiden Munitionsarten, die Tracer angezeigt weden. Auf der Suche nach einer Lösung bin ich auf einen Post im NA Forum gestoßen. Die Person hat bisher nur keinen Antworten erhalten und hat genau daselbe Problem. Sein Post: Yamamoto-Tracers-Not-Working-Properly-On-My-Mogami
  19. Torp bug

    Hi Ive experienced a weird bug lately when playing the Operation. The Torpedo aim was totaly out of sync as to where the Torpedoes were launched. Luckily i managed to get that from the replay, because i know one prior incident where it most likely happened too (being in division to a RU Cruiser in Random battle, thats way worse than Operations, no replay tho). I wonder if it might happen more often, because sometimes i see those close quarter torps totaly miss the target where u think how stupid can on be to miss a BB 1km away from u? Lately a Farragut ambushing a Scharnhorst and no torpedo hit. I thought maybe he got bugged too. But here is the vid: U can clearly see that my aim is nowhere near the place the Torps are heading to. Its not even close.... @Sub_Octavian Do u guys know about something like that?
  20. 2 things: not sure how exactly I triggered it no clue how to stop it (I guess playing a game would be a fix? maybe restarting the whole client?) Anyway, I'll just go from the start... Let this one to be a visually aided storytime. Played my last (for now) game in the Lion, did pretty well. Since it's off topic I'll just drop it under a spoiler, check it if you want to. So, enough exp gathered, might aswell research the Conqueror! Still lacking a bit in the financial department, but whatever. Lion -> Modules -> Conq -> Research -> Port Activated a few more campaign missions that I hadn't done yet, back to port Thought - hey, while there is the +100% might aswell play the Bogue so I get through it quicker (no manual drops makes it really annoying). But since we had a possibility to reset all our captains and demount all the upgrades, that's exactly what I had done. So, of course, I had to go into Modules tab to mount them. This confused me a bit. Where are my modules? Well, back to port, and open the modules tab again. Ok then. So guys (and grills), what is your opinion - should I mount the 457mm main battery on my Bogue or should I leave it at 420mm? Then again... maybe I should mount the 457mm on the Haruna? Nah, that would probably be called seal clubbing. Amagi maybe? But I like her 410s (420s?). Playing around just clicking on random ships in my port I eventually ran into the "invisible modules" once more And then a few tries later... once more. So yeah, had a good laugh about it and now I'm thinking what the hell happened?
  21. Hi, ich bin gerade an der Herausforderung von dem Premium Schiff Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya dran. Meine Aufgabe ist : Verdiene in einem Gefecht 1600 Basis EP. Meine Frage : Ich habe bereits mehrere Matches mit höheren EP Gewinn abgeschlossen 1 davon auch über 3000. Wieso also kann ich diese Aufgabe nicht vervollständigen ? (Die Schiffe mit denen ich gespielt habe sind über Stufe 4 oder Stufe 4) Edit : Die beiden vorherigen Ketten habe ich auch abgeschlossen. MFG alex
  22. In un paio di occasioni WoW ha crashato all'avvio. Il crash sono sempre riuscito a risolverlo grazie al WGCheck_EN.exe . Dopo questo intervento, purtroppo, il click del mouse non produceva più alcun effetto. Nulla da fare col riavvio del PC. La prima delle due volte, tutto si è sistemato da solo il giorno successivo (avviato il pc, lanciato il gioco e tutto filava liscio). Non sono mai risucito a capire il perchè ed il come. La seconda delle due volte, ho addirittura reinstallato il gioco. Nulla da fare. Il click del mouse non produceva alcun effetto. Ho ribaltato il web ed i vari forum di WoW, ma nulla da fare. Ovviamente ho già tentato TUTTE le possibili soluzioni prospettate. Ovviamente senza successo. Ho aperto un ticket col supporto proprio oggi. Di certo non mi risponderanno domani (domenica). Qualcuno ha mai incontrato problemi analoghi e li ha risolti? Aggiornamento al 22/10/2017: nel forum in inglese ho trovato che, per una situazione comparabile, il problema si era risolto quando la schermata di login richiedeva di inserire ID e password, invece di trovarsi già precompliata (quest'ultimo, il mio caso - vedi immagine 1). Ed è proprio a partire da questa schermata che il click del mouse non ha effetto. Non posso dunque neppure deselezionare il "salva password". Sigh...! Qualcuno sa come resettare ID e password in maniera che la pagina di login appaia con i campi ID e password vuoti (vedi immagine 2)?
  23. Ve čtvrtek ráno tu budeme mít novou aktualizaci na verzi 0.6.12. Tady je (poměrně dlouhý) seznam známých chyb a problémů, které už nemusíte znova reportovat. Edit: Ještě malá poznámka – aktualizace 0.6.12 bude mít cca 3 GB
  24. Hallo, 1.Beschreibung Nur! in Division, egal ob 2er oder 3er, kommt es in 90% der Fälle vor, dass ich nach einem Gefecht, im Hafen keine Schiffe oder Buttons anwählen kann. 2.Schritte um den Fehler zu reproduzieren: Bleibe ich im Gefecht, bis die Runde vorüber ist, triit der Fehler in 90% der Fälle auf. Beende ich das Runde, bevor das Gefecht vorrüber ist, treten die oben genannten Probleme offensichtlich nicht auf. 3. Ergebnis Mausrad und Cursor funktionieren. Jedoch weder Tastatur zB ALT+F4 (außer ALT+CTR+ENTF), noch (links!)Mausklick nehmen Befehle an. Es kann auch sein(nicht die Regel!), dass zur selben Zeit bei einem Divisionsmitglied(bisher aber immer bei dem selben Divi-Mitglied) die gleichen, wie oben beschriebenen Probleme auftreten. Auffällig ist, dass der Chat-bug (Chat und/oder Divisionsliste und/oder Freundesliste leer(Chatserver nicht erreichbar. Wir arbeiten daran)) und mein hier beschriebener Fehler zur selben Zeit auftreten. 4.Was soll passieren Maus- und Keyboardeigaben sollten umgesetzt werden ohne das Spiel über den Taskmanager beenden und neu starten zu müssen. 5.technische Details Uhrzeitunabhängig, offensichtlich ausschließlich nach Gefechten in Division. Erstes mal ist der Fehler ca vor 1,5 - 2 Wochen aufgetreten
  25. Unsichtbare Flugzeugstaffeln

    Hi ho, Leute... hatte gestern ein merkwürdigen Bug erlebt.... und zwar wurde ich von einer unsichtbaren Staffel DBs angegriffen und getroffen....die Flieger waren weder im Anflug, noch in der Anflugsequenz oder auf der Minimap zu sehen.... deswegen war ich dann doch etwas überrascht ;) die anfliegenden TBs waren aber aber optisch dargestellt (auch auf der Minimap)... daher wohl kein grundsätzlicher Bug in der Minute mit fliegenden Material... Hat sowas vielleicht auch schon ein anderer mal erlebt??? Ja, Replay wäre toll.... ich weiß :(