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Found 455 results

  1. Twitch port bug?

    Last month I activated this promotion from Twitch Prime to get Kappa commander with 5 special Twitch containers and Twitch port. But the problem is; whenever I change from Twitch port back to my old port (in this case Black Sea) it wont stay perma. Every time after this port change after I re-log back in game Twitch port is back by itself. I know it doesnt have anything to do with Prime membership but I did cancel my Twitch Prime Trial right after rewards last month. Anyone else have this problem with this port? I believe this is some side effect of latest patch.
  2. Spähflugzeuge und die verbuggte Sichtweite

    Ahoi Kapitäne, heute geht es um die Sichtweite von Flugzeugen. Laut Wiki ( http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection#View_range ) sollten diese 11km weit sehen können, also Schiffe nur dann spotten, wenn diese 11km vom Flugzeug entfernt sind. Bei den Fliegern von CVs funktioniert das so weit auch, aber wenn man das mit Scoutplanes testet, wird klar, dass hier etwas nicht stimmt. Ich habe einige Tests im Übungsraum gemacht und die Ergebnisse sind folgendermaßen: Wie man hier sieht, ist der Flieger fast genau zwischen mir und dem Ziel, das durch die Insel nicht ohne Flieger gespottet werden kann. Jedoch ist die Distanz 4,1km zum Flieger und 16,9km zum Ziel, also 12,8km zwischen Flieger und Ziel. Das sind mehr als 11km und damit ist die Zahl aus dem Wiki offensichtlich falsch. Hier noch mal als der Flieger gerade startet in genau 13km Entfernung: Welche Sichtweite hat das Scoutplane also dann? Der Winkel ist natürlich nicht exakt und der Screenshot minimal nach der eigentlichen Aufdeckung des Ziels gemacht (danke Render-Geschwindigkeit), aber mit dem SWS-Satz kommen wir ungefähr auf eine Sichtweite von 15km. Dieses Ergebnis deckt sich auch mit dem ersten Test dieser Art https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/93172-air-to-surface-detectability-not-quite-as-it-looks/ Eigentlich könnte man nun denken, dass einfach alle Scoutplanes 15km weit sehen. Gut, ist die Zahl halt falsch im Wiki, aber das kann man umschreiben. Aber jetzt wird es erst richtig lustig! Gleiche Map, gleicher Spawn der Ziele, doch diesmal testen wir mit dem Scoutplane der Perth: Wie beim 2. Screenshot mit der Zao sollte der Kurfürst in 13km Entfernung sofort beim Start des Fliegers aufgehen, doch dem ist nicht so. Flugrichtung ist gegen den Uhrzeigersinn, hier haben wir also genau den Moment in dem das Ziel aus der Sichtweite verschwindet. Diesmal ohne Formel, aber anhand der Position kann man gut abschätzen, dass hier die 11km Sichtweite zu stimmen scheint. Ist also das Perth-Scoutplane verbuggt und das Wiki falsch? Oder sind alle anderen Scoutplanes verbuggt? Oder doch alles nur ein Feature von dem keiner weiß? Daher jetzt dieser Thread, um dem Ganzen auf den Grund zu gehen und gegebenenfalls WG zu einer Lösung des Problems zu bewegen. Und damit das nicht wie der erste Test untergeht: @Sehales@Crysantos
  3. Znikające stałe kamuflaże...

    Pytanie jest proste. Dlaczego nie mam opcji założenia kamuflażu "Z dna oceanu" dla Bismarcka mimo, że wesoło sobie czeka na coś w inwentarzu. To samo dotyczy się "Arktyczny" dla Duke of York. Kamuflaże się obraziły czy jak? Tylko ja tak mam? Bug jakiś czy zamierzony cel i WG zabrało? Nie ukrywam, że "popsuty" Bisio i zlodowaciały Duke of York mi się bardziej podobają niż jakiekolwiek inne kamuflaże do tych okrętów. Screeny załączone.
  4. Possible bug?

    This April fool's event seems to be successful. Seriously though, space battles were pretty nice. So, from what I remember correctly, I had played my Paris before the one below. Would like to point out that this wasn't exactly after the match ended. I exited the battle and later viewed the detailed report to find this interesting 'feature'.
  5. American battleships' Gun Director bug

    Why do the Mark 37 gun directors (4 can be found on most battleships and on destroyers like the Fletcher, Benson, etc.) on American battleships turn with the main batteries? The Mark 37s guided the dual purpose 5" guns. It was only the Mark 38s that guided the main batteries (the ones on the two highest points of US BBs: can be observed on Iowa-class, Montana-class, North Carolina-class, South Dakota-class). Wargaming only got the Alabama's directors right as they don't turn with the main batteries, only the Mark 38s do. Although it would be cool if the Mark 37s did turn with the Mark 28 5" dual turrets on BBs.
  6. Hi All, this is something I noticed after a Reddit comment about whether people like seeing the "Rust" look on ships and it looks like there's a bug in the way camouflages are applied to premium ships. If you add any Camo to a "silver ship" then the ship keeps it's "built-in" layer of rust visible on top of the camo i.e. the camo is layered below the rust - Yet with Premium ships, if you apply a different camo than the one which already comes with the ship, the camo layer is applied on top of the Rust layer, hiding it .e. the camo is layered above the rust, and this applies all the various camos I've tried (about 20 I've got) - Camo Off - Rust visible Camo On- Rust NOT visible Camo Off - Rust visible Camo On - Rust NOT visible I've tried this on the 19 premiums ships I have and it's the same on all so, while it's in no way game breaking it might still something that needs looking at. It would also be interesting to see if player want to keep the rusty look (I prefer it) to the clean Premium look.
  7. AP Fix?

    Question: When will you fix BB AP vs. Cruisers and DDs? You can clearly work tirelessly to fix AP damage vs. BBs when they suddenly start taking a citadel or two too much when sailing around broadside to everyone, but fixing double and triple damage from AP shells vs. everyone else has taken 4 years now? Add to that the accuracy buffs to BBs at short to medium ranges its ruining the game for many a cruiser or DD player, because you guys are either too lazy to fix it, or dont want to because it would be considered a nerf by your most beloved BB fanbois... Fix your damn game or get ready for the bias spam ><.
  8. Aigle HE bugged

    Is it me or ... HE on Aigle is SERIOUSLY bugged. For a ship with highest HE damage except german 150mm aka 2000 penetrations do only 300 ALWAYS. Even my akizuki got more damage per shell with HE than aigle. Had just 2 games where I was intensively spamming HE and damage was.... really pathetic I mean 1 shell 300, 2 shells 600 - like okay ... On the other hand when i was hitting dds damage was CORRECT but on any other targets like cruisers/bbs my penetrations were like 300 damage always - and targets WERE NOT SATURATED aka often full hp or so. Please share with me your experience. Somewhat i like this little bugger, but 300 damage per shell is ... sure underwhelming for 139mms !
  9. Salut la compagnie ! Je viens vers vous car j'ai un petit problème de minicarte. En effet, après avoir cliqué sur le "+", je me retrouve avec une (mini)carte XXL qui me cache pas mal l'écran. Je sais que pour la réduire, je dois cliquer sur "-", or n'ayant pas de pavé numérique, le seul "moins" que j'ai est le tiret du 6; Et du coup, ça ne marche pas. Pouvez vous m'aider ? J'vous en prie !!! Cordialement, Un Chauvin :]
  10. Reparaturbug bei Wassereinbruch

    Hallo, mir ist nun schon einige male aufgefallen, dass, wenn ich von Torps getroffen werde und einen Wassereinbruch erleide (mimimi), dann kann ich den Wassereinbruch nicht stoppen indem ich "r" drücke. Nicht falsch verstehen, die Reparaturmanschaft war einsatzbereit. Torps treffen, habe Wassereinbruch, drücke "r", mein Team strömt aus (also die Fähigkkeit wird aktiv), aber der Wassereinbruch wird nicht gestoppt. Somit wurde eben eine Colorado mit vollen Lebenspunkten vollständig versenkt. Von 2 Torpedos!
  11. Keep getting disconnect from server...

    Hello, Yesterday I had this problem, I'm in battle and after a while it happens that I have -35 ms and after this I'm taken back to the login screen. So I try to reconnect again, I'm back in the battle but soon after I'm re disconnected... Usually I only have between 30 and 60 ms. Do you know why this happen ? For exemple: Thank you in advance ! (sorry for bad english)
  12. Have a look at the Roma in port view and then in game. There is a truck, car and lifeboats detailed on the ship. They are missing ingame. The lifeboat mounts are empty on both sides and the truck and car is gone. Please fix that, I need that truck for doing the Notser.
  13. Dernières update WG

    Bonjour, Durant ces dernières semaines plusieurs update on été implémentées, avec quelques fonctions cachées, pour vous quel serait la suivante?
  14. Salut tout le monde! :) J'ai des problèmes cet après-midi sur le serveur EU1 de Wargaming. Je voulais savoir si vous aviez rencontré des problèmes récemment. L'équilibrage est pas bien fait apparemment. Et puis sur leur support: Des infos?
  15. Bonsoir , Alors voici mon problème que j'ai pu constaté avec le Bretagne ( BB FR T5) : l'ayant eu grâce au conteneur de la collection vive la france je me suis empressé de le mettre full et d'aller le tester en FFA . Mais à ma grande surprise j'ai constaté un bug avec la portée de tir du Bretagne , après mon premier tire ma portée passait e 18.1 à 16.6 . Je suis allez en salle d'entrainement pour revérifier si je n'avais pas halluciné mais il y a toujours ce bug. Screen à l'appuis : Comme vous pouvez le constater la range descend de 18.1 à 16.6 . @Tanatoy est-ce normal ce petit bug de range qui change après le premier tir ?
  16. Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  17. Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  18. "retard" de l'affichage

    Bonjour, J'ai voulu essayé world of warships il y a un temps, mais un bug m'a fait désinstallé le jeu. Après avoir changé ma carte graphique, j'ai réinstallé WoW, mais le bug est toujours présent. Le jeu à l'air normal, sauf qu'en bataille, je vois tout en retard. Par exemple, je vois un bateau, mais en fait il n'est pas là où je le voit, il est plus loin, quand je fait tourner mon navire, il ne réagis qu'après (j'ai l'impression que le temps de latence devient de plus en plus long au fur et à mesure de la bataille). Il semble que les effets comme les explosions ne sont pas affectés (je les vois bien où elles sont censées êtres). Je ne sais pas quoi faire, est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider ?
  19. MAJOR BUG FOUND!!!!!

    My team mates are broken :') All jokes aside, stop putting me only in games with [edited] and fix your match making to balance teams on skill level. Lopsided games are a common thing. But being put only in the loser team bracket is really frustrating.
  20. Personal missions - BUGGED?

    I dont know what is going on with thw personal missions for like on month or so. Also theese new missions for patches and emblems are also not working correctly for me. I have them half completed, but sometimes after the battle ends I go to check the progress and I see all missions not even started yet. Anybody else experiencing same issues?
  21. To the point: 3 main bugs which I bet no one will be able to explain how did they got pass testing Major bugs: 1. After clicking on the map to send planes somewhere a selection square will appear and will stay there until a new order is given to the same plane! You see, you can not select a different squadron or anything else because this bug is blocking everything. You must give another point for that same plane to go to in order for the selection square to disappear and for you to continue to play. This happens 2-5 times each game! 2. When you give a squadron a new point to go to on the minimap or the big map very often it will instead go to protect the nearest ship, this happens even if the nearest ship is 10km away from the position I clicked on the map. This happens 4-10 times each game. 3. This is a new bug that came up in the last week or so and is the worst so far. When I try to draw a square in order to select several squadrons it will not detect that I am holding the mouse button continuously instead with stutter like I am clicking the button very fast. This happens 0.5-1 times each game. And it is in periods like for 4 minutes it is happening then 4 minutes it doesn't but I face it almost every game Minor bugs: 1. This one happens rarely less than 1 time per 5 games I think. But is irritating still. So sometimes when I press the left button in order to drop torpedoes or bombs it will not register my click, and will register it after 2 seconds. Now do I need to explain that 2 seconds is enough for my planes to be completely out of position for the drop and very often to make a second attempt means to loose even all of them to AA especially if I attack cruiser. 2. When nothing, no planes no ship is selected and I click somewhere on the map the ship will take the order instead!! This happens when I am in a hurry and very fast click on a squadron but don't manage to click on it instead next to it and then give him an order to go somewhere. This will send my ship to that position and if I don't see it in time will die. This happens very rarely to me and it might be done intentional by WG I don't know but the point is: It is a bad idea and it should be changed. If it is a bug it needs to be fixed as well.
  22. Bugs?

    Playing a random game, just earlier, well after dying that is - I went looking how stuff is going on around map, and how others are duking it out... Then, I noticed red triangle...OUT of MAP. about 15-ish kilometers, probably more. The thing is, it wasn't moving. It was just there. Also, I don't remember seeing anyone fire them in that direction, as my teammates were not in that area at the time. The single, lonely torp persisted in that spot stationary. Has anyone noticed similar gimmicks?
  23. Have any of you ever used the mouse wheel to scroll the ships line-up in your port, only for the ships line to suddenly stop and become non-responsive? When this happens, it's still possible to move the ships line with the triangle buttons at either edge of the screen, but the mouse wheel doesn't move the ships line. I just noticed that the mouse pointer has to always be on top of a ship picture for the scrolling to work. The pointer doesn't work if it should be in one of the gaps between the ship pictures. I'm sure many of you have noticed this before, but how come I wasn't notified? I kept assuming that it must be some glitch every time it happend and didn't pay more attention.
  24. Stumbled across a bug today, when i was playing Missouri with Steven Seagal as captain. At some point i wanted to shoot HE against an angled NC, so i was waiting till AP was reloaded (reload because AR was 26~ secs). Ammo switching did take 6,6 seconds, after which i wasnt able to shoot for an additional ~20 secs (which indicates i would have switched ammo without Expert Loader skill) Gonna write a ticket to support aswell, but just a heads up that something weird is going on.
  25. DON'T trust the auto pilot

    Hello peepz, So I am playing in my Midway. I notice I am going to near to the enemy, time to trun around. I select a point on the minimap and I see a white line from my ship going to the point I want. So I'm focusing on my planes and trust the autopilot to guide my Midway to where I want. 2 Minutes later.... What the actual hell... why didn't my carrier turn around? where did the white line go? Long story short... Am I the only one having problems whit the autopilot? I know the UI sucks and I don't know when they will fix it... but I do wonder if they messed up the Auto Pilot... Or am I doing something wrong? It's just clicking a point on the minimap and when i have my carrier selected there is a white line from the whit Arrow to the point I want. You guys having any problems whit the autopilot? Maybe having some tips to avoid [edited]it up and die... All the best and dear regards, Dex