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Found 28 results

  1. I just had a random battle in which I had a clanmate on the opposite side. How can be something like that possible?!? I always assumed that MM will not allow something like this.For actually MANY and quite obvious reasons reasons. So whats up with that?!?
  2. Lately (well, last 2...3 months at least) I've noticed a rather annoying tendency of ships to blink in-and-out of being spotted, and what seemed to me like slight delay in them actually getting spotted. After looking into it... In-match example: Ignore the aiming point / where shells are dropping. I took manual control over the camera in replay so you don't have the constant zooming in-out I tend to do. Derpitz is spotted, fires his guns, goes dark, gets spotted again. This shouldn't be a thing, should it? Nothing between me and him on the map either, nothing for him to "hide" behind for those couple seconds. He disappears on the map aswell. And this is jut one more obvious example of it. The ship doesn't even need to be spotted, after they fire they don't appear instantly: Not only this is 100% reproducible in Training Room, it's consistent on its own aswell. Fire, get spotted 2s later, disappear 19s after that. Total time from firing to stealthing up is 21s (hello 20s, where did you go?) So yeah, the hell is up with spotting? Nothing here works as it should. But you know what this does look like? Who here remembers the old days when we had immediate ship spotting on the map, then delayed spotting of the ship itself? When WG decided to get rid of it (approx. patch 0.7.4) their INITIAL solution was to introduce a delay on the minimap, creating exactly this kind of a result. Of course, they said it's exactly what they're not doing, and after I pointed it out + Flamu built some outrage about it they stepped back and removed the delays and introduced actual instant spotting. So when exactly has WG sneaked behind everyones back and re-introduced the delay that absolutely noone wanted? /tagging WG staff to maybe get an actual answer/ @MrConway @Crysantos @Sehales @Sub_Octavian
  3. Over the last 2 patches, it has really come to my attention that turrets seemed to be being broken on a lot more frequent basis, as well as being broken when it should be physically impossible. Anyone else having same said issue?
  4. MementoMori_6030

    Monochrome Flag

    I just noticed that the current update changed the Atago flag (bought with precious dubloonsky) from gold on black to white on black (see before/after screenshots). Anyone else encountered similar changes? Normally I would not care, but as I explicitly paid to get that flag and matching patch (which is NOT matching anymore), I would very much like to get back the flag I paid for.
  5. Anktarktic1

    Bots in coop avoiding fight

    Enemy bot ships now more and more avoid fight and instead of going towards enemy (me and my team) or cap zones, they change their course from the very start of the battle and go completely nowhere near enemy or cap zone. Sometimes they turn completely away almost 180 degrees from their spawn from start of the battle and go away to hug border. How are we suppose to fight them? How can I chase them in my battleship? Is this a bug or feature, that programmers implemented fear into bot brains like this: this player killed over 40 thousand bots, lets fear him and run away from him! Edit: Another case captured, enemy bot Alsace went straight for capture zone, but as soon as I started shooting him (after shooting at 2 dds in same area) he immedeately turn away from me (180 degrees) and run away from me right into our green dd who killed him, rather then to fight with me. So he died anyway, he didnt make his situation better. I had to chase him, but my Moustashi has 27 knots while his Alsace has 34,7 knots with boost, so how am I supposed to chase him or catch him or fight him, when he runs away from me, behind island and to another enemy, why they are avoiding me? And of course I get no fun, and little rewards for battles like that, thats bad. Replay attached. Edit2: not one, but three bots sailing at first to capture point D, when saw me, turned 180 degrees away and start running away! What is that? Why is that? Bots used to charge at points and at enemies, now they are scared and running away (or trying to ram). Edit3: enemy bot Vladivostok (me too Vladivostok) spawned at same positon as me (he sent 2 DDs at me, he knows they are exactly what I want to face with BB) and then guess what? he ran away... 20191026_130033_PJSB509-Musashi_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay 20191101_134318_PFSB109-Alsace_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay 20191103_124709_PRSB108-Vladivostok_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  6. Kurogane79

    Unspotted but still getting hit

    Hi, ive played for some years now and lately get some games that i cant explain.. For example.. I played my yamato was complete unspotter and have not been spotted in that game yet. but 2 ships from the enemy team shot and kept shooting accurately and hit everty single salvo,.. there was no smokescreen near, no radar or hydro or plane detection showing.. nothing.. how is it possible to be completely unspotted but still get shot at that accurately?
  7. LuckyTiti_warrior

    Défit quotidien

    Bonjour, Ce jour, après la mise à jour 0.7.12, mon fils rencontre un problème sur son compte de jeu. Bien qu'il remplisse les conditions requisent pour les nouvelles mission et autres, ses résultats de batailles ne sont par pris en compte pour les missions "défit quotidien Jour 20 Chaine 1". - Gagner une bataille et gagner 250 d'EXP..... etc etc. donc pas de possibilité de faire la mission défit quotidien Jour 20 Chaine 2 Celà est embêtant pour lui, car avec les missions quotidiennes il compte gagner le Cuirassé anglais "Dreadnought" de Tier 3. Je précise aussi que concernant les autres missions tel que Prinz Eitel Friedbrich ses résultats sont bien pris en compte. Compte concerné, celui de mon fils (ClemTiti). Merci de vos réponses.
  8. Xevious_Red

    Royal Navy Collection

    So the RN collection started today, and I'd like to question if its bugged or if I just have hilarious RNG; So far I've had 1 piece, and 3 duplicates of the same piece (HMS Jutland)
  9. So... had just a game where i wanted to cap the base, because i was unsure of the outcome otherwise. Apparantly, it takes way more than 3 mins despite not being reset ONCE. The question is, how does it really work? - I enter the base roughly with 7:06 to go, while already 2 ships are INSIDE the base. Which means, me being there doesnt speed up the process. On the other hand, the game is pretty much ignoring that im there anyway. - With ~5:35 left, the 2nd ship who entered the base left the cap again. So im already 1:30 in the cap, but this doesnt matter as it seems, since i was the 3rd ship in line and now that im the 2nd longest in the cap, i apparently start capping? Or so would i think. - In that circumstance, i should cap the base AT LATEST with 2:30 to go. - Reality is, that im only able to cap until 0:52 left, which means i was 6:14 inside the cap, or atleast 4:43 if i take the time after the 2nd ship left the base, which means i should definetely start the counter for myself at that time. So how does that make senes? Obviously it doesnt where i come from. Bug? Working as intended? Who nows. I think its wrong. @MrConway@Tuccy
  10. tl;dr something seems to be not working correcting with clan battle mission rewards, and the alpha/bravo team setup might not work as you think it should! So how is this alpha/bravo team supposed to work, and are there some bugs associated with it? Over the weekend we played quite a lot as bravo team. WC Football is on, we were missing quite a few experienced regulars, we had some new members to get settled in, and quite a few new ships to test out playing in. There seems to be something odd about this new feature though. First thing is, I've completed 9 wins in squall league. Completed the first stage for 7 wins which should net 500 steel apparently. No steel displayed in Arsenal. I'm sure I had more than 3 wins for oil mission, yet it was only displaying 2/3 completed. Is it only counting alpha team wins? The clan battle summary (by the player list) on the main clan battle page only shows alpha team battle count (or is that the highest ranked team count?), even though the members list seems to display all battles played. It makes us look like we are not very active in clan battles! What if some clans decide the bravo team is their main team, and alpha is there second string team.After all, bravo two zero is more famous than alpha two zero, but I'll try not to write a book in this post! I understand the highest team determines the clans rating. But how independent are the two team ratings? After getting battered down to near the bottom of squall league 3, I was still surprised about the quality of opposition we where coming up against and the lack of rental ships in those teams. It made me feel like issuing a diktat that the entire clan should be restricted to co-op mode against bots! Okay, I know it takes a few sessions for the leagues to start to form, despite the new small head start given to clans previous ranking, but being that low I expected to come across some potato teams less half-baked than us. So, do the A and B team have independent match making rating? I'm beginning to think it doesn't, since A and B teams are not listed in the clan rating tables. This kind of makes things pointless having a strong A team running fighting for progression, whilst the inexperienced or less skilled B team are just going to get battered if matched with A team level skill opponents. If so, the B team can't be used to help the weaker members get better by fighting opposition near their level. It would make the only use of the B team as a get out of jail card to protect the clan rating when missing a few key players. @MrConway any known issues here? Is this feature working as intended? EDIT 2: Was hovering mouse over wrong stage for steel mission reward issue. That point has been addressed. User error! EDIT 3: Two wins are now needed to get 30 oil. This point has been addressed. User error! EDIT: Post some screenshots:
  11. TheRyanSoldiers

    Coups à la cibles: Bug?

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous, ça fait déjà pas mal de temps que je joue à WoWs mais ça fait depuis peu que j'ai remarqué différentes choses bizarres... Par exemple il m'est arrivé et ce plusieurs fois pendant une partie d'avoir le badge de "Pénétration" pour avoir touché un navire ennemi mais sans lui faire aucun dégât et se faire abattre par la suite a cause de ça... Et je constate ça que depuis la 0.7.4. Également il m'est arrivé et lors de ma dernière bataille de faire une "Citadelle" alors que le coup est marqué comme un ricochet Je vous l'accorde le second c'est sympa mais pour ce qui est de la première, faut qu'on m'explique, parce que c'est ultra rageant... Donc si quelqu'un pouvait me donner une explication ce serait vraiment cool! Merci d'avance
  12. Hi all, When playing the Killer Whale Scenario there has been several times when I've tried to use the F3 key to call attention to an enemy ship yet the mini-map and voice over have both highlighted a Fort instead (even a destroyed Fort). This has happened to me on different days and with different patches ( and so is this happening to anyone else, making this a WG bug, or is it just me? Cheers.......................................Ian
  13. Muy buenas Estaba yo por la tarde comprando el Courbert. Le quería poner el capi de 3 ptos del anterior; pero justo cuando le voy a dar a la opción de créditos (que te deja al 50% reentreno), el juego me tira al escritorio. Inicio sesión a los 2 minutos y aparece reentrenado entero y yo con 500 doblones menos De 2090 a 1590. Y digo yo: hay algo que pueda hacer? Mando ticket? Me aguanto? Me los paga alguien como Delroh ? Ayuda por favor
  14. Fichtenmoped

    Moglicher UI-Bug bei CV?

    Guten Morgen! Gestern Abend hatte ich ein Spiel mit der Ranger. Mitten im Spiel konnte ich weder für Jäger noch für Torpedobomber den manuellen Angriff setzen. Es kam nur das Symbol für den manuellen Sturzbomberangriff! Mit Autodrop ging es zwar, aber Strafen war nicht mehr möglich. Die ersten Minuten funktionierte das noch, aber ab dem Zeitpunkt wo die angeflogene Atago das T-Virus setzte, ging da nix mehr. Ich weiß. diese Runde war kein Glanzstück... Hat sonst noch jemand ähnliche Probleme gehabt? Vielen Dank! 20180301_210530_PASA010-Ranger-1944_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  15. CribbaSebiestor

    Revolution is my Name

    Fellow Captains, Why have I not fulfilled the 1600 exp challenge after the screenshots battle, no signals or camouflage were used. Is it because i am using a premium account?
  16. Ich habe es langsam so richtig satt. Regelmäßig wenn ich CV spiele, und nur da, sprich in der top-down Ansicht habe ich 1 Sekunden Stotterer und das alle paar Sekunden. Ich habe keine Ahnung wo dran es liegt aber mein PC bzw Internet sind sehr unwahrscheinlich, da es mit den anderen Klassen nicht passiert. Es ist auch kein Lag-spike in dem Sinne, sondern meine Frames droppen wortwörtlich von 75 auf 1 und dann wieder hoch auf 75. Es wird langsam unerträglich! Als ob die anderen Bugs des UI nicht schlimm genug sind ( versehentliches Abwählen oder den CV direkt mal an die Front geschickt statt die gewählte Staffel etc) Kennt irgendjemand dieses Problem?
  17. papaiko11

    service cost problem

    Does service cost to a ship which was not dealt damage exist? I am just asking because one of my ships Mahan had service cost 38000 credits after a battle mahan.docx 1.79MB and it was not dealt any amount of damage. mahan.docx
  18. BattleMedai

    Bug ?

    Ich habe ca. 7h gespielt und dann Wows geschlossen und nach 1ner stunde neugestartet und es musste neu herunterladen . Kann mir jemand sagen woran das liegt . danke
  19. RedAnark

    Disappearing ships during battles

    Since 0.5.9 update either on my sun's iMac 2015 running Yosemite, either on mine of 2010 running Mountain Lion, during battle some ships disappear, Cruiser or Destroyer, while shooting at them. They disappear also from the mini Map. It can last for many seconds. It doesn't matter if they are far away or closer. It's absolutely annoying and unfair as you might shut them down with another shot and they disappear... Also when they appear again they have moved further so they can shoot at you easily or from a different angle. It's not question of camouflage or anything similar. But I have a doubt about Graphic or Interface settings. Could they affect or generate the problem? Thank you. It's very difficult to play since then.
  20. ist es eigentlich gewollt das man mit einer Fubuki eine Drednaught medailie bekommt oder ist es ein lustiger bug? Also 4 gegner haben mich getroffen aber soweit ich weiß besitze ich keinen Cheat um mein leben auf über 100% zu repairen^^^ (schnell die Repair party verstecken) Nicht das ich mich beschweren will, ist aber lustig^^
  21. H_TenFour

    Hafen Chat immer wieder leer

    Hallo zusammen, falls meine Frage schon gestellt wurde, dann bitte auf den Link verweisen. Ich hab immer wieder das problem, nicht erst seit letztem update, daß nach ein paar konversationen im private chat, also im hafen, das Fenster plötzlich leer ist. Manchmal sieht man noch daß der andere geschriebn hat, weil ne 1 oder 2 im fenstertitel steht, aber das komplette fenster ist leer. ich hab gefunden daß leute ähnliche Probleme mit Kaspersky hatten, aber die entsprechende Einstellung gibts bei meiner GDATA net. 2 andere mit denen ich öfter spiele haben das gleiche problem, und keiner von denen nimmt kaspersky oder Gdata. ist das nun ein Bug im Spiel? Falls jemand ähnliche erfahrungen gemacht hat und eine Lösung gefunden hat, wär ich für Hilfe dankbar. Mit dem Bug ist jede halbwegs sinnvolle unterhaltung im private chat nicht machbar. Danke und Gruß H_Tenfour
  22. Hi there. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I couldn't find a topic about it so I am posting a new topic. Losing battles when you should win. Twice yesterday and once today, our team has LOST the battle after capturing the flags. The game ends (like normal) when the flags are captured but our team is the one that LOST! Yesterday I couldn't believe it! The enemy only had 1 ship remaining, we had 5 and captured all the flags. WE LOST!! This must be a bug and I am wondering if anyone else has seen this. Any info would be good. Thanks. Cpt Steel
  23. HerrVortagh

    Dual Purpose Guns

    The only two mentions on this, that I have found via the search, were an (ignored) question in another thread and a thread from ...alpha, it seems. So here goes: What's up with the 5" guns of the Cleveland? They are listed as DP AA guns, yet they never shoot a single round at the enemy. No, they don't. Don't tell me they do, because they don't. They clearly should open fire way before Bofors, let alone 20mm Oerlikon, but they never move, never level their guns up - they just aim to the left and right, like normal secondaries do - and most definitely do not shoot at the planes. I tried manually setting a priority target on an enemy squadron. Nope, only normal AA shoots. I gave my commander that AA cruiser bonus skill and activated it. Nope, only normal AA shoots. What gives? Now, I could swear that, while I was downloading the beta client, when Closed Beta went active, I was reading a "basic game controls" how-to on the news site, that is now no longer available, that said you had to toggle DP guns. Button was - I think - "Y" (which is the button used by that AA skill). So that doesn't lead anywhere. But, from Jingles' videos, I know that there are key controls that aren't listed. Like P to turn off your AA completely. Any help?
  24. I wish I had replays enabled I wonder what happened there. 1st 2nd