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Found 13 results

  1. southjn

    Missing Premium time

    Since 8.0 went live I have been having an issue with my premium time. I had a not insignificant amount of premium left on what I purchased then this I won 2 crates giving me extra premium time from the mission rewards but the first for 3 days premium then an additional 1 day of premium however instead of adding this additional time to the premium time I paid for it has completly replaced it. Thus I now have less than one day of premium time on my account I have submitted a ticket but was effectively told to F#@ OFF and have not had my premium time recredited back to me could you please reimburse me with my premium time if it is not done by midday tomorrow I will be left with no choice but to formally request that my bank recover the money I paid as under European Consumer protection law you have not provided the good or services required and are liable
  2. Evergreen

    Gunsounds bugged ?

    Since the latest patch the guns of most BB's with 3 turrets seem to fire four times when you give a full broadside salvo. As in, you hear 4 times guns firing.
  3. Hello, I purchased HSF Graf Spee last month, and to complete my collection of HSF ships, I bought HSF Harekaze as well. However I realized something a few days after I bought Spee, when the voice command update was introduced, the new voice commands have no HSF voice over. This means when me or someone else issues voice commands, it is in normal voice over, but the background notifications like 'Torpedoes ahead' or such are still in HSF voice. I looked for topics addressing this issue, found one and couldn't view it due to this error: 2F173/O. So I hoped this would be fixed in the next update, but I couldn't see anything mentioning this in update notes. I bought HSF ships, because I love the anime, and I especially enjoyed the voice over for Graf Spee, however, I cannot anymore because of this annoying issue. Is there any way we are going to get any update solving this problem, because that would be really good. Plus I think it is not a good customer experience to sell customers something then in just a few weeks break it with an update, and I am extremely dissatisfied with it, especially after paying quite a lot for that content. Thanks in advance. I hope something can be done about it.
  4. Kyone_Akashi

    HSF Harekaze - nation flag on wrong camo

    I recently noticed that the "bare" appearance of the Harekaze features the anime's Yokosuka school emblem in place of a Nation Flag, persisting when one mounts the free Type 10 or any of the normal camos. The "anime" camo, however, has no Nation Flag at all. Wouldn't it make sense to give the Y467 camo the school's flag, and the default/historical appearance the flag of Japan, like with other IJN ships? Alternatively, I'm sure people would not mind if the anime camo would feature the Blue Mermaids flag, too. It is already in the game files as a free commemorative flag (so far only available in the Asia region, sadly) and this organization is, in a way, a good representation of the HSF's "nation".
  5. The first half is evidence that what kind of problems occurred. The second half is the way to recover the UI, without reboot client. to administrators I cannot determine where should I post this. (It's a solution for players, and a bug report.) So, if this post unmatches here, please move to appropriate section. Bug report _
  6. This isn't a biggy, actually made me laugh. On fault line map H9 i think (bottom right corner of map) there are 2x sea planes in the background that no longer move and just hang there in the sky lol just wish i could shoot them down
  7. TheRealDachfrittierer

    Trident severe problem with island collision models

    as the title says, the islands around F4 on trident have a problem with collision models proof by screenshot and replay https://wowreplays.com/Replay/25754
  8. ArkRoyal_R09

    Armour Viewer Bug

    Hey guys I've was just looking at all the different armour views to see what were some of the better places to be shooting at bow on targets, that when I found the following. As you can see it would seem that the front turret is not showing in the armour viewer, now I'm not going to jump and say that this is not a hitbox any more since I doubt it very much. It was just to make you all aware this encase it was missed any longer.
  9. d_Lynn

    CV Bug

    Hi there ! My nickname is Yudachi, I love play Aircraft Carrier. But, there is a bug that frequently occur and makes the game unplayable. I explain, Everything is fine when my planes are in the air, but, if I order them turn around a certain group of planes of a specific ship, they sometimes don't obey me anymore. Whatever I do my cursor is red, I can't move them or make them attack. The only solution to be able to use them again is to make them land and take off again. However, I never had any problem if I put them on a zone. Cordialy,
  10. Staarfury

    Guns stop working

    So I guess since the game's officially released, there's no need for a bug report section anymore After 4:55 minutes my two front turrets decided that they'd like to go on an extended holiday and stopped turning and reloading. And before anyone asks, the guns weren't destroyed, and I didn't lock them to a specific direction. (see screenshot, reload bar is black instead of crossed out, gun icons are active and the visual model looks fine as well) Needless to say playing with only your rear turrets is kind of crap... 20150920_131545_PRSD001-Gremyashchy-1942_01_solomon_islands.zip
  11. highland9

    Collision bug

    Hello, i've recently found a bug regarding when your close to a island and the sirens go off when your near a island, that's all and good. But when you die when you have the sirens going off and your spectating other players you still hear this siren go off now and then with is quite annoying. Not sure if this is a re-post but thanks anyway.
  12. I just played a game and the gun direction indicators disappeared from my game, so I couldn't see where my guns were pointed (though they were still showing in my ship status box in the bottom left. See my Screenshot below: Obviously I've sent in a Bug Report, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this? (BTW still managed to get 51 hits...not my best, but I just saw it as a challenge )
  13. 106Nilsson

    Bug Report - Sunk by wreck

    My Tier III Kawachi Battleship was just sunk, apparently by running over the wreck of a previously sunk enemy. It was about 3-4 km from the shore of an island. Health went from about 80% to sunk in an instant. There was no way to see the sunk ship, like map marker or visual. I recognized the enemy ships name since I sunk it earlier at about that spot. And when I was sunk, I checked the TAB status and that ship was disabled there as well. Not sure if I am posting in the correct section. Thanks for a very promising game. Alex