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Found 5 results

  1. GM_DaVinci

    Situazione Hindemburg

    Ultimamente ho notato in gioco la presenza di poche Hindemburg. Nelle Classificate e nelle Clan Wars si vede sempre meno, soppiantato letterlamente dall'Henry IV (gran bella nave) Cara WG, non sarebbe il caso di effettuare un buff all'Incrociatore tedesco, per riportarlo competitivo come ai suoi tempi??? Grazie
  2. Maty83_Cz

    Gascogne buff: Case and point

    First of all, I will mention that I am a BB main. I absolutely love playing the steel behemoths and I find them really satisfying. As such I have played through all the BB lines at T8 except for one: Soviets. I don't have the entire premium BB collection, but from playing against them, I can guess as to how good they are. Thus through my experience with T8 battleships I believe I am able to evaluate her. So, why do I think Gascogne needs a buff? First, let me use WoWs numbers to demonstrate why. Gascogne as she is sits is one of the worst T8 premiums in terms of winrate (Tirpitz B is a more accurate representation as to where Tirpitz stands now, and even that ship has better stats than Gascogne). As I own her, I will endeavour to explain why. From the get-go, we can see advantages and disadvantages to her. She is very maneuverable, boasting the same speed and engine boost consumable as her tech tree counterpart, the Richelieu. The similarities don't end there. The armour is practically the same as well, both ships have 32mm plating practically everywhere, even including the black hole of a torpedo bulge near the waterline. this doesn't help against cruiser shells unless you are at close range where they may fall on the bulge, but can be beneficial against BBs. Unlike Richelieu though, she boasts a unique feature to help her. The repair party has a very quick cooldown, helping against HE spam. This can potentially make the ship live longer than her counterparts and helps in tight brawls. So far so good. So, from just those numbers you may think "She seems quite good. What is not to like?" Well, here is the category the ship loses on all fronts. Firepower. Yes, she is by far the worts battleship in terms of effective firepower you can bring on target, being surpassed by even some T6 ships in those terms (Warspite, W. V. '41) First, let us look at the secondaries. Her secondaries seem decent on the surface level. Both 3.9" and 6" in plentiful numbers, right? Not really. the 6" guns have a horrible reload of 12s and the 3.9" don't fare well when compared to other secondaries of the same caliber. At the same time, none of these guns get improved HE penetration. So they are not going to be dealing almost any direct damage. Additionally, their spread looks more like that of a shotgun firing than accurate naval rifles, even with flags and skills to boost their effect...... Plus the second and third 3.9" gun do no superfire over the first and fourth respectively, which reduced the angle of use for them. But the main point of the ship, the primary armament is even worse... Not ONLY does she lack the numbers of guns, but she has THE worst accuracy for her tier when grouping of turrets is taken into account. Worse than EVEN Bismarck and Tirpitz. Ships with 3s FASTER reload and the same number of guns. And add to that the absolutely terrible back turret arc. 35 degrees to each side. To put it in better perspective, this means you have to expose your entire side with every salvo to bring them on target, opening you up to devastating salvos frm enemy battleships. And even if you do decide to do so, the guns are inaccurate enough to miss all but the closest-range shots. Richelieu has 1.8 sigma as compared to Gascogne's 1.9, but since she can minimize her target profile and use the close proximity of her turrets, she has a better time hitting the enemy than Gascogne. This is without mentioning the worst aspect of the main guns: Low survival. Practically every other game, one of your turrets gets damaged, or destroyed. This is an issue plagueging every French BB with quads, but it is particularlybad here. One shot can rid your entire ship of the entirety of your forward firepower. 50% of your guns. Gone. Worst part? In real life the French navy designed these turrets to AVOID this happening. Only half of the turret would be knocked out by a single hit. But in WOWs you can lose your entire forward firepower in a single hit. Even damage is severe as for the next 30s you only have half of your turrets available. So, in conclusion, Gascogne is ripe for a buff. As the stat-wise weakest of all the T8 battleships, she deserves, if not out-right needs one. What would I suggest? >Accuracy buff (Priority): Reduce maximum dispersion of the guns by 10-13% (Down to 260-270m). This would give her disadvantageous turret setup the benefit of accuracy on par with other same-tier BBs and help her accomplish the role of a flanking battleship by being able to effectively strike at the enemy from an unexpected angle >Reduce reload times by 1-2s. This means Gascogne's DPM is brought on par with at least the far more survivable German BBs. The slightly faster reload would benefit the ship as she could potentially fight on equal terms with same-tier battleships without relying on their mistakes. >Faster rudder shift :Faster rudder shift would allow Gascogne to quickly expose the back turret for firing before returning to her original angle. As the turret arc cannot be improved without remodelling the ship, this would be a good alternative. >Improvement to 6" secondary guns: Reducing their reload to 10s and slightly buffing accuracy should allow Gascogne to stand her ground in CQC matches better than currently. As they have only 24mm base HE penetration, the change would not affect DPM significantly unless specced into IFHE. >Turret HP buff. Due the the turret and superstructure positions, both of Gascogne's main gun turrets stand a high chance of being damaged in battle. Either buffing the HP, or developing a mechanic for French quad BB guns where only a half of the turret gets damaged/destroyed upon the first critical hit would alleviate this issue In my opinion, if at least the accuracy buff and two of the other ones mentioned here get implemented, Gascogne will become far more effective at her role, finally taking her rightful place as a T8 premium worth purchasing.
  3. Flavio1997

    Wargaming Buff the Puerto Rico

    Please WG, now it would be the perfect time to buff the Puerto Rico . Some suggestion would be: give it Balansgrad dispersion and Alaska reload ( the latter truly doesn't make sense why there is a difference for the same gun), and maybe a little buff to the rudder. I want to see what kind of sstorm can come out from this idea. You can't make matters worse right?
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    Buff the ZAO

    Yeah just like that out of nowhere; I'm calling for a buff of a ship I don't have. Well actually I'm suggesting it gets un-nerfed. Long time ago, when invisifiring was a thing, the ZAO was deemed OP and got it's health-pool nerfed by about 10k. Since then invisi-firing was removed and the ZAO is by far superseeded by other ships as firestarter. CC's like Flamu disagreed about the nerf because he felt that it didn't really deal with the issue: invisifiring. Reducing the health of an invisible target doesn't really do much it just further incentivices invisifiring, which is unfortunate cause ZAO AP is good and ZAO torps are very good... If you compare it with the Hindenburg, it's less armoured, it's got less DPM, it has more HE alpha but less HE pen, it's AA don't even compare yet the health nerf is still in place. Why compare it to the hindy? Cause they are both long range high velocity heavy cruisers. And the Hindenburg definately doesn't need a nerf. There is no reason left why the ZAO should sit at 10k health penalty compared to other heavy cruisers. The only reason it was nerfed was it's ability to invisifire which is LONG gone so why does it still have this artificially low health-pool. It should be a clear and simple thing to just give it back it's health. It's pretty straight forward in terms of coding and I seriously doubt it would lead to ZAO op plz nerf issues. The other IJN heavy cruisers were recently buffed with ZAO-like gun characteristics, at least now the IBUKI CAN long range kite now - kinda. So why not finish buffing the line with the ZAO. I know there are other lines that suffer more. German BB's, partially German Cruisers, Partially German DDs, is there a German CV in game? (*cough*), IJN gunboats prior to the akizuki aren't gunboats at all. WG confirmed they knew about this and we needen't worry cause they are "on it". That was a few years ago. Not only is the power creep real but some lines like early IJN gunboat makes no sense. However just because other lines suffer is no argument to keep a unneccesary nerf of the ZAO in game. Just reset it's health pool. There is no reason why it should have T8 health. None! Just bring it up to par with it's peers.
  5. Thejagdpanther

    Type F3

    ... buff to 9,5 km? Pretty please?