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Found 7 results

  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Instant permanent turret knockout

    Question for all of you. Do you experience permanent destruction of primary mounts often, without it being knock-out already? I do, and this game was just the drop. Team behind so pushing a cap in Alsace against 2 mushis, actually killing one while the other is behind an island. Then brawling with the other. - his first volley knocks out 1st turret, so i repair (he prolly shoot for turrets) - his second volley instantly permanently kills 1st turret (that was reloading after repair) - his 3rd volley instantly permanently kills 2nd turret (that had not been damaged previously) In the end rammed the Cruiser as i couldnt balp him (difficult already without overmatch) WTF?! I run main armaments module but not PM (yet, but maybe I should? Alsace seems to often lose turrets)
  2. Bonjour à tous! Cela fait quelques temps que je me suis remis à World of Warships et quand bien même l'expérience solo est sympathique je suis tout de même à la recherche de personnes avec qui partager. Voici donc mon post de présentation, grossièrement piqué au post d'aide à la recherche de clan. A propos de moi : - Pseudo : Garanti 100% d'origine MSN - Tiers le plus haut : VI (Fuso & New Mexico) -> eh ouai je suis un noob - Classe préférée : BS >>> CV > Cruiser >> DD - Stats : Abyssalement mauvaises (cependant je progresse, notamment sur les BS) - Disponibilités : Je suis disponible certains soirs en semaines ainsi que quelques heures dans le WE, cependant cela peut très fortement varier d'une semaine à l'autre. - Orientation dans le jeu : Tester l'aspect communautaire du jeu et découvrir la compétition. Autres informations : - Vocal : Je suis très familier & enclin à l'utilisation d'un micro et des logiciels VoIP (TS, Discord & Mumble) - Autres jeux joués : EVE Online, WoT - Ancien(s) clan(s), expérience de commandement : Aucune sur WoWs ni WoT - Plutôt joueur "premium" ou pas : En fonction de mes envies pour le compte, je n'ai néanmoins pas de ship gold. - Son humeur, son rapport avec les autres ( sa timidité ? ) : Assez ouvert mais très très peu connecté en dehors de mes heures de pur jeu. N'hésitez pas à me proposer de passer sur un discord pour parler un peu plus, si disponible je serai ravi de venir me présenter.
  3. Mangrey

    Maby it is time

    To rework the ships in low tir ..... Iv bin play a little low tir to day ... there is no diffiance in how most players play there then in tir 8+ ... same sniping mentalty from BBs and Cruisers are not getting punished for full broadsiding... The bbs need to kill the Cruisers faster when they are showing fullbroadside (like in all the damn tirs) and maby lower the brun chance for cruisers. The shells of the BBs are say to random even with in 5 km of a cruiser. We need to stop the damn Snipe BS of the BBs. mang
  4. Mangrey

    DWT on GZ

    DWT... is just anothere name for nerf .... remove please it is boring and BS..... it is even more BS that i cant switch between normal and DWT. that or Cruiser and DD cant shot my planes... in my eye is that only fair.... I can kill you and you cant kill my planes mang
  5. Mangrey

    DWT on GZ

    DWT... is just anothere name for nerf .... remove please it is boring and BS..... it is even more BS that i cant switch between normal and DWT. that or Cruiser and DD cant shot my planes... in my eye is that only fair.... I can kill you and you cant kill my planes mang
  6. Saiyko

    Standard battle

    Wargaming, please I just had my first three games of the day, all standard I don't know if it's me, but it seemed to be increasing for a while now The gamemode is the worst in the game, it is nothing but camp and snipe from max range for the most time, and waiting to see which ppl in which team screw up first Two of those three games I had just now were FULL 20 minutes for example and were borefests from beginning to end. PLEASE give us the option to select which gamemode we want to play. In the time I've been playing I have never ever met anyone who likes this bullcrap to be honest.
  7. ...to set the spawns on Hot spot in such a brain dead manner. Yes,I'm talking about those "amazing" opposite spawns where one of the groups spawned near C just gets annihilated.It is just mind boggling.It's as if the idiot who came with those opposite spawns was like "Hmm,lets make a quarter of the players on Hot Spot sacrificial lambs-everyone will like that". It is not fun for anyone -neither for the players that get gang banged,neither for the team that does that said act. If you get the "pleasure" of getting spawned on one of the spawns next to C it pretty much goes like this. You are in a slow BB.Too bad You're in a CV.Too bad You are in a division and want to group up with your friends.Too bad. Enemy has better/more ships that you on the opposite spawn.Too bad. One of your idiotic allies decides to charge solo the hordes coming from A/B leaving you with less ships to try to break out.Too bad. And the list goes on... DDs are pretty much the only class that can reliable escape said deathtraps,but are still destined to have a bad and unpleasant game due to a sizable chunk of their allies getting obliterated.. And the saddest part is that Hot Spot is one of the better maps in this game,but it is completely ruined by those idiotic spawns.And they have the version with the completely normal spawns but they insist on keeping the opposite one because reasons... And to the apologists who will try to counter me with the "But it adds more teamplay " BS,I'll just say one thing.Adding team play in a game with random people -failed every time in the history of gaming...ever.And in fact,these moronic spawns even remove team play,as they screw up the one thing that has teamplay in randoms-division.