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Found 1 result

  1. Flavio1997

    WG, stop releasing broken ships

    lets get it straight out of the gate at the start of this post do I consider the Worcester Op? (what I can see from flamu’s videos, the latest one is https://youtu.be/OSTZ4XHJE34 ) NO terrible gun arcs+low hp/low armor/big citadel/normal heal will not make this ship a destroyer of worlds, especially if a bbs look at you in a bad way. However, I consider this ship broken and a ship that, in this state, should not be released in the live server. let me elaborate that: 1) AA power/AA range ( insert meme about “year of the carrier”) you are putting another aa monster that just wipes out enemy planes even without defaa, when you activate it the enemy squadrons just vanish. But is not the aa power creep or their range per se ( even though you create a huge bubble of no-fly zone, even worse than it is now with DM and minotaurs) but is their range correlate to his aa spotting range. It means that, as Flamu said, you can lure the enemy planes near to you, activate the aa and the carrier can’t do anything but look at his planes just vanishing, and that is even more retarded than it is now, that there are ships (batimore, DM) that can shoot enemy planes as soon as spotted. This is just frustrating for the carriers because it means losing planes without even knowing who shoot them ( better not get me started about the shooting-with- your-aa-in-smoke-stuff) 2) surface spotting/radar. It is already bad the fact that there are ships that have a concealment on par with their radar range (dm, old balty, Cleveland and so on). Because it means that a poor dd that has the misfortune of spotting one of this ship will get radared and probably nuked without having time to run away. Now you are turning that to eleven by getting a ship that has 400 meters MORE range on his radar than his concealment….are you going full [edited]? Especially considering that with the module we are looking at a 56 ( or 48 post nerf) radar against a ships that lobs 240 rounds/min. Again, is frustrating as a dd player especially on those absurd situations ( rare I know, but still) where the enemy dd will get spotted WITHOUT EVEN seeing who is radaring them. I hoped, looking at the buffalo, that you were headed in the right direction: 7.8 aa spotting range vs 7.2aa range and 10.5 concealments against 9.5 radar, so you give the dd a 1 km “oh crap zone” to retreat or at least turn to get away…. ….then you decided to go full retard and release a ship that will be very frustrating to play against in 2 out of 4 classes ( and even bbs with all this he spam might not be happy, but imho that is a minor thing, and a bit they deserve to burn down). How would I correct this stuff? 1)nerf the aa range or the air concealment to be at least on par, but imho even here there should be a 0.5 kms difference, like in the buffalo 2) nerf the radar to 9.5 kms range ( like a tier 9) or even at 9 kms, to give some brown pants range to a dd ( and trust me, a dd spotting this ship will need them). I wouldn’t nerf the base concealment because it will make it too weak agains CA and bbs any thought?