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Found 1 result

  1. Corvette „Braunschweig" class (K 130) The corvette ERFURT in testing. In view of the broad spectrum of the Bundeswehr to buy the navy five corvettes. This new type of ship for the Navy allows worldwide use and complements the existing capabilities of the speedboats and frigates. Corvettes for the tasks in the Überwasserseekriegführung, especially in marginal seas and coastal waters, optimized. Home port, as well as for the fast boats, Rostock-Warnemünde. On 1 Corvettes squadron belongs alongside future five corvettes and the tender "Donau". On important technology areas which commenced for the frigates "Sachsen" class developments to be vigorously pursued, for example in the field of marine engineering automation, computer and network technology, or software for weapons and guidance systems. The network is for example designed so that in case of damage to the vessel can be replaced but all the information and processed. In all ship components to maintain the performance are redundant. Due to this redundancy the operational capability is maintained. In addition to the "Braunschweig" class are planned many new developments and innovative solutions. In the field of radar and infrared signature, the "Braunschweig" class on stealth characteristics. With their high-performance radar, it is always in the picture of the current situation. In the future it is even being considered, "Navy drones" to station on the corvette. The ship would thus be in a position to field reconnaissance and surveillance carried out on the radar horizon. the necessary facilities already exist. all this allows for the use in coastal waters, particularly in the context of multinational rapid reaction forces. Specifications: Length: 88.8 m Width: 13.2 m Load displacement: 1840 t 2 drive diesel engines with 7400 kW Speed: 26 knots Sea endurance (without tender): 7 days Sea endurance (with tender): 21 days Distance:> 2500 miles at 15 knots 2 waves 2 adjustable propeller 2 planetary gear Arming: 1 76 mm cannon 2 27 mm guns 2 RAM 2 decoys shedding systems TKWA / MASS Minelaying capacity 4 target country capable missile RBS 15MK3 1 radar jammers ​Crew: 58 Soldiers Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport F260 Braunschweig/Corvette Squadron Flotilla 1/Warnemünde F261 Magdeburg/Corvette Squadron Flotilla 1/Warnemünde F262 Erfurt/Corvette Squadron Flotilla 1/Warnemünde F263 Oldenburg/Corvette Squadron Flotilla 1/Warnemünde F264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein/Corvette Squadron Flotilla 1/Warnemünde/ Pictures: Aerial photos of the Corvette ERFURT Corvette Magdeburg (F 261) runs to first use to Lebanon http://www.internnet.../ansprengen.jpg After several days of preparation, involving among other things a Kalibriersprengung took place almost eight kilometers and measuring cables were installed throughout the ship, the corvette BRAUNSCHWEIG was examined in a test section on their stability. Source: