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Found 1 result

  1. Frigate "Bremen" class (122) The frigates of the "Bremen" class have a versatile performance profile. You have the ability to prevail in multiple threat (surface, underwater, air). Frigate "Bremen" (F207) Their main task is to combat submarines. They use, as well as the 88th frigates "Brandenburg" class, the two helicopters aboard SEA LYNX MK They also have the ability to fight approaching aircraft and missiles for self-protection, as well as other vessels on long distance. The ships of the "Bremen" class stationed in Wilhelmshaven. They formed the 2nd and the 4th Frigate Squadron until at 09 January 2006 in the new 4th Frigate Squadron were summarized. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 130.5 m / 14.6 m / 6 m Load displacement: 3,680 t Speed: 30 kn Power: 38,000 kW (51,600 PS) ​Arming: 1x 76 mm OTO Melara gun 2x 20 mm gun metal Rhine Ship-to-ship missiles HARPOON 16x NATO Sea Sparrow 2x GDC RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) 21 cells 4x torpedo tubes for Mk 32 torpedoes, 324 mm ​Crew: 219 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport F 207 „Bremen“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 208 „Niedersachsen“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 209 „Reihnland-Pfalz“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 210 „Emden“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 212 „Karlsruhe“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 213 „Augsburg“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 214 „Lübeck“/4th frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven Pictures: F 208 „Niedersachsen http://www.mwb.ag/ty.../388c7e948d.jpg F 209 „Reihnland-Pfalz“ F 210 „Emden“ F 212 „Karlsruhe“ http://www.internnet...rg_heimkehr.jpg F 213 „Augsburg“ F 214 „Lübeck“ Video: The Bremen sunk a Spanish destroyer with torpedoes. (An agreement of both countries.The Spanish ship should be an artificial reef!) Source: